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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr. Seuss



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ICiSO Letter from the Director

Dear Seniors,


Congratulations! You have completed your LREI education and are ready for.. .for...? What are you ready for exactly? What has your time at LREI prepared you for? A few thoughts: • You are ready to excel at your chosen college or university. You were accepted due to your demonstration of academic excellence. Finding this match, proving your worth and moving through the college selection process, in general, is not easy. You are to be congratulated for your success. Well done. • You have a long list of academic and subject area skills—some general, some very specific. Use them well and display them proudly. • You are excellent communicators—you can speak and write with the best. These abilities will come in handy in your personal, academic and professional lives. Continue to sharpen these skills. They are invaluable. • You are ready to be a colleague, a partner, to work with friends, fellow students or co-workers. You have had significant practice working in groups and are well versed in the skills and sensitivities that are required to be good participants and accomplished leaders. You will be surprised by how important and rare these talents are. • You will be successful in working with those whose lives are different from your own. While this may well be a challenging endeavor (it is for most of us), you have had many opportunities to hone the skills necessary to be a thoughtful listener, to be sensitive to, and interested in, the traditions and cultures of others and to be eager to understand the lives of those around you. You will be surprised how many people you will meet who will be scared of the differences between the world’s people. • You have learned how to fail—not to be failures, but to fail well, to be gracious, resilient and curious, and to learn from your mistakes, small and large. I am sorry to say that this skill, an essential one in my book, is not always appreciated in the “real world.” If you find a school, friendship and/or job that does appreciate failure as a growth event, hold onto it. • Almost more than anything else, you have practiced connecting the classroom to the real world. You are able to apply what you learn. You leave school, each day, ready, willing and increasingly able to participate in the life of the many inter-locking communities of which you are a member. The short answer is that you are ready for what comes next, to keep learning, to grow as a person. You are ready to do this with confidence, with experience and with the ability to reflect, to predict and to add to the lives of all of those you are learning with and from. You are ready for life.. .bring it on!


Letter from the High School Principal

To the Class of 2012:

I do not ordinarily begin yearbook letters by writing, “I love you.” But I love you. I love the Class of 2012. The faculty and staff of the high school love this class. We love you because you beautifully and perfectly embody all that we value in our students, in our graduates, in our alumni. As a class, you care about service, about social justice, citizenship, and community. You care about your classes, your academics, your teachers and your work. You care deeply about art. You care about Adria and Cheryl. Most importantly, you care about each other. The Class of 2012 in its spirit, love, and commitment to LREI can never be matched. I don’t have to tell you that we will miss you desperately, that I am devastated that you are going off into the world in just a few short months, never to really be back together this same way again. But there are lasting lessons from this wonderful and challenging part of life. Remember and reflect on the amazing times had by all. Keep in touch to preserve what you can because the time together in these formative years is so valuable, and take what you have learned about people, places and things and apply it to your fully adult life. It goes without saying that we will miss you. We, the faculty, the staff, the community, wish you well in your next steps, in your next schools. We look forward to seeing you on alumni days and any days in between.

All the best.

Ruth Geyer Jurgensen High School Principal



atti Mcur Sitxtan's 3Fours/i!(tnb0rgarten

Front row: Iris Davis, Jemma Granite, Alex Amorosino, Mayer Sidikaro, Luke Schnall, Jocko Veronis

Middle row: Beckett Leslie-Jones, Blaise Droga, Ali Schuman, Josie Reitman, John Markley, Avery Rosen, Luca Hoffman


Back row: Leo Schuman, Alden Hornet, Jessica Winokur-Applebaum, Margaret McAuliffe, Adam Reeis, Myles Greene, Zen Ze Chen

Ittmari anJi (Elar^ Štanan'a 3Foitra Front row: Tanner Quirk, Esme Quirk, Jia Michel, Freya Sutter, Sebastian Harding, Harlan Paroff

Middle Row: Margot Story, Nate Cosaboom-Son, Sarah Bluberg, Ezra Mundy, Oliver Benavidez, Kieran Vaughan

Top row: Romy Croquet, Wyatt Lupo, Dash Cosaboom-Son, Cecilia Cunningham, Sophie Lament, Setsuko Bey, Lily Faulkner


Front row: Verity Berthelsen, Tess Taetle, Oliver Obstler, Shoshi Fine, Ella Lille Yerington, Amelia Will Middle row: Penny Binn, Asher Harris, Amos Dotson, Alistair Kieman, Rubie Goldner, Willa Heart, Grace MacGillivray Back row: Dennis Steel, Sofia Ulrich, Elijah Eloyd, Yeji Chon, Beckett Eox, Hanna Heaton Wellenstein, Jacob Lehmann

lEltzabftti (Snnzakz mh Itanca ICntigiittano'B iCinbcrgartcn Front row: Cyrus Klinenberg, Jack Lurie, Cassidy Moskowitz, Violet Wexler, Crosby Jassem, Maggie Stewart Middle row: Layla Grant-Simmonds, Dylan Steel, Reid Hanson, Liam Stewart, Sadie Eraser, Myrtle Bonjean-Alpart, Zachary Taschler Back row: Linn Bums, Jesse Robinson, Jack Barker, Madiba Johnson, Clara Comick, Nate Taplitz, Isabelle Young

Sc Mcole's

1st Front row: Clarissa Leong, Nate Stewart, Julia Krawiecki Gazes, Diego Bey, Drew Kaufman, Zariel Cruz, Aly Ervin Back row: Maeve Farley, Tess McCormick, Antonio Ruiz, Andre StewartChapman, Landon Whyane, Thomas Lamont, Stella Story

Oiakn Sc Akxta's

1st Front row: Lucia Tsurumaki, Noelle Raffo, Matias Lopez-Muniz, Simon Orzco, Lars Olsen, Hunter Markley, Leela Mukherjee-Sze Back row: Luca Costanzo, Rainer ButlerSchafer, Zoe Papavasiliou, Finn Barden, Alon Livnat, Ava Basile, Mia Holub

(f^tna Sc Emtlii'a

lat Front row: Anna Veronis, Aura HostlerBurrows, Xander Paroff, Sophia Gregoire, Charlie Kregsman, Parker Boyle, Ayanna Mitchell Back row: Max Taetle, Ollie Uyttendaele, Lucca Droga, Estelle Guira, Eve Riskind, Leah Maathey, Ava Jackman

