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Photo Credit: Cece Reynolds

Here in Minnesota, environmental change can be easily seen as the seasons change. For the most part, clean yards and pretty colors.

Pollution effects our environment in major ways. Just throwing simple bottles and cans outside can cause major damage to the environment and can effect the air.

Pollution going into our drainage system is a very bad thing. All the waste that goes into the drains can get caught up in the drain and do some damage to the draining system.

Summer months in Minnesota can be beautiful, with no pollution affecting the environment. Without pollution, our lands could be a lot better looking.

Photo Credit: Cece Reynolds

In the state of Florida, environmental change isn’t as noticeable as Minnesota. This view of St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach shows clean looking beaches.

Photo Credit: Cece Reynolds

After diving in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida citizen Mark Reynolds, my dad, recalls what he found in the water. “Of course there’s fish, but you find soda cans, plastic bottles, and other trash at the bottom of the water.”

Taken in Mexico Beach, FL, this once beautiful water front by The Marriot now looks like a swamp. Throwing waste into water makes it look terrible and kills off species in the waters. Marriot workers constantly clean these waters, but end up getting polluted again.

CB: Cece Reynolds

With as much tourism the Panama City gets, the environment can be a lot cleaner if more laws are enforced. During the winter months, waters look clean due to the fact that most tourism starts in March and ends in September.

Environment- Cecilia  
Environment- Cecilia  

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