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,Gcn OLTJTIOI\S '\c. Labo ratory Supp Iy Di strib utors BioTechSo/ufions 109JanetStreet,Vineland, NJ 08360 856.825.0523

o Experimental Assays o SorbentAssays . High-Throughput Screening(HTS) r CombinatorialChemistry . Drug Discovery r Drug Metabolism . LiquidChromatography with TandemMassSpectrometry (LC-MS-MS)

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Our Multi-TierrM MicrotiterPlatehasa uniquedesignthat providesmaximumdiversityfor many differentapplications.Thisplate can havea fixed heightor it can be multi-tieredfor adjustable heightsto supportdifferentsizedvials. The plate can be built via spacersto hold capacitiesof 0 . 5 m L ,1 . 0m L , 1 . 5 m La n d 2 . 0 m 1 d , e p e n d i n go n t h e h e i g h tl i m i t a t i o nosf t h e i n s t r u m e n tT. h e plate can hold variouslength9mm diameterconicalbottom and flat bottom glassand plasticvials. Manyof the assaysrequireheatingor coolingof the vialsto simulatein vitro conditionsor for temPeraturesensitiveexperiments.The heatingor coolingis usuallydone usingliquidsor gases. Our baseplate hasan open bottom so that the plate can be immersedin heatingor coolingfluidsallowingtotal fluid contactwith the vials. This permitsuniformtransferof heat or cold to and from the vials,and the plate does not float in the water bath.


Our Multi-TierMicrotiterPlatehasa standard8 x 12 formatwith an alpha-numeric lD grid. The coverfor the plate locksthe liner in place,preventsvial pulloutand providesa secondarysealing system.The securefit of the vialsin the baseplate permitsusewith Shakersand VortexMixers duringsamplepreparation. Systemslnclude: Base Plate, Vials, PrescoredPTFE/Silicone/PTFE Liner, Cover and Spacersfor 1.OmL, 1 . 5 m La n d 2 . 0 m LP l a t e s . DESCRIPTION Plates manufactured in ABS (Acrylic Butyl Stryrene) have good chemical resistance againstacidsand bases 0 . 5 m 1M T PS y s t e m- ( A B S ) w i t hG l a s sC o n i c aV l ials 1 . 0 m 1M T PS y s t e m- ( A B S ) w i t hG l a s sC o n i c a l V i a l s 1.5m1MTP System- (ABS)with GlassConicalVials 2.0m1MTPSystem- (ABS)withGlassConicalVials

990sPLC-81 2 9 9 15 P L C - 821

0.5m1MTPSystem- (ABS)with Polypropylene Vials 1.5m1MTPSystem- (ABS)withPolypropylene Vials

99051C-81 2FB 9 9 10 L C - 8 2 1F B 9 9 15 L C - 8 2 1F B 9920LC-812F8

0.5m1MTPSystem1.0m1MTPSystem1.5m1MTP System2.0m1MTPSystem-

(ABS)withGlassFlat BottomVials (ABS)withGlassFlat BottomVials (ABS)with GlassFlat BottomVials (ABS)withGlassFlat BottomVials


to *r

Part Number

99051C-81 2 99101C-812 99151C-812 9920LC-812


s 1 1 1 1

$ l. lr

l. - .-.-

ET --, Plates manufactured in Topas (COC - Cyclic Olefin Copolymers)have excellent clarity and heavchemical resistance. The plates can be autoclaved and sterilized. 990sLC-81 2T 9910LC-812T 9915LC-812T 9920LC-812I

0.5m1MTPSystem1.0mLMTPSystem1.5mLMTP System2.0mLMTP System-

9905PLC-81 2T 9915PLC-8'l2T

0.5m1MTPSystem- (Topas) with Polypropylene Vials 1.5m1MTPSystem- (Topas) with Polypropylene Vials

(Topas) with GlassConicalVials (Topas) with GlassConicalVials (Topas) with GlassConicalVials (lopas)with GlassConicalVials

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1 1 1 1

IPatentedJ continued Part Number


99051C-81 2FBT 9 9 10 L C - 8 21 F B T 99'15LC,812FBT 9920LC-812FBT

0.5m1MTPSystem1.0m1MTP System1.5m1MTP System2.0m1MTP System-

O:IY (Topas)withGlassFlat BottomVials (Topas) with GlassFlat BottomVials (Topas) with GlassFlat BottomVials (Topas)withGlassFlat BottomVials

1 1 1 1


Plate System Part Nqmber



9900c-81 2 9940-812 9996-812

Coverfor Plate- (ABS) Spacer- (ABS) BasePlate- (ABS)

5 1 1

9900c-81 2T 9900-81 2T 9996-U2r

Cover for Plate- (Topas) Spacer- (Topas) BasePlate- (Topas)

5 1 1


S o l i dC l e a rC o v e r


r r . .

