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Leicestershire & Rutland Branch Newsletter July 2010 We hope you find this newsletter useful, please read it and pass it on to friends and family to help spread any news. If you have any social or fundraising events coming up please let us know and we can help publicise it both here and through the web site. The more people who know the more people will come! Email: If you have any news, views, tips, help, stories or anything you think others might find enjoyable or useful please let us know. If you need any assistance with this there is help available, see numbers on reverse. Contents: • • • • • • • •

Dates for your Diary Rutland bike ride Strawberry Tea Tree of Remembrance Party at the Palace Message from the Chair Chinese Food Fundraiser National Raffle

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN Dear Friends, Now that summer seems to be here, branch members and friends have been busy fundraising with events such as the Rutland Water bike ride, an Indian dinner and long distance walks. As you will see from the bike ride photos, we have been very lucky with the weather so far so let’s hope we’re in for some more sunny days over the next few months. By the way, don’t forget to let us know in advance if you are planning to hold an event in aid of MNDA. There are various ways we can help publicise and support our fundraisers, although we can’t always order the perfect weather! It’s also been a busy time for us on the national scene. On May 6th MNDA’s Royal Patron, the Princess Royal, hosted a 30th anniversary reception at St James’s Palace for volunteers from branches throughout England and Wales. We were thrilled that the Magdaff family were invited to attend as Stacey had won the competition to design one of the 2009 MNDA Christmas cards. They managed to time their arrival to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace before the event so had a very exciting royal day. Jenny Holmes-Shuttlewood, Isobel Jenkins and I were also delighted to be invited to attend as representatives from the Leicestershire and Rutland Branch. It was a splendid occasion and Isobel was especially honoured by being presented to her Royal Highness while Jenny and I looked on and enjoyed a few more delicious canapés and another glass of wine. After talking informally to various groups, Princess Anne gave a charming speech recognising the work of all those who have devoted their time and efforts to supporting the work of the Association over the last 30 years. It was a good excuse to get out our best frocks and we all enjoyed the opportunity to see the splendid state rooms at the Palace and to meet up with old MNDA friends. It was such a beautiful day that Isobel, Jenny and I followed it up by taking a stroll in nearby St James’s Park where a delightful American lady offered to take our photo and then we headed for the ice-cream stall for 3 giant cones. We ended our very special trip to London with a meal in a cafe at St Pancras Station and came home with wonderful memories of an unforgettable day. Keen gardeners may have seen the TV coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show and a feature about the Stephen Hawking Garden for MND. Some of you met the designers, founder member, Martin Anderson from the Nottinghamshire Branch and garden designer Sue Hayward, when they came to one of our open meetings to talk about the Gold Medal winning garden they designed for MNDA two years ago. They teamed up again this year at very short notice to create a second garden to help raise awareness of MND and managed to win a very well deserved Bronze Medal. The garden was inspired by Professor Hawkings’ book “A Brief History of Time” and depicted the evolution of plants and trees. I was able to attend the flower show this year and, like Her Majesty the Queen, was very privileged to have my own guided tour with Martin and Sue. It was also thrilling to watch the crowds who were clearly showing much interest in MNDA as well as the inspirational garden. A picture of part of the garden is shown below but you can see more pictures by clicking onto the MNDA website where it is featured under News. Invitations are now being sent for our Annual Strawberry Tea at LOROS on July 12th so I look forward to seeing many of you there. Let’s hope the sun shines! Best wishes, Janet McMillan, Chairman, Leicestershire and Rutland Branch

MND Association Annual Conference This year’s one-day MNDA Annual conference and AGM is being held locally at the Belfry, a very pleasant and accessible hotel near Strelley, Nottingham on Saturday 11th September. I shall be going so if any other branch members and friends would like to help make up a Leicestershire and Rutland contingent, do contact me or Jenny as we could make a block booking and organise transport together. As well as the AGM there are talks, advice and information stalls and workshops as well as a chance to have lunch and meet other people involved in the association. The charge for the conference is £15.00 but it is free for people living with MND and one carer. Those of you who are members of the Association will receive an invitation from National Office but you can also contact the conference team on MND Connect 08457 626262 to find out more. Janet McMillan

Friends & Family Meetings Held at 7 Snow Hill, Leicester for all those currently caring for or involved with people living with Motor Neurone Disease. Come to meet like-minded folk for a chat and get together. Outreach nurses and committee members are on hand for a quiet chat too. These meeting have helped many people in lots of different ways over the years. Knowing only too well that each person with MND has completely different experiences and requirements, meeting people and talking about things can sometimes help find solutions and ease problems. One carer said of these meetings, “I find the welcome so warm and the level of support available is very well informed and so valuable. I would definitely recommend that anyone caring for a person with MND should come along.” For information please call Jenny Holmes-Shuttlewood on 0116 251 5496. Starting 7.30pm on Wednesday July 14th, August 18th and September 22nd. Please do let Jenny know if you need any assistance with transport.

