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Maggie’s writers notebook Purple!

One day the summer before kinder garden I was at summer camp we were playing in a gym with huge balls bouncing all over the place. One hit me in the back and I fell. My arm hurt badly! When I fell all I saw was a giant, purple, ball. Later that night I went to the ER and they told me that I had broken my arm! I was so sad I cried. 

My favorite video games


Minecraft High school story Sims city Webkinz

Don’t Starve

Roar and snore

On Friday I went to the safari park in San Diego with my Girl Scout troop. We stayed overnight at the park. We took a 5 mile walk!

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Map of my Heart

MomDadAudreyJaneEmilyAmandaDora JuliaGrandpaGrandmaUncle DaveUncle BobAunt’s

Maggie's Writer's Notebook  
Maggie's Writer's Notebook