Preserves sampleintegrity Preventsevaporativelossesand contamination from ambientair Easilypiercedby an injectorneedle Preventscrosscontamination

Prescored flat linerwith crossslitspermitseasierneedlepenetration.The linerlocksinto the Plateto p r e v e n t v i aplu l l o u t .T h e l i n e r s a r e m a d e o f T e f l o n / S i l i c o n e / T e f l o n w h i c h m e e t t h e r e q u i r e m e n t s o f U . S . PC. l a s sV l .


Part Number



PrescoredPTFE/Silicone/PTFE Flat Liner



PrescoredPTFE/Butyl/PTFE Flat Liner


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Multi-TierrM Microtiter Plate System conrinued Molded PTFE/Silicone linerhas96 plugswhich lock into the vialsand createan inert environment for the sampleswhile preventingcrosscontamination.The molded liner is availableprescoredwhich can be easilypiercedby an autoinjectorneedle. The linersare made of Teflonlined medical g r a d eS i l i c o n e w h i c hm e e t st h e r e q u i r e m e n tosf U . S . PC. l a s sV l . Part Number



996050-812 996044-812 996075-812 996047-812

M o l d e dP T F E / S i l i c o n Le i n e r- 9 6 P l u g s M o l d e dP T F E / B u t yL li n e r- 9 6 P l u g s P r e s c o r eM d o l d e dP T F E / S i l i c o n Le i n e r- 9 6 P l u g s PrescoredMolded PTFE/Butvl Liner- 96 Pluqs

5 5 5 5

M o l d e dP T F E / S i l i c o 8 n eP l u gS t r i p sa n d I n d i v i d u aPl l u g sa l l o wf o r l i m i t e dt e s t i n gi n t h e M u l t i - T i e r Plateor can be usedfor specificsampleidentification.The stripsand plugsare made of Teflonlined m e d i c ag l r a d eS i l i c o n e w h i c hm e e t st h e r e q u i r e m e n tosf U . S . PC. l a s sV l . Part Number



96050-SSTRrP 96075-SSTRtP 96050-8PLUG 96075-8PLUG

M o l d e dP T F E / S i l i c o n Set r i p- 8 P l u g s P r e s c o r eM d o l d e dP T F E / S i l i c o n Set r i p- 8 P l u g s M o l d e dP T F E / S i | i c o P n el u g- S i n g l eP l u g P r e s c o r eM d o l d e dP T F E / S i | i c o P n el u g- S i n g l eP l u g

12 12 100 100

ndard 96-Well Plates Without Vials The molded PTFE/S|licone lineris designedto fit manystandard96-wellmicrotiterplateswith cylindricalor taperedwells,and squarewells. The tight sealpreventssamplecrosscontamination and the linerresealsafter multipleinjectionsthus reducingthe chanceof solventevaporation.The liners are made from Teflonlined medicalgrade Siliconewhich meetsthe requirements of U.S.P. ClassVl. Part Number


996050MR-96 996075MR-96 996050SW-96 996075SW-96

RoundWell - Molded PTFE/Silicone Linerfor Standard96 Well Plates 5 RoundWell - Prescored MoldedPTFE/SIL Linerfor Standard 96 WellPlates5 SquareWell - Molded PTFE/Silicone Linerfor Standard96 Well Plates 5 SquareWell - Prescored MoldedPTFE/SIL Linerfor Standard 96 WellPlates5

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The glassconicaland flat bottom vialsare manufactured of Typel, ClassA, KG-33Expansion Borosilcate Glass.The glassprovidesan inertsolventresistantenvironmentfor samples. The vialsfit securelyin our BasePlate. fqrt Nqmb91



4450-917 4100-930 4154-944 4200-950

0 . 5 m 1G l a s sC o n i c aV l ials 1 . 0 m 1G l a s sC o n i c aV l ials 1 . 5 m LG l a s sC o n i c aV l ials 2 . 0 m 1G l a s sC o n i c aV l ials

100 100 100 100

4 0 5 0 F 8 - 971 4 10 0 F B - 9 3 0 4150F8-944 4200F8-950

0.5mLGlassFlat BottomVials 1 . 0 m 1G l a s sF l a tB o t t o mV i a l s 1 . 5 m LG l a s sF l a tB o t t o mV i a l s 2.0mLGlassFlat BottomVials

100 100 '100 '100

The polypropyleneconicalvialsprovidethermalstabilityand solventresistance. The vialsfit securelvin our BasePlate.




4050P-9',17 4150P-944

0 . 5 m LP o l y p r o p y l e nCeo n i c aV l ials 1 . 5 m LP o l y p r o p y l e nCeo n i c aV l ials

100 100

The Vial Loaderis a fast and convenientchoicefor loadingour vialsinto the BasePlate. Just peel awaythe packagingand placean empty BasePlateon top of the Vial Loader.Invertthe entireunit and the plate is readyfor use.


