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To get there. Together. We’re looking for a special kind of candidate. We’re searching for someone different. Are you? At BearingPoint we hire young, passionate and innovative professionals who roll up their sleeves to help our clients solve their problems. Driven by new challenges and ready to make an impact, our people are exposed to exciting clients, highprofile projects and wide experiences. BearingPoint is hiring new thinkers for a changing world. Please apply directly at: BearingPoint GmbH | Recruiting Office | Schanzenstraße 23 | 51063 Köln |

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metamorphosis Sommer 11 - Erstausgabe  
metamorphosis Sommer 11 - Erstausgabe  

Das studentische Wirtschaftsmagazin Der Fokus des Magazins liegt auf Entwicklung und Innovationen in der Wirtschaftswelt. Veränderungen, di...