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June 2010 Dear Seniors, Congratulations! You should be quite excited about your graduation and about all that you have accomplished this year and during your years as a student. We are proud of you. You should be very proud of yourselves. Do you remember your first school experience? Can you remember what it was like when you were five and in Kindergarten? I bet that you were very cute. You spent each day exploring the world and learning to get along with new friends. I imagine that your days were filled with a mix of work and play; success and challenge. This sounds much like the way you have spent your high school years— developing skills and abilities that will allow you to be an increasingly able and involved member of the world community, succeeding, learning from your mistakes, supporting each other and celebrating together. When you were five there was so much that you didn’t know. Now, thirteen years later, while you know a lot more than you did then, I hate to tell, you but there is still much that you do not know. When you were five, you were responsible for trying hard, for being kind and for being open to new experiences. You still have these responsibilities but you are also expected to have a positive impact on the people and communities around you. As you move on to your next adventure please reflect on the impact you are having on the wider world. As you did in Kindergarten, please make room for all in the sandbox. The idea that lessons learned in Kindergarten are important throughout your life is old ground for these sorts of letters. We at LREI believe that time spent in “Kindergarten-like” activities is time well spent for all students, including seniors. You should always rely on your classmates. Art and singing and dress up can still teach you a great deal. Roll up your sleeves and get messy. You should be doing, not only listening, and you should be having fun. I hope that this list describes at least some of your high school time. Thank you for all that added to the community of LREI. We wish you all the best. Please keep in touch and let us know of all of your future successes. Best,

Phil Kassen Director PS. One other Kindergarten lesson—no matter how old you are, graham crackers & milk is always a good snack. Lower Sckool/MiJJle Sckool: 272 Sixtk Avenue (at Bleecker Street), New York, NY 10014 * Tel: 212.477.53l6 • Fax: 212.677.9159 HigkSckool: 40 Ckarlton Street, New York, NY 10014 • Tel: 212.477.53l6 * Fax: 212.675.3595 • A Leader In Progressive Education Since 1921

LREI Little Red Sckool House & ElisaLetli Irwin Higk Sckool Ruth Geyer Jurgensen High School Principal

To the Class of 2010: I congratulate you on your graduation! As my first official ninth grade class (we entered the high school the same year), we really grew together. Together, we navigated the halls, the handbooks and the culture of this wonderful community. I feel especially close to your class. To see you graduate is a milestone for me professionally and personally. As you move on to the next big step, I will remember what you have left behind: a powerful com­ mitment to service, to academics, to arts and to sports, a dedication to supporting each of your talents, your generous sense of humor, your thoughtfulness for others in the school, your engagement with teachers both in and out of the classroom and your wonderful way of leading the student body through the highs and lows of high school life. I have learned a lot from the impact you have made on the community and will take what I have learned to guide the school in perhaps the next four years. It is hard to believe your graduation is around the comer, that high school is finished for you, when it seems like yesterday you entered the doors at Charlton Street as freshmen. To see you each walk across the stage will be bittersweet; we will all miss you. Please come back and visit often. All the best.

Ruth Geyer Jurgensen High School Principal

Lower Sckool/MidJle Sckool; 272 Sixtk Avenue (at Bleecker Street), New York, NY 10014 * Tel; 212.477.63l6 * Fax; 212.677.9159 Higk Sckool; 40 Ckarlton Street, New York, NY' 10014 * Tel; 212.477.6316. â&#x20AC;˘ Fax; 212.676.3596 * A Leader In Progressive Education Since 1921

Office of Advancement

Business Office

Michel de KonkolyThege (Associate Director),TemaTischler, Marie Horan,Tracie McGee

Back Row: Laura Hahn, Maude Kebbon Front Row; Liza Sacks, Brooke Gadasic

Admissions Office

Afterschool Coordinators & Teachers




1 Back Row; Cassie Stafford, Mary Young Front Row: Michele Blackwell, Carly Hirsh, Barbara Scott W-'

Cater 2 You Food Staff

Clara Campos, Kelly Eudailey, Catherine Friesen, Christine Gauthier, Leah Humphrey,Adrian Jevicki, Cari Kosins,Abby Rasminski,Joel Remland, Nicole Smoot, Hannah Watkins Gilfillan, Ken Zwerin,

Maintenance Staff Back Row; Rosa Gonzalez, Melvin Ramos, Maria Rivera, Kianna Hidalgo, Luis Gonzalez. Front Row: Jorge Lema. and Flora Raymond!

Virgilio Romero Robert Romero Superintendent of Buildings

Segundo Balladares

Hector Henriquez

Hfi Jose Caiza

Marcelo Macias

Javier Ortega

Jose Pena


Thank You, Virgilio! Dear Virgilio, we will miss you dearly. We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. With love, the LREI community




crc’ .»





Lower School Specialists ^ i



â&#x2013; iv


Roberta Rubien Psychologist

Ann Schaumburger Art

Julie Sterling Spanish

Pati Stolley Physical Education


Michael Thandi Science

Ledell Mulvaney

& Music

Rose Reilly Math

Sue Ribaudo




m. *:






Peggy Resnick Woodwork

Stacy Dillon Librarian


Celeste Dorsey Technology

Missing: Elise Knudson - Gymnastics, Lizbeth Mendoza - Associate Teacher

Deborah Damast Dance

Danielle Cheriff & Anne Sorce’s Fours Back Row: Danielle Cheriff, Anne Sorce.

