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DEATH PENALTY Photo Essay Zach Zumbusch

Criminals and victims may share the same fate. The cemetery symbolizes for most the final destiny. Many consider a cemetery to be a religious area, what about hard criminals they have bodies too.

The death penalty has costs taxpayers in some states 114 million $ or more. Does the cost really balance out the affect?

The justice system. Who is there to make the final decision, who was there at the scene of the crime, and who wants justice for actions.

The controversy between states and what they want done for justice. They are overlapping paths, that collide, and separate states.

This gun shows an example of weapons that are commonly used to comit crimes. Its not just criminals. Guns are carried by both parties. Guns are carried by american citizens, yet not everybody is safe.

The most commonly used form of execution in the U.S. Out of 1234 executions in 2010, 1060 were done in this way.

You hate them when the pull you over, do you hate them when they save your life? Actions that go unnoticed. They deal with crime first hand everyday, yet their opinions are consistent with the rest of American people, they have not come to a conclusion on the death penalty

An event, sponsored by Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation, a 16-Day tour through the Midwest to protest the death penalty.

Death Penalty- Zach Z.  

Social Problems 2011

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