Part Number


4050-917VL 4100-930V1 4150-944Vt 4200-950V1

0 . 5 m 1G l a s sC o n i c aV l i a l si n V i a lL o a d e r 1 . 0 m 1G l a s sC o n i c aV l i a l si n V i a lL o a d e r 1 . 5 m 1G l a s sC o n i c aVl i a l si n V i a l L o a d e r 2 . 0 m 1G l a s sC o n i c aVl i a l si n V i a l L o a d e r

96 96 96

4050F8-91 7VL 4100FB-930V1 4150FB-944V1 4200F8-950V1

0.5mLGlassFlat BottomVialsin Vial Loader 1 . 0 m LG l a s sF l a tB o t t o mV i a l si n V i a lL o a d e r 1 . 5 m LG l a s sF l a tB o t t o mV i a l si n V i a lL o a d e r 2.0mLGlassFlat BottomVialsin Vial Loader


4050P-91 7VL 4150P-944V1

0 . 5 m LP o l y p r o p y l e nCeo n i c aVl i a l si n V i a lL o a d e r 1 . 5 m 1P o l y p r o p y l e nCeo n i c aVl i a l si n V i a lL o a d e r

96 96


Vial RemoverTool


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Y6 Y6


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StainlessSteel Manifolds T h e p r e c i s i o sn t a i n l e ssst e e lm a n i f o l d a s r ed e s i g n e df o r u s e i n c r i t i c afll u i d h a n d l i n ga p p l i c a t i o n s . Theseinstruments MicrotiterPlateand with standard are comoatiblewith our 96-WellMulti-TierrM 96-wellplatesor the higherdensity384-wellplates.

BTC-9-4 BTC.9-8

Brc-9-12 BTC-4-16 BTC-4-24 BTF-9-8 BrF-9-12 BTF-4-16 BTF-4,24

96-WellCurvedStyleManifolds- 4 Port 96-WellCurvedStyleManifolds- 8 Port 96-WellCurvedStyleManifolds- 12 Port '1 384-WellCurvedStyleManifolds- 6 Port 384-WellCurvedStyleManifolds 24 Port 96-WellOffsetStyleManifolds- 4 Port 96-WellOffsetStyleManifolds- 8 Port 96-WellOffsetStyleManifolds- 12 Porr 384-WellOffsetStyleManifolds- 16 Port 384-WellOffsetStyleManifolds- 24 Porr

Lids, Alpha-numericidentification alongsideeachof the 96 wells,make microscopicsamplelocationsimple. Uniformwall thicknessensuresgood opticalobservationand a hangingwell designallowsan even temperatureto be achievedaroundeachwell. Crosscontaminationis minimizedby eachwell having a rim, and when lids are usedorientationcornersand condensationringsfurtherguaranteesecurity. A rim aroundthe peripheryof the plate alsoassistswhen the plate requiressealingfilm. Deep lids reducethe common problemof unevenevaporationfrom the wells. The blackplate is designedfor use in fluorescence studieswith minimalwell to well crosstalk. The white plate is designedfor use in luminescence reflectivity assayswherethe white pigmentin additionto minimizingcrosstalk increases for greatersensitivity.




9900-01 9900-02 9900-03 9900-04 9900-05 9900-06 9900-07 9900-08 9900-09

96-WellPolystyrene Plate,U Bottom Plate,U Bottom,Sterile 96-WellPolystyrene 96-WellPolystyrene Plate,V Bottom 96-WellPolystyrene Plate,V Bottom,Sterile 96-WellPolystyrene Plate,Flat Bottom 96-WellPolystyrene Plate,Flat Bottom,Sterile Rings MicrotiterPlateLid w/Condensation White 96-WellPolystyrene Plate,Flat Bottom Plate,Flat Bottom Black96-WellPolystyrene

50 trn

50 5U 5U trn

The 0.5mLpolypropylenedeep well platesare compatiblewith standard8 x 12 format equipmentand withstandsrepeatedautoclavingand temperatures as low as -100 "C. The stackabledesignsaves benchand Ireezerspace. Tight fitting strip capsfor samplestorage. Part Ngrylber


99605 99606 99608 99609

0 . 5 m 1 9 6 - W e lPl PP l a t e- N o n - S t e r i l e 0.5m196-WellPPPlate- Sterile(5 Plates/Sterile Unit) StripCaps,8 Caps/Band- Non-Sterile(60 bands/pack,4 packs/unit) StripCaps,8 Caps/Band- Sterile(60 bands/pack.4 packs/unit)

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20 4 4

The 96 deep well plate has a capacityof 1.0mLcappedor 1.2mLuncappedin eacho{ its round bottom wells. The plates{eaturealpha-numeric labeledwellsfor easysampleidentification and is designed for usewith roboticsampleprocessors, automatedliquid handlingsystems,cell harvesters and multi-channel pipettes. The polypropyleneplatescan withstandtemperatures as low as -70"C for freezerstorageof biologicalsamples,includingblood. The platesare stackable,conserving valuablebenchand freezersoace.