[ .J:

S^satca, $c lesst'a Front row: Kate Borows-Lai, Milei Sagawa, Cloe Davis, Jack Lille Yerington, Olivia Propp, Freddie Fine, lo Weintraub Middle row: Piper Jassem, Oni Thomell, Oliver Fig, Benjamin WinokurApplebaum, Grace Bums, Tilda Sutter, Ruby Wexler, Wyatt Wolfman, Polly Hoffman Back row: Jemma Fox, Elijah Meltzer, Zach Cappadocia, Julian Meil, Gus Dotson, Lila Nelson, Margaret MacGillivray

i^borali, iFarraii, $c lesHt's 2nh Front row: Beckett Quirk, Kate Millis, Hudson Kassen, Colette Leong, Dora Bremond, Johnny Cook, Olivia Bagan, Bridgette Boyle Middle row: Emma Diamond, Emily Familetti, Will Stiller, Ella Will, Kaya Karpati, Elijah Harris, Mabel Stafford, Zoe Karp Back row: Emma Hirsch, Julien Roy, Marlowe Glass, Harvey Van Blerkom, Zachary Brooks, Cooper Kroll, Mario Hulnick, Meadow Magee


m •V:

1 i. L


(Eara's draJi0 $c

Front row: Sam Greenberg, Victor Schwartz, Cate Woolsey, Caleb KohnBlank, Lily Mager, Gogo Bonjean-Alpart, Yori Honablue Middle row: Georgia Groome, Yannik Finkelstein, Acadia Schimmel, Luke Cameron, Juliet Homes, Quentin Rael Back row: Emma Ervin, Ruby Hutchins, Ruthanne Stakowski, Sylvie Goldner, James Phillips, Max Schuman

Itmtck dtb0on mh darr^tt 3rb drafts Front row: Nina Gerzema, Jack Schnall, Julien Goldberg, Cole Dorsey, Gwen Raffo, Kiki Kahn Middle row: Rei Weintraub, Atticus Uyttendaele, Solomon Karpati, Cameron McAuliffe, Sunny Moorhead, Alexa Moskowitz, Aidhan Astrachan Back row: Rachel McCain, Charlie Thackway, Miles Trumbull, Emma Tiedemann, Charlie McCoy, Lindsay O'Brien, Audrey Taplitz



ÂŽmtman mh 4tlj O^rai^


Front row: Ryann Busillo, Aditya Shinn, Tallulah Walz, Cameron Krakowiak, Cameron Glass, Louie Figiulo, Skyler Pierce-Scher Middle row: Belle Fraser, Sophia Will, Olivia Roederer, Sophie StombergFirestein, Onaje Grant-Skmmonds, River Magee, Will Bompey Back row: Anna Faulkner, Giro Bright, Louis Russo, Isabel Eccles, Jackson Meli, Bay Dotson, Maisy Hoffman

itna PontmtiE mh Hftlanj Smith's 4tl| O^rahE Front Row: Ming Chen, Jane Olsen, Maya Hanson, Pali Detre, Sophie Kielian, Elias Bunnell, Regan Boyle Middle Row: Emanuella Parungao, Jaqulin Adler, Hanna Provost, Ethan McKesey, Eve Butler, Thibaud Roy, Flynn Kochey Back Row: Alexandre Guira, Elisabeth Seiple, Own Ackerman, Graham Ferguson, Stella Achenbach, Julian Ansorge, Pierre Roederer






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Fifth Grade


N: - .

1 i 1^1 * &'TÂťI

Advisors: Robin Shepard, Alicia Wang, Wendy Bassin Top Row: Maxine Reilly, Jared Sage, Carmen Brooks, Siena Harris-Gissler, Kiyomi Johnson, Renzo Olivieri Middle Row: Clara Rosarius, Jason Whitelaw, Austin Getz, Glaire Greenburger, Kellin Hostler-Burrows, Katherine Barden, Campbell Phillips, Finn Pierce-Scher Bottom Row: Caleb Siltler, Kai Tsurumaki, Emma Weitz, Justin Decatrel, Rose Merjos, Lily Ezrow


"sf I

Advisors: Chris Jung, Ana Chaney, Heather Brandstetter Top Row: Brianna Burton, Jackson Wakefield, Wilder Cosaboom-Son, Ava Gural, Nicolo Carandini, Zebulon Stafford, Jacob Hirsch Middle Row: Ella Wexler, Zoe Nelms, Cooper Stallings, Florence Finkelstein, Monica Quirante, Kate Olsen, Nina Theisen Bottom Row: Celia Babini, Justin Blades, Liam Butler-Schafer, Jane Brooks, Miles Dorsey, Dove Bonjean-Alpart, Katerina Taetle

Sixth Grade

Advisors: Larry Kaplan, Margaret Andrews, Frank Portella Top Row: Alegba Celis-Etienne, Chloe Kellison, Rachel Morrow, Xavier Guira, Semiramis Sophroniou, Mason Stallings, Izzy Rael Middle Row: Sophia Raccuia, Ashton Smith, Devon Donahue, Mei Carter, Malaika Tapper, Chiara Hardy, Luke Schimmel, Julia Meltzer Bottom Row: Brian Chiang, Dalton Salisbury, Lexi Jones, Harry Kassen, Scekem Wells, Anna Yarinsky

Advisors: Lynne Cattafi, Jennifer Hubert Swan, Jeremiah Demster Top Row: Camilo Durr, Sophia Stewart-Chapman, Lachlan Elam, Sophia Cook, Sam Kielian, Loveday Trumbull Middle Row: Nolan Young, Eve van Rens, Daria Richman Price, Zoe Carter, Lauren Colasanti Ally Detre, Ethan Ehrenberg, Lulu Grant Bottom Row: Riley Silter, Rhys Busillo, Lola Picayo, Brandon Hartley, Finn Droga, Bella Reid

