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Letter from the Director ■■


LREI Little Rei Sckool House & Elisaketk Iiwin HigL Sckool June 2011 Dear Seniors, Goodbye. On behalf of the LREI community, we are sorry to see you go. Truth be told, we knew it was going to happen. We knew that someday you would graduate. We knew that we were close to the day as this school year began and your main focus, from the very first day, was plaiming for next year. (Nicely done, by the way. We are proud of your college options and choices.) We knew that you would finish your schoolwork, get into college, pack your bags and leave. We knew it was coming, but we don’t have to like it. Maybe it is time for you to go. You have added so much to the LREI community—as students and thinkers, artists, athletes, friends and teachers. You have led and followed. You have been on stage and in the audience; on the field and the sidelines. You have grown and matured. Now it is time to take all that you learned, all that has become part of you and go off to college and begin the process again. Your new, high school educated self will make a significant impact on your college community and, in turn, will be changed by it. And so it goes. 1 am starting to feel better about your leaving. You are ready to go. You are supposed to go. You have done your work here and it is time for you to take one more challenging step towards independence. You have earned the opportunity to take this risk and we have no doubt that you will be a great success. You will also leave some of your best selves behind. We will remember your successes. We will see you in the actions of your younger schoolmates. We will see you when you come back in your new role as alumni. That will be the best of both worlds—you go off and live wonderful, fulfilling and meaningful lives and come back and visit and show us how fantastic you are. Best of luck to you all.

Letter from the High School Principal




Little Red Sckool House & ElisatetL Irwin High School June 2011 To the Class of 2011:

For the past four years, you have made a tremendous impact on the community that we call LREI. From your passion as artists, activists, actors, scientists and all around achievers, you have demonstrated the most important aspect of our mission: experience is education.


As a class, you have embraced challenge together, supported each other in what are the ups and downs of high school, offered to give back when tragedy has struck in our city and in the world, and have wonderful choices for after graduation that demonstrate your commitment to living the life of the mind and engaging in a world of work. As a class, your influence on the academic program, in our sports program, in mentoring younger students and in representing our service programs to the public will be very hard to match. The standard you have set in all things has been very high. Your class is one that we will miss in the art studios, in the labs, on the court, and at the reception desk. The goals that you have set out for yourselves in high school have truly, as I see it, been achieved. We, the faculty, the staff, the community, wish you well in your next steps, in your next schools. We look forward to seeing you on alumni days and any days in between. You will always be welcome home.

■■ "'MMLowL-r/MiJJIe Scliool: 272 SixtK Avenue (at Bleccker Street), New York, NY 10014 • Tc!: 212.477.5316 • Fax: 212.677.9159 High School: 40 Charlton Street, KW York, N\' 10014 * Tel: 212.477.5316 • Fax: 212.675.3595 * w'


....... : ’I?'':? ■ -"'S.

A Leader In Education Since 1921

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^Y V,«# I : W'









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,I i

Beth and Stephanie's


4's Class Top Row: Finn Burns,' Sofia Ulrich, Elijah Floyd, Jacob Lehmann, Simon Ascher, Cassidy Moskowitz Middle Row: John Markley, Verity Berthelson, Sofie Murdock, Lia Achache, Cyrus Klinenberg, Luke Schnall Bottom Row: Iris Davis, Ella Lille Yerington, Jack Lurie, Crosby Jassem, Maggie Stewart, Amelia Will

Diane and Alexia's 4-K Class Top Row: Dennis Steel, Nate Taplitz, Ava Jackman, Hanna Heaton Wellenstein, Alister Kiernan, Jack Barker, Dylan Steel Middle Row: Parker Boyle, Asher Harris, Rubie Goldner, Myrtle Bonjean-Alpart, Lars Olsen, Sandie Fraser Bottom Row: Noelle Raffo, Grace MacGillivray, Max Dreskin, Reid Hanson, Zach Taschler, Leela Mukherjee-Sza, Shoshi Fine


Elizabeth and Samson's Kindergarten First Row: OHie Uyttendaele, Stella Story, Eve Riskind, Finn Denton, Clara Piasecki, Landon Whayne, Tess McCormick, Middle Row: Hunter Markley, Rainer Butler Schafer, Jude Esposito, Nate Stewart, Julia Krawiecki Gazes, Lucca Droga, Andrei StewartChapman, Mia Sullivan, Bottom Row:: Simon Orozco, Clarissa Leong, Matias Lopez-Muniz, Aura Hostler-Burrows, Lucia Tsurumaki

Luise and Bianca's Kindergarten Top Row: Zoe Papavasiliou, Oliver Vince, Estelle Guira, Finn Barden, Alon Livnat, Kaidan Staskowski, Qatalina Hubbard


Middle Row: Ayanna Mitchell, Mia Holubt ^^w Kaufman, Antonio Ruiz, Leah Maathey, Ava Basile, Thomas Lamont, Zariel Cruz Bottom Row: MaxTaetle, Ally Ervin, Mio Achache, Xander/Paroff, Luce Costa hzo,

} \ "T



First Grade





Galen and Christine's Top Row: Tilda Sutter, Jemma Fox, Gus Dotson, Margaret MacGillivray, Mario Hulnick, Oliver Eig Middle Row: Mabel Stafforg, Emma Diamond, Colette Leong, Lila Nelson, Bridgette Boyle, Cloe Davis Bottom Row: Cooper Kroll, Zach Cappadocia, Jonny Cook, Beckett Quirk

Gina and Emily's Top Row: Olivia Bagan, Julian Meli, Harvey van Blerkom, Marlowe Glass, Julien Roy

Middle Row: Polly Hoffman,

Ella Will, Kate Borrows-Lai, Oni Thornell, Eli Harris '4

Bottom Row: Freddie Fine,

Oscar Raso, Jack Lille Yerington, Zoe Karp, Milei Sagawa

Rebecca and Jessi's Top Row: Grace Burns,

Zach Brooks, Eli Meltzer, Kaya Karpati, Ben WinokurApplebaum Middle Row: Dora

Bermond, Meadow Magee, Kate Minis, PiperJassem, Emma Hirsch, Emily Familetti Bottom Row: Olivia Propp,