99615 99616 99625 99626 99618 99619

1.0m196 Deep Well Polypropylene Plate,Non-Sterile 1.0mL96 Deep Well Polypropylene Plate,Sterile 1.0mL96 Deep Well Polystyrene Plate,Non-Sterile 1.0m196 Deep Well Polystyrene Plate,Sterile Mat of 96 Caps,Non-Sterile Mat of 96 Caps.Sterile

25 25 25 25 30

, 2.OmL The 2.OmLhigh density,virginpolypropylenedeep well platesare compatiblewith most sample processingworkstations and robotichandlers.The conicalshapedwell bottomsallowfor complete and easyrecoveryof samples.A tight fitting polyethylenemat with 96 individualcapsprovidesa positiveleakproofsealfor eachwell, makingthe plate idealfor storageof biologicalsamples. Part Number



99635 99638 99636 99639

2.0mL96 Deep Well Polypropylene Plate- Non-Sterile FlexiblePE Mat Lid of 96 Caps,Non-Sterile 2 . 0 m 19 6 D e e pW e l l P o l y p r o p y l e nPel a t e- S t e r i l e FlexiblePE Mat Lid of 96 Caos.Sterile

50 50 \n 50

ne, Non-Sterile The polypropyleneplatesare usedfor applications wherepolystyreneis not suitable.The raisedwells p r e v e n tc r o s sc o n t a m i n a t i o nA. l p h a n u m e r iwc e l l l o c a t i o n s D . i m e n s i o n s8:5 x 1 2 7x 1 4 m m



950201 951201 955201

96-WellPolypropylene Plate,U Well, 300p1 96-WellPolypropylene Plate,V Well, 300prL 96-WellPolypropylene Plate,FlatWell, 380;rL

10 10 10

BioTechSolutions, Inc. . Toll Free: 477-65'l-1768 . Tel:856-231-0559 . Fax:856-7A7-9A15

applications.The chimney Platesare idealfor samplestorageand transportor cell suspension well designpreventscrosscontamination.Alphanumericcodingwith raisededges. D i m e n s i o n s8:5 x 1 2 7x 4 4 m m Part l.,lumber




, lear 1 . 2 m L 9 6D e e pW e l l P o l y p r o p y l e nPel a t e C



, l e a r- S t e r i l e 1 . 2 m L 9 6D e e pW e l l P o l y p r o p y l e nPel a t e C


2.4mL insep\A/ellPlate,Polypropylene, The squaredesignoffersmaximumstorageor transportvolume. The conicalbottom allowsmaximum . l p h a n u m e r icco d i n gw i t h r a i s e de d g e s . D i m e n s i o n s8:5 x 1 2 7 x 4 4 m m s a m p l er e t r i e v a lA





, lear 2 . 4 m L 9 6D e e pW e l l P o l y p r o p y l e nPel a t e C



, l e a r- S t e r i l e 2 . 4 m L 9 6D e e pW e l l P o l y p r o p y l e nPel a t e C


Reducedvolumesmeansavingsfor reagentsused in HTSapplications.Well-to-wellspacingof 4.5mm . l p h a n u m e r iwce l l c o d i n g .D i m e n s i o n s : 8x5 1 2 7x 1 4 m m a n d w o r k i n gv o l u m e so f 5 - 3 0 ; r L A Packed10 per lnnerPackand 40 per Case


Part Number


984475 984074 984076 984077 984086 984101

40 384-WellSmallVolumePolystyrene Plate,White, Medium Binding Plate,White, High Binding 40 384-WellSmallVolumePolystyrene 40 Plate,Black,Medium Binding 384-WellSmallVolumePolystyrene 40 Plate,Black,High Binding 384-WellSmallVolumePolystyrene Plate,Black,TCTreated, Sterilew/Lid 40 384-WellSmallVolumePolystyrene 40 Plate,Cleal Medium Binding 384-WellSmallVolumePolystyrene

BioTechSofutions.Inc. . TollFree: 877-651-1768. Tel:856-231-0559 . Fax:856-787-9415

Beneficialfor applicationsrequiringchemicalresistance or higherheat stability.Well-to-wellspacingof 4 . 5 m ma n d w o r k i n gv o l u m eo f 2 5 - 1 0 0 p L A . l p h a n u m e r iwce l l c o d i n g .D i m e n s i o n s : 8x51 2 7 x 1 4 m m P a c k e d1 0 p e r I n n e rP a c ka n d 1 0 0 p e r C a s e Part Number



981201 981209 981280

384-WellPolypropylene Plate,Natural,Flat Bottom 384-WellPolypropylene Plate.Black,FlatBottom Plate,Clear,Flat Bottom 384-WellPolypropylene

100 100 100

9 5 6 10 1 956161

StandardMicroolateLid StandardMicroplateLid, Sterile

50 50

The plateshaveexcellentchemicalresistance and temperaturestability.Low draft sidewallsfor robotic h a n d l i n g .A l p h a n u m e r iwc e l l c o d i n ga n d w e l lv o l u m eo f 2 4 0 1 t L .


