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Elections Code of Conduct 2013 The following information contains a comprehensive guide to what you can and cannot do during the forthcoming elections period for first cross campus delegates. Please read carefully and understand the contents of this document. The rules laid out within, and verbally imparted at the Candidates Meeting, must be adhered to at all times. Any breech of these rules may lead to disciplinary action against you, and could ultimately lead to your disqualification from this election. Please note that in this document, the term ‘campus’ refers to the grounds of the main Southwark and Havering campuses of London South Bank University and also the grounds of LSBU halls of residence. No canvassing of any sort may take place outside of these areas of London South Bank University.


1. A candidate must submit their manifesto electronically by no later than 1pm on 14th February 2013 via the link on The document must be submitted in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format only. No other format will be accepted. 2. You must not lie, promise unattainable aims, mention any other candidates or publish your email address on your manifesto. 3. Manifestos’ will only be accepted at the discretion of the Assistant Deputy Returning Officer. If a manifesto is deemed unsuitable, the candidate will be informed and have until 10am on 15th February 2013 to make any necessary changes and re-submit the document in line with Clause 1.

Campaigning and Canvassing Please note that the term ‘campaign materials’ refers to all forms of publicity available to a candidate during the campaign period, including those purchased with their own allocated budget. signed notice boards. 4. Candidates may only display campaign materials on all general notice boards to which all candidates have equal access to. 5. No candidate shall be allowed to display any form of campaign materials on any other surface, including but not limited to, walls, trees and specifically assigned notice boards. 6. Candidates must not cover up or take down existing notices or other candidate literature. 7. Campaign materials may only be displayed on London South Bank University Property. Any breech of this may result in disciplinary action. 8. Posters may be a maximum of A3 in size. Only one poster may be displayed on each notice board. 9. No candidate may mention another candidate whilst canvassing in any context. 10. No candidate may lie in their Manifesto or whilst canvassing. 11. No candidate may use bribery in any form whilst canvassing. 12. No canvassing shall interfere with the operation, entrance or exits of the Students’ Union, University premises or polling station. Any breech of this may result in disciplinary action. 13. Candidates are permitted to make short speeches in lecture classes at the discretion of the teaching staff taking that class. Staff reserve the right to refuse permission. 14. Candidates and their campaign team members must not invite students to vote using their own laptops/smart phones/tablets/iPads or any similar device. 15. If a student approaches a candidate or campaign team member with their own laptops/smartphones/tablets/iPads or any similar device, the candidate or campaign team member must direct them to a polling station.

Photocoppying 16. All candidates must submit your required printing requests in a PDF or Word format via the link at 17 Candidates must use the appropriate printing request form and outline clearly what you require i.e. paper size, paper colour, single or double sided, printing in colour or black and white and how many copies 18. This printing will then be available no sooner than 24 hours after you submitted your printing request. An email will be sent to you when your printing is ready for collection. 19. Printing must be collected from the Student Union Reception in the Student Centre.

Facebook and Twitter 20.Facebook ( and Twitter ( will be permitted for the purposes of this election with the following restrictions. 21. It is the job of the Candidates to monitor groups/sites that support them and ensure that no slander or libellous material is published. The Deputy Returning Officer will be constantly monitoring Facebook and any breeches of this will be treated with the utmost severity. 22.If the Deputy Returning Officer finds any slander or libellous material, the candidate will have 30 minutes to rectify the problem, or will face disciplinary action. 23. Candidates are permitted to ‘donate their status’ to the publicity of this election, as well as Facebook, Pages, Events associated with the election period in accordance with Election Regulations in the Constitution and the conditions stipulated in section 4 of this document. 24.Videos and photos can be uploaded onto Facebook, Pages and Events, but they must be in accordance with this Code of Conduct, as they constitute a form of campaigning. Only candidates can be visible in any photos/videos.

Budgets and Campaign Materials 25. For this election, candidates are entitled to a printing allowance provided by the Students’ Union of £30.00. 26. Candidates may also use up to £30.00 of their own money to fund campaign materials. Candidates are encouraged to be creative with their campaign materials; however you must provide a complete budgeted breakdown of your personal expenditure using your receipts and the Budget Sheet provided. This Budget Sheet is to be submitted to the Deputy Returning Officer before 1pm on 1st March 2013 via the link at candidates. 27. Candidates may not actively seek sponsorship or freebies from any organisations, companies, groups and/or individuals in order to aide their campaign work. 28. Anyone found to have exceeded their allowance will face immediate disqualification from the election.

Elections Broadcasts 29. Candidates will be entitled to film a brief elections broadcast, the maximum length of which will be 1 minute. This will be available alongside candidates’ Manifestos on the elections website. Confirmation of available times to do this, and the allocation of slots, will be available at the Candidates’ Meeting. 30.Candidates must adhere to the rules on Manifestos as outlined in this document, within the broadcast. 3.1 By recording an elections broadcast, the candidate gives permission to the Students’ Union to use the footage in promotional material for the Students’ Union, outside of this elections period.

Elections Code of Conduct  

LSBU Students' Union Elections Code of Conduct for Candidates

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