Nathaniel Ascher, lo Weintrauv, Will Stiller, Hudson Kassen

Second Grade Deborah and Randi's i




Top Row: Solomon Karpati, ICharlie Thackway, Annabelle Hatsav, Emma Tiedemann, Sylvie Goldner, Audrey Taplitz, Willow Vince Middle Row: Cole Dorsy, Alexia Moskowitz, Atticus Uyttendaele, Georgia Groome, Max Schuman, Yannik Finkelstein, Juliet Homes, Acadia Schimmel Bottom Row: Chloe Murdock, Lily Mager, Rei Weintraub, Aidhan lAstrachan, Caleb KohnBlank, Gwen, Victor ’Schwartz

Tasha and Shawn's Top row: Lindsay O'Brien, Mila Piasecki, Ruth Staskowski, Miles Trumbull, Ruby Hutchins, Rachel McCain, Emma Ervin Middle Row: Elliot Hansen, Luke Esposito, Sunny Morrhead, James Phillips, Gogo BongeanAlpart, Yori Honablue Bottom Row: Nina Gerzema, Jack Schnall, Kate Woolsey, Luke Cameron, Julian Goldberg, KiKi Kakn, Quentin Rael

Third Grade Daniel and Jessica's Top Row: Pali Detre, Alex Guira, Isabele Eccles, Jack Denton, Luois Russo, Giro Bright, Bay Dotson, Pierre Roederer Middle Row: Ryann Busillo, Jaquie Adler, River Magee, Sophia Will, Will Bompey. Belle Fraser Bottom Row: Reagan Boyle, Jane Olsen, Elias Bunnell, Sophie Kielian, Cameron Glass, Maya Hanson Reagan Boy


Vonick and Jason's Top Row: Olivia Roederer, Anna Faulkner,| Julian Ansorge, Owen Ackerman, Graham Ferguson, Jackson Meli, Stella Achenbach, Elizabeth Seiple Middle Row: Flynn Kochey, Thibaud Roy, Onaje Grant-Simmonds, Hanna Provost, Ethan McKesey, Tallulah Walz, Ana Nefeli Kepernekas, Cameron Krakowaik Bottom Row: Ming Chen, Emanuella Parungao, Luie Figliulo, Sophie StombergFirestein, Maisy Hoffman, Adity Shinn, Skyler Pierce-Scher



Fourth Grade Dina and Farrih's I Top Row: Florence Finkelstein, Maxine Reilly, Katherine Barden, Rebzo Olivieri, Jared Sage, I Austin Getz, Ella Wexler Middle Row: Zoe Nelms, I Jacob Hirsch, Celia Babini, Dove Bonjean-Alpart, I Jason Whitelaw, Campbell Phillips Bottom Row: Lily Ezrow, Kai Tsurumaki, Emma jWeitz, Daniela Pierro, Liam Butler-Schafter, Katerina Taetle

Nicole and Kate's Top Row: Nicolo Carandini, Nina Theisen, Siena Harris-Gissler, Claire Greenburger, Jackson Wakefield, Kiyomi Johnson, Coco Brooks, Ava Gural Middle Row: Wilder Cosaboom-Son, Finn Pierce-Scher, Kellin Hostler-Burrows, Cooper Stallings, Sacha Vince, Kate Olsen, Rose Merjos â&#x2013; #'!f

Bottom Row: Zeb Stafford, Justin Decatrel, Justin Blades, Caleb sutler. Miles Dorsey


F iift h

Brandstetter, Ana Fox Chaney, Chris Jung Back Row. Lexi Jones, Sam Kielian, Jack Fessenden, Sophia Raccuia, Semiramis Sophroniou, Lachlan Elam, Mason Stallings, Loveday Trumbull, Devon Donohue Middle Row: Ethan Ehrenberg, Daria Richman ^ Price, Zoe Carter, Sophia Stewart-Chapman, Luke Schimmel, Otto Piasecki Front Row: Finn Droga, Eve van Rens, Harry Kassen, Julia Meltzer, Rhys Busillo, Anna Yarinsky


■V. V '


“ ii



r ' i; '-


'■??' j ■■ %■


k#' S ^

Advisors: Wendy Bassin, Sherezada Acosta, Robin Shepard Back Row: Ally Detre, Camilo Durr, Rachel Morrow, Xavier Guira, Isabella Rael, Chloe Kellison, Mei Carter Middle Row: Lola Picayo, Lulu Grant, Nolan Young, Ashton Smith, Malaika Tapper, Sophia Cook Front Row: Bella Reid, Vincent Agnello, Brandon Hartley, Dalton Salisbury, Scekem Wells, Riley Siltler

Frank Portella, Larry Kaplan, Margaret Andrews Back Row: Isabel Walz, Yo Jeremijenko-Conley, Sam Stallings, Lachlan Woosley, Stella Rose Gahan, Sarab ' Sixth Advisors: Grados, Wim Pardoe Middle Row: Lucy Hirschfeld, Sam Lee, Justine Goldberg, Julia Herzfeld,|l^bel Burga, Charlotte Watson, Luca Leung Front Row: Ray Figliulio, Lauren Davidson, Pilar Olivieri, Jack Cpmeron, Aycten Grade Ackerman, Lindsay Seitz {|




L iilfife


Advisors: Melissa Rubin, Lynne Cattafi, Jennifer Hubert-Swan Back Row: Julia Noonan, Kerabania Murillo Maldonado, August Sieple, Noah Wistman, Jessica Speight, Sophia Santoro Middle Row: Sadie Stern, Eliana Cohen-Orth, Amalia Jaimes-Lukes, Emily Silverstein, Davis Schwartz, Benjamin Maltz Front Row: Guthrie McCarty Vachon, Patrick Faulkner, Halle Gunsberger, Lucy Tamarkin, Tyrell Moore, Leo Bremond