Part Number


981270 984070

- 6 per InnerPack 384-WellMasterblock, Polypropylene , i l i c o n e- 1 0 p e r I n n e rP a c k C a p M a t , N a t u r a lS


982270 978227

'l - 15 per InnerPack 536-WellMasterblock, Polypropylene 1536-WellMasterblock, Polypropylene

60 15

Libra Tube, Plug, Cap Valve,Bottom Plug & Connectors for ReactionVessels,SeparationColumnsand Filtration Multi-purposereactiontube/columndesignedfor libraryconstruction and purification.The polypropylenetubes (5mLor 20mL)containa thickfilterwith an optionaltop and bottom plug T h e t u b e h a st e m p e r a t u r se t a b i l i t ya n d i s r e s i s t a nt o t o r g a n i cs o l v e n t s u c ha s D M F a n d methylene dichloride. PartNumber



R T 5S l O O R T 5M l O O Rr5 C100 RTVSC2 RTVSF2

5mL LibraTubewith Top & Bottom Plug 5mL LibraTubewith Top & Bottom Plugwith Filter Top Cap for 5mL Tube - 1 Piece Stop Cock (2 Way)Polypropylene Stop Cock (2 Way)PTFE- Non-Disposable and ExtraStable- 1 Piece

100 100 100 1


20mL LibraTubewith Top & Bottom Plug 20mL LibraTubewith Top & Bottom Plugwith Filter Polypropylene Top Cap for 20mLTube Polypropylene Bottom Plugfor 5mL and 2OmLLibraTube

50 50 50 100


TeflonTubefor AoueousSolvents TeflonTubefor OrganicSolvents

AB24 A AB24 L

AbsorotionBox for 24 Tubes Deeo AbsorotionBox tor 24 Tubes


BioTechSofutions,Inc. . TollFree: 877-651-1764 o Tel:856-231-0559 . Fax:856-7A7-9A15


Petri Dishes- StenilePolystyrene Petri dishes are manufactured under strict aseptic conditions within a Class J clean room which c o m p l i e sw i t h B S 5 2 9 5 . T h e 1 0 0 m m d i s h e sa r e a v a i l a b l ei n s i n g l e ,t r i p l e o r n o v e n t f o r m a t s a n d i n a choice of colors. The colored dishes enable easy batch separation and identification and are manufactured using cadmium free non-cytotoxic colorants. The petri dishes are ideal for use in automatic plate pourers and feature wine-rack packaging to further reduce transit damage risk a n d i n c r e a s ee a s e o f h a n d l i n q . B a s e d i a m e t e r : 8 9 . 2 5 m m i.r,,irri i\i \ jt I ll i,,ti,i

llrili:;1t";;ri1p 111;,1u,

7014-01 7014-02 7014-03 7014-04 7014-05 7014-06

'l 0 0 m m C l e a rP e t r iD i s h ,N o V e n t ,1 5 . 8 m mH e i g h t 1 0 0 m mC l e a rP e t r iD i s h ,S i n g l eV e n t ,16 . 2 m mH e i g h t '1 0 0 m mC l e a rP e t r iD i s h ,T r i p l eV e n t ,1 6 . 0 m mH e i g h t 100mmAmber PetriDish,TripleVent, 16.2mmHeight 1 O 0 m mB l u eP e t r iD i s h ,T r i p l eV e n t ,1 6 . 2 m mH e i g h t 100mmRed PetriDish,TripleVent, 16.ZmmHeight


500 500 500 500 500 500

Petri Dish Stand, EpoxyCoated T h e s eu s e f u sl t a n d sw i l l h o l d u p t o s i x 1 0 0 m mo e t r id i s h e s .Manufactured from epoxy coatedsteel, t h e y a r ea u t o c l a v a b laen d i d e a lf o r s m a l lb a t c hi n c u b a t i o nAvailable . in 3 differentcolorsfor easv b a t c hc o d i n q . i];tll"'i il',llnlri:rut

fi | [' i | {. i !1'{ il i.r;'ir{-.

7 1 75 - 0 1 7175-02 7175-O3

White PetriDishStand Red PetriDishStand B l u eP e t r iD i s hS t a n d

4 4 4

lhcubator Shaker T h i s n e w I n c u b a t o rS h a k e ri s a b l e t o h a n d l e u p t o s i x 9 6 - w e l l m i c r o p l a t e ss i m u l t a n e o u s l y .l t h a s a normal working temperature range from ambient to 54" C with a sensitivethermostatic control m a i n t a i n i n gt h e p r e - s e tt e m p e r a t u r et o w i t h i n + o r - 1 ' C . A l a r g e h o r i z o n t a lf a n w h i c h p r o v i d e st o t a l , continuous air movement and removes temperature variation providing two very important advantages; f i r s t ,t h e a b i l i t yt o h e a t a n d c r e a t e a n e q u i l i b r i u mi n a v e r y s h o r t t i m e s p a n : 2 0 ' C t e m p e r a t u r e r i s e i n under 1 minute; and second, the continuous maintenance of a stable temperature throughout the e n t i r e i n c u b a t i o nc h a m b e r w i t h a m a x i m u m v a r i a t i o no f o n l y + o r - 0 . 2 ' C . H o u s e d i n a c o m p a c r , attractive case, under a hinged, smoked-Perspexlid, six microplates are easily accommodated. The standard microplate carrier will also accommodate up to six standard Tissue Culture Flasks.


