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An American Christmas, 2001

His face, radiant, bathed in the light of Christmas anticipation. The last bulb for the tree, he passed to me, eyes wide with innocence and expectation. Questions, one after another tumbled from lips, barely able to form words that my heart gripped. It truly was an elegant tree, adorned with years of memories. There were brass trinkets hand engraved, each one for us that Aunt Rosemary made. Pictures of children on Santa’s lap, dressed in holiday hues, white balls on hats. The special ornament hung there too, brought home from the Christmas when I left you. Farewells bid at the airport, brave, and my heart broke, longing to stay. The decision right, but pray not again, to forgo family for a dying friend. And now, what memories shall we hold dear, a precious face bright with Yuletide cheer? Oblivious to the world at best, and to the horror of September past. He knows not of those who died, and of those away, keeping us alive. The answer came as we lit the tree, this year will be in honor of their memory. Warm and safe for another Christ’s eve, we hope and pray the war, God’s speed. Thankful for our lives now spared, for you, our heroes, are all there. And we promise to forget not, the suffering their terror wrought. Your sacrifice we’ll remember when, all the tree lights wither dim.

By Judith R. Lear, Written Christmas 2001 in memory …

Christmas Memories 2001  

The more things change, the more they remain the same ...

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