O |2l\/jQ ^ I

vijp O !{


Advisors Gabrielle Keller, Matthew Rosen, Susannah Flicker Back Row: Eliza Petrie, Kai Flan, Ethan Levy, Alexa Code, Sofia Trigo, Olivia Konstam, Gabriel Law, Zachary Feal, Ethan Ansorge Middle Row: E Jeremijenko-Conley, Juliet Sage, Julia Decatrel, Simon 0 Warren, Antonia Frank, Avery Kutis Front Row: Hannah Weinstein, Leo Batali, Isaac Weiss-Meyer, Kaleo Grant, Harrison Geller, Sara Caplan

t "




ritLi |spil?S6sSs6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;'|S4i;EMt:ii

**. u ,.,i-

Advisors^.Sharyn Hahn, Steve Volkmann, Elizabeth Simmons ..... Back Row: Daxia Godoy, Immanuel Zion, Iniko Thornell, James Haggis, Aiden Curtis, Ethan Gural, Lilah van Rens, Anna Brooks, Naomi Picayo Middle Row: Adam Caplan, Otilia Olmedo Young, Pia Mileaf-Patel, Juno Hobbs, Emma Rose, Mekhi DueWhite Front Row: Oscar Belkin-Sessler, Josh Goldblatt, Miles Koerner, Mars Wong, Emilio Picayo IQ^ .................-............................... .............-





.................................................................... ^

Eighth Grade Advisors: Sarah Barlo\w, Michelle Boehiri. Sara-Mornii Rroberts, Peter Fisher, Carin Cohen, Joanne Magee Robert Bloch, Matthew Mclean



; . *3

!psiif« ir




■ :

First row:



...... .................... ... ...................... .......................... ----- --- --------------- -----

Mei-An Lee, Paquan Cuiskelly, Kyle Goldfarb, Esme Edwards, Simmon Wells, Marcelo Jaimes-Lukes, Elizabeth! Chan, Roger Mclnerny, Olivia Dontsov, Maxine Guttmann, Alexandra Klemer, Jerel Blades, Nicholas Vachon, 11 Robert Bloch. |j Middle Row:



Matthew Mclean, Jaron Evelyn, Katya I. Lugo-Salva, Julia Greenburger, Gideon Le Gros, Walter McLall6h,”Jarrlft Moore, Charlotte Flood, Carlo Raimondo, Flarmon Pardoe, Georgia Konstam, Andrew Ehrenberg, Cara Colasaqti Che Cappadocia, William Yarinsky, Sarah Barlow, Michelle Boehm..... ......................... Bottom Row:

Asha Flinson, Winnifred Bonjean-Alpart, Sage Adams, Lola Wegman, Edith Hollander, Shayna Beaumont, Benjamin Trachtenberg, Giselle Desir, Odelia Kaly, Eli Tamarkm, Mikayla Block, Martine Kushner, Jayson " Camacho, Sara-Momii Roberts, Peter Fisher.


'■ ......................................................... —................. ..... . .............Over the four years ........... Gan never forget Iiaugh, smile, and play. ^ have changed in many ways Friends jokes teachers and dances...........* Becoming myselfi» Middle School throwbacks inseparable. -Maxine : -Shayna -Lola

Moving on means that We will be leaving behind But memories stay. -Wally

I will" not "'lose' the............. race, willpower is my name and I can't be beaten -Will

...........................-..........H.............. On the haunted walk S' ■ The shadows creep b-ehind us We Scream, Look and listen ..-Carlo............ . ......U...


: j Mlsdi:'3ct3d threats, Exciting, Emotional Trips to far and foreign,

As sad as it is,


I might not see you again;

Saying final byes

Good times stick with me. -Ben

Tears willing in eyes

I'll remember you


-Odelia Little Red’s version

-frisndS' "-i ti^e “^the '"host ’

Of Spook.

He can trick me with

mates are whit make my days great His Cards.

.. i„.Jus,t - nae,(|„ my._buds

I love Will.



Staring at your face

Prepared to~^:'oup

■Ye s7 ‘ "I' Hsrv e.Id v ed‘ ’ mo s t..

Maturity is tllne next step

And found some irritating

Time 'for 'me fci' 'fXy ‘

i-'' l"l.remember'a'i'i"..



There■in class making me laugh Story of my life .

. .



.-. They, may have - faults , bub^.. .. ....

Different years, yes

they helped me through everything Heading south not west yes


, .l.hoy .make . me. smile,... -Charlotte



.Eli-,' (Jaron,.Che-... ..

The year is enMng

Friends are jilways there

Soon to step down from our thrones

Dike you guyp are here for me

At Houston, bball we play . Until night ends day... .

You guys are|”true friends. -Jerel



Asthedays go by

tfsis one is for you Picked the worst time to space out...

Time flies until it'

Set me think...

Memories remain.' ■

............ ....

.... ....




I have had great times

They are leaving now

.•—V..... I know

too well

No time for rhyme.

But a door is not closing

V I'love y’l so much

It is opening

To the moph and hack.

It's all right

Graduation Night -PaQuan


-Sage •fl' ---ly-best advice "Is

"Find a'~*qiiief plabe" ... Observe and wonder,

Do what you like regardless

don't think

Leave-as -a-new you

■ft.... Of what others think.


..... .....



A picture is worth Though ora:


Middle ■ ■ S chool V - Every....


A thousand words.

Calm and se|r ene at others

Year there are challenges and


There are successes.

A laugh,

Is worth a million.


-Lizzy -Katya


Morning.,.a ...struggle,___ Different face and

Autumn is all new.

Different mind chose

Gom? -Spring,here ^a^^ jpy,^......

All different times




Going into middle school

Middle school} had new

Excited to go

Blue staircases and white

challenges ahd adven'^res

But not happy to leave


and so will high school.

Scared to not come back.

All so new and exciting.




I move fro4 the past

Show me the right way

Memories fc^ too.

Decisions an.d Decisions...........


And now I pi|art new. -Andrew;... |.

I take a deep breathe ,,-Aiiy,....

A s tep into- light... — ----A plunge without any fight Middle School renewed...



j All the, memp|||es

At Williams

It hurts to ieimember them


Admit, its befen fun. - --v -....... fi -Winnie *

Having fun with friends.

