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Podcasting and Impact Cheryl Brumley and Mark Carrigan

What’s the point of podcasting?  Raising your own profile  Raising the profile of projects you’re attached to  Multimedia content for individual/collective web presence  Disseminating research findings  Making events available to those not physcially present  Connecting with wider public(s)

The World of Podcasting Simple


Will I be able to do it?    

Desired quality level: micro-podcasts, magazine Environment: office, outside, large empty room Length Type of interaction: interview, conversation, solo

Will I be able to do it? Simple


iPhone mic

Shure SM58 USB podcasting mic AKG C 1000s

Olympus Tascam

Promoting your Podcasts     

Personal and multi-author blogs Personal, department and university pages Twitter, facebook, University communications office Soundcloud, iTunesU, Audioboo

Where do I go from here?  Do you already listen to podcasts? Which ones? What do you like about them?  Do you know anyone in higher education who already podcasts?  Is there a particular style of podcast that interests you?  Can you think of occasions when podcasting might have been a worthwhile activity for you?

Where do I go from here?  Technical help/equipment advice:   

Thank you! LSE Public Policy Group Mark Carrigan and Cheryl Brumley

@mark_carrigan @cherylbrumley Podcasts: Blogs: European Politics and Policy: British Politics and Policy: LSE Review of Books: Impact:

How to: Academic Podcasting  

'How to' session on academic podcasting from the Future of Impacts conference, delivered by Cheryl Brumley and Mark Carrigan.

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