Seventh Grade

ifwr Advisors: Steve Volkmann, Elizabeth Simmons, Sharyn Hahn Top Row: Charlotte Watson, Wim Pardoe, Lachlan Woolsey, Noah Wistman, August Seiple, Yo Jeremijenko Conley Middle Row: Pilar Olivieri, Halle Gunsberger, Sofia Santoro, Justine Goldberg, Amalia Jaimes-Lukes, Julia Herzfeld, Lindsay Seitz, Kerabania Murillo-Maldonado Rottom Row: Leo Bremond, Tyrrell Moore, Jerry Wexler, Eliana Cohen-Orth, Adyen Ackerman

Advisors: Gabrielle Keller, Matthew Rosen, Susannah Llicker Top Row: Jessica Speight, Sam Stallings, Stella Rose Gahan, Isabel Walz, Jack Cameron Middle Row: Ben Maltz, Sarah Grades, Emily Silverstein, Isabel Burga, Julia Noonan, Isabella Bulone, Lucy Tamarkin, Davis Schwartz

Bottom Row: Patrick Laulkner, Lucy Hirschfeld, Sam Lee, Sadie Stern, Ray Ligliulo, Guthrie McCarty Vachon

Eighth Grade

n '

4 '■’-




I' • ’ .

1 r-a»




I V,




|j54'Wr] Wf^ -Is y



I* ^■' s.: ■


-US'] -— r.-



: V '* ,«'• ..L^



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.. T- -

Ljk 4*


<W ' i-V




■X, X ■-a»^.-;. '.


Top Row: Aiden Curtiss, Ethan Levy, Cameron King, James Haggis, Zachary Feal, Ethan Gural, Michelle Bohem, Kai

Second to Bottom Row: Julia Decatrel, Pia Mileaf-Patel, Avery Kutis, Antonia Frank, Josh Goldblatt, Mars Wong,

Han, Peter Fisher, Sofia Trigo, Joanne Magee, Olivia Konstam, Alexa Code, Matt McLean, Immanuel Zion, Sarah

Mekhi DueWhite, Daxia Godoy, Juliet Sage

Barlow, Gabriel Law, Sara-Momii Roberts, Guillermo Castello, Ethan Ansorge

Bottom Row: Naomi Picayo, Emilio Picayo, Sara Caplan, Adam Caplan, Oscar Belkin-Sessler, Isaac Weiss-Meyer,

Middle Row: Miles Koerner, Harrison Geller, Lilah van Rens, Iniko Thornell, E Jeremijenko-Conley, Anna Brooks, Juno

Leo Batali, Hannah Weinstein, Emma Rose, Otilia Olmedo-Young

Hobbs, Derick Kaleo Grant, Eliza Petrie

Cross Country \\\






■ 'S'

ik V' '*•^51


From Left to Right: Otilia Olmedo Young, Kerabania Murillo-Maldonado, Jessica Speight, Ayden Ackerman, Julia Herzfeld, Lindsay Seitz, Jerry Wexler

Soccer i^Maassgg



■:..V>; -.J


Top Row: Derick Kaleo Grant, Guillermo Gastello, Juno Hobbs, Olivia Konstam, Gabriel Law, Cameron King, Yaeir Heber Bottom Row: Adam Caplan, Sara Caplan, Leo Batali, Emilio Picayo, Hannah Weinstein, Pia Mileaf-Patel fl’MS •«>]§-/44



tiS~r i

Volleyball -j ’■ ..

Top Row: Isabel Burga, Lucy Hirschfeld, Anna Brooks, Ethan Levy, Isabel Walz Bottom Row: Isabella Bulone, Naomi Picayo, Antonia Frank, Pilar Olivieri Coaches: Aaron “Diego” Colon, Vince

Judo m m




Intramural Basketball

wm LETS!


Cl'-' 'S

Top Row: Tracie McGee (coach), Brianna Burton, Chloe Kellison, Zoe Carter, Sienna Harris-Gissler, Wilder Cosaboom-Son, Kellin Hostler-Burrows, Nolan Young, Galen McGee (assistant coach)


Bottom Row: Riley Siltler, Jacob Hirsch, Justin Blades, Miles Dorsey

Top Row: Sophia Stewart-Chapman, Jackson Wakefield, Nice

Top Row: Camilo Durr, Rhys Busillo, Bella Reid, Chiara Hardy

Carandinl, Ethan Ehrengerg, Ashton Smith, Claire Greenburger,

Peter Fisher (coach) Bottom Row: Sofia Cook, Lulu Grant, Lola

Michelle Boehm (coach) Bottom Row: Austin Getz, Caleb Siltler,

Picayo Not Pictured: Alegba Celis-Etienne, Malaika Tapper,

Mei Carter, Celia Babini, Lexi Jones Not Pictured: Sara Caplan

Scekem Wells, Finn Droga, Naomi Picayo (assistant coach)

(assistant coach)

ijRfjf 12




Top Row: Ana Chaney, Renzo Olivieri, Xavier Guira, Lachlan

Top Row: Larry Kaplan. Rachel Morrow, Mason Stallings, Izzy

Elam, Jared Sage Bottom Row: Cooper Stallings, Ella Wexler,

Rael, Zeb Stafford, Luke Schimmel, Campbell Phillips Bottom Row: Harry Kassen, Kate Olsen, Monica Quirante, Kai

Katherine Bardin, Finn Pierre-Scher, Jason Whitelaw, Zoe Nelms Not Pictured: Clara Rosarius, Emma Weitz

Tsurumaki, Anna Yarinsky

Boys Basketball




Top Row: Sam Lee, Ethan Levy, Kai Han, James Haggis, Cameron King, Noah Wistman, Derick Kaleo Grant, Ethan Gural Bottom Row: Isaac Weiss-Meyer, Mekhi Duewhite, Adam Caplan, Emilio Picayo, Leo Batali, Patrick Faulkner, Yo Jeremijenko-Conley, Isiah Rosa Not Pictured: Sam Stallings, Davis Schwartz Coaches: Peter Fisher and


Girls Basketball â&#x2013; n


Top Row: Juno Hobbs, Aiden Curtiss, Olivia Konstam, Antonia Frank, Anna Brooks, Amalia Jaimes-Lukes, Emily Silverstein, Isabelle Bulone Bottom Row: Hannah Weinstein, Pilar Olivieri, Sadie Stem, Sara Caplan, Charlotte Watson, Halle Gunsberger, Aiden Ackerman, Julia Herzfeld, Guthrie McCarty Vachon Coaches: Gabrielle Keller and Elizabeth Simmons

■■ ■■

Band and Chorus


2. " Cool Story, bro"

3. " Take a chill pill"

4 " -\vhat are you DOING?!?"