Strawberry Tea Monday 12th July at LOROS Frizelle Suite from 2-4pm. For more information please call Jenny on 0116 251 5496

May 9th Rutland Water Cycle Ride ‘It’s better to be lucky than rich’. And that applies to the weather as well. Saturday, the day before was foul, the following Sunday was foul but the 9th May was lovely. On my list of riders I had about 50 and on the day we had about 75 turn up, now I’m not complaining but as organiser it problems. does present “Don’t you remember I told you last summer that I would do it so I didn’t think it necessary to repeat myself!” I can’t be too critical as I made a few ‘B***s U*’ myself, As is said in show biz “It’ll be alright on the night”. How much did we make? I have banked over £2000.00 and that from a small proportion of the riders so probably over £4000.00 but I will not know until later as it takes time to ‘prise’ from some of the donors. It is important that we keep raising money and this is a good way. I intend to organise another next year but I can’t keep going to the same people so spread the word to all and sundry and if anyone shows interest then get their names and let me have them. It was successful and apart from a few minor hiccups it seemed to me that everyone enjoyed themselves. So, from me and of course from those who will benefit eventually, our big thanks to everyone who rode, marshalled, and everyone who made it successful. We, Leics/Rutland Branch are known as a ‘Flagship’ Branch and that’s because we ALL make an effort. John Shuttlewood

Financial Health The following is a list of funds collected since the last publication: Donation – Mick Capewell Memory – Stephen Symes-Goodman Collection Box – Mattocks Uppingham Bowls Club Memory – Stephen Symes-Goodman Rutland Water Bike Ride Eddies Tea Party – Una Wheelwright Office Swear Box – Paul Wilcock Raffle – Asian Dinner Tombola – Bruntingthorpe In Memoriam – IJ Watkins In Memoriam – Trevor Prime Asian Dinner Teas – Bruntingthorpe

£15.00 £10.00 £13.85 £110.00 £12.00 £1965.65 £500.00 £40.00 £232.60 £184.70 £140.00 £423.00 £1230.00 £431.36

Memorial Tree Following the Remembrance Event held in March 2009 the Branch made plans to have a tree planted as a lasting tribute. Plans for planting are now in hand, the tree chosen is Acer Platanoides ‘Crimson King’ Crimson Maple, a position has been selected for the tree to be planted at the Evington Arboretum, Shady Lane, Evington, this will take place early autumn either September or October dependant on the weather. I will update when the tree has been planted and include a small map detailing where you can find the tree which will be marked with a plaque. Jenny Holmes-Shuttlewood.

Cuisine of India This event held in May was a great success with super company and lots of branch funds raised. Thanks to John and Francine Mattock!

Shoulder of Mutton A Chinese Banquet at the Shoulder of Mutton restaurant in Foxton, Leicestershire on Thursday 2nd September. Tickets are £15 and will be available from John Mattock shortly. For more information please call John on 0116 247 8409.

A Funny thing happened on the way to the Palace…. May 6th 2010 most will remember the date as General Election Day, John and I were up at six and were the first people at our local polling station ready to make our vote only to be told by the person in charge “Its two minutes to seven you can’t come in yet” ! Janet, Isobel and I will remember the date for different reasons, this was the day we went to St James’s Palace to meet HRH Princess Anne as part of the Association’s 30th Anniversary celebrations. We had decided that as it such a special occasion we would book 1st class travel by train which all went very smoothly and giving plenty of time to relax in a rather smart hotel close to the Palace where we had drinks, before walking along the road to arrive at the allotted time ready for the event to begin. A large group had already gathered and among them were several faces which were familiar to us, members of other Branches of MNDA, the ladies wearing lovely outfits and men smart suits. I know John was relieved the day had arrived as my own outfit had taken some choosing, with dresses, jackets, skirts and tops being paraded at regular intervals!! Janet has written in her Chairman’s letter how much we enjoyed our time at St James’s Palace. With time to spare before our train home we had leisurely meal, anyone close to me will know only to well I am a ‘people watcher’ and there is no better place than a station to carry out my pastime. Meal over with just time to pop into Marks and Spencer for a chocolate fix for the journey home! It is only as we are deciding which treat to choose that I am approached by one of the waitresses from the restaurant we had just left “Did you pay the bill” she asked, “Yes, yes we did” I replied, and with that she returned to the restaurant, “What did she want” asked Janet and Isobel. It was only then we realise to our horror we HAD actually left without paying the bill. Imagine, three ladies none of us in the first flush of youth, all dressed in our finery and having just been to meet a Princess, leaving a restaurant without paying the bill!!! Very apologetic, we did return and pay our dues, and on the train home it caused us to laugh more than once at the whole incident. Jenny Holmes-Shuttlewood.

National Raffle After the success of last year’s Raffle we are pleased to offer tickets for sales again this year, available from any committee member. All monies raised go to local branches.

Local Local Branch Contact Details: President / Chair

Janet McMillan

01509 880 577

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Other Useful Contact Details: Regional Care Development Advisor – Rachel Boothman 0845 375 1830 Email: MND Association Helpline – charged at local rate Open 9.00am – 5.00pm & 7.00pm – 10.30pm

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MNDA July 2010  

Newsletter: July 2010

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