Ashokan and Greenkill



m Top Row: Mikayla Block , Katya Salva-Bouazza, Elizabeth Chan, Charlotte Hood, Julia Greenberger, Georgia Konstam, Odelia Kaly, Lola Wegman Bottom Row: Juliet Sage, Naomi Picayo, Anna Brooks, Leo Batali, Emilio Picayo, Coaches: Peter Fisher, Olivia Ruff

# t*

Judo /A

< 0

> 4



- '-y-


Top Row: Atticus Wakefield, Will Yarinsky, Zachary Feal, Liam Cohen, Mekhi DueWhite, Olivia Konstam, Julia Decatrel, ^“James Haggis, Sadie Stern, Noah Wistman, Amalia Jaimes-Lukes, Zoe Lemonides, Stella Rose Gahan, Sofia Santoro, Elizabeth Chan, Bottom Row: Harry Kassen, Riley Siltler, Sophia Stewart-Chapman, Loveday Trumbull, Vincent Agnello, Sekem Wells, Caleb Siltler Lucy Hirschfeld, Isabel Burga, Julia Noonan, Pilar Olivieri, Lulu Grant, Renzo Olivieri, Anna Yarinsky, Brandon Hartley, Coaches: Frank Portella, Larry Kaplan, Ana Fox-Chaney

Girls Basketball rsv tr'

A, 1^'

Top: Lola Picayo, Lizzy Chan, Ally Klemer, Aiden Curtis, Charlotte Hood, Julia Greenburger, Odelia Kaly, Bottom: Hannah Weinstein, Juno Hobbs, Naomi Picayo, Emma Rose, Sara Caplan, Anna Brooks, Coaches: Elizabeth Simmons, Gabrielle Keller

Bovs Basketball

Top: Ethan Levy, Jerel Blades, Che Cappadocia, Jaron Evelyn, Jarrett Moore, James Haggis, Bottom: Immanuel Zion, Mekhi DueWhite, Eli Tamarkin, Jayson Camacho, Leo Batali, Kaleo Grant, Emilio Picayo, Kyle Goldfarb. Coaches: Zac Garlitos, Peter Fisher, Not Pictured: Ethan Gural, Andrew Ehrenberg

IXntramural Basketball

Top: Julia Herzfeld, August Sieple, Mason Stallings, Ethan Ehrenberg, Rachel Morrow, Bottom: Lindsay Seitz, Sophia Cook, Bella Reid, Luke Schimmel, Harry Kassen, Coaches: Michelle Boehm, Andrew Ehrenberg, Not Pictured: Malaika Tapper, Camilo Durr, Brian Chiang

Top: Jessica Speight, Semiramis Sophroniou, Noah Wistman, 'Scekem Wells, Xaiver Guira, Ana Fox-Chaney Middle: Halle Gunsberger, Sam Stallings, Lexi Jones, Izzy Rael Bottom: Riley Siltler Vincent Agnello, Lulu Grant, Lola Picayo, Ashton Smith, Coaches: Ana Fox-Chaney, Ally Klemer

Top: Sophia Stewart-Chapman, Loveday Trumbull, Charlotte Watson, Stella Rose Gahan, Lucy Hirschfeld, Julia Noonan, Bottom: Brandon Hartley, Rhys Bustillo, Pilar Olivieri, Isabel Burga, Tyrell Moore, Coaches: Alicia Kaplan, Elizabeth Chan

^^Top: Chloe Kellison, Amalia Jaimes-Lukes, Sofia Santoro, Emily Silverstein, Sophia Raccuia, Lachlan Elan, Bottom: ''Nolan Young, Yo Jeremijenko-Conley, Patrick Faulkner, Lauren Davidson, Lucy Tamarkin, Ayden Ackerman, Coaches: Tracy MaGee, Sara Caplan, Calen MaGee


Eighth Grade Baby Pictures ..punch you in the face!


I /'D


Bad thoughts...

Bro, to much rock for one hand.


Don't talk to me I'm in a bad mood!

Good job.

I don't want a quote.

I wish you would do something.

I'll never touch the untouchable Haiti.


Eat my dust.

Fashion first, safety second.

Fight me.



I know, but like.

I throw deuces.

VWr~-* r h'r




In Abu Dhabi...

Just kidding... not really.


No, seriously...

My belly is a drum.

I swear to god I will slap you.

I didn't do my homework.

'^ V

d 1!

Step your game up.

Respect man.


That's flmny!

That's not ok.

I 1:^1*

•i. V

That's what I mean.

e i.

What are you talking about... pandas' are human.

That's really nice.

The moon is never bigger than your thumb.

Uhh, we had math homework?

Wait, whaaat?

What would you do if I shaved your nose ofi?

You don't know me.

You got this.

You're a weenie!

U0||B-|31A| A||b/v\ '6S uosuih eqsv 'Se sopjBd uolujbh /.£ !Jubsb|O0 bjbq qjB^piOQ 9|A>| gg ublu60/v\ b|oi 00-] uv-!9|AI ££ uuBLUun9 0uixb|ai gg otjOBLUBO uosAbp Lg s||0yv\ uoLuuijs juoLunB0a BuABqg QZ lub].suo>| B!6jo00 gg J0uqsn>| 0U!UB|/\| iz Auj0up|/\| J06oy gg jJBd|v-uB0ruoa p0Ji!uu!yv\ 6j0qu0jqg M0jpuv VZ uA|0Ag uojBf gg A||0>|sm3 uBnoBj gg pooH suopBqo Lg BjoopBddBO 0qo S0>|nq-s0UJ!Br O|0Ojb|/\j q i A>(su!jba ||!AA '8 L 9Joo|/\| U0JJBr 7. L ezzBnoa-eA|BS bAib>| g 1, >|00|a b|Ab>|!|/\i g i S0pB|a pjap u|>|JBUJBi !|3 £i J06jnqu00j0 Bi|np gi, uoqoBA >|0!|\j 1, i J!S0Q e|l9S!0 OL soj00q uo0pi0


-gg OS gg oS PI

opuoLUjBa O|JB0 g

6j0qu0iqoBJi U0g 7 A|b>| B||0po g J0puB||O|-| qypg g spjBMpg 00153 'P aosiuoq BjAno £ uBqg Azziq Z suiBpv 9603 ■ i 10603