5. " Why you giving so much neck?"


6. "Ahh.... just kidding"

7"Ai se eu te pego"

8. "Baby Boy!!!"

9. "Can I say something?"


if _


r -^ll


11. "Don't worry about it"

12. "If string theory was possible, I'd go back in time and think of a better yearbook quote...""

14. "Got ’em"


15. "Harrison is my boyfriend"

^ 'cSiil >■___

.IV ■

16. "Hey, Bubb - you're my kryptonite"

17. "I don't know what my quote should be"

18. "I wish 1/2 the world didn't exist"

19. "Kill 'em dead"

20. "Pottermore...

Eighth Grade Baby Photos 21. "Fight me"




22. "I'm eSPECIAL"

24. "Just do it"

25. "Ketchup....EWW!"


m ____ _ 29. "One Direction is ExtraordinHARRY-AmaZAYN FabLOUIS -BrilLIAM PhenomiNIALL"

27. "My soul was removed to make room for all this sarcasm"

30. "Raaaaaay Chaaaaaaales Everybody! Raaaaaaay Chaaaaaales"

w ' 32. "Shhh don't tell"

33. "SWAG"

34. "That awkward moment"

35. "There are two sides to every stoiy" ^6. "Tinkie-Winkie (insert Teletubbies theme song)"




37. "Wait...What?!?!"


uapiv 'ZZ

38. "We must treat everyone like human beings and not objects"

39. "Yeah, I was totally listening to you..."

40. "Cool story, bro"

41, "You know you love me"

sijn^a Aj3av 'IP 1R3J tCipqoRZ '6£ ™TZ IsnuRUJUJI ‘8£ sqqoH outif -i£ ui3jsui9t\;\^ qRUUBH '9£ ^3[U03-03iu3fiui3J3f g ■££ asog Ruiuig ■p£ jUBio 091b;s ^3U3a ■££ uiBjsuo^ BiAT|o 'Z£ P-qROSQ Riinr 'l£ §U!3 UOJ31UB3 'oe spog Bxarv '6Z Xopoo Rixbq '83 MBiqpioo qsof 'n SunoA-opamio bHPO '9Z bij 'gz opajSBg ouuaqino -pz sSbs '£Z sspjng '\Z -i91ss3S‘Uiqpa -IB3SO 'OZ siSSbh ssuiBf -gx tWBg xaijqBO -gi susg uba q^pg 'i\ oXBOig imoB^q '9I UB{dB3 BJBg '5X t(A9g uBqjg 'pj JaiPO uosixibh '£I sjbj^ 'Zl sSjosuy URqjg 'II UBH 'OT PJno UBqjg -g quRjg biuojuv ‘8 oSug Bijog 'L J^t{^IA^-ssI^yV^. ^bbsi -q sqqyW^snQ iqqsjM ’S si-Pad ^^i^g > UB^clBg uiBpy '£ oXBOig oqiuig 'z sqooig Buuy 'T








Top Row: Iniko Thomell, Avery Kutis, Ethan Gural, Danica Rodriguez, Joanne Magee, Cameron King, James Haggis, Kerabania Murrillo-Maldonado, August Seiple, Alegba Celis-Etienne, Julia Decatrel, Josh Goldblatt, Jorge Dieppa Middle Row: Chiara Hardy, Juliet Sage, Lauren Davidson, Eliana Cohen-Orth, E Jeremkenko-Conely, Lucy Hirschfield, Yo Jeremijenko-Conely, Oscar Belkin-Sessler, Mars Wong, Isaac Weiss-Meyer, Loveday Trumbull, Guthrie McCarty Vachon, Lola Picayo, Isabella Rael Bottom Row: Emma Rose, Anna Yarinsky, Lexi Jones, Ray Eigliulo, Justine Goldberg, Sophia Cook, Lucy Tamarkin, Lulu Grant, Eve van Rens, Julia Noonan, Isabel Walz, Julia Meltzer, Devon Donahue, Bella Reid, Otilia Olmedo-Young



MS Play Animal Farm Nk"" \




--------------- -




& —=


Cast; Mars Wong, Lauren Davidson, Issac Weiss-Meyer, Kerabania Murillo Maldonado, Isiah Rosa, E JeremijenkoConley, Eliana Cohen-Orth, Amalia Jaimes-Lukes, Julia Noonan, Justine Goldberg, Charlotte Watson, Halle Gunsberger, Isabel Burga, Sofia Santoro, Bella Bulone, Emilio Picayo, Hannah Weinstein, Lindsay Seitz, Guthrie McCarty-Vachon, Stella Rose Gahan, Iniko Thomell, Julia Decatrel, Emma Rose, Aiden Curtiss, Ray Figliulo, Lucy Hirschfeld, Naomi Picayo, Chiara Hardy, Julia Meltzer, Lexi Jones, Lulu Grant, Lola Picayo, Lauren Colasanti, Loveday Trumbull, Sophia Cook, Camilo Durr, Guillermo Gastello, Brandon Hartley, Eve van Rens, Bella Reid, Lachlan Elam, Rhys Busillo, Devon Donahue, Lucy Tamarkin, Sarah Grades, Yo Jeremijenko-Conley. Crew: Jerry Wexler, Avery Kutis, Juliet Sage, August Seiple, Izzy Rael, Anna Yarinsky, Josh Goldblatt, Otilia Olmedo-Young, Julia Herzfeld, Chloe Kellison, Jessica Speight, Daxia Godoy, Mei Carter, Zoe Carter, Daria Richman Price, Sam Kielian, Rachel Morrow, Emily Silverstein, Harry Kassen, Sophia Stewart- Chapman, Riley Siltler, Sadie Stem, Juno Hobbs, Ethan Ehrenberg. ■■

Middle School Musical Willy Wonka

8th Grade Spain Trip <lt ■


k'«T5-j*.'- i





‘s.: j^.