2nd Row: Clarissa Leong, Estelle Guira, Zoe Papavasiliou, Eve Riskind, Lucca Droga, Finn Barden, Stella Story, Mia Sullivan, Drew Kaufman, Dylan Steel. Front Row: Dennis Steel, Hunter Markley, Mia Holub,Ally Ervin,Thomas Lamont,Andrei Stewart-Chapman, Miles Brust, Gus Wnek. T- \

Beth Binnard & Samson Baker’s Fours Back Row: Beth Binnard, Ava Basile,Alon Livnat, Qatalina Hubbard, Samson Baker. 2nd Row: Zariel Cruz,Jude Esposito,Aura Hostler-Burrows, Parker Boyle, Noelle Raffo, Lars Olsen,Julia Krawiecki Gazes,Ava Jackman, Rainer Butler Schafer. Front Row: Clara Piasecki, Matias Lopez-Muniz, Ollie Uyttendaele, Reid Hanson, Kaidan Staskowski, Simon Orozco, Leela Mukherjee-Sze.


Charles Hassell, Abby Field, Diana Thatcher’s Fours-Kindergarten

Alphebetized by last name:

' "“i


. m

J’L"" ''i-l


Mio Achache, Diego Bey, Chloe Davis, Finn Denton, Jemma Fox, Emma Hirsch, Mario Hulnick, Hudson Cassen, Katherine Mills, Lila Nelson, Alexander Paroff, Olivia Propp, Casey Schneider, Mabel Stafford, Nate Stewart,William Stiller, MaxTaetle, Sean Thompson, Olivia Vince, Lo Weintraub.

Luise Haladay & Alisa Soriano’s Kindergarten X

Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School



Alphebetized by last name: Nathaniel Ascher, Olivia Bagan, Bridgette Boyle, Dora Bremond.John Cook, Emma Diamond, Oliver Eg, Emily Familetti, Freddie Fine, Polly Hoffman, Zoe Karp, Jack LilleYerington, Margaret MacGillvray, Meadow Magee, Julian Meli, Elijah Meltzer, Beckett Quirk, Julien Roy, Ella Will, Benjamin WinokurApplebaum.

Crystal Giordano & Stephanie Cherubin’s Kindergarten



Alphebetized by last name: Talia Bar-Tur, Kate Borows-Lai, Zachary Brooks, Grace Burns, Zachary Cappadocia,William Dotson, Marlowe Glass, Elijah Harris, Piper Jassem, Kaya Karpati, Cooper Kroll, Colette Leong, Nicolas McEvoy, Oscar Raso, Milei Sagawa,Tilda Sutter, OniThornelll, Harvey Van Blerkom, Ruby Wexler, Wyatt Wolfman.

Gina Goldmann & Ruthie Zuckerman’s I st grade

Back Row: Charles McCoy, EnnmaTiedennan, Mila Piasecki 2nd Row: Solomon Karpati, Gogo Bonjean-Alpart, Acadia Schimmel, Lily Mager, Luna Azucurrian.Julien Goldberg, Sam Greenberg First Row: Georgia Groome, Audrey Taplitz, Caleb Kohn-Blank, Jack Schnall, Elliott Hansen.

Jamie Atlas &Ann Rush’s 1st grade Little Red School House & LRif Elisabeth Irwin High School

Alphebetized by last name: Luke Cameron, Cole Dorsey, Emma Ervin,Yannik Finkelstein, Nina Gerzema,Juliet Homes, Ruby Huchins, Lindsay O’Brien, James Phillips, Gewn Raffo, Bruno Servisi, Ruthanne Stakowski, Charlie hackwayWillow Vince, Cate Woolsey.

Rebecca Schwartz & Christine Gauthier’s I st grade Back Row: Rebecca Schwartz, Annabelle Hatsav, Mile Trumbull, Sylvie Goldner, Christine Gauthier. 2nd Row: Aidhan Astrachan, Max Schuman, Rei Weintraub, Mahsati Moorhead, Atticus Uyttendaele, Rachel McCain,Yori Honablue. First Row: Alexa Moskowitz, Chloe Murdock,Victor Schwartz, Quentin Rael, Luke Esposito. Missing: Kiki Kahn

Natasha Hernandez & Emily Rosenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd grade

Back Row: Belle Fraser, Ennily Rosen, Pierre Roederer, Julian Ansorge, Stella Achenbach, Jack Denton, Louis Russo, Ethan McKessey, Bay Dotson, Ana-Nefeli Brandhorst-KapernekasTasha Hernandez. 2nd Row: Louie Figliulo, Maya Hanson, Onaje Grant-Simmonds,Tallulah Walz, Regan Boyle, Pali Detre, Sophie Kielian. First Row: Ryann Busillo,Aditya Shinn, Eve Butler, Elias Bunnell, Ming Chen, Sophia Will.

Colleen Corbett & Lindsay Blankâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd grade


Aiphebetized by last name: Owen Ackerman, Jaquelin Adler, Wilton Bompey, Giro Bright, Isabel Eccles,Anna Faulkner, Graham Ferguson, Cameron Glass, Alexandre Guira, Maisy Hoffman, Flynn Kockey, Cameron Krakowiak, River Magee, Jackson Meli,Jane Olsen, Emanuella Parungao, Skyler Pierce-Scher, Hanna Provost, Olivia Roederer,Thibaud Roy, Elisabeth Seiple, Sophie Stomberg-Firestein.


Dot Portella & Becka Buurmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 3rd grade

Back Row: Dot Portella, Becka Buurma. 3rd Row: Jared Sage,Ava Gural, Wilder Cosaboom-Son, Nico Carandini, Siena Harris-Gissler, Jackson Wakefield, Renzo Olivieri.

2nd Row: Kate Olsen, EllaWexler, Kathrine Barden, Liam Butler-Schafer, KaiTsurumaki,Zoe Nelms, Zebulon Stafford. First Row: KterinaTaetle, Rose Merjos, Florence Finkelstein, Cameron Schneider, Cooper Stallings, Daniela Pierro.

Vonick Gibson & Randi Reinholdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 3rd grade

Aiphebetized by last name: Dove Alpart-Bonjean, Celia Babini, Justin Blades, Carmen Brooks, Jane 0) L.


