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Editor’s message Ten years ago Sharon Shalev visited two Supermax prisons in the US in order to make a documentary. She was granted extraordinary access to both prisoners and prison staff. Her interviews and observations formed the basis of a PhD and, eventually, a book – which this year won the Society of Criminology’s book prize. In an interview on page 6, Dr Shalev shines a light on these darkest of places and reminds us why we need social scientists. Her book is the first to offer a comprehensive analysis of the Supermax phenomenon – and calls for an urgent review of the use of solitary confinement in prisons. There are now about 44 Supermax prisons in the States, with prisoners spending 22.5 to 24 hours a day in concrete cells. Their crimes range from murder to damage to property. In an equally provocative piece, Professor Chetan Bhatt, the new director of the Centre for Human Rights at LSE, explores the case of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen who has called for the killing of civilians anywhere in the world. His piece delves into a lawsuit being brought by the New York based Center for Constitutional Rights against, amongst others, President Obama. Professor Bhatt takes the reader on an uncomfortable journey through the rights and wrongs of the case and asks: are you still on the side of the angels? Alumni comments and views on the above pieces, indeed on any of the pieces in this magazine, are most welcome. One of the aims behind the redesign of LSE Connect was to bring more opinion into the pages – and we certainly seem to have achieved that if your letters are anything to go by. We include an edited selection on page 35. Please keep them coming in. And finally, this brings me to LSE Connect online. Over a thousand of you have now opted to receive your LSE Connect via an email alert and to read it online (see lse. We have introduced a page-turner, so that you can read the magazine as you would a printed version. This is good for the environment, saving on print and distribution costs. If you would prefer an email alert in future please update the ‘Personal information’ section in the ‘My profile page’ of your Houghton Street Online account – see Again, all feedback much appreciated. Claire Sanders

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Speaking to the solitary

Headline news 4

Are Supermax prisons an expensive way to make people worse? Sharon Shalev talks to Jess Winterstein 6

Director’s comment: Howard Davies on topping up your LSE experience 17

Angels and demons

Opinion: Ernestina Coast on population growth 9

Chetan Bhatt explores the challenging case of an al-Qaeda activist and asks: are you on the side of the human rights angels? 10

Bonding with baby Inheritance tax should be used to fund baby bonds, argues Julian Le Grand 13

The austerity cohort Danny O’Connor discovers how the new cohort of LSE MPs are finding life in the UK Parliament 14

Finding the first thesis Jon Adams delves into the School’s archives 18

Trading with success John Sutton’s enterprise map project in Ethiopia sheds light on how successful companies develop in sub-Saharan Africa 20

Pitching it right Hilary Weale traces the history of alumni sport 22

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Winter 2010


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LSE Connect  

Magazine for alumni of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Volume 22, Number 2, Winter 2010

LSE Connect  

Magazine for alumni of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Volume 22, Number 2, Winter 2010