SSOJ0V igSia 011^03

Middls school^

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Eighth Grade Candids







M 'i

^V;J^ y. ,*?«




w. I 1





I r#.'^ , m*^ w

f5 K^4


Z-J^ ÂŤ' K3


'i. "â&#x2013;


-,. ,

This section of the yearbook is a result of the hard work and dedication of The Seventh and Eighth Grade Yearbook Staff: Editor-in-Chief: Walter McLallen Managing Editor: Carlo Raimondo Staff: Maxine Guttmann, Edith Hollander, Asha Hinson, Elizabeth Chan, Shayna Beaumont, Giselle Desir, Avery Kutis, Eliza Petrie, Otilia Olmedo Young, Iniko Thornell. Faculty Advisor: Carin Cohen Special thanks to Pia Mileaf-Patel for her divider artwork










^ i.,r

^->. '

-■r -■'


^ :•■




*j &





? !' I

*J>.i *% ^ ■■■


r ■9 *.






■■ ■

“”■ ■■

...... "


•■gijii'- ■•'.

' ^‘ *’ ‘5^’^1

V#’ - '-V«#WI»~* .jg»-


— - '•*■ ■~ '*il


,. - ;* *i




r<<-" ’ 'I, >

s..r *^1


...■•■•HPyife *



::%■ j'ij^’’'',;*

uir'"'" ^


■< ■“


.' P'.

'■«f '‘^' '3

, ,.^v




s. r .;:.





'. ' ..J,. <.;...

• ■ .•l-fci;




■' ■- r

,Miuj..^^-a||y-. ,,.

v»a»..- ,, .|sj.

■* I


l\l i nXni G

I Back Row: James French, Danica Rodriguez, Ivo Ilic, Josh Cawthon, Max Fried, Emmett Dienstag, Bruke Abraha, Violet Moore, Adam Hatsav, Chase Squier, James Rivers, Josh Wilson, Miral Rivalta,Armando Freytes, Peter Bonfanti “ i frhird Row: Margaret Magee, Alma Bremond, Noel Diggs, Kyla DeSouza, Logan Papp, Phoebe Thomases, Lenny Weissman, Jason 1 Boehm, Noah Duran, Nyasa Hendrix, Nathaniel Magloire, Naomi Jabouin, Nora Wilby, Meghan Astrachan fiSecond Row: MicahDov Gottlieb, Ebilayefa Grandisoh, August Weihbren, Samantha Maison, Ketzel Feasley, Boaz Steed, Cheyenne I [fobias, Cesar Siguencia Jr, Luis Rojas, Will Balsam, Ruby Geiger, Karyn Silverman I jFirst Row: Celine Kagan, Yarimar Gonzalez, Katharine Mehta, Eva Crawford, Matan Hatsav, Toluwalase Eleyinafe, Hannah I Rodriguez, Amy Chang I Missing: Mia Silvan-Grau


Q 11





I Isack Row: MicahDov Gottlieb, David White, Julien Verglas, Adam Kester, Thomas Marin, Victor Aaron, Laurence Brent, Liam j Cohen, Charles Simpson-Brown, Eli Kernis, Preethi Thomas frhird Row: Tom Murphy, Leon Sukhram, Khalil Brown, Jonah Goldfarb, Callie Richards, Emma Stydahar, Jake Cannavale, Aaron t Feliciano, Jo Viemeister, Kaitlyn Ramirez, Vinay Chowdhry * Row: Jesse Moon, Surayya Diggs, Hayley Shear, Harry Whitford, Lily Gavin, Sonya DeSalle, Malcom Staso, Sophie Furman, fcarina Cruz First Row: Anna Goldstein, Angelica Grandison, Nile Adams, Amyrah Arroyp, Atlas Wegman, Maya Kaufman, Dinayuri Rodriguez 1 |Vlissing: Rene Servisi, Jacey Mossack

I ©n IM ^ Gr3Cl©

© ^ ®



Eley^nth Grade

Back Row: Orville Drumraond, Calen McGee, Michelangelo Missoni, Nicholas Cleves, Louie Howlett, Harlan Steed, Vinny Jessel, Aaron Naves, Arvid Logan, Manny Kennerly, Steven Susana Third Row: Peggy Peloquin, Niles Diggs, Damien Moffitt, Lisa Remar, Margot Reed, Sasha Stomberg, Eric Dorris, Deion Desir, Robbie Neuhaus, Isabel Terkuhle, Jamie Cooper, Grace Tobin, Talia Feldberg, Mark Bledstein Second Row: Taylor Brando, Lili Thomases, Lucia Zerner, Zachary Teller, Solomon Elias, Chang Liu, Jeese Rubenstein, Hannah Silverman, Kevin Diaz, Olivia Tjernberg First Row: Genevieve Pierre, Emma Jacoby, Pedro Ramirez, Julian Pratt, Maya Peart-Hill, Lynnette Dent, Simon StaplesVangel, Tiffany Ramos, Hannah Rifkin


■: V



Grade i>

Back rpvy: Jacob Pearce, Reuben Sinder, Jake DeNicola, Lucas Renique, Willy Staso, Bruno Dicorcia, Damien Ben, Aaron Donner, Luca Moneti Schliemann, Monty Hill, Jamal AN, Stephen MacGillivray Third Row: Ruth Jurgensen, Mindy Toro, Rachard Kemp, Ayana Workman, Elena Jacobson, Francesca Cretella, Claire Hart, Olu Odubiro, Ian Tsang, Hannah Root, Chloerose Bree-D'Orazio, Cameron Diggs, Jane Kovich, Emma Greenberg, Sergei Mikhelson Second Row: Meiling Jabbaar, Lidor Foguel, Eileen Nardoza, Gracen Cloud Walter, Teddy Miller, Emily Wilson, Zachary Fairfax, Tatanka Tan, Rachel Zabala, Zoe Snow, Olivia Feal, First Row: Sonrisa Murray-Fox, Margret Wiggins, Zoe Lubin-Fosha, Chelsea Dalessandro, Alice Ng, Marissa Bendit, Ashley Wilens, Julie Wintrob

Varsity Girls Soccer ,ni

»«* >1* '■


iiM Ilk ^ ‘

- ■ /



■. '

■ .••

. i



IC;# §

1 -’' J ____

- i'-^ ’* ■ ’ i

r;y., ,.-


. -:'M

'» r-f 5^'-'’-'V





' I

Varsity Girls Volleyball !




