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Mackintosh Pre-Kindergarten Newsletter

MARCH 11-22

Upcoming Events: 

March 14 – Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences 4-6:30 pm

March 15 – No School, Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences 8-4

March 22 – Early Dismissal, Professional Development (11:00)

March 25-29 – No School, Spring Break

April 19- Early Dismissal, Professional Development (11:00)

May 27- No School, Memorial Day

May 28 – Field Day Pre-K through 3rd Grade

May 30 – Graduation Rehearsal

May 31 – Graduation 9:00 (Early Dismissal)


Curriculum Snapshot Mathematics: In math we will continue working within our unit of inquiry to explore mathematical concepts such as estimation, measurement, and counting (including larger quantities by 5’s and 10’s). As we have now moved on to our study of opossums these investigations will be in connection with these unique animals.

Reading: We are currently coming to a close on our individual reading assessments with your children. We will then be moving into a study of nonfiction texts and their features. This will include investigating table of contents, glossaries, captions, and bold words. Guided reading groups will resume based on their new levels following Spring Break.

Writing: This week the students will complete a prompted writing assessment. We will then move into a new writing unit on nonfiction writing. The students will be learning “all about” writing (nonfiction writing with one key focus such as “dogs.”) Unit of Inquiry: Just as the students did with elephants they are now exploring our three lines of inquiry through the lens of opossums. They are also again journaling about their learning throughout each week. Please ensure you have also read through

Word Wall Words: 

the unit of inquiry homework on their homework sheet sent home on Friday. It describes a two week home project that is integral to this unit.

March 11-15

they then 

March 18-22

when what

Quotes of the Week “We saw waaaayyyyy too many babies this weekend.” When referring to trash going into a dumpster, “You put it in the hamster.” “I am enthusiasm!” “I am going to put this in the freezer to warm it up.” At the end of the day we usually do one open ended question to spark creative thinking and to practice the learner profile attribute of open-minded by seeing each day how we can all have varied perspectives on one question. One day was the question, “What do grownups do that you think is silly?” We thought you might appreciate reading their perspectives. “Don’t let kids stay up late when they clearly do it themselves.” “Talk on the cell phone way too much.” “Talk on the phone, on the computer. That is really silly.” “Leave part way through a movie to do work. They miss all the fun. Then the kids get them movie all to themselves.”

IB Attitudes The students have been learning about the learner profile attribute of risk taker. For this attribute we first read the book Mean Jean the Recess Queen. In this story a playground bully “Mean Jean” finds herself ruling the grounds through fear until a new student comes along and stands up for herself choosing to play despite Mean Jean’s demands that no one plays until she says so. Then when Mean Jean is about to really blow her top Katie Sue makes an offer that stops her in her tracks. Katie Sue invites her to play. We discussed how bullies are people too and sometimes what they really need is a friend. We also discussed other strategies for dealing with children who are being unkind such as getting an adult to help and using “I feel” statement. Next we read Courage. This story talks about how courage comes in many forms, some big and others everyday kind of courage such as sleeping without a nightlight and being the first to say sorry after an argument. We discussed how showing courage and being a risk taker mean the same thing. We also discussed bravery as another synonym. You might enjoy reading the story below together at home to further explore and discuss the profile attribute of “Risk-Taker.”

This story begins with an introduction of the characters Blue and Red. Red likes to pick on Blue and although Blue’s color friends don’t like it they won’t stand up to Red and say so. When no one speaks up things get out of hand until One comes along and shows all the colors how to stand up, come together and count.

Spotlight On Action

This student decided to wear her animals dress in connection with our current unit for our field trip to the Denver Zoo.

While we were comparing our feet to the size of a baby elephant and young adult foot and finding the area of each this student brought in a cut out showing the size of a full grown adult foot compared to her own food and the size of the baby elephant foot as well. She presented her work to the class and allowed them to explore with the adult foot cut out in math and in centers.

Based on our learning about elephants, this student stuffed his glove and shared how its body looked like an elephant with four legs, a trunk, and a large round body.

This student brought in and shared photographs of animals at a farm. He shared which animals were mammals and which were birds.

Burning Questions

Why do our brains get thoughts and then start deciding if they should do the thing that helps others or not. The thing that is nice or not‌ Why all that thinking all the time? Why do grownups get wrinkles on their skin?

Mackintosh Academy Littleton PreK Newsletter 031113  
Mackintosh Academy Littleton PreK Newsletter 031113  

Mackintosh Academy Littleton PreK Newsletter 031113