Part Number



8 5 8 2 - 10 6

MicroplateIncubator-Shaker, Capacity- 6x96-WellPlatesor 6 Flasks


BioTechSolutions, Inc. o Toll Free: 877-651-1768 r Tel: 856-231-0559 r Fax; 856-787-9815


*r F

o F \

F \


This is the first and only personalsizedMicro-Centrifuge to offerboth a strip rotor and centrifugetube rotor in one completeunit. This uniquedesignallowsfor the interchangeable rotorson our centrifuge to be convertedfrom centrifugetube to striptube in just seconds.The centrifugetube rotor holds up to six 1.5mLtubes and comescompletewith adaptersto accommodate0.5mLtubes. The strip tube rotor holdstwo 0.2m1tube stripsor sixteen0.2mLtubes. lt is the completeanswerfor microfiltration of HPLCsamples,cell separationand quickspin down from capsand tube walls. Specifications: 7000 rpm: 0/20009-Centrifuge Tubes 7400 rpm: 0/22009-StripTubes Dimensions: 1 2 6 W x 1 3 8 ( D )x 1 0 0 ( H )m m - a v a i l a b l ien R e do r B l u e ElectricSupply: MC2-110: 1i 0V 50/60 HZ MC2-220: 22OV50/60 HZ/CECertified Part Number




1 CentrifugeTube Rotorfor 1.5mLTubes,Adaptersfor 0.5m1Tubes, 1 StripTube Rotorand 1 LockingKey - for 110V 50/60 HZ



1 CentrifugeTube Rotorfor 1.5m1Tubes,Adaptersfor 0.5m1Tubes, 1 1 Strip Tube Rotor and 1 LockingKey - for 220V 50/60 HZ/CECertified




lu L

o *r G L



This Microcentrifuge hasa compactand slim design. lt is perfectfor personaluse and accommodates varioustubes. lt hasa maximumRCFup to 2,200x g and it hasa durablepolycarbonate lid and ABS resinbody. The new hingeddesignand latchprovidea durableand stableoperation.The power switchis on the right side of the body - simplyclosethe lid to startand open to stop the spin. Dimensions: 1 2 6W x 1 3 8( D ) x 1 0 0( H )m m ElectricSupply: 110V 60 Hz or 220Y,50/60H2 Part Number



GMC-O6O GMC-160 GMC-260*

RotorType- 2.0m1Tube, MaxSpeed- 6600rpm,MaxRCF- 2,000x g RotorType- 0.2m1Tube,MaxSpeed- 6300rpm, Max RCF- 2,200x g RotorType- Both, Max Speed- Both,Max RCF- Both

1 1 1

*GMC-260suppliedwith 6 adaptersfor 0.5mLmicrotube,2.0mLbasicrotorfor well 8 tube strip


B i o T e c hS o l u t i o n s ,I n c , r T o l l F r e e : 8 7 7 - 6 5 1 - 1 7 6 8 r T e l : 8 5 6 - 2 3 1 - 0 5 5 9 .



Water Bath clinical Economicaland durablegeneralpurposewater bathsare idealfor industrial,pharmaceutical, and biomedicaluse. Perforatedsampletray protectsheaterand sensorfrom unexpecteddamages, i n c l u d i n gb a s i cs t a n d . Model#: Dimensions: lnner (WxDxH): Outer Capacity: Heater: Weight: Temp.:

Material Bath: Material Case: Safety: Cover:



3O2x24Ox150 338x280x260 oe 11 / 700 w 500 w 5.3K9 4.6K9 Range:Ambient + 5'C to 99"C Accuracy:+/- 0.5'C Uniformity:+/- 1.0'C Stainless Steel(SU5304) Seamless PowderCoatedSteel Oven Temp. Cut-Off Option (SU5304)

300x155x150 338x195x260

LWB'-222A 500x295x1 50 536x335x260 zzt

1 4 0 0w 8.4 K9

Optional Accessories: Part Number



LWA-2O6AL LWA-211A1 wA-2224L

Lid for 6 /Water Bath- Model # LWB-206A L i df o r 1 1 z W a t e rB a t h- M o d e l# L W B - 2 1 1 4 Lid for 22 / Water Bath - Model # LWB-222A

1 1 1

clinicaland biomedical Precision digitalwater bathsare idealfor industrial,pharmaceutical, experimentswhich requireprecisetemperaturecontrol. Frontmount,touch sensitivemembrane type keypadcontrollerwith timer,alarmand auto-tuningfunction. Modef # Dimensions: Inner (WxDxH): Outer Capacity: Heater: Weight: Temp.:

Material Bath: Material Case: Controller: Display: Safety: ElectricSupply: Cover:




302x240x1 50

338x1 95x260 6e 500w 4.6K9


1 1e 700 w 5.3Kg

LWB:122D 500x295x1 50 536x335x260 22t 'r400w 8.4Ks

Range:Ambient + 5"Cto 99'C Accuracy:+/- O.1"C Uniformity:+/- 0.5'C Steel(SU5304) Seamless Stainless PowderCoatedSteel D i g i t a lP I DC o n t r o l l e r 4 D i g i t L E DD i s p l a y AdjustableOven Temp. Cut-Off 110V 60Hzor 220Y,50/60 Hz Option (SU5304)