.' >1 ' ■ ?-' t *f1 ip^i

4^-. k

LLr - \'-


■ ■;

t/ fc**



W mp 2^':- V

'#«! s~ '■'

■5' 1

THANK YOU to the Middle School Yearbook Team: Avery Kutis, Daxia Godoy Juliet Sage, Eliza Petrie, Iniko Thornell, Otilia Olmedo-Young, Antonia Frank, Cameron King, Stella-Rose Gahan, Sarah Grades, Isabel Burga


■■ ■



' ji


Back Row: Sarvjit Moonga, Alex Daley, Jarrett Moore, Marcelo Jaimes-Lukes, Charlotte Hood, Dylan Com, Che Cappadocia, Wally McLallen, Ben Trachenberg, Trust Martin, Hannon Pardoe, Saskia Globig, Julia Greenburger, Jonathan Pesantez, Alex Whitman, Stephen MacGillivray, Fourth Row: Margaret Magee, Michel de Konkoly Thege, Nicholas Vachon, Stella Metzger, Olivia Dontsov, Harry Fernandez, Hans Genares, Ana Maroto, Gideon Le Gros, Cesar Fernandez, Simmon Wells, Emma Wood, Jaron Eveyln, Eli Goldwag, Diandra Adu-Kyei, Peter Heinz, Gina Lafkas, Third Row: Manjula Nair, Shayna Beaumont, Vicky Soogrim, Graham Tuggle, Alia El Gharsi, Grace Beck, Talib Lawal, Mei-An Lee, Cara Colasanti, Hazel Hutchins, Jerel Blades, Esme Edwards, Edith Hollander, Analisa Cipriano Second Row: Zoe Chaykin, Rehana Hirji, Hilli Foguel, Nora Teter, Ally Klemer, Virginia Mason, Sarah Russell, Asha Hinson, Giselle Desir, Martine Kushner, Paris Adomo, Gabe Cavanagh Front Row: Lola Wegman, Aaron Lois, Eli Tamarkin, Finley Martin, Mikayla Block, Cameron Carter, Matt Glickman, Griffin Cloud Levine, Jayson Camacho Missing: Maxine Guttmann, Daniella Levine


[ I Ifltli (^mht


Back Row: Danica Rodriguez, Miral Rivalta, Max Fried, Matan Hatsav, David Siklos, Violet Moore, Emmett Dienstag, Joshua Wilson, Jason Boehm, James Vider, Ivo Ilic, Noah Duran Third Row: Celine Kagan, Carina Hardy, Nyasa Hendrix, Bryce Council, Leonard Weissman, Armando Freytes, Nora Wilby, Nathaniel Magloire, Logan Papp, Phoebe Thomases, Mia Silvan-Grau, Margot Zuckerman, James Rivers Second Row: Kyla DeSouza, Noel Diggs, Luis Rojas, Ketzel Feasley, Naomi Jabouin, Hannah Rodriguez, Alma Bremond, Ruby Geiger, Cesar Siguencia, Jr., Cheyenne Tobias, Amy Chang Front Row: August Weinbren, Samantha Maison, Maddie Grandison, Boaz Steed, Josephine Stuart, Yarimar Gonzalez, Russell Lasdon Missing: Bruke Abraha, William Balsam, Tolu Eleyinafe





* ,-* 'â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

nti| Back row: Vinay Chowdhry, Emma Stydahar, David White, Julien Verglas, Livia Brock, Liam Cohen, Victor Aaron, Laurence Brent, Adam Kester, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, Charles Simpson-Brown, Jake Cannavale, Eli Kemis, Aaron Feliciano Middle row: Micah Dov Gottlieb, Jesse Moon, JJayley Shear, Leon Sukhram, Sonya DeSalle, Malcolm Staso, Khalil Brown, Alvaro Quirante, Jo Viemeister, Kaitlyn Ramirez, Monet Thibou, Surayya Diggs, Amyrah Arroyo, Nick Sullivan Front row: Rene Servisi, Callie Richards, Carina Cruz, Nile Emir Adams, Lily Gavin, Milo Booke, Grace Gold, Sophie Furman, Angelica Grandison, Dinayuri Rodriguez, Maya Kaufman Missing: Atlas Wegman, Jacey Mossack, Thomas Marin

§ HI

m ■


J ic-






Back row: Eric Dorris, Michelangelo Missoni, Arvid Logan, Nicholas Cleves, Louis Howlett, Harlan Steed, Aaron Naves, Vincent Jessel, Sam Irwin, Calen McGee, Robbie Neuhaus, Talia Feldberg Third row: Adele Pelz, Damien Moffitt, Deion Desir, Lisa Remar, Manny Kennedy, Margot Reed, Jamie Cooper, Steven Susana, Sasha Stomberg, Niles Diggs, Genevieve Pierre, Peggy Peloquin, Antonio Valle Second row: Lili Thomases, Isabel Terkuhle, Olivia Tjemberg, Solomon Elias, Zachary Teller, Grace Tobin, Chang Liu, Lucia Zeraer, Hannah Silverman, Hannah Rifkin Front row: Lynnette Dent, Jesse Rubenstein, Taylor Brando, Pedro Ramirez, Kevin Diaz, Maya Peart-Hill, Emma Jacoby, Simon Staples-Vangel, Tiffany Ramos Missing: Julien Pratt, Nick Van Zandt



larsity (Strlfi #ncc^r \7




“What a season this was! I was impressed again and again with how this team pulled together at every turn to not only improve, but to push and drive towards something better. There weren't a moment of this season where I did not feel like we were getting better,

: '

playing harder, and learning more. From start to finish the growth was extremely impressive. As soon as the final whistle blew on our last game, I was ready for next year to begin. Congratulations to our seniors, and know that as you move on you have been

appreciated here and will be missed. To everyone else. I'm already counting the days till 2012 preseason... hope you are too.” -Jeremiah Demster, Head Coach


lop #0tcrr T






^ ■


“We are a young team, but this season we showed a tremendous amount of potential. Although our record may not reflect it, we made nice progress throughout the course of the season, as the team began to better implement key defensive tactics and a more fluid offense. I'm excited for what next year, and future years have in store. Go Knights!” -Coach Eli

^__ ■- V


larsitg (Stria InUrtjball “With passion and persistence, the Lady Knights finished up a strong season with some big wins against some of the league's most competitive teams. Our 2011 team led with their actions and have helped to set the standard for years to come.” - Elka Samuels Smith, Head Coach