Brooks, Brianna Burton, Lily Ezrow,Austin Getz, Claire Greenburger,Jacob Hirsch, Kellin Hostler-Burrows, Kiyomi Johnson, Campbell Phillips, Finn Pierce-Scher, Maxine Reilly, Clara Rosarius, Jasper Rosenberg, Caleb Samuel Siltler, NinaTheisen, Sacha Vince, Emma Weitz, Jason Whitelaw.



Dina Pomeranz & Kruti Patel’s 4th grade



Alphebetized by last name: Vincent Agnello, Benjamin Bijur, Rhys Busillo, Zoe Carter, Rauline Cochran, Alexandra Detre, Alexandria Jones, Harrison Kassen, Samuel Kiellian, Blaine Mclndoe, Julia Meltzer, Lola Picayo, Isabella Rael, Daria Richman Price, Dalton Salisbury, Sophia Chapman-Stewart, Ashton Smith, Mason Stallings, Scekem Wells, Anna Yarinsky, Nolan Young.

Kate Treitman & Karen Lew’s 4th grade


\ 'W-/d

Back Row: Loveday Trumbull, Sophia Raccuiia, Xavier Guira, Lachlan Elam, Camilo Durr, Rachel Morrow, MalaikaTapper. 2nd Row: Lulu Grant, Mei Carer, Brandon Hartley, Otto Piasecki, Sophia Cook, Jack Fessenden. First Row: Devon Donahue, Eve van Rens, Luke Schimmel, Riley Siltler, Ethan Ehrenberg, Finn Droga.



-Vj' -„A Kii*''.,B ' ' »■•■ ‘‘J' ' “■ I ll'u. « •, <•^, « > *»! ' 'i. ■! *' ■



r’ *

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” -Don Williams, Jr.


m jt


Fifth Grade Core: Heather Brandstetter, Wendy Bassin j-

Sixth Grade Core: Lynne Cataffi, Frank Portella


Seventh Grade Core:Eli2abeth Simmons, Matthew Rosen

g .

s^ra-Momii Roberts and Sarah Bariow

Math: Michelle Boehm, Margaret Andrews, and Ana Fox Chaney

Maclean,Melissa Rubin, Ledell Mulvaney and Deborah Damast

IS ,



Foreign Unguage: Sharyn Hahn, Gabrielle Keller, David Lee

Mala Beckhoff Robin Shepard, Susannah Flicker


>rary ant


Athletics: Urry Kaplan, and Peter Fisher

lubert Swan


Science: Sherezada Acosta, and Steve Volkmann


Middle School Principal: Mark Sllberberg

Health: Andrew Weiss and Kitty Helghstein


Heather Brandstetter and Ana Fox Chaney’s Fifth Grade


^'isabeth *■

'High Sc co

Back Row: Heather Brandstetten Pliar Olivieri, Sofia Santoro, Kerbania Murillo Maldonado, Noahah Wistman, August Sieple, LeoTheisen, Lachlan Woolsey, Ana Chaney. Lucy Hirschfeld Middle Row: Amalia jannes-Lukes, Emily Silverstein, Sarah Grados, Jerry Wexlen Sam Lee, Jack Cameron, Julia Herzfeld Front Row: Ayden Ackerman, Guthrie McCarty Vachon, Miriam Ross, Patrick Faulknen Ray Figliulo, Sadie Stern

Wendy Basin and Sherez^da Acosta’s Fifth Grade


Little Red School House & Elisabeth ' High School

Back Row: Wendy Basin, Lucy Tamarkin, Sam Stallings, Jessica Speight, Morgan Burbridge, Yo J-Conley, Sherezada Acosta, and Lucas Capobianco Middle Row: Charlotte Watson, Lindsay Seitz, Julia Noonan, Isabella Bulone, Tyrell Moore Isabel Walz, Halle Gunsber^er. and Leo Bremnd Front Row: Justine Goldberg, Isabel Burga, Joris Katz, Davis Schwartz, and Zoe Lemonides

Lynne Cattafi,Jennifer, Hubert Swan and Mellissa Rubin’s Sixth Grade



Back Row: Melissa Rubin, Ethan Levy Jennifer Hubert Swan Anders Brundland, InikoThomelfAiden Curtis, Juno Hobbs, Avery Kutis, Kaleo Grant, and Lynne Cattafi, Middle Row: Pia Mileaf-Patel, Mekhi DueWhite, Kyra White I aw, Otilia OInnedo Young, Antonia Frank, Daxia Godoy Leo Batali, and Eliza Petrie Front Row: Lilah Van Rens, Eathan Gural, Gabe Law, Emilio Picayo, and Adam Caplan Absent: Kai Han

Frank Portella, Margaret Andrews, and Sharyn Hahn’s Sixth Grade

\ Little Red School House & tBLX,.-~lisabetl' ''in High s^hoo

m Back Row: Margaret Andrews, SofiaTrigo, Zachary Feal, Alexa Code, Immanual Zion, Simon Warren, Anna Brooks, Ethan Ansorge, Frank Portella, and Sharyn Hahn Middle Row: josh Goldblatt, Max Shneiden Olivia Konstam, Miles Koerner; Mars Wong, Ej-Conley Alessandro Russo, and Emma Rose Front Row Sara Caplan, Oscar Beikin-Sesslen Naomi Picayo, Juliet Sage, and Hannah Weinstein

Matthew Rosen and Gabrielle Kellerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Seventh Grade