:• r^.



k'- ■•

■ .

Cross Country f i\;-


gSPSS'&^ssji •>y^' — ''.........

;^‘> b-* i ."*




"You may have noticed a clinking noise or shimmering of light around the necks of 7 of our 11 runners. -Dan Cayer, Coach

V * S’‘J I ■

*■'’ ^* * ,


Varsity Girls Basketball f

< “These young ladies, were prepared to go to war with any other team. Our Senior leader­ ship was shown every game and practice. It is going to be tough to fill those three positions next year. However, I feel that the sophomores will carry this new tradition's of hard work, dedication and motivated LREI Varsity girls Team.”




-Coach Luis Hernandez



Varsity Boys Basketball ■J.


igcxl . I


“The 2010-2011 Boys varsity basketball season was a thrilling ride. We finished the season 2nd in the Big Apple Conference and made it all the way to the semi-final game in the ISAL. Anyone who came to watch, saw an exciting team that could really play with anyone. We will miss the big six seniors, but they led the way for the underclassmen. They raised the bar of basketball at LREI, through the years of hard work and dedication.” -Coach Peter Fisher


. ,£:




Varsity Boys Soccer

^ v':

"The varsity boys soccer team did not win a game, but had a great season. The team did not have any subs, and started 7 freshmen who played mostly against seniors and juniors. Because of this they knew this was going to be a tough year in the j wins/loss column. However, the losses did not dismay them from realizing this was a great rebuilding year, and the coaches and players all are looking forward to the next few years of LREI soccer." - Peter Fisher

t If S I itS I f








Baseball b.i

V, ■ L * .

» ~’^'C

' ‘g«V"-^"...








?' ’ The LREI Knights are having a blast playing baseball in the Spring. The team is very young (only three juniors and no seniors) and has improved a lot over the past few years. The Knights found some good pitching from Max, Adam, Andrew and Jason B. which has kept them in every game. David White does the catching and center-fielder Kevin is the team captain. - Peter Fisher

w .-■i

Varsity Track & Field 7


' T4-


■' ‘■'■A



“'-■'am V '7-




Varsity Tennis

IH , i. Lauck Blake in place of Gabrielle Keller




Coaches Gabrielle and Stephen have high hopes for the Varsity Tennis team this spring. Veterans singles players Max and Louis were joined by new high school talent Sophie and Hayley this year. Three new but heavy hitting middle






rounded out the small but enthusiastic team.


The team

had a slow start getting onto the courts because of rain but we're getting better and better with each practice and match. Tennis anyone?

Hdirsprcly ' directed by Joanne Magee and Lorna Jordan



m ''-^£


plt^i t*

w li

7® /f


» ^

S tudent (jovernffleil m

mcm President: Willy Staso Vice President: Olu Odubiro _ Secratary: Lucas Renique Treasurer: Grace Tobin

■ -.-Xf

f /Si

Student Representatives ->

■fi* ■:»5

I*'/? 'tr-m.-i

Sonrisa Murray-Fox Tatanka Tan 12th Grade

Liii Thomases Simon Staples-Vangel 11 th Grade





Amyrah Arroyo Charles Simpson-Brown Cheyenne Tobias Cesar Siguencia 10th Grade 9th Grade


Honor Board & #4"-^

Cameron Diggs


Tiffany Ramos


Tolu Eleyinafe

a Jane Belton ^


Carina Cruz


is Jamal Ali

Julian Pratt

Emmett Dienstag

Mark Bledstein

Winter Oonaert

China Trip ta -t. 5;Ss3=






1f**^ '4.




i>x,. ■

iiy^ '



baby pictures



4: anbius-a ST3otiT6i lUH ^luo]/\[-gx ojiqnpo nxo'AT osBXg AxpAV‘91

Biootusa 35[Bf -gx qojxuiyvv annr 'Zl duia;^ pJBqoB-g 'x x Sjsquaaao BTOJoaiQ ouaig-/^ aqmoonq uoxxM'9 suiSSiyW XJ9gjBj\[-g iBBqqBf §uxxi3]A['I?


oizBJO.a-ss-ia 3S0J30xq3't/X

'OT xOij-/{i3xin]A[ bsijuos ’6 xbjjibj qouz -g '£



% -i




nV y0d f ojox ApuT]A[ >17 irex «5[irejBX '£17 Sms± ubj 'Zf uag uatuiBQ -Tl7 ojprassqB.Q i?3spq3 -Qp Bqsox-uiqnq aoz

BzuopjBiq uaspg-gg §N9^nVA£ uosp^ Apuig‘9£ qxpuag Bssuepq-gg japuig usqnag >£ uiremaqqos Bong-gg joog qBuuBH ■;££ qopo^^ airef g g Bpq^z pqo^g'Og suap^ Xapsy'62 ireuigjOTW BireXy'8Z

SSiQ uoiaureg 'gz uosqooBf Buaig -gz ^IPP-iD BossQOBjg ‘fz



jsuuoq uojbv'Z,Z

qoo^f 'ZZ HV ptuBf 'iz pSog lopig 'qz

semiOR census

Jamal All


Larissa Bendit J'^aiissa

Molecular biologist Molecular biologist Eroadway star

Damien Beri

^ Reality Dr. Beakman


ChioeroseBreeD'Onizio Grace,, Cloud Waiter Francesca Cretelia

' 0 be famous for being rich To ^oopenahieh ^ res, To open a high pnw end gluten-free Faraous booh editor^

