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Executive Global Master’s in Management A unique Master’s programme in global management and leadership for outstanding working professionals.

Programme concept The EGMiM programme is designed for outstanding working professionals from any industry, giving a platform to transition into a top-level senior management career

The LSE alternative to an MBA Designed for experienced working professionals in any industry, the Executive Global Master’s in Management provides a world-class training in management and leadership – with a unique LSE advantage. We apply the LSE’s tradition of academic excellence to give a deeper critical and analytical understanding of organisations, and the real social, economic and political contexts in which they operate, in a way that would not be possible in a traditional MBA programme. Because of this, our graduates are uniquely positioned to transition into top-level senior management careers across the globe, with a foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills that immediately sets them apart in the business world.

An intelligent approach to business The LSE is a world-leading university which has been at the forefront of academic enquiry and intellectual debate on business and management issues throughout its prestigious history, with heads of state and government, global business leaders and 17 Nobel laureates among our alumni and faculty. We are ranked at #2 in the world for social sciences and management*, and Executive Global Master’s in Management students are a part of this tradition for academic excellence and global impact. By joining the programme,you will be welcomed into the LSE’s prestigious worldwide network of leading minds in business, government and academia across the globe. *QS World University Ranking 2015

“A traditional business degree has become common currency these days and I was looking for something different.” Rohan, India (EGMiM student)

02 Executive Global Master’s in Management

“I now see business problems from a different perspective.” Rahul, Nepal (EGMiM student)

“Business takes place in a national and global context. What you get from the LSE is an understanding of the social, economic and political architecture which is driving business.” Professor Saul Estrin, EGMiM Programme Director

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Flexible format for full-time working professionals “The programme’s curriculum and flexibility were really attractive – no other top university provided this type of executive programme.” Carolina, Colombia (EGMiM student)

Programme overview


The programme comprises seven intensive classroom modules taught in London, China and India (each 1-2 weeks in duration), spread over 17 months. In between the modules, students live and work full-time in their home location anywhere in the world, completing intersession activities and assignments remotely via a sophisticated online learning platform.








MODULE 1 2 weeks

MODULE 2 1 week

MODULE 3 2 weeks

MODULE 4 1 week

MODULE 5 1 week

MODULE 6 1 week








MODULE 7 GRADUATION 1 day 1 week



Intersession Activities

Capstone Business Project/Dissertation

Class size:

40-45 students

04 Executive Global Master’s in Management

Internationally diverse: 54 nationalities since the programme was launched

Age range:

Average age:



39% Female

Industries: technology, finance, banking, health, retail, music production, business analytics, pharmaceuticals, NGO & third sector, insurance, renewable energy, e-commerce, telecommunications, law

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Global exposure We provide our students with a truly global understanding of business. Classroom modules in international locations, an internationally diverse student cohort with experience from a rich variety of business cultures across the world, and a globally-focused curriculum taught by leading international faculty, come together to provide the essential practical experience and theoretical understanding required to conduct business in today’s global environment.

“The reality of global business is that it comes down to connecting with people across countries and cultures. Deals fail a lot of the time due to misunderstandings and a lack of perceived trust.” Ben, USA (EGMiM student)

London Students will attend five classroom modules at the LSE campus in the heart of London, on the doorstep of global business, government and culture. They will experience the LSE’s vibrant student community, and attend events and high profile public lectures to introduce them to business networks in this exciting city.

Beijing By far the most important emerging economy from the perspective of Western multinationals in the past 30 years has been China, and our students will travel to Beijing for a classroom module focusing on foreign direct investment. They will explore the characteristics of FDI in emerging markets, meeting academics from Chinese universities and visiting multinational companies operating in China, as well as some leading Chinese companies which have begun to operate on a global scale.

Bangalore A famous economist once remarked that “whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true.” Translated into business terms, India is probably the country that currently presents the biggest opportunities as well as the biggest challenges to capitalising on them. Students will travel to Bangalore for a classroom module focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. They will meet individuals and organisations in diverse sectors of the economy, ranging from large established for-profit firms to innovative start-ups, and understand first-hand how these actors are dealing with a period of rapid change in a very large market.