Back Row: Gideon Le Gros, Matthew Rosen, Cara Colasanti, Georgia Konstam, Benjamin Trachtenberg, David Lee, Elizabeth Chan, Gabrielle Keller Middle Row;WilliamYarinsky,jerel Blades, Shayna Beaumont, Asha Hinson, Sage Adams, Mei-An Lee Front Row: Kyle Goldfarb,Winnifred Bonjean-Alpart, Giselle Desir, PaQuan Cuiskellyjaron Evelyn Absent: Jarrett Moore, Walter McLallen

Elizabeth Simmons and Stephen Volkmannâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Seventh Grade

Back Row: Maxine Guttmann, Elizabeth Simmons, Olivia Dontsov, Andrew Ehrenberg, Charlotte Hood, Julia Greenburgen Esme Edwards, Stephen Vo I kmann, Che Cappadocia. Middle Row: Odelia Kaly, LolaWegman, Edith Hollander; Simmon Wells, Marcelo jaimes-Lukes, Alexandra Klemer Front Row: EliTamarkin, Martine Kushner; Mikayla Block, Nicholas Vachon, Jayson Camacho Absent Carlo Raimondo

The Eighth Grade Class of 2014 Sara-Momii, Michelle Boehm, Sarah Barlow, and Peter Fisher’s Eighth Grade *--------------------




J ——'


Back Row: Matan Hatsav, Katharine Mehta, Ivo Hie, Phoebe Thomases, Olivia Mendoza, Peter Fisher; Harry Davidson, Sarah Barlow, Violet Moore, Danica Rodriguez, Adam, Hatsav, Niles Ellis, Michelle Boehm, NoraWilby, Sara-Momii Roberts, Naomi Jabouin, Chase Squier Catherine Carnes, Benno Batali Third Row: Will Balsam, Benjamin Ross, Lenny Weissman, Max Fried, Alma Bremond, Bryce Council, Cheyenne Tobias, Josh CavAhorne Second Row: Noel Diggs, Parker Burbridge, Kyle DeSouza, josh Wilson, Logan Papp, jasper Stallings,Taliana Katz, Julian Gerson First Row: Ruby Thompson, Nathaniel Magloire, Samantha Maison, Jason Boehm, Ruby Geiger; Viviane Eng






Bkck Row: Lauck Blake, Josh Cawthon, Max Fried, Gideon Le Gros, Harry Davidson,Will Balsam, Julian Gerson,Josh Wilson, Jason Hutt Front Row;Aily Kremer, Carlo Raimondo,Jayson Camacho,Jaron Evelyn,Andrew Ehrenbergand Che Cappadocia S|i



II r





•X.i', vV 'a



Back Row: Olivia Mendoza, Carin Cohen, Taiiana Katz, Edith Hollander, Lenny Weissman Jasper Stallings, David Lee, Will Yarinsky, Catherine Carnes, Marcelo James-Lukes Front Row: Alma Bremond


Seventh and Eighth Grade


Girls Basketball



Iwi ■^1


i .M w Iw


Back Row: Elizabeth Simmons, Ruby Geiger, Phoebe Thomases, Violet Moore, Charlotte Hood, Julia Greenburger Front Row: Ally Klemer, Nora Wilby, Ruby Thompson, Taliana Katz, Esme Edwards, Martine Kushner, ElizabethChan Coaches: Elizabeth Simmons, Lauck Blake

' ^ Jif^ ^

^ ® f ^



i^n'V‘-v#\* ‘*i

■VH' Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys Basketball

.......... . ‘

IfM, p

I .4' "msi

fi ^ 1 I A '■




. vp '«r* , &. %

4^m\ HUE;/

, vs/T


,, ##FT,ij V,









ti '••Mil


■ ”



Back Row: Lauck Blake, Benno Batali, Lenny Weissman, Harry Davidson, LoganPapp, Josh Wilson, Niles Ellis, Max Fried,Will Balsam, Jason Boehm, Peter Fisher Front Row: Andrew Ehrenberg, Kyle Goldfarb, Jason Camacho, Che Cappadocia Coaches: Peter Fisher, Lauck Blake


1 : H« ^ ■



Volleyball Team ‘09

Back Row: Ana Chaney, Lizzy Chan, Will Yarinsky, Simon Warren, Zachary Field, Alex Lemonides, Liam Cohen, Ryan Maeglin, Sofia Trigo, Ivo llic,Mekhi DueWhite, Juno Hobbs Middle Row: Miles Koerner, Noah Wistman, Mei-An Lee, Atticus Wakefield, Oscar Belkin-Sessler, Sadie Stern, Kerabania Muldano-Murillo, Julia Noonan, Zoe Lemonides, Lilah Van Rens, Hannah Weinstein Front Row: Miriam Ross, Anna Yarinsky, Lucy Hershfield, Otilia Olmedo-Young, Larry Kaplan, Ben Neuhaus, Leo Bremond, Pilar Olivieri, Amalia James-Lukes, Isabel Burga




Back Row: Ellen, Naomi Joubin, Danica Rodriguez, Violet Moore, Cheyenne Tobias, Samantha Maison, Esme Edwards, Katya SalvaBouazza, Elizabeth Chan, Phoebe Thomases, Lauck Front Row: Asha Hinson, Charlotte Hood, Ruby Geiger; Benno Batali, Ruby Thompson, NoraWilby, Odelia Kaly, LolaWegman.





