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What’s new for spring AP&C recently added 1-wire technology to the ECOP sensor options ECOP can now measure 


Relative Humidity

Carbon Dioxide Levels

Many More…

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Spring 2011

The ECOP Solution 

Uses an array of sensors to take real time measurements of energy usage and other elements that affect energy consumption to spot inefficiencies quickly.

Alerts you when readings go outside of user defined parameters.

Automatically generates periodic reports to give you web-based access to your historical data.

Is designed from the ground up to provide the data privacy you need for this highly sensitive information.

Put ECOP on your beat 

Monitor power usage

Track various temperatures

Measure air quality

Leverage the modular ECOP design to create your own solution (integrated weather, motion sensors, etc.)

New ECOP Brochure  

ECOP Brochure for Spring 2011

New ECOP Brochure  

ECOP Brochure for Spring 2011