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NUSconference delegate

William Walsh

Why you should vote for me.

Students are facing massive cuts to education, and to all public services; the NHS,schools, council services. Everything that is not being cut is being privatised and sold off by the Con-Dem government. Feesare being put through the roof, with many universities now charging ÂŁ9000for students. EMA has been scrapped, and won't be available anymore. This is going to wreck the chancesof workingclassstudents getting to college and university. To stop all this, we need an NUSthat stands up for students, that fights and campaigns against the fee rises and education cuts, and links this with the fight by the trade unions, workers and local communities against public sector cuts.

At NUSconference I will support all action to defend education and public services. I will fight against the racist scapegoating of migrants and asylum seekers, and oppose the fascism of the BNP and EDL.

That’s why you should vote for me to go to NUSconference this year.

As someone who played an active role in building and organising the student protests last winter, I helped build the students movement and the radical protests which challenged the government. Now I want to take those politics into the NUSand make it stand up for students and the workingclassagainst the vicious Con-Dem government.

What I stand for: I am a member of the London South Bank University Anti Cuts steering committee which helps facilitate directions of the student movement and actions on campus. The London South Bank Anti Cuts group stands against the cuts being made to the university in all departments and to all staff. As an NUSdelegate I will fight for no cuts being made to any part of university life. I have also previously been a fundraiser and activist for Greenpeaceand actively helped campaign for cuts to carbon emissions and preventing companies green washing themselves, as an NUS delegate I will fight for cutting carbon emissions and using alternative energy resources.

I am a socialist and a member of Revolution - Socialist Youth . I am opposed the war, racism, exploitation, and poverty of the capitalist system. I am committed to fighting for a revolution and socialism.

I am committed to building a campaigning students’ movement, and a fighting NUS:

I stand for: · For immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; end the Israeli occupation of Palestine, oppose the intervention in Libya · Against fees and privatisation in education; SaveEMA, for living grants for all in full-time education from the age 16, funded by taxing the rich · No to racism! No platform for fascists! Stop the racist backlash against Muslims and asylum seekers; oppose all immigration controls · Support all workers’ struggles against cuts, privatisation, job losses · Stop the climate chaos; expose the “greenwash” of the government and corporations; take direct action against polluters · Free abortion on demand! Equal pay for women!"

William Walsh Manifesto  

William Walsh Manifesto

William Walsh Manifesto  

William Walsh Manifesto