Blue Team Back Row: Calen McGee, Adam Caplan, Mekhi DueWhite, Ethan Gyral, Noah Wistman, Max Schneider, Tracey McGee. Front Row: Lucy Hirschfeld, Anna Brooks, Leo Batali, Guthrie McCarty Vachon, Emily Silverstein, Jerry Wexler. Missing: August Sieple

Red Team Back Row: Ethan Ansorge, Kai Han, Sofia Trigo. Kaleo Grant, Antonia Frank, Juno Hobbs, Michelle Boehm. Front Row: Julia Herzfeld, Juliet Sage, Emma Rose, Hannah Weinstien, Lindsay Seitz, Pilar Olivieri, Lucas Capobianco, Tyrell Moore

Fifth and Sixth Grade Intramural Basketball

Green Team f






Back Row: Anna Goldstien, Patrick Faulkner,


Naomi Picayo, Leo Tthiusen, Sadie Stern, Amalia James-Lukes, Luca Leung, Joris Katz, Davis misi


Schwartz, Peter Fisher. Front Row: Zoe Lemonides, Oscar Belkin-Seller, Ray Figliulo, Ayden Ackerman, Josh Goldblatt,

Wr, i

^k¥i Gray Team Back Row: Alexandra Klemmer, Immanuel Zion, Ethan Levy, Alessandro Russo, Sara Caplan, Eliza Petrie. Front Row: Emilio Picayo, YoJ-Conley, Lucy Tamarkin, Isabel Burga. Missing: Julia Noonan, Charlotte Watson

I ,


v % 4^"; m

Otilia Olmedo Young, Simon Warren


Band: Phoebe Thomases, Ruby Geiger, Matan Hatsav, Taliana Katz, Sage Adams, Shayna Beaumont, jerel Blades, Jayson Camacho, Georgia Konstam, Cara Colasanti, Kyle Goldfarb, PaQuan Cuiskelly, Parker Burbridge, Lenny Weissman,, Jaron Evelyn, Gideon Le Gros Jarrett Moore, Eli Tamarkin, Jasper Stallings, Che Cappadocia, Josh Cawthon



Middle School Band and Chorus

Chorus: Benno Batali, Isabella Bulone, Sara Caplan, Alexa Code,Aiden Curtis,Antonia Frank Kaleo Grant Daxia Godoy,Julia Hertzfeld, Lucy Hirschfeld,Avery Kutis Amalia James-Lukes, Olivia Konstam, Luca Leung, Guthrie McCarty Vachon, Kerabania Murillo Maldonado, Julia Noonan, Pilar Okivieri, Otilia Olmedo Young, Eliza Petrie, Emilio Picayo, Naomi Picayo, Emma Rose, Assandro Russo, Sophia Santoro, Lindsey Seitz, Jessica Speight, Sadie Stern, Megan Thomas-Copland, InidoThornell Lila van Rens, Hannah Weinstein, Mars Wong

â&#x2013; )


hrom the L.eft Sherezada Acosta, Otilia Olmedo Young,EJ-Conley, A! Emmshflose n Caneron Finkle, NicholasVachon, HannanV\(eihs^in, Liam Choen, Simon Warren, Ella Park-Cnan


Rube Goldbur

ni ! Fromfthe.L


ong, Zj^dh



Jaim^rl ukes, Steve V^^S|trWill Yafll^ ;n.Ti ac|itenberg, ^Jiq^^Hlander, arid Olivia Dc iin, Lola

ir:« y.



2. Ouch!

I .Next time you choke, I won't believe

3. I’m gonna put that into a song!

4.What's up champ?


'A' it, IttijS ' J

6. Dude that's crazy!

5. Okay, that’s weird.

7. Yo...whats up home skillet?

8. There’s nothing wrong with that!!!

9. Ohh...Look what happened by accident!

11. *Talks in long paragraph*

*Pouts* Nooooo


LO ool




14. I cant do this!

13. ^reading a book*



16. What’s up playboy?

Eighth Grade




Baby Pictures!


C 17. %A/itches*

18. Ay! Ay!

Middle School Play and Musical!

Jungle Book Marcelo Jaimes-Lukes, Ben Trachtenberg, Mei-An Lee, Emma Rose, E.D. E^ollander, E Jeremijenko-Conley, Aiden Curtis, Odelia Kaly, Maxine Guttmann, Niles Ellis, Olivia Donstov, Juliet Sage, Chase Squier, Oscar Belkin-Sessler, Hannah Weinstein, Lilah van Rens, PaQuan Cuiskell Katya Slava-Bouzza,Andrew Ehrenberg, Carlo Raimondo, Emilio Picayo, Leo Batali, and Jayson Camacho Directed by Jpanne Magee

Mulan Danica Rodriguez, Cheyenne Tobias, Chase Sqier, Catherine Carnes, Taliana Katz, Paquan Cuiskelly Giselle Desir, Georgia Konstam. Ally Klemer, Asha Hinson, Mei An lee, Garlo Raimondo, Sage Adams, Maxine Guttman, Odelia Kaly, Katya Salva-Bouzza, ED Hollander, Marcelo James,-Lukes, Aiden Curtis, Leo Batali, Oscar Belkin-Sessler, Emilio, Mikayla Block,, Mars, Emma, Juliet Sage, Hannah Weinstein, Olivia Donstov

Figurine Painting

8th Grade Costa Rica Trip 2010

Thank Vou for your years of dedicated work at LREI!!









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Wed 12:35 PM ^

^Macintosh HD

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£gAi1 Mov4«» (^All Oocumen


This section of the yearbook is a result of the hard work and dedication of The Seventh and Eighth Grade Yearbook Staff: Taliana Katz, Ruby Geiger, Viviane Eng, Nora Wilby, Phoebe Thomasas, Ivo Ilic, Cheyenne Tobias, Catherine Cannes, Naomi Jabouin, Violet Moore, Ruby Thompson, Carlo Raimondo, Maxine Guttman Thanks To: Steve Neiman and Chris Owyoung for their photography Faculty Advisor: Carin Cohen


sJ ils 11 j>-


■m‘ C’ '_''' : "r?‘’ , , V''-; •'• *' %!'• ^’ f:^MW .^c, '4, ■• ..-.-■cv. -:-. i‘-:.4-o«



