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Bb anna writer’s notebook 

What I did the weekend of 0 9/ 0 9/ 13 O n Saturday at 2:45, my friend Eliza came to my house and played in my pool for a little then we went to Eliza’s house for a sleepover. For dinner my mom picked me and Eliza for dinner at Sushi Roku. Then my mom dropped us off back at Eliza’s house. The next morning we watched a little T.V. then we had breakfast. Then we went to my house for the rest of the morning. At 11:30 Eliza left. At 1:0 0 Gigi came to my house and we had a great time.

By: BB Anna Richardson 

Eliza and me in my tree house O ne time I was I my tree house with my friend Eliza. We started to clean my tree house I started to pull a towel off the ground then suddenly a spider popped out. Eliza screamed like there was a bear growling in front of her. It was funny!!!

This summer I went to Cape Cod. While I was in Cape Cod I went to Cape Cod Sea Camps (CCSC). It was AWESO ME!!!!! The first day I went there, there was a girl named Lily, she is verykind. Lily explained what happened during the day. Lily and I chose sailing for our elective. An elective is an activity that you do after lunch. First we had to drive there in a bus with other kids from CCSC. Sailing was magnificent!!!

Swimming at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center When I was first on the swim team I was very nervous. But I met tons of kind kids. Now I am on the second level and want to swim at the O lympics.

Bibi Anna Richardson -Writer's Notebook  
Bibi Anna Richardson -Writer's Notebook