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• • • • • Rain Dates; Sep 8, Sep 22, Oct 27

• • • • • • Rain dates; Sep. 8th, Oct. 6th, Nov. 3rd

2013 marks the third year for this great State Wide Series. Rider compete in one of the three Texas AMA district series for AMA district Championships, awards and contingencies, and a shot at making it to the AMA State Final. Each AMA District Series will have series end awards and contingencies first thru fifth. AMA District Champions are crowned in each class and in each district. The top 16 riders in each class from AMA District 20 and 41 will secure a spot on the gate at the AMA State Final. The top 8 riders in each class from district 42 will advance to the State Final. Alternates from each district will be allowed to race the state final provided there is an available gate spot. Alternate riders are chosen by series points collected. Rules are the same for each AMA Texas District. The 2013 AMA State Final will be held in district 20 at Cycle Ranch, Floresville Texas. Good luck and we will see you at the gate!