..<-«M,f..\' u,x'Mz-k s^s.-

m “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time’ -T S. Eliot


ScllOOl Pacultv Missing:Julia Heaton Vinay Chowdhry,Vincent Scialla, Pat Carter, ^ Jerry Cascio, Andrew Weiss, Vincent Barie,Art Palmer, Vejan Smith



m Ruth Jurgensen

Tom Murphy

Sarvjit Singh Moonga Micah dov Gottileb

Preethi Thomas

Margret Magee


Adria Maynor & Cheryl Reid

Orville Drummond Sergei Mikhelson






pS; Mark Bledstein

Nick O’Han

Bill Bailey

Peter Bonfanti

Ileana Jimenez ' »



Adele deBiasi Peltz Nick Sullivan

Antonio Valle

Celine Kagan

Jane Belton

i"*' X *Sr V Jfi

Guo-Qing Heaton

Ifc Susan Now

Janet Atkinson


Megan Farley-Astrachan

! «? i Peggy Peloquin


|v r ^


N Joanne Gouge

Stephan MacGillivray

Alex Greenshields & Jacob Farkas

Karyn Silverman 47

Back Row: Jane Beltonjosephine “jo”Viemister, Charles Simpson-Brown,JulienVerglas,Thomas Marin, Liam Cohen, Laurence Brent, Adam Kester, Eli Kernis,Jake Cannavale, Sarvjit Singh Moonga.

Third Row: Malcolm Staso, Aaron Feliciano, Leon Sukhram, David White, Sonya De Salle, Hayley Shear, Kaitlyn Ramirez, Emma Sydahar,Ava Gantenbein, Khalil Brown, Preethi Thomas, Julia Heaton, Micah Dov Gottlieb.

Second Row:Vinay Chowdry, Harrison “Harry” Whitford, Lily Gavin, Jacey Mossack, Rene Servisi, Sophie Furman, Beckere (Angelica) Grandison, Milo Booke, Surayya Diggs, Margaret Magee. First Row: Callie Richards, Celena Dyal,AtlasWegman,Amyrah Arroyo, Carina Cruz,Anna Goldstein, Dinayuri Rodriguez Missing: Victor Aaron


Back Row: Thomas Murphy, Dylan Chenfeld, Sam Irwin, Michelangelo “Micki” Missoni, Louie Howlet, Harlan Steed, Aaron Naves, Nicholas Cleevs,Vincent“Vinnie” Jessel,Arvid Logan, Lisa Remar, Isabel Terkuhle. Third Row: Micah Dov Gottlieb, Jesse Rubinstein, Julian Pratt, Damien Moffitt, Sasha Stomberg, Deion Desir, Jamie Cooper, Niles Diggs, Robbie Neuhaus, Steven Susana, Manael “Manny” Kennerly,Talia Feldberg, Bill Bailey. Second Row: Peggy Peloquin, Zachary “Zach”Teller, Calen McGee, Chang Liu, Jack Irving, Soloman Elias, Grace Tobin, Lucia Zerner, Hannah Silverman, Lili Thomases, Pedro Ramirez. First Row: Emma Jacoby, Maya Peart-Hill, Kevin Diaz, Simon Staples-Vangel,Taylor Brando, Hannah Rifkin, OliviaTjernberg, Lynnette Dent,Tiffany Ramos.


■I %


Back Row: Stephen MacGillivray, lanTsang, Frank Shanley, Damien Beri, Reuben Sinder,Aaron Donner, Bruno Dicorcia, Lucas Renique-Poolejake DeNicola,William Staso, Luca Schliemann,Jacob Pearce, Micah Dov Gottlieb, Guo Qing. Third Row: Ileana Jimenez, Jane Kovich, Rebekah Jimenez, Emily Wilson, Elena Jacobson, Chloerose BreeD’Orazio, Rachard Kemp, Oluwaseun Odubiro, Claire Hart, Jamal Ali,Theodore Miller, Francesca Cretella, Gracen Cloud, Montgomery Hill, Sergei Mikhelson. Second Row: Eileen Nardoza, Mindy Toro, Emma Greenberg, Cameron Diggs, Meiling Jabber, Zachary Fairfax, Ayana Workman, Sonrisa Murray-Fox, Olivia Feal, Fallon Lucombe, Sarvjit Singh Moonga. Front Row: Zoe Snow, Chelsea Delassandro, Margret Wiggins, Marissa Bendit,TatankaTan, Zoe Lubin-Fosha, Ashley Wilens, Juliana Wintrob, Lidor Foguel.


Seniors Eff

Back Row: Graham Whitford, Gabe Rudin,Woobens Celony,Joe Sharp, Steven Wolff, Kai Furbeck, William “Will” Chafkin, Robert Kiley, Kevin Schneck, Jimmy Rogers, Jake Wisdom, Daniel Montoya. Third Row: Celine Kagan, Alexandra “Ali” Garza, Emma Postal, Chappell Laird, Nadia Brent, Ben Neuhaus, Olivia Arden, Diana Festa,Jake Goodman, Kelly Otterness, Danilo “Danny” Sarmiento, Harry D’Agostino, Nathanael “Nate” Lewit, Megan Farley-Astrachan. Second Row: AntonioValle,Ana De La Cruz,Jennifer Sonenberg,Taylor Bello, Kayla Green, Nazir Khan, Hope Goodrich, Blakeley Blackman, Devon Brown, Jordan Segal, Adele deBiasi Pelz. First Row: Carrie Korn, Jodi Rapchik, Sophie Zimiles, Karye Caiza, Lori-Ann Blake, Emma de Kooning-Villeneuve, Andes Blitz-Torres, Karyn Silverman. Missing: Tyler Goldfarb, Gabe Cook, Montana Jaro,Josephina“Josie” Raccuia, Leilei O’Connor-Aoki.

