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Glam Guitars

PROJECT: During the course of Design Studio teams were given clients chosen by their instructor. Each team was to discuss a plan of action with their client to ensure that their needs were met through out the whole design process to achieve the ultimate goal.

TARGET MARKET: Glam Guitars targets musicians, that would like to donate an instrument to get it customized using Swarovski crystals—all with a fund-raising auction and worthy non profits in mind.

DESIGN: Glam Guitars is an organization founded here in Denver, Colorado by Bill Valaika. His vision was to bring prominent performers and the nonprofit world together. Our team created a logo for his company and collaborated on several different guitar designs. After the design was chosen by the artist, Bill would spend about 2 weeks customizing the instrument. After the artist was done playing the instrument they then would auction it off and the net proceeds would go to a charity of their choice.



Glam Guitars Overview: • Glam Guitars is an organization out of Denver, Colorado which designs customized instruments using Swarovski crystals—all with a fund-raising auction and worthy non profits in mind. • Each instrument is designed on behalf of a performer, who designates a nonprofit to receive proceeds from an auction. • The team first sketches a blueprint and after a collaborative process finalizes a design. • Then the crystals are arranged carefully by hand, and a functioning, music-making masterpiece is born. • From start to finish, the process takes about 2 weeks, with more than 40 hours alone going to ornamentation. • Before the instruments go up for sale, the performers test them on stage to help create a story. • Glam Guitars is a great way to bring prominent performers and the nonprofit world together. • On top of that, the instruments are rare works of art that will delight their final owners for years to come.

Glam Guitars Project Members: Organization Owner: Bill Valaika Team Lead: Laci Shaw Team Lead Assistant: Robyn Disinger Graphic Designers: Megan Dalbey, Ashley Stoneking, Amanda Olsen, and Thomas Minor 7

Top Four Designs

Chosen Design: Megan Dalbey


The bass Guitarist Francisco “Pancho” Tomaselli wanted the net proceeds of his Shenkner Bass to go to Condor del Sol. An organization that helps bring solar energy to cities in Ecuador, where he is originally from.

Thomas Minor

Pictured Above & Top Right: Bass Guitarist from WAR Francisco “Pancho” Tomaselli


Top Four Designs

Amanda Olsen

Laci Shaw

Chosen Design: Megan Dalbey

Pictured Above (from left to right): Laci Shaw, Megan Dalbey, Ashley Stoneking, Thomas Minor, Robyn Disinger, and Amanda Olsen.


Bret Michaels, Poisons lead singer has had an on going struggle with diabetes. The net proceeds from the guitar he received at The Taste of Colorado this past September will all go to the American Diabetes Association.

Cure • Care • Commitment

Robyn Disinger


Top Four Designs

Laci Shaw

Ashley Stoneking

Chosen Design: Collaboration of design team


Under a Blood Red Sky, a U2 cover band following in the foot steps of legends by re-creating the concerts down to giving to a charity that Paul “Bono” Hewson is very passionate about The ONE campaign. The net proceeds will be split up between The ONE and the Children’s Hospital of Denver.

Robyn Disinger


Top Four Designs

Robyn Disinger

Thomas Minor

Chosen Design: Collaboration of design team


The Deftones bassist Chi Cheng was in a car accident in 2008, which left him “minimally conscious� he is still struggling to recover. All of the net proceeds from the auction will go to the One Love for Chi foundation which will help with his medical bills and other expenses.

Amanda Olsen

Ashley Stoneking


Logo Design

Top Four Designs

Ashley Stoneking

Amanda Olsen

Thomas Minor

Chosen Design: Megan Dalbey




Usa Decon

PROJECT: Usa Decon provides safe and convenient services for hazmat waste removal and disposal. The new addition to the company is Texas Medical Waste Disposal which is strictly collecting and disposing of regulated medical and biohazard waste. With the new branch to Usa Decon they were looking for website that would stand out amongst their others and a gift certificate design to donate as a door prize at a convention that was held in Houston, Texas early October 2010.

TARGET MARKET: Texas Medical Waste is targeting the greater metro areas of Texas such as Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, and Houston. Aiming to market to a wide variety of companies such as hospitals, surgery centers, dialysis centers, labs, nursing homes, physician offices, dentist offices, veterinarian clinics, and anyone who is in need of a biohazard box pick up.

DESIGN: The website was to stand out amongst their others, but still maintain a professional feel that attracts people in that line of work. While having the freedom to design the layout and color scheme, all of the content and logo were provided. The gift certificate design allowed me the freedom to completely design the graphics, while including the standard content that was provided.





Rolling Stone

PROJECT: Re-design a magazines table of contents and include another spread that would be represented in your chosen magazine. Rolling Stone a classic has had the same layout for many years. It appeared to be in need of a re-design to attract a younger demographic.

TARGET MARKET: Someone that loves rock n’ roll and entertainment and likes to be up to date with the latest and greatest.The re-design is to broaden the horizons of Rolling Stone and attract a younger demographic to take part in reading and purchasing.

DESIGN: Incorporating change into the current design and working with new techniques to intrigue the readers. The re-designed table of contents is now one spread closer to the front of the magazine, including more point of interest photos.The article spread was over the 2010 MTV movie awards to broaden the issues you normally see. The MTV spread was broken up by a full page advertisement for The Hard Rock Hotel’s pool Rehab in Las Vegas.