/ •# %^


I«nt0r larattg loyH laskdball


i B


V..-A .V. .• V .




i| ' I imt H SS



“Although our record may not be indicative of our effort at practices and games throughout the season, I believe that many individuals made great strides and that collectively as a team we have vastly improved. It has been an absolute pleasure working with this group of guys. Go Knights!” -Coach Eli

w- ;


1 T




f •• f '• •


lays laak^tball ^

M ^


I ' L

LJ„ K|TV lifi|

i~iJSk^uJ 45=^;-^"

While we fell just a few points short of our goal to get to the ISAL Championship game, we had a very good season overall. We beat every team in the league at least once, I am very proud of how hard the team worked and prepared for every game. The underclassmen put themselves in a position to get even further next year, and the seniors had some great moments, including their big win on Senior night and being the only LREI team in the last few years to beat the league champs. GO KNIGHTS! Peter Fisher, Coach




larstty (itrls laak^tball —

; 8lS ^

' N


ti ^ i.VAfuMH

^ - ■ -- ■ s,r^ ■







“Our record for the season was 5-11, which most of the games were lost no more than 3 points. Our future looks bright...although being a tough season I believe all of these young female athletes will come back next year with some fire in their body.” Luis Hernandez, Coach

larfittg las^ball

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The 2012 Varsity Boys Baseball team was low in numbers but high in spirit. The team fights hard every game, instilling a tradition of hard nose baseball at LREL Upperelassman lead the team strongly as underclassmen provide a solid infield and look to carry the torch into the future.â&#x20AC;? - Coaches Peter Fisher and Lauck Blake




IB ?5i



OIrnss (E0«ntru


In the ISAL Cross Country Championship, the boys team finished in second place, and the girls team finished in third. It was a great season with a lot of commitment and heart from every individual. -Dylan Com, Coach I

‘i ^ ••-1




f- .



©rack ank

"T ..

■ .



^'a«L tSftKVlrt*


I -v;r‘ V I--"'


Spring Track & Field

The level of dedication the team showed this year was amazing. Everything from Friday practices, 200 repeats, and long warmup drills were done with a spirit of cooperation and professionalism that exemplified how impressive our team was this year. The way that the team pushed each other during practices and supported all of their teammates during races was exactly what you hope to see as a coach. The entire coaching staff had a blast running, joking, and riding the subway with the team and is looking forward to the great things to come. As of the time of publishing, the team has two individual state qualifiers (Alvaro and Solomon), and will also enter two relay teams at the state championship. Coaches Peter Heinz, Analisa Cipriano, and Gina Lafkas



Winter Track & Field


'ii i






01 ■'"A



fwi «-tjT

The year started on a beautiful but blustery day at the National Tennis Center. The team had some good games against Garden but they- and the wind- defeated us. Against Churchill, veteran team members Max and Sophie, with Saskia in doubles, clinched our win. We also were just edged by BWL but Immanuel, Alex and Graham had wins. It's great that the team is growing with talent and enthusiasm as the season continues. Good luck next year!

-A 4"

1^0 L-


Iffarsttii #nftball





The season has been challenging with a brand new group of 9th and 10th grade girls. The team really improved and we all look forward to growing more next year and coming back even stronger. Susan Now, Coach



^i f'l

Jfefi t





'4, ■: --




4 1


Js i



At&a ‘We all lead such elaborate lives!'

^ -i I



1 7=1 I

t■ ■7'


iracula November was a real bloodsucker at the high school.


I I r . â&#x20AC;˘

J -- f '







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'^. | „


(EnncorJi ®rtp ^fg^^JmummmtmBSL

'^■"' 'rs»^ '/ri *

7 ■



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Htnttr (ttnncert M.' /

.;^',r rn^m

I '"Md fWv K




V’ V



f;-, %


^ A


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' 5.=-





-A ■.

f'l ■^':/' liK-

rt te/

; ^







Mayhem Poets Latino Heritage t t?' l''-"-'A

David Karp Jose Antonio Vargas

Rachel Lloyd

iFounb^ra iau I. *

018 A L, 18 'H 88.. ». .. V.-'







3uttt0r (EanJitJia

â&#x2013; J * ;.St^'.

-i i



rV' > !US_


#^nt0r (E^nsus ©aglor ImnJin Bream: Feminist Bealttt|: Psycho girlfriend

©rahemark: (Erying, screaming earlg in tl^e morning (iPnote: “Oh my God, Boo, I love you.”

Name:Md|olas (Eleanes Bream: World-class Starcraft player Bealitg: Student Center Starcraft player OIrahemark: Computer, Bed-head, Steam (fnote: “CHOTOPI!!! CHOTOBI!!!”



Name: Sarnie (Eooger Bream: World-famous fashion consultant Bealitg: Lifetime blogger Qlrahemark: Taylor Swift, Fashion's Night Out Bag (iPnote: “Oh my God, Fm so annoyed.”

Name: SIgnnette Bent Bream: To create world peace Bealitg: Arguing with everyone (Erahemark: Pink sweatpants, Nick V-Z (fnote: “Yeah, good job! Great!”

3txm i^str Errant: Super Bowl MVP Quarterback iRcalitti: Mark Sanchez ©rah^ttltttk: BSOA, hats, argyle v-neck sweaters


“Oh Doctah!”

Name: ICeiitn itaz Bream: Good at everything

Bealttlj: Average ©rabemark: Really nice handwriting opuate: “Wooow.”

Name: Niles it^ga Bream: MVP of NBA Bealitt|: LREI Varsity ©rahemark: Taylor, angry looks (jPnate: “Stressed.”

Name: €rte Borrta Bream: Notoriously tough influential food critic Bealitg: Cynical ©rakemark: Starbucks (fU0te:”Werd.”

Name: ^alnman lEltaa Bream: Kevin Bacon Bealitg: Fashionista ©rabemark: Boat shoes, great smile (Ipuate: “Yung...” 5O?0

Nant0: (Falta JelJiburg Independent single woman Crazy cat lady



©rab^mark: Phone, Bubblemint (f uat^r “I saw this play last night...”

Mam^r ^am Jrmtn ircam: Original E^abtg: Hipster

©rabemark: Pitchfork (I^UOt^: “Yo, what's in this?”

