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by Laura Bailey

Burden of Proof

Dave Moran works to overturn wrongful convictions at the helm of Michigan’s Innocence Clinic ALUMNI IT’S A SUNNY, SILVERY DECEMBER after-

noon, and the U-M law quadrangle is silent but for a few students huffing as they hurry to their rooms. Shadows spill across the frozen grass from the towering Collegiate Gothic buildings, unchanged from Professor David Moran’s law student days 20 years ago. Moran knows all too well that, indeed, some things don’t change: There will always be crimes, there will always be victims, and there will always be innocent people imprisoned. And, as long as Moran’s around, there will always be someone fighting to set those innocent people free. PHOTO Lin Jones/U-M Photo Services

SPRING 2011 / LSA Magazine


Crime and Punishment  
Crime and Punishment  

Spring 2011 issue of LSA Magazine.