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The number of native Ojibwe speakers in more than 200 communities across the Great Lakes region, 80 percent of whom are over age 60. Margaret Noori, director of LSA’s Comprehensive Studies Program, is working to restore, preserve, and revitalize the Ojibwe language in part through the Pro-

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zer Prize-winning journalist Sheri Fink (’90) on the’s list of the 20 smartest people of 2010.

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gram in Ojibwe Language and Literature. The program was

Good Karma

Forest honey soap, sweet patchouli cream, and lemongrass scrub are just three of the many products offered by The Lotus Odyssey, a business started by alumna Theresa VanderMeer (’08) and inspired by her anthropology research on women and enterprise in India. The Lotus Odyssey provides the opportunity for Indian women’s organizations and co-ops to sell their products in the United States and to get a fair wage for their work.

started at U-M in the early 1970s. Approximately 250 students are enrolled in classes today, one-third of whom are there because of their personal heritage.

@cdzombak I think I’ve learned as much about acceleration, forces, and vectors by riding the @umich buses as I did taking Physics 140. #umich

@AlexanderYaldo Just saw a chem demo in which the maize solution turned blue because we told it to. #GOBLUE! Follow the College of LSA on Twitter @UMichLSA

Dollars spent on research and development at U-M, according to the National Science Foundation.

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LOL ROFL A student comedy club founded by LSA junior Ron Harlow. The group’s performances have helped support The Neutral Zone, an Ann Arbor charity that benefits underprivileged youth. 6

LSA Magazine / SPRING 2011



It’s Answer This!, written and directed by Christopher Farah (’98, M.A. ’02) and featuring Professor Ralph Williams. The film was previewed at the Michigan Theater in late 2010 and is being shown at film festivals this year. Watch the trailer at

ence to kids. When you’re doing it at a place that you have high regard for and you’re humbled by and where you’re privileged to work, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward on a daily basis. U-M’S NEW FOOTBALL COACH, BRADY HOKE

Crime and Punishment  

Spring 2011 issue of LSA Magazine.

Crime and Punishment  

Spring 2011 issue of LSA Magazine.