Watches Glee finding 348 f°Fablg worh.„g a, Mlnalds

Chelsea D'alessandro

^^‘^^essional food eater Professionalfoodeater

^^^Phenie Meyer

Jake DeNicola

Lidor Foguel

Finding the cure for cancer

To fell in her super high heels High school math teacher i o have a cat

New Yorker

Jane Kovich


Mohave a dog

lilustratorforfteNewYorker i O travel the world Olympicgoldmedalist

i^^e in Africa

Zoe lubin-Fosha Eallon Lucombe Teddy Miller

To host her own cooking show

-“"Veil ouniie LucaMonetiSchlicnann ^onrisa ^enrisa Mirra., Mirray-Fox

Dig Pun To be be at at aa rave rave

Eileen Nardoza Alice Ng

To be first female president ‘^Ofesshnal dancer

^^^gretWiggens Ashley Wilens Emily Wilson Julie Wintrob

To be taller than Ashley NuclearPhysicist Famous philosopher EorninPeru Pasta critic

-ntonatre video game designer To'rfenIs'tfh~“ Tobefriendswithevetyonc h, h ^^nAileydaneecompany NBA A

A novel Soap star

travel the world

^yana Workman ^^ehel Zabala

*Pended on it

Roller derby pkyer^" New Jerseyan


‘‘So you guys f read this book ” i want another tattoo. ” “He's butt.” bad the time Of my life* That's wack.”

and hairy chest

The end is near.” “Herp derp.”

His uniform

Cut of control hair

“We chillin'?”

Shredding her food Striped shirts

Tou guys, I'm not stupid!” Itsw.e.”


;;OMGRyanSheckIerissohot,i” Eig earrings

Making copies


Elond streak

^ent ^ent there there once once

^ ^^^ry, I have skating.” Nou know what?”


N™tu'st"cLrrf7"’”®”‘’^"' Jnbifent attitude ’"taginable need

leingamnhv..f,-e.„_, Roing a motivational speaker or -mg at a perfume factory

His hair

Having 20 different laughs for 20 dTf

Tittle heels Sc^ry death stares J^^^J^essor at Fordham

‘^^Herent occasior



Cool story brah.”

^48 mrhugs'^“



“i'ook a little too cute today...” this is mine righC”

« hoodie

Checking her email

*Zoechuckle*-Tioveyouuu!” ------ —isabeastO’

His Polo shirts

Soccer mom who watches so» Has a miniature ponv in hr. Doing actmg hontework in Famous on YouTube

' Doud random outbursts*

Hardy sneakers Atll the Lllc Stars C with Houston Houston hall ball Tr-1 field^ A blog

“So this morning on the train ” Just call me Judi Dench.” AHAHAHAHAHAHA” Thank you very mucho ” and “r •

^^‘'^>'‘>lf-courtjump.shots Tong hair Targe afro


;‘Hoyguys,Ineed,somemoney” y ntean it's fine, whatever...” Drn nom nom”

''Man laugh* “No.”

Drawing fetuses

New Hampshire Pasta eater

’’‘'‘““ ■y-fe”

head back* “NAHHHH”

Snap and point* Taking cabs

Playing guitar on the roof ■ ‘^‘f'ggmtarontheroof

Wanna dance with me'?”

The Cameron bun


^^^Mng tissues, Pum A mm u ’ ' band-aid when needed

b-inch heels Eilm director

'‘Vou suck!” '‘That's dope.”

many piercings

Ronnie Domer”"^^ '* Sfntggiing artist

Emma Greenberg Claire Hart Monty Hill Meiling Jabbaar Elena Jacobson Eachai-d

^Ely Staso Tatanka Tan Mindy Toro Dn Tsang

His keys and his bike

Supreme Fote bag

^^ccessful artist To fall in ]oyg

Quote ‘'Swag.”


To chill all d*r

Zach Fairfax Olivia Feal

Reuben Sinder Zoe Snow

His nice shirts

^^^Nong hair and her smile

Eashion critique

Aaron Donner

JJannah Root



Gluten free


Fashion designer

Cameron Diggs

Jacob Pearce Eucas Renique



Professionalfoodeater New Jensey

Drano Dicorcia





Ctrcle sunglasses Pretty rings Round teeth

Terrible attention span

‘Wou're whylin'son ” @ crap&Yo#$N^*”


‘T had a horseback riding lesson!,.. i^ant a boyfriend!” ^^‘^^^^bat? Sorry, 1 wasn't listening.”


Yard Sale "It's like this at home now, the parts you sell in order to pay for the parts you keep. Hoarding doesn't help you much. Emptied houses Purged of Blankets, Ovens, Couches, Shoes, Pictures-ever so diligently framedStrewn out on lawns. A universal yard sale. Would anything be bought? Grade school report cards-Jason has a bright mind. Unfortunately he has trouble controlling his bodyThe first family portrait Lila drew Hannah Rifkin. Color Trees. And stuck to the refrigerator With a magnet from the local hardware store. The earrings your husband bought for you on your fifth anniversaryYou went to a French restaurantThe closest you ever got To getting away. What memory would you sell? If selling them meant You got something else to keep. Is it worth it?Would you move on? Tell yourself Superficially That objects don't matter When they do. Inspired by a line from "Cranes on the Seashore" by Linda Gregerson ~ Margret Wiggins

Fantastical Fantasies Witches dance in a circle A prophecy bubbling in their eyes The eerie night, watching, listening They look up, unsatisfied by the one star's dull shine Wolves prowl in the bush Desire dripping from their mouth Ready to pounce Most are smart enough to steer clear of their messy games But the wolves' hungry Ambition and greed embody them in a fluid leap And the circle of power falls like a cascading waterfall %


'Mia Silvan-Grau

n, %

Emily Wilson. Holy Bibles.

El mGJlZIllB

Meiling Jabbaar. Triptic.

