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Pollution Environment Issues

By: Miki Greenfield

Where you live there is always a recycling place in that town or township to help accumulate the recycle around the house. This helps keep pollution down and not add to it.

As even driving you can notice that companies with steam pipes are releasing harsh chemicals into the air.

Big oil spills in the ocean, are harmful not only to us humans but animals and the environment.

Around many ditches, rivers, and lakes like this one you can find litter built up if nothing gets done about it.

But when things are done about littering pollution like this lake, it can look clean and not polluted.

Even compaines of products that can be recycled remind you by printing on it the recycle symbol along with stating please recycle.

As others decide to burn their trash and recycle, this causes even more harmful pollution in our air.

Trash landfills are hard to cover and are taking up space on our earth. They can take over centuries to break down and decompose.

The Sun Chips company has improved their product's bag, so that it will break down easier when decomposing.

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Pollution- Miki G.  
Pollution- Miki G.  

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