Clubs and Activities! Newspaper

Advisor: Jane Belton

Advisor: Peter Bonfanti

Robotics ,ilK *%E

\ ♦* .... •'••'m-.i

Advisor: Stephen MacGillivray

Yearbook Othe.r Cl/u^3' Cl/hess j

Att3 - ^aj^e-t Atl(ifn3<=>fn

^apar> (la/-laf'<° a/nd M&dia S&e.d3 G-P Pe.aC-&

Advisor: Preethi Thomas

FALL SPORTS Volleyball

COACHES: ELKA SMITH, PREETHI THOMAS Team Members: Preethi Thomas Emma Stydahar.Amyrah Arroyo, Meilingjabbaar, Fallon Lucombe, Surayya Diggs, Hayley Shear, Marissa Bendit, Elka Smith,Ana De La Cruz, Karye Caiza,Jodi Rapchik, Leilei O’Connor-Aoki Missing: Anna Goldstein

Cross Country ''



COACH: ANTOINETTE PADILLA Team Members: Claire Hart, Jake Goodman, Nadia Brent, Margret Wiggins, Sasha Stomberg, Deion Desir, Niles Dggs, Rachard Kemp, Jamal Ali, Sonrisa Murray-Fox, Kaitlyn Ramirez, Dinayuri Rodriguez, Montgomery Hill


Girls Soccer


- -

^«38gf ■ ‘5“'’”

"■ 'V

. -.»«•' •

■;■' '«•«■ ■


COACH: PETER BONFANTI Team Members: Celena Dyal, Hope Goodrich, Elena Jacobsen, Chappell Laird, Diana Martin/ Festa, jacey Mossack, Hannah Root, Rene Servisi, Grace Tobin, Mindy Toro, Gracen Walter, Julie Wintrob, Sophie Zimiles.

Boys Soccer P':i-




.SI ■


A. jS ;.


" 'V'' ?;>■■

:; -'>x.


vU;,-■ ‘

- r--‘''’l'’.

3-"' ’ r*' .* -vr





• '■'■ ■.L’--

COACHES: CONRAD LILHANAND, PETER FISHER Team Members: Milo Booke, Laurence Brent,Woobens Celony, Gabe Cook, Jake DeNicola, Kevin Diaz,Jack lrving,Adam Kester, Nate Lewit, Oluwaseun Odubiro, Pedro Ramirez,Jimmy Rodgers,Jordan Segal,Willy Staso, Malcolm Staso, lanTsang.

Boys BasketbaU



Varsity Team


COACHES: JAMES MILLER, BILLY LIPANI Damien Beri.Will Chaficin, Gabe Cook, Bruno DiCorcia,Jake DiNicola, Solomon Elias,Aaron Naves, Jacob Pearce, Jimmy Rogers, Kevin Schneck,Willy Staso, lanTsang.

JVTeam COACHES: ANTHONY SHAY, MACKY BERGMAN Team Members: Victor Aaron, Milo Booke, Laurence Brent, Khalil Brown, Deion Desir, Niles Diggs, Louis Howlett,Jack Irving,Vinnie Jessel, Manny Kennedy Jr., Chang Liu, Malcolm Staso, Harlan Steed, Leon Sukhram.


â&#x2013; PIS'' V_J






COACHES: TOM MURPHY, PREETHI THOMAS Team Members: Taylor Bello, Marissa Bendit, Nadia Brent, Karye Caiza,Ana de la Cruz, Sonya DeSalle.Anna Goldstein, Diana Martiny Festa,Tiffany Ramos, Dinayuri Rodriguez, Hayley Shear, Emma Stydahar,Ashley Wilens, Missing: Lidor Foguel, Elena Jacobson, Jodi Rapchik




fi.'iite ’


r-.‘\ _

COACHES: PETER FISHER, LAUCK BLAKE Team Members: David White, Leon Sukhram,Will Chafkin, Devon Brown, Kevin Diaz,Victor Aaron, Adam Kester, Malcolm Staso, Simon Staples-Vangel, Thomas Marin,Vincent Jessel, Chang Liu, Jake DeNicola,William Staso, Pedro Ramirez, Maz Fried


COACHES: GABRIELLE KELLERAND STEPHEN MACGILLIVRAY Team Members: Jake Goodman, EmmaV. DeKooning, Jenny Sonenberg, Julie Wintrob, Bruno Dicorcia, Damien Beri, Reuben Sinder, Louis Howlettt, Julian Pratt, Max Fried, Julian Gerson


COACH: DAN GAYER Team Members: Rachard Kemp, Jamal Ali, Sasha Stomberg, Meiling Jabbaar, Robbie Neuhaus, Fallon Lucombe, Margret Wiggins, Niles Diggs, Deion Desir, Grace Tobin, Aaron Naves, Cameron Diggs, MichelangeloMissoni, Sonny Murray Fox, Solomon Elias, Mindy Toro, Kaitlyn Ramirez

student Government



Jimmy Rogers - President Ana De La Cruz - Vice President Taylor Bello - Treasurer Hannah Root - Secretary

Honor Board -\fTr



- '-^5



Carina Cruz, Renee Servisi, Lili Thomases, Sam Irwin, Jake DiNicola, Margaret Wiggins, Devon Brown, Montana Jaro


IE: Student Work Haiku Walk Wind rustles the leaves Trees extend to reach the sun Branches bend and sway yit.

