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Who is SOULjourn Productions? SOULjourn is California-based Company, founded and owned by internationally renowned fitness and wellness expert, Linda Shelton. SOULjourn offers a distinct and personalized approach to meet your production needs via enriched multi-media technology and white glove, customized client service. Since 2001, we have carved a unique niche within the fitness, wellness and health arena, specializing in innovative consumer and commercial product development for large distribution corporate clients as well as independent fitness professionals. We bridge the gap in bringing creative and practical media experience along with the highest level of fitness expertise to the table in every project. From original idea to final product delivery, we assist our clients to hone in and identify their USP and ‘potential project legs’ by directing focus to their vision, message and how to convey this to a targeted audience.

Why SOULjourn Productions? SOULjourn is client-focused, committed to the development of powerful and creative video and audio productions, approaching fitness and wellness from a dynamic, more holistic and awareness-based perspective. ‘Content is King.’ Today’s customer/product user wants a more robust, intimate experience to what is being delivered on screen, whether the delivery platform is television, computer, iPad or cell phone. We believe product customers are looking for stimulating, interactive entertainment value as well as result driven programming and ease of use. We “Exercise isn’t easy for everyone, either starting utilize our artistic, visionary, think tank, out of the box or staying motivated. For those of us committed experience, media and fitness expertise to draw in your to getting people fit and healthy and keep them audience, stimulate their interest which activates and inspired for a lifetime, I believe, requires a certain level of ‘emotional engagement’ with whatever embodies your product brand. We--at SOULjourn are interested in developing lasting relationships with our clients, not just to generate business. Bottom line, we are committed bringing to fruition a creative concept, branding message or CTA which serves our client's needs and budget. We offer reasonable amenities within varied budget parameters while still delivering a high quality product that you can sell in either the trade industry or consumer market.

product you create. Content is everything, it’s the champion. When customers are happy, they immediately share; it is the culture of today’s interactive climate. Social Media speaks! We want to help you generate product solutions on the forefront that truly make a difference!” – Linda

You--the Client, want a production company that understands the fitness industry, the driving forces that consistently change the face of fitness which directly affects your business needs and solutions. You want to partner with a company that will reliably deliver product content and marketability that will meet or exceed your expectations. We offer superior, attention-getting results, whether on-location or in the studio.

SOULjourn offers high quality, cost efficient, digital media production for a multitude of videography formats and uses: HD, DVD, Web, Broadcast, Mobile, audio production and edit services, as well as content and program development. With Linda Shelton’s educational background in fitness and wellness and her success and years of experience as a fitness entrepreneur, media writer and in production, she and her highly skilled team of professionals and production staff will help you finesse your product, guiding you through the development process from concept to reality, translating your ideas into viable and profitable products. We work as a collaborative team prior to your production to develop the right selling and continuity packages for your product as an overall marketing strategy.

Services Offered Production packages are personalized and project specific. Any or all of the services listed below are available as part of each package. We will tailor the package and budget to your specific needs following an initial project consultation. SOULjourn produces out of Los Angeles, CA as well as a standing stage at Fitness on Request in Maple Grove, MN.

MY DIRECTOR’S PERSPECTIVE “I have a different perspective to shooting fitness than someone who is ‘technically’ trained as a director. I learned the most, prior to directing, sitting next to amazing and magical video editors, observing hundreds of hours of footage of projects I was involved with. I began to see what I was drawn to, what would make the best product from a viewer’s standpoint- what was the visual hook to shooting exercise? I’ve spent 30 years directing fitness photo shoots for media, manipulating bodies to create dramatic, inspirational images. This gave me enormous input and creative latitude in optimizing angles and how they skewed and changed, based body type, light and positioning. Because I’m in the exercise field for a living, as a film director, I use my cameras actively, to follow the exercise and shoot flowing, action infused movement to create a ‘narrative’ per se, based on the verbal instructor cues so what the user sees on screen is as ‘live’ as possible. I try to be as instructional and easy to follow as possible, yet as arty and interesting as I can make it to users—it keeps them engaged; it gives them a different view of the body and body potential. I want your product to look inspiring and deliver the results you promise. I am a spontaneous, organic director,” meaning I conceive from what I see on the screen, using words, visuals, camera movement to tell the story—I believe in creating a more ‘real’ feeling to a product, whether it be an exercise workout, promo, sizzle reel, webinars, etc., than watching people simply demonstrate on the screen and say motivating things, however it doesn’t feel that way to the viewer. My ultimate goal is to reach people, evoke a life-changing response every time they watch or use your product.”-- Linda

Range of Services 

Conception/Initial Project consultation  Product Treatment  Production recommendations and options  Line item budget