Optional Accessories:


Part Number



LWA-106DL LWA- 11DL LWA-122D1

Lid for 5 / WaterBath- Model # LWB-106D Lid for 11 /Water Bath- Model # LWB-I11D Lid for 22 / Water Bath - Model # LWB-122D

1 1 1

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TheseLDPEDriplokWashBottlesfeaturethe only ventingsystemthat dispensessolventas efficiently as a standardwashbottle. Thisventingsystemconsistsof a valvedesignedto allowvolatilesolvent jet of solvent. vaporsto escape,but sealscompletelywhen in useto dispensea powerful,spatter-free The bottlesare availablelabeledwith hazardinformation.or blankwith write on areas.






56250-01 56250-02 56250-04 56250-05 s6250-06 56250-07 56500-01 56500-02 56500-04 56500-05 56500-06 56500-07

LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 250mL- Acetone LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 250mL- Ethanol LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 250mL- lsopropanol LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 250m1- Methanol LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 250m1- Set of 250mL LDPEWrite On LabelSolventVentingWashBottle- 250m1 LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 500mL- Acetone LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 500mL- Ethanol LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 500mL- lsopropanol LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 500mL- Methanol LDPESolventVentingWashBottle- 500mL- Set of 500m1 LDPEWrite On LabelSolventVentinqWashBottle- 500m1

5 5 5 5 1 5 5 5 5 5 1 5


Wide Mouth WashBottle,AutoclavablePP- 500m1



Thesebottlesare fitted with a rangeof color coded leakproof,wide neckpolypropylenespout closures. The wide neckofferseasyspill-freefilling,and the acuteangled,precisionmolded dispensingspout, ensuresa consistent,downwardpointingjet. The bottlesare suppliedin shrink-wrapped packsof five.




58250-01W s82s0-02R s8250-03Y 58250-04G 58250-058 58500-01W 58500-02R 58500-03Y 58500-04G 58500-058 581000-01 w 581000-02R 581000-03Y s81000-04G 581000-058

RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,White Cap - 250mL RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,RedCap - 250m1 RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,YellowCap - 250m1 RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,GreenCap - 250m1 RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,BlueCap - 250mL RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,White Cap - 500m1 RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,Red Cap - 500m1 RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,YellowCap - 500m1 RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,GreenCap - 500mL RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,BlueCap - 500mL RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,White Cap - 1000m1 R o u n dW i d e N e c kL D P EW a s hB o t t l e ,R e dC a p - 1 0 0 0 m L RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,YellowCap - 1000mL RoundWide Neck LDPEWashBottle,GreenCap - 1000m1 R o u n dW i d e N e c kL D P EW a s hB o t t l e ,B l u eC a p - 1 0 0 0 m 1

58250W-01 58250Dt-02 58250DE-03 58500W-01 58500Dt-02 58500DE-03

RoundWide Neck LDPEPrintedWaterWashBottle,250mL- Water 5 RoundWide Neck LDPEPrintedWaterWashBottle,250m1- Distilled 5 RoundWide Neck LDPEPrintedWaterWashBottle,250m1- Deionized 5 RoundWide Neck LDPEPrintedWaterWashBottle,500m1- Water 5 RoundWide Neck LDPEPrintedWaterWashBottle,500m1- Distilled 5 RoundWide Neck LDPEPrintedWaterWashBottle.500m1- Deionized 5


QTY 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

BioTech Solutions, Inc. . TollFree:877-651-1768. Tel:856-231-0559o Fax:856-7A7-9A15


Foursizesof traditionalstylewashbottlesfitted with color coded, polypropyleneswivel/leak-proof closures.Suppliedcappedin shrink-wrapped packsof five.



59060-01W 59150-01W 59250-01W 59500-01W 59060-02R 59150-02R 59250-02R 59s00-02R 59060-03Y 59150-03Y 59250-03Y 59500-03Y 59060-04G 59150-04G s92s0-04G 59500-04G 59060-058 59150-058 59250-058 59500-058

RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,White Cap - 60mtRoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,White Cap - 150m1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,White Cap - 250m1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,White Cap - 500m1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,RedCap - 60mL RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,RedCap - 150m1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,Red Cap - 250m1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,Red Cap - 500mRoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,YellowCap - 60mL RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,YellowCap - 150mL RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,YellowCap - 250mL RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,YellowCap - 500mL RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,GreenCap - 60mL 'l RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,GreenCap - 50mL RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,GreenCap 250m1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,GreenCap - 500m1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashB o t t l e ,B l u eC a p - 6 0 m L RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashB o t t l e ,B l u eC a p - 1 5 0 m 1 RoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,BlueCap - 250mrRoundNarrowNeck LDPEWashBottle,BlueCap - 500mL

OTY 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 q 5

5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Colored Narrow Neck Wash Bottles Two sizes of traditional style wash bottles are available in four colors with matching closures Supplied capped and shrink-wrapped in packs of five.



