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LSESU LT Elections 2009

Position Guide

If you have any questions about the LSESU Elections or any of the positions within this guide, please contact the Returning Officer (

 Nominations open at 10am on Monday, 16th February   Nominations close at 5pm on Monday, 23rd February   Nomination forms are available from the SU Reception 

Sabbatical Positions… A sabbatical officer is one of four paid positions on the Students’ Union Executive Committee. They spend one year as full-time student representatives.

General Secretary The person who takes the minutes… No really! The General Secretary chairs the Executive Committee meetings and sits on all the major strategic boards within the school and represents the Students’ Union to external organisations i.e. NUS, ULU etc. The ‘Gen Sec’ also introduces the Students’ Union to new students.

Treasurer Has overall responsibility for running all the Students’ Union services and allocating budgets to societies and sports. The Treasurer annually announces the unions’ budget before the UGM and more recently has had to make tough calls such as whether to introduce real ale into the Three Tuns.

Education and Welfare Charged with looking after the Advice and Counselling Centre and representing students on a range of education and welfare matters. The ‘EdWelfare’ Officer also oversees and co-ordinates welfare campaigns of the union.

Communications The Communications Officer oversees the Media Group (The Beaver, PuLSE! & LooSE) as well as publications, the Students’ Union website (recently granted £30,000 by the LSE Annual Fund), advertising, marketing and branding. The ‘Comms’ Officer also produces branding and logos for a range of LSESU Campaigns, including the union elections.

The Part-time Ex ec… Are all students who act as part-time representatives each with their own area of responsibility. All are trustees of the union and are charged with overseeing the general direction the LSESU takes.

Anti-Racism Officer


Campaigns against discrimination based on race, religion or nationality and supports students who have been victims of racism.

Environment and Ethics Officer


Campaigns on issues of ecology, social justice, peace and solidarity. Works wit LSE’s sustainability initiatives in Students’ Union and LSE premises.

International Students’ Officer


Advises and aids international students. Represents the views of international students to the Students’ Union Executive and the School. Coordinates Global Week (this year: Global RAG week).

LGBT Officer


Coordinates the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) campaign to tackle homophobia and defend, extend and deepen the rights of LGBT students.

Mature and Part-time Officer


Ensures the welfare and representation of Mature and Part-time students. Liaises with the EdWelfare Officer on academic and welfare issues.

Residences Officer


Represents the welfare of all of the 3,000 LSE students at LSE and university of London Intercollegiate Halls. Also supports students in private accommodation.

Societies Officer


Provides support and guidance to help societies work more effectively and make the most of the Students’ Union. Runs society inductions and training.

Disability and Well Being Officer ( Represents students with disability, well-being issues or illness. Works with LSE Disability & Wellbeing Office and Circles (the staff-student disabilities network).

Women’s Officer


Represents female students within the union to ensure equality. Runs campaigns on issues that are important to female students and builds links of solidarity.

Finally‌ The Returning Officer


Charged with overseeing the unions’ elections in Michaelmas and Lent term, as well as any by-election that may occur. The Returning Officer chairs all hustings events and oversees that all races are fair and equitable.

The Constitution and Steering Committee The seven dwarves of the constitution meet to ensure that the Executive and the weekly Union General Meeting (UGM) abide by the law of the land, the Codes of Practice and the Equal Opportunities document. A keen eye for detail and an unwillingness to be pressurised into a position will serve you well on C&S.

The Finance and Services Committee The Committee generally oversees the work of the Treasurer. A penchant for efficiency is necessary, as you receive reports on and mange all Union services, ranging from the Three Tuns to the Advice and Counselling Centre. The Committee also decides on all society budget applications.

*** Please ref er to ANNEX C of the C odes of Practice f or f urther inf ormation on the job descriptions of each position above ***

LSESU Positions Guide  

Guide to all the positions available during Lent Term 2009.

LSESU Positions Guide  

Guide to all the positions available during Lent Term 2009.