Production Package Based on initial consultation and subsequent contract, we can supply:  Set design with art director (mock-up included as necessary)  Full production package  Shoot in studio (build set, Cyc or Green Screen options), on Location or Mixed Location  Camera package: standard 2-3 camera shoot, jib and 4th camera option as a basic package, more complex packaging available  Shooting style: live switch as specialty or iso cams, guerilla, on the street, documentary style, tutorials  Audio package  Complete Lighting and Equipment package  Crew  Hair & Make-up  Stylist and Wardrobe  Fitness on-set Technician  Catering and craft services  Insurance coverage  Supply music options/ secure appropriate rights if necessary  Create or assist in program choreography  Scriptwriting  Create supplementary written program or promotional materials  Produce cover shoot-still photos-product shots

Talent For projects requiring talent development or management:  Audition and develop lead talent  Audition and hire back-up talent  Run talent rehearsals

Post Production  Edit final master: for DVD and Streaming Content, Promos, Sizzle Reels, Thumbnail Previews, Tutorials, Webinars  Develop graphics  DVD authoring  Design covers/Write back cover copy for hard copy DVD  Audio Post/VO  Music Mixing

Feel free to give contact us for a consultation or proposal development!

About Linda Shelton Inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in March, 2007, Linda Shelton stands as one of the country’s leading exercise experts. She is an internationally recognized fitness and wellness consultant, certified trainer, speaker and health writer, who for the last 40+ years, she has been inspiring millions around the world to a healthier way of life. A former physical education and dance teacher and aerobic studio owner, Linda completed her undergraduate in physical education and master's work in exercise physiology, specializing in aerobic dance exercise. She is acclaimed by fitness professionals as an industry leader for her innovative, scientifically applied programs which makes getting fit and healthy attainable for everyone! Linda’s unparalleled blend of skills as a passionate educator and energetic, creative facilitator helps her to uniquely guide individuals to “It’s simple really…I LOVE what I do. I’m passionate about engage, integrate and embrace lifestyle change and the fitness/wellness space, being in the trenches, delivering personal transformation. and creating content both live and in this fabulous arena Formerly Fitness Director for all Weider/AMI women’s fitness publications including SHAPE magazine for 23 years respectively, as well as Natural Health, Fit Pregnancy Living Fit and HERS, and Fitness Director for VIVmag, a digital women’s lifestyle and fitness magazine for the last 6 years, she continues to work as a freelance fitness and wellness writer. She has appeared on virtually every major broadcast and cable networks news telecasts, including such programs as Good Morning America, E Entertainment, Inside Edition and the Discovery Channel. As a founding member of the Aerobic and Fitness Association (AFAA), she has trained and certified thousands of fitness professionals worldwide. She’s acknowledged within the Exercise Industry for her leadership in education, innovative training programs and professional standards. Linda has authored eight fitness books, including the acclaimed Shape’s Ultimate Body Book (2006) and co-writing Slim for Life (2013) with Jillian Michaels.

called ‘Production.’ I bring a unique and melded, hybrid background to my clients who get full advantage of the scope of my career in this field; perspective from three different views: Being an active fitness professional, I still regularly teach classes, train teachers , create cutting edge programming for global product launch—I’m current with the market and I’m always thinking beyond it— where can we go from here. I can help you know if what you want to produce is both relevant and cutting Being in the media, I’m tapped into what the consumer wants, what is coming six months to a year from now; magazine content resides in the future, not the present I’ve worn many hats in production: producer, director, fitness tech, choreographer, editing…I believe in empowering my team and hiring the best for the job and then letting them do it. I know what is required to get the project completed and I always strive to surpass client expectations as well as encourage my team to be expansive, think of new ways of re-creating content delivery. I take a lot of pride in what my work and my team’s work. I get immense satisfaction and joy from a job well-done, blossoming into fruition!” --Linda

In the production realm, she has made her mark over the last 29 years as a Producer, Director, Technical Adviser, Talent Manager, Script Writer and/or Choreographer of over 600 video and audio releases including Crunch Fitness, the “Dummies Line,” Quick Fix Series, Platinum Buns of Steel 2000 and Yoga Zone. Linda has produced and directed many of the top rated DVD’s some of which are seven SHAPE titles, including Bikini Body All Year Round, Shape... your abs, Shape... your butt, hips and thighs, Yoga—Long, Lean and Strong; The Method; Petra Kolber’s PK Grooves, Breathe 1 and 2, Ready, Step Go and Step: Layer and Links; BYOU starring Disney’s Sabrina Bryan and Jillian Michaels-professional instructional and consumer products.

Her production clients include, Jillian Michaels/Empowered Media, AMI/Shape Magazine, Inspired Corp., Anchor Bay Entertainment, Rodale, Sony, Goldhil Home Media International, Fitness Quest, Reebok International, SPRI Products and EMI. She was one of the producers for the long running and award-winning television shows Crunch Fitness, Yoga Zone and Fit in Fifteen and consulting producer for MyWorkout, powered by, on LifetimeTV. The programs and videos Linda has been involved with have received numerous awards, featured in all major magazines and received rave reviews from consumers and professionals alike. Linda’s reputation and ability to interface exercise science and fitness trends, then translate these concepts into solid video programming, has engendered a staunch client base, which continues to expand. A full bio and/or media resume and client list of all of her projects are available upon request.

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