59250R-06 59250Y-06 59250G-06 592508-06 59500R-07 59500Y-07 59500G-07 595008-07

NarrowNeck LDPERedWashBottle- 250m1 NarrowNeck LDPEYellowWashBottle- 250mL NarrowNeck LDPEGreenWashBottle- 25OmL NarrowNeck LDPEBlueWashBottle- 250mL NarrowNeck LDPERedWashBottle- 500mL NarrowNeck LDPEYellowWashBottle- 500m1 NarrowNeck LDPEGreenWashBottle- 5O0mL NarrowNeck LDPEBlueWashBottle- 5O0mL

ory 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

BiologicalStainingKits StainSeriesDriplokventingwashbottlespreprintedfor five popularbiologicalstains. Printedfor Lugols lodineSolution,CrystalViolet,Gram Color De-ColoringSolution,Gram lodineSolutionand Safranin for use. Solution. Printedinformationincludeshazardwarninqsvmbolswhererelevantand instructions The set consistsof 5 assorted250m1bottles.


Part Number



B i o l o g i c a lS t a i n B o t t l e K i t - P a c ko f 5

BioTechSolutions, Inc. . Toll Free; 477-651-'1768. Tel:856-231-0559 . Fax:856-747-9415



o *r a â‚Ź

The singlechannelpipettorshavea robustlightweightdesign,with a smoothplungeraction.The slimlinetip ejectorallowspipettinginto narrowtubes and is compatiblewith a wide rangeof tips. The pipettorshavea high degreeof accuracyand precision.Easymaintenance and calibration, with tool supplied. 12 month warranty.



8480-000NM 8480-080 8480-001 8480-081 B4B0-082 B480-083 8480-004

VariableVolumeSealpettes, 0.5-10prLRange VariableVolumeSealpettes, 2-20 pL Range VariableVolumeSealpettes, 5-50 pL Range Variable V o l u m eS e a l p e t t e s1,0 - 1 0 0 ; r LR a n g e VariableVolumeSealpettes,20-200pL Range VariableVolumeSealpettes,100-1000;rL Range VariableVolumeSealpettes,'1-5 mL Range




The multi-channel pipettorshaveperfecttip sealing,excellenttip alignmentand minimumpressureis requiredto load tips. The dispensehead will rotatethrough360"C to give the userthe most com{ortableworkingangle. The uniquestaggeredtip-ejectbar ensureseasytip ejection. Easymaintenanceand calibration,with tool supplied. 12 monthwarranty




st F

Part Number



8480-042 8480-019 8480-091 B480-084 8480-021 8480-093

M u l t i - C h a n nS e le a l p e t t e s4, C h a n n e l s0,. 5 - 1 0p L R a n g e Multi-ChannS e le a l p e t t e s8, C h a n n e l s5,- 5 0p L R a n g e M u l t i - C h a n nS e le a l p e t t e s8, C h a n n e l s5,0 - 3 0 0p L R a n g e M u l t i - C h a n nS e le a l p e t t e s1,2 C h a n n e l s0,. 5 - 1 0p L R a n g e Multi-Channel Sealpettes,12 Channels,5-50 prLRange M u l t i - C h a n nS e le a l p e t t e s1,2 C h a n n e l s5,0 - 3 0 0p L R a n g e

1 1 1 1 1 1


$ F \


SealpetterMMulti-GhannelElectronicPipettors Without ChargingStand The multi-channel electronicpipettorshavea unique'elastomer'tip cone for perfecttip sealingand excellenttip alignment.The dispensehead rotates360"to give the userthe most comfortable workingangle. The uniquestaggeredtip-ejectbar ensureseasytip ejection. Part Number



8480-055 B480-056 8480-058 8480-092

E l e c t r o n iSc e a l p e t t e s8, C h a n n e l s2,5 - 2 5 0 ; r LR a n g e E l e c t r o n iSc e a l p e t t e s8, C h a n n e l s5,0 - 1 2 0 0; r LR a n g e ElectronicSealpettes,12 Channels,25-250pL Range E l e c t r o n iSc e a l p e t t e s1,2 C h a n n e l s , 5 0 - 1 2 0p0L R a n g e

1 1 1 1

.g {

continued on back cover

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Fipettors With SingleGhargingStand PartNumber



B480-032 8480-033 B480-035 B480-043

ElectronicSealpettes, 8 Channels,25-250pL Range ElectronicSealpettes, 8 Channels,50-1200;rL Range ElectronicSealpettes,12 Channels,25-250pL Range E l e c t r o n iSc e a l p e t t e s1,2 C h a n n e l s5,0 - 1 2 0 0; r LR a n g e

1 1 1 1

friendlynickelhydridebatterywhich requires Electronicpipettesare poweredby an environmentally a chargingstandor carousel.Inductivechargingtechnologyeliminatesclumsyconnectorsand ensuresthe instrumentis alwaysreadyfor use. Over 1000pipettingsare easilyachievedbetween each recharging. Part Numbel



8484-051 8480-0s9

S i n g l eP l a c eC h a r g i n gS t a n d Four PlaceChargingCarousel

1 1

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