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Students’ Union Advice Service Statement of Service

About Us

The Students’ Union’s Advice Service is an independent organisation from the University. We offer free, confidential and impartial advice to students who are currently enrolled to study at London South Bank University. The Advice Service will also support prospective students, those who have withdrawn or interrupted and students who have recently completed their studies at the University. We endeavour to provide students with relevant information during their academic careers that will help them through their time studying at London South Bank University.

What you can expect: • • • • • • • •

We will ensure that you are treated with respect and courtesy at all times. We will give you reasonable time to explore and explain your case. An appointment will normally last 30 minutes, while a drop-in enquiry is normally restricted to 15 minutes. We aim to see you within 10 minutes of your appointment time, or provide an explanation as to why we are unable to do so. We aim to respond to your e-mails and telephone messages within 3 working days. We will keep you informed of progress on your case as and when required. We will provide up to date and accurate information on the Advice Service section of the Union’s website. Where we are unable to help an enquiry we will aim to refer you to a suitable alternative agency. We will offer you advice regardless of religion, race, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

What we expect from you: • • • • • • •

You are polite and treat our staff with trust, honesty, respect and courtesy. You are on time for appointments. If you are more than 10 minutes late you may not be seen. You will not mislead advisors. We cannot give effective advice if we do not know the full story. You keep in contact with your advisor during your case and respond promptly to requests for information. We cannot represent you if we cannot talk to you. You keep us informed of any relevant changes in your circumstances. You will attend appointments prepared by bringing with you any relevant, up to date documents and complete any necessary forms accurately on arrival. You inform us if you are consulting other agencies in parallel to an enquiry with our service.

When we cannot advise you:

We may refuse to advise you in the following circumstances: • If you are seeking our help to break the law. • If you require assistance which is beyond the scope, training or experience of our advisors. • If your advisor believes that there is no practical benefit to be achieved by providing further assistance to you, or if there is little chance of success. • If you are in breach of the Students’ Union Equal Opportunities Policy, or you have acted in a threatening, abusive, discriminatory, oppressive or manipulative manner to Students’ Union staff. • If there is a conflict of interest between you and the Students’ Union, or between you as a new client and an existing client of the service.

Case Closure

We may consider a case closed if you have informed us that your issue has been resolved or if 6 months has passed since we last had contact with you. We may also consider a case closed if we feel that there is no further advice that can be offered or if there is nothing else that the Advice Service can do in any instance.


All information provided by clients is treated in confidence. The Advice Service will not disclose any information which could lead to your identification either directly or indirectly to any third party (including London South Bank University) without your prior expressed consent (verbal or written). This includes information that would identify that you have accessed the Advice Service. The duty of confidentiality extends to all staff of London South Bank Students’ Union. In certain circumstances, the Advice Service may breach your right to confidentiality. These include: • Where the Advice Service is legally obliged to share information, for example because of a Magistrates Warrant or statutory duty. • Where the Advice Service is concerned that if there is not a breach of confidentiality there is a risk to your safety, other students, staff or members of the public. • Where you are unable to give consent to share information, for example due to intoxication or mental ill-health, and it is necessary to breach confidentiality to protect the welfare of a client.

Client Case Notes •

• • •

You can expect that the Advice Service will ensure that all case notes and related documents will be held securely. Paper documents will be stored securely and online notes and files will be kept in an encrypted database. Staff of the Advice Service and you are the only people who are allowed to examine your case file, unless you give express permission for another person to do so. You have the right to request copies of any notes (paper or digital), regarding you or your case which are held by the Advice Service. Your case notes will be held for 5 years, after which they will be shredded and/or deleted.

Statistical Recording

The Advice Service is committed to anonymous statistical recording to enable monitoring of usage and to identify trends and policy issues that arise. Confidentiality will be maintained to ensure that no client of the Advice Service can be identified from the results of this recording.

Equal Opportunities The Advice Service is committed to equal opportunities and its staff are bound by the London South Bank Students’ Union Equal Opportunities Policy. The Advice Service endeavours to promote this policy to you and also to identify instances where this has not been the case.


The Advice Service will respond to every feedback enquiry received in a fair and responsive manner and will aim to answer any queries or deal with any complaints in a quick and confidential manner as far as is possible.

Contacting The Advice Service If you have any problems and need to change your appointment please contact us on 020 7815 6060 or su.general@lsbsu.org

YOUR APPOINTMENT This booklet is a reminder that you have an appointment booked with the LSBSU Advice Service. Please arrive five minutes prior to the start of the appointment and bring all relevant paperwork with you. If you are more than ten minutes late you will unfortunately need to re-book your appointment. Your appointment is with .................................................................... Appointment Date ...................................................................... Appointment Time ......................................................................


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