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Edward Marks (’56)

Foreign service officer, ambassador, consultant. Marks has lived a global life as a professional diplomat in eight different countries. DEGREE: Political Science GLOBAL LSA: In a world before Twitt er, Facebook, and YouTube, Marks says LSA was “an introduction to a wide r world, full of people with varied interests and characters from all over.” LIFE EXPERIENCES: Marks has work ed as an American foreign service officer for more than 40 years, serving in Kenya, Mexico, Angola, Zambia, Belgium, and Zaire. He was ambassador to the Republics of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verd e. His in-the-field training has made him an expert on topics rangi ng from terrorism to humanitarian assistance. “I’ve been able to participate in history while representing my country,” he says.

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TO REACH YOU WE HAVE: traveled 17,200 miles on Michigan freeways; consumed 1055 cups of coffee and tea; traveled on the D.C. Metro, the New York Subway, the Chicago El, the London Underground, Maryland’s MARC line, and San Francisco BART trains; visited the CNN Tower, the Detroit Renaissance Center, the New York Times Building, Rockefeller Center, Philadelphia City Hall, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, the Pentagon, the State Department, and the Environmental Protection Agency; visited with more than 1,700 alumni in a wide range of professions including: antiques, art, blogging, computer science, consulting, curatorial work, education, finance, governmental affairs and public service, journalism and media affairs, law, marketing and advertising, massage therapy, medicine, motherhood, nonprofit management, physical therapy, politics, publishing, real estate, sales, and yoga instruction.


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Crime and Punishment  
Crime and Punishment  

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