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been looking for your face

Our Place Silence echoes in the room. Forks and knives scrape their plates A long, frail hand grasps the fork as she tries to cut her steak Mom does it for her, eyes filled with sorrow This is wrong, she thinks, someone messed up. Fix it Silence echoes in the room One arm lies useless at her side; she moves it up as it starts slipping down Blue veins shine through papery skin Crippled fingers frozen in place Broken words leave her lips For she can no longer string them together. I'm too young to understand I love you is all she can manage. It's a good phrase I want to ask her why she can't speak, secretly knowing Mom will answer I miss her But we had our place. Eyes closed, I can taste it Dry and sharp The air was voices, never quiet The soft breeze filled with sweet desert lilies and burning We had conversations without words Ones no one could understand but us. Smiles and motions Words were useless, never missed

I've been looking for your face In the dim morning light I've been looking for the thresholds, too. The intersecting, delicate Ever changing paths The glimmer on the horizon The invisible lines in the sky The uncontrollable power and realization Surging up. Swelling, filling every fiber of my being The uncountable number of colorless dots That permeate every corner of space Every fold in the calabi-yau cubes The comfortable knowledge that Our bodies have visitors The bubbling thrill that comes with Visions of bright baby eyes Quiet walks through the ice-covered trees In view of the retiring sun Brightly camouflaged tents and under armor in need of a wash An infinite number of scenarios to be thankful for That may or may not be true That are never true And true all at once We're really nothing more than point particles In a seven-dimensional scheme ~ Sasha Stomberg-Firestein

Ashes scattered around She's everyone and nowhere at once ~ Gracen Cloud

Lucas Renique. Photo Etching

High School Community Service ^ .O'


' ''A'ffe-..,-

jMfk I 1









Jamal All


■ ■■■


Francesca Cretella



Aaron Donner

the one train.

Olivia Feal

‘ t My High School Years Would Not Have Been Hie Same Without the Speacial People Who Have Created the Special Moments in My life . ^ cf »■ M I fi



")i|. ... ‘......V'*.'.



'■•XI pi '•I •





Meiling Jabbaar




[Qp' J_J


, ^icb

"I (fon't know where I'm gdljigbut promise it

—wbn* -David Bowie


V.' > ^

. , 4


’ V\

i t'T

■••;•>;>'.„ ,| ■ 6>- -/• '• . nz-a V- '' ■'. -M X"'


Jane Kovich



^rik'sK f*%S

As many inside jokes as i can fit on one page... “The sky is purple. Is the sky ALWAYS puprie?” “Gummmm?” “...Get out...” “St. Marks? We’ll just walk fast...” “Uh-deh-deh-deh-deh.” “No. Twilight is... Just no.” “I have to make sure it’s a happy ending.” “Well, he might have been twenty-four... and on acid.” “I am a slug in a world of salt.” “He has a V. It’s, like, INDENTED.” “He probably Just wanted someone to hold his sandle.” “Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder!” “We should start a PE based solely on making strange noises.” “That tree is very square.” “BAOIG’s.” “That little boy makes me inadequate and talentless.” “You Just can’t stop looking at yourself.” “YOU MAKE ME TOUCH YOUR HANDS FOR STUPID REASONS.” “No, she’s dead, this is her son.” “Are you crying to an Avril Levigne song?” “...No.........” “Where’s the baby?!?” “Wouldn’t it be cool if Amish people rode Alligators?” “Alright, Swan Lake.” ’^Waterballoon pop* *snort* “Did you enjoy my shelf?” “It was so tiny, it looked like it needed a sound effect.” “Roof?” “Roof.” “Have you noticed Legolas states the obvious every time he speaks?” “Luke and Leila hooked up. Space rednecks.” “It’s too easy. I like dramatic tension.” “Screw it, it’s been six seasons....” “I bet you don’t want to be Ke$ha anymore.” “What? Yes I do.” “FIND.” “Is there a ‘please-hit-on-me’ target glued to me?” “VEGETABLES.” “Great idea, Hannah.” “I don’t want to lift the veil’. We aways lift the veil. Today, veil is still.” “Edna. Mode. ...And guest.” “They’re like the plastics, only they’re all fluent in European languages.” “I can’t. I have rehearsal.” “FUNNY BONES.” Zoe Lubin-Fosha


gme^rndhag mhsigotjui^, b&aoMi.



dsdtmJlnd:* - ^Dt.Smhh


I -


SonJU&cL Q.

”Th£.bQftd tbM ii/ik& gou!t,mi£.$mh% B mt ord thod. butoi UApi£t mdfog in^ aioAotbedA ^.



Sonrisa Murray-Fox

isr-' :i = *'

■"'■V. '..rii^"" •■■

\ '■J






w^. " ;


-,*-£ '

lllil.; W«*-


t<is a

— -*sasK«»^ ^


4 •'^


fe ^1< ^

,* '



^'Hl — Bip.

W ■

--, _>-^. —li— -,-^j~








1 Eileen Nardoza


Eileen Nardoza

“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”-Thomas Edison w -4fe


-S:': V'A; lift"


Jacob Pearce



i 51

m mm

'M u i. I


r A '^‘SlMCftS .- ■'



«-,» •■^•UOOOJ r-fe


p :■#

!•' •■ V-M

V^Vv^^'fri^ food %^Qrf)S TOi^QYs Ckh^.d. WCkV^m boxi ^

v^V\cd s|out old

^|0\AV€ m\kasat'ci

tft>^^spxxf v"^.\C^

Sabb^ -'a -f-n^-Ad w-\ me.,

“'^ou'Me Gro^ CK^Whd m

Hannah Root


111 M LU I 11 I II I 11 I I I I 11 I I 11 I 1111 I 11 I I J.I I I 1111 M ■■■ ■ I 111 1111 I 11 111


. ..


... .......

III11 111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111 I^111 111111111111111IIIII1111111111 1111111111111111111 Jill 1111111

\I V mm ■ ij 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

III 111111111111111111111111111111111111111II11 n 11111111111111111



Rachel Zabala


Thanks to '■S'


Stephen MacGillivray,Carin Cohen and everyone else for your help with the yearbook!








fe^ v-.J-.r-,











i;^\ V, ^^ ^

^^ ^



\i \

|\ ' '

: 4. ;

- ---«l “ .' .t'‘-i-..'' ‘vfvre r 1^1 \ ': J ■:-*



'"•"' ' '»• ■;

' -- rt ‘

-.... ..


=’ ' ‘



bmi SUOI ...

t^hfu'ittg.. fX^if

• -»;rt:iy_ i


4'' '"V

' *^ X . .'3-1

=.. .

I .*' ‘

Jaciis' *«)€#,I f i ’'•'-■’■i-s :ai,i?;» v;-| ■


.... *









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