For Those About To


We Recruit You • CA L L IN G A L L R O C K E R S • Int e r v i e w s f o r R e h a b Har d R oc k L as V e gas June 18th - 20th 10 : 0 0 am - 1 2 : 0 0 p m 702.693.5000



Dare Boutique

PROJECT: Creating a functional website for the Dare Boutique in Evergreen, Colorado. The current website is usable but the overall aesthetics are not as fashion forward as they portray themselves to be.

TARGET MARKET: Dare Boutiques target audience consists of females both from the X & Y generations. We cater to discerning women with cutting edge tastes — from chic new moms to savvy empty nesters.

DESIGN: The objective of the re-designed website is to create a very fun and feminine background image to carry out through the whole website. Within the design the type is fluent with styles and content, it is suppose to be chic and contemporary. Another objective with the re-design is to give the client a sense of how the boutique feels just from viewing the site and welcome you.





Rocky Mountain Elements

PROJECT: Logo and brand identity for a new company Rocky Mountain Elements. Creating everything from a logo, business cards design, letter head, envelopes and a direct mailer.

TARGET MARKET: Rocky Mountain Elements targets creative individuals who enjoy unique and rustic designs in furniture, frames, and even decks. The demographic is a very wide range, because the designer is so skilled and can create and build to the specifications of each client.

DESIGN: The overall concept is to identify and brand the company from start to finish. Overall everything was kept consistent with type and imagery to ensure the branding. The image in the background of the business card, letter head, and envelope is a picture I took of the wood that the owner had at his workshop. The company develops unique and rustic one of a kind designs, there are never two identical pieces.



Rocky Mountain Elements • Ryan Walker • 720.841.9569 •


Unique, Rustic, One of a Kind Designs


Happy Holidays from Rocky Mountain Elements!

Ryan Walker 720.841.9569

Enjoy the Holidays and receive 25% OFF any custom frames, mirrors, and furniture pieces! Don’t wait call today and place your order!



Burton- Coalition Re-Brand

PROJECT: The purpose of this re-branding is to re-establish Coalitions target market, create a snowboard that is truly meant for Professional and Advanced riders, and to broadcast to the broader target market the changes in Coalition to create a stronger brand identity and loyalty.

TARGET MARKET: Primary - Males and females ranging from the ages of 12-24. Surveys show that 70% of males are part of the market share and females make up 30% of the market share. The primary buyers of Burton snowboards are typically students and will pay an average of $270 per snowboard. Another 49% of the primary market share has college degrees. Secondary - Burton Snowboards secondary target audience is the professional and sponsored individuals who compete. These individuals are more than likely already brand loyalists or sponsored by Burton. They are willing to pay more for a snowboard and can be specifically targeted. Tertiary - Burton’s tertiary target audience includes the employees who work at ski resorts and snowboard specialty shops along with the manufacturers of snowboards and new consumers to the market. This audience is the least of our focus and budget and is the broadest audience to target. Branding and marketing to this niche can be more general.

DESIGN: The re-designed logo for Coalition is to re-establish them in the consumers eyes.The fun snowboarder doing and “L� grab will also enhance the perspective people had on Coalition boards as if they were for beginners, now they are stepping it up a notch. The snowboard designs are to show a new unique trendy side and target a different market than before. The marketing brief is to just give the client an overview of what will be going on in the process of re-branding and the steps that will be taken to ensure satisfaction. For more information attached in the back of the marketing brief is the marketing plan.


Burton Snowboards have been a big player in the boarding industry from the start. To try and expand their horizons and target market they created Coalition. A sub-company within that produces snowboards meant to target Professional and Advanced riders by offering a noticeably superior and elite board. Over the years it has been found that the Coalition Line has not been promoted properly, and the foundations and original intents for the company have fallen short.The purpose of this re-branding is to re-establish Coalitions target market, create a board that it truly meant for Professional and Advanced riders, and to broadcast to the broader target market the changes in Coalition to create a stronger brand identity and loyalty.

Coalition will be making a new line of snowboards aimed towards appeasing those in the “Advanced” or “Professional” areas of snowboarding. These boards will feature multiple new features created by both Burton and the Coalition technicians. These boards are meant to demonstrate the highest level of technology, comfort, usability, and ease to the rider. * The Coalition line will consist of a Park and Free Style board models, as well as both a male and female board.




New Belgium Beer "Bella"

PROJECT: Introducing New Belgiums newest addition “Bella� to their beer family with a marketing plan, logo design, magazine advertisement, billboard, and bottle label.

TARGET MARKET: The target audience for this new beer under the New Belgium brand consists of females in both the X & Y generation. These women are feminine, outgoing, and they like to hang out with the guys and go to different bars, clubs, and sporting events. The audience makes up 40 million Americans, and they are in the age group of 21 - 35. These women like to go out and have an amazing time but not go too overboard. They are experienced drinkers and have tasted their fair share of beer and are into the micro brews.

DESIGN: With both the magazine advertisement and billboard the overall concept was to keep it feminine, fun, and flirty. Using similar typefaces in both to keep it consistent and branded, the Bella logo is very dainty and light already giving it a feminine touch. The magazine advertisement utilizes the New Belgium overlapping technique that is very prominent in all of there campaigns. The billboard really focuses on the woman’s legs making them the main eye catcher that draws you in because they are coming off of the top of the billboard. Viewers will be intrigued when they see the billboard and the marketing route taken, the ad campaign will linger in their minds until they go out and try some Bella, fruitful wheat beer.




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