Nam0: Emma Sacabij Sixam: Veterinarian E^abtg: Working at PetCo ®rabmaark: Boots, Wolves “Oh my God, yes.” C/>VH£V



Nam^r lincmtt ir^am: Pilot iR^alitg: Flight Attendant (Hrab^mark: Jazz Band (iPuot0: “Can I borrow a pencil?’

Nami>: ilauttg Kcnnmiij ir^am: Kanye West E^abtg: 50 Tyson



(f UOtC: “Yo, I'm so screwed right now.”

Nam^r (Eliang Ew lir^am: Justin Bieber E^abtg: Malcolm Staso

®rabi>mark: Red knit scarf, Starcraft (fuote: “Higuys.” cKfl/^

Name: Kvmh Slogan ir^am: Artist E^alttg: Adult film director ®ra^l0mark: Crust, shorts (f unt^r “To tell you the truth...”

Ham^: (Eakn ISr^ant: Unstressed big-shot l^^alttg: Future school director ©rah^ntark: Pop Tarts, Layers of Shirts \

(f note: “GET KNEE'D.”


Name: lUtdi^lang^lo litootont I3l‘0ant: Angela Merkel IJ^alttg: Burlusconi Post-Resignation ©rahmark: 238 E I9th St (R.I.P.) (fUOt0: “In Italy...”


Namr: iamtrn Hoffttt Arrant: Drummer for award-winning rock band Eralttg: Drummer for The Tension

©rahrntark: Newest apple product, hair (fnotr: “You guys should buy tickets to The datvi^

Tension's next show.”

Nam0: Aaron 5^anro Arrant: James Baldwin iRralttg: Never comes back from Ohio

(Hrahrmark: Beard (fnotr: “You're wrong,”

Hamr: lobbtr Hrnlfano Arrant: The next Bill Gates Eralttl|: Video Game Tester ©rabrntark: Indecisiveness •T3fcbi<e_

f notr: “I'm not Ben.”

Nant0: lHaga f cart lircaitt: Animator

jRcalttl|: Comic Con Artist Alley ©raticmark: Pokemon (iPuatC: “Did you hear about [insert Japanese band]’

Name: dcncatcac fterre Srearn: Dentist

Ecalttlj: Nice smile ©rabemark: Sass, hair


(fUOtc: “Are you serious?” JMI,

Name: Sultan f ratt Urcam: Leader of anarchist revolution

l^calttlj: Out-of-work slam poet (Hrakcmark: Banjo (iPuutC: “Truth.” “Say something of substance.”

Name: f ckru ISamtrez


Sream: Cartoonist Ecalttg: Procrastinator

®rahcmark: Sketchbook, Smash (jPuutC: “Did Orville give us homework?”

Name: ©iffanij iRamus lircam: Ms. Carmello Anthony l^calttg: Jersey Shore Cast Member

OJrakemark: Simon, Chipotle, Five Guys (iPuutc: “I'm going up to the college office.”


Name: iKar^nt Eccb lircam: Voice Actress l^calttti: Loud ©rakemark: Long neck, PDA, hair WO^ofc.-

(funtc: “GAHHHI LOVE YOU!”

Htsa Imar Bryant: Lady Lisa Minaj E^alitg:Karaoke Singer ©ra^i^mark: Doorknockers, Tips (pUOk: “Besos.”


f annalf Etfktn

SlTatti: Art Gallery Owner E^alttg: Street Art Vendor

©rakemark: Art (fu0t0: “Ohh *laughs*.” \

He^r\aJ^ r~

Name: Sesse lubetiBtetn Steam: Entrepreneur

Sealttlj: Trophy Wife ©rakemark: Calvin, Burps (iPuote:”Oh my Gawwwd.”

Name: ^annal| Liberman Sream: Doesn't need one Sealttlj: Hannah Silverman ©rakemark: Happy, Baking (IpUdte: “I'll bring a cake!” Kd-nna^

Name: ^imnn Staples-laurel Steam: Bachelor Sealttg: Whipped ©takematk: Tiffany (fuote:

“You guys know what I hate more than anything in the world...”

Name: fatlan ^teek Steam: Les Claypool Sealttg: Fishmonger ®takematk: Bass, hair. Coca-cola (l^llOte: “Bass, bass, bass, bass, bass.’


Name: ^aslfa ^tomber^ Ireant: Lives in the mountains with goats IRealttgrLives in the mountains with goats ©tahemark: Outfits, spaz attacks (iPltitfe: “You guys should really join track.”

Name: ^teaen ^ufiana 0ream: The next Ileana Eealttg: Youtuber ©rahemark: Chuckle, knitting (f uate: “Oh my God.”

Name: 2ad|at*g Seller Iream: Heath Ledger's the Joker lKealttt|: Joker Co splay er Srahemark: Beard, Pencil (jPuate: “Have you guys seen Damo?”

Name: Jsabel Serkulfle iream: Nicki Minaj ISealttg: Britney Spears Srahemark: Being in the bathroom (Juflte: “Yo, this weekend...”

Name: ICtlt Sljamafies 0ream: Girlfriend to a Giants player l^ealtllj: Huge Giants fan Srahemark: Singing to herself (Juate: “Ugh.” “I'm hungry, hand me a clem.”

lir^aut: Humanitarian Death Threats ©ra^^mark: Dunkin’ Donuts (iPuot^: ‘Tm gonna kill you!”




0tTaih: Emma Watson iRealtttj: Bird


Art, Sneeze

(Ipunt^: “Meeehhhh.”

'Nmxt: Hick Ian Imxht

nick t

Hamc: iCucta Berner iircaut: World Traveler


iRcalttlj: Hitchhiker


Rings, Longest Hair

(puntc: “Is it that...that...that thing? That thingy?” !v<u<

Ji£ Hagazme !•' ,



/ S>




Pedro Ramirez

We Remain

Lily Gavin

I saw it. That blue flash of light. It still haunts me... Gives me knots in my stomach. Makes me shiver, Twitch, Feel sick. Worried it will come back again. No one believes me. But it's true— I saw it, I really did. That blue flash of light Will forever haunt me.