“My cohort, a cosy group of 24, holds a total of 50 passports. Not a single one of us both lives and works in our home country. There are roughly five working languages in our class discussions. If you think you are global, think again.” Ben, USA (EGMiM student)

The London Eye

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Beijing National Stadium

Bangalore Skyline

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A gateway to global career success Immediate return on investment, and long-lasting success The flexible modular format of the programme allows students to advance their career and continue working full-time while studying, gaining an instant return on investment by applying learning from the classroom directly to their work from day one. We enable our students to make better business decisions, founded on a deeper understanding of organisations and markets in a global context. This reasoned and intelligent approach to complex interconnected business issues enables students to enhance their performance at work, accelerate their career progression, and set themselves apart as innovative managers and leaders in the fast-moving business environment over a lifelong career.

“This programme clearly allows students to drive forward their careers much faster and much further than otherwise would have been possible.” Professor Saul Estrin, EGMiM programme director

Transform your career The programme is designed to provide the knowledge, global experience and networks to transform your career, and will give you the strong foundation you need to achieve your goals:


“I’ve shared some of the knowledge I have learned in the classroom within my company. It has shown them I can add more value than I could before.” Rahul, Nepal (EGMiM student) Business Consultant


“The programme especially suited me because after 20 years of learning the business by doing, I finally had a chance to formalize and consolidate what I have learned. In May 2013, mid-way through the programme, I joined The Coca-Cola Company as HR director of Russia.” Jozsef, Russia (EGMiM student) Human Resources Director, Coca-Cola


“That international experience was exactly what I needed to take the big step of quitting my comfort zone and taking the risk of doing what I’m passionate about – relying on my knowledge and abilities.” Carolina, Colombia (EGMiM student) Entrepreneur and Founder of Book by Book, an education project in rural Colombia

Leadership programme & executive career coaching Our students benefit from individually tailored professional development during the degree. We provide an extra-curricular Leadership in Practice programme which will expand your talent as a manager and leader. Executive career coaching is also included, giving in-depth support tailored to your specific career goals.

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The LSE learning experience

“A year into the EGMiM programme, my brain has been effectively rewired. I can’t book an airline ticket or buy shampoo without immediately understanding the degree of price discrimination and the Bass diffusion model regression employed by the seller.”

A deeper intellectual experience The programme provides an in-depth analytical learning experience, where theory and practice are brought together. Practical case discussions in the classroom are underpinned by critical understanding of the theory behind business concepts and frameworks. Our internationally renowned faculty are research leaders in their fields, and bring years of industry experience and academic expertise to the classroom.

Ben, USA (EGMiM student)

A broader global vision

Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Prominent LSE guest speakers

The LSE is a leading social science university, with cutting-edge intellectual resources in a wide range of subjects from economics and finance, to sociology and philosophy. As such our students benefit from a broader approach to learning, which they could not find in a traditional business school. We believe that the real world is not neatly divided into narrow subject areas, and we approach business and management issues in the wider context, exploring the interconnected geo-political and socio-economic factors which fundamentally underpin the success or failure of businesses across the world.

Integrated curriculum The curriculum is built around a carefully designed series of integrated courses, covering Foundations of Management, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Organisational Behaviour, Strategy, Organisation and Innovation, Marketing Strategy, and Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging Markets. Students will also complete a dissertation or capstone project based on a real issue they are facing in their current work, and directly apply learning from the classroom to benefit their business performance and career progression.

Bill Gates, Former Chief Executive of Microsoft

“The faculty are all research leaders in their fields and have extensive experience teaching at some of the best business schools in the world. The content is intellectually stimulating and we are challenged to think critically about the institutions, markets and social and political forces that increasingly shape the world.”

Dalai Lama

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

Monique, Australia (EGMiM student)

How and when to apply We encourage applicants with a minimum of three years’ experience working either as high potential mangers, individual contributors, entrepreneurs or members of family businesses; with good academic backgrounds in any field, excellent communications skills, and quantitative ability.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese democratic stateswoman

Please use the online application system from October for entry the following year. Apply early to avoid disappointment at: Enquiries can be made to: EGMiM Programme and Admissions Manager +44 (0)20 7106 1204

10 Executive Global Master’s in Management

Bill Clinton, Former President of the US

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Executive Global Master’s in Management London School of Economics and Political Science Department of Management Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE Š2016

Executive Global Master’s in Management  

An executive modular degree specifically designed for working professionals.

Executive Global Master’s in Management  

An executive modular degree specifically designed for working professionals.