On a cliff above everything, the earth stops Sand tumbles down and Disappears into nightmares below Which splash against jagged rocks with fingers like knives. The sun smiles fearlessly but An opaque cloud blindfolds it and For a moment everything is black. The sky blinks. A blank piece of paper breaks the stillness and Flies with the sharp wind like a lost moth. I empty myself of my life and my life remains. Across the glass water there is a boat and There is the whispered outline of land. The earth continues. ~Jo Viemeister




~ Avery Kutis

David White

Robbie Neuhaus Utce Pr^0tJl0ttt: Grace Tobin Michelangelo Missoni ©r^aHltr^rr Aaron Naves

(Elaas l^0pr00entattR0a: Ninttj (graiiE: Ben Trachtenberg and Marcelo Jaimes-Lukes

(Fentl) (iraiir: Luis Rojas and Miral Rivalta

iElcurntli (Srahe: Monet Thibou and Amyrah Arroyo

®iuelftl| dra&r: Hannah Silverman and Deion Desir

ifomir loarii: Mntl) drair: Esme Edwards and Wally McLallen

®Entl| draiir: Yarimar Gonzalez

Slrarntlj dra&r: David White and Sophie Eurman

(Hxaslftll dra&r: li

Tiffany Ramos and Calen McGee

12*" Name Taylor Brando Nicholas Cleves Jamie Cooper Lynnette Dent Deion Desir Kevin Diaz Niles Diggs Eric Dorris Solomon Elias Talia Feldberg Sam Irwin Emma Jacoby Vincent Jessel Manny Kenneriy Chang Liu Arvid Logan Calen McGee Michelangelo Missoni Damien Moffitt Aaron Naves Robbie Neuhaus Maya Peart Genevieve Pierre Julian Pratt Pedro Ramirez Tiffany Ramos Margot Reed Lisa Remar Hannah Rifkin Jesse Rubenstein Hannah Silverman Simon Staples>Vangel Harlan Steed Sasha Stomberg-F Steven Susana Zachary Teller Isabel Terkuhle Lili Thomases Olivia TJernberg Grace Tobin Nick Van Zandt Lucia Zerner






â&#x2013; s

i V ___ ttX ^ Vy: r >




* /n


jy V * ^ m

. r









My Life for Aiur <3


LeonSukhram Deion Desir

Aaron Naves LuciaZerner Manny Kennerly

KEEP YDUR EHEMIEB CLD5E, BECRU5E Niles Diggs KevinDiaz Pedro Ramirez

it NicholasCleves Taylor Brando ZacTeller


Maya Peart Hi 11 HannahRifkin EmmaJacoby


Steven Susana Sasha Stomberg Nick VanZant



Olivia Tjernberg Robbie Neuhaus Margot Reed Genevieve Pierre Monet Thibou

THHHK YOU HLL 50 IVIUCH. I LOVE YOU HLL Life is beautiful appreciate it everyday. Never live life


remembering what was, but in­ stead what is. CPM 2012 <3


Calen McGee





/ \

/ \



The World's Most Dangerous Group Includes Previously Unreleased Material


m- ’Mr


-r.m %.

nWlMT ioiilif iftir


/ \


\ \


/ \ Aaron Naves


You know what I hate more than anything in the world??





if P2-

This picture

Simon Staple-Vangel








■ •ssl-' V#*'--,-,*v

...u vJ’ ■

,' ■ <•"?


'"rtz V


Sasha Stomberg-Firestein

Anderson Cooper. Coffee cup.

■Rjjnning through the streets. Good Morning Baltimore. Lucretia.

g;tanding and Eating. ■Rag and Bone

Booming laugh. Butter. “g'he tooK her shoes off, she’s gonna breaK it down!”

‘Can you do anything straight?” Tentacles.

Just happens to Know every musical. Aluminium.

Ja! Ja!

Knee on hair. Can’t move. Burps.

Gallivanting. Elephant ears. ! Mandatory Hugs. Haitian flavor.




‘Kittyi Di Weni”

Your friendship with me attests to your sincerity.


Steven Susana

I can sail without wind I can row without oars but I cannot part from my friend without tears

-Swedish saying

[ttij lotie from your grarbook staff. /'V



■«■:-; ft



■I h


■ 'v*^'.J



h ?

Rl i-


■ ■






®t|ank you all ao mud| for your l|rljj anb auyyort! lEbitm‘-m-(!ll|i0f: Grace Tobin iHatmytity lEbilnr: Kevin Diaz Haiinut iEbitor: Ivo Ilic lEMtiir: Margot Reed Abinaiir: Stephen MacGillivray Altb...

Adam Kester, Ally Klemer, Ana Maroto, Armando Freytes, Cheyenne Tobias, Dylan Com, Finley Martin, Jacey Mossack, James Vider, Julien Verglas, Kyla DeSouza, Laurence Brent, Lola Wegman, Malcolm Staso, Martine Kushner, Maxine Guttmann, Nile Adams, Victor Aaron, and Wally McLallen.






■ I

m .V! '




'•' .,;■






- V





.■■>._-■ x-.'..*

^ ,, '-V 4






• V *■< '

; t

^ *{


= ■

, '.:..


:<A .


;■ ■




■, ■.■■-

■-. .i"w* - V ■■■ ■;■


' ■' '

■ "3 ,-X'

'r •'

'• —;v^

■ 1 ■',

* .



A■ '

■.■■-■;r*,._i‘* ■■

■ . . ■



■ •■



4 •'.




■A . > '


.,'Vy '.

^•■'"A ■






/• V.' ■

'■ .-'t-■& Ak'}-.



i'K-A^lfe;fe■'^jp®A':^-if* '■ ^


-■ '-•' ■' • •■ > <-Vvi^''-

w ■-' ■



'„ ‘'vi’

' ■ Av.^ -


^V;'. » t





- ’-jA '

ai ’-/.:



' A

r'^A':'^'.i, A-:*



V* •/.'. -,Aaa:

m'-f , V«

/ '■ ■ •A'-*' ■ /.


':' ■'




■ -... I. ,. Af: A- '. lA- ■,.

A),.; A'

fcy ■ . -A :A {•• • ^:r-





'A. ; VgtA :<v A/-

> Va

A ■ • ^ .


'-v ■

. 5



'.AvA’l, -:AA-|

' ■ ' ':


i.,v-‘'«,' i- .-%'i n:

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