White birds sit and wait Waves are bobbing up and down With the heads of birds The tree making noise Wind disrupts its resting limbs Angering the leaves Ants look for their food Bird sees ants crawling at feet They become a treat Searching for nature An ant crawls on my paper Nature looks for me ~ Gabe Rudin (12th Grade) ,o^xt=7 - Thte


CAfV./f^ /P'jr-

~ Callie Richards (9Th Grade)

~ Karye Caiza (l2Th Grade)

My Love.The Earth My love, the earth I have no one to share my heart with but you, oh earth I wake under unconscious moons And live sewn into fog The flippant words of friends Give way And all that’s left is love All that’s left is breath Streets stare, odious, bare I look out my window and see Houses like fireflies And concrete paved by lamplights I sail away on winds To a land of luminous grass And imperfect roses Where fireflies are fireflies And the moon gives birth To the pine trees prose’s The City melts into a river And sings the faint song of worth I am humbled by only you Spark of all flames Breath of all stars Beginner of all begginings My love, the earth -Nadia Brent (12th Grade)




1 a-yfe-Jt

‘-. .J.^.'; M I’-- ’ ’ •.. •• s-f-.J'1?;-T-;--


2>ih&<l.tsci ^ .Me^hofi



Friday, November 13TH AT 7pm SATURDaV, NOVEMBER 14th AT 2 PM AND 7 PM ..


Written and Directed by Meghan Farley Astrachan

s/^L /-„-A <;

Anybody seen my baby? m




*• t




» ■


ie}»4»-»-».. '




>»r ^


xiuiuTf oe 63 But?juop\[ 83

adoH PZ U3A9^S 9Z

/(3pj[Bia a

^!Ano 9z

3'Udos zz

uuv-uoq iz OZ AV


qoH8i PlPl ZT Ipof 91

Xuu3f gx O


3ISOJ- ex

lu^qmo ZX

UlAQ^ 6

II3ddBii3 9

IT d Biuuia 01

U0A9Q 8

e sapuy i7

XM pmva L

rav£ nvz X



V NAME Alexandra Garza Ana De La Cruz Andes Blitz-Torres Ben Neuhaus Blakeley Blackman Chappell Laird Daniel Montoya Danilo Sarmiento Devon Brown Diana Festa EmmaVilleneuve Emma Postal Gabriel Cook Gabriel Rudin Graham Whitford Harry D’Agostino Hope Goodrich Jacob Wisdom Jake Goodman Jennifer Sonenberg Jimmy Rogers Jodi Rapchik Joe Sharp Jordan Segal Josie Raccuia Kai Furbeck Kary Caiza Kayla Green Kelly Otterness Kevin Schneck Leilei O’Connor Lori-Anne Blake Montana Jaro Nadia Brent Nathanael Lewit Nazir Khan Olivia Arden Robert Kiley Sophie Zimiles Steven Wolf Taylor Bello Tyler Goldfarb William Chafkin Woobens Celony




Slash Obama Famous artist Harvard professor Famous dancer Salt Doctor Miley Cyrus Thug Nerdy, secretly cool girl M.I.A Professional rider NBA star Samurai Rock star

Graham Whitford Hilary Oompa-Lumpa Rambling crazy man on street Back up dancer for a famous dancer High blood pressure Nurse Be on telemundo Acclaimed Harvard professor Cool, secretly nerdy girl Here to stay Stable hand Director of LREI Athletics Japanese Housewife Rock star

Fidel Castro Olympic swimmer FBI agent Grateful Dead Revolutionary artist NBA coach Justin Bieber British thug Featured in MoMa Vogue Editor-in-Chief Going platinum Doctor

Lou Dobbs Lifeguard Obese Phish groupie Phish

Broadcast Journalist Real cell phone Flirting Photographer Nurse World famous novelist Famous photographer Economist, pilot, doctor Computer hacker Soul train Artist Classy Pretentious Seduced by a vampire An Artist Big man on campus Tupac

Janet’s Home Health Aid Working at Isabella Mozzarella Danny DeVito Oliver Twist Stamp designer Licking envelopes for Michael Moore’s secretary Philosophy professor Motivational speaker Next female co-host of 106 & Park Pay-as-you-go phone Small talk Mulan at Disneyworld Love Doctor Assistant to Jackie Collins Photo booth operator Alcoholic plumber Guy that sells electronics on Canal St. HGTV Skater bum Chonga Pretentious Seduced by Kim Working at her mom’s shop Chafidn Vanilla Ice



Leather, hot pink bags, big rings Curly hair Giant shirts Pointless argument Random dancing Mouth wide open Not doing his Spanish homework Blonde highlights Being the senior girls’ chosen perfect boyfriend Constantly referring to her Italian-American past Index finger dancing Drama Farting noises and cashmere sweaters Exaggerated stories Skinny jeans, plaid shirts, guitars 16, ringworm, pants without pockets Headbands Smarties Touching his bare belly French Vanilla with three straws Being late to his own presidential assembly Laugh His smell Bright clothing Being one of two Republicans at El Shiny shoes Her Kary bling Way too many sweaters Absent mindedness The Kevin Sandwich Por Fri Ri (Pork Fried Rice) Her big Angela Davis/Don King/Diana Ross hair do Luna Lovegood hair High waisted black skirts with black tights Going home just to use the bathroom Fresh kicks Long red hair Scruff Foghorn yawn Trenchcoat Her dimples Tyler-ness GUM Hair

“I can’t...I have dance” “I have an announcement...” “Do I have chocolate on my face? “Insert weird noise here” “Guys, guys, I have something to tell you.” “I have to pee again!” “Oh yeah?” “Pen!$...*snicker* *snicker* *snicker* “Mumble, mumble, mumble....son” “Can my Jersey friends come too?” “Why are you still talking to me?” *frantically* “Have you graded my test yet?” Something referring to Woobens’ weight “I could rip out Harry’s heart with my bare hand” “Is it my last chance/ to get it right...” “I’m Salma Hayekll” “Is it ok if he’s only 4 years younger?...” *insert rude imitation here* “Oh kill you” “If I had a sword, I would chop my legs off” (In Harlem to Orville) “Smells like home” “Greaaaaaatt!” “Fine, you win” *Quiet thoughts.* “Clearly...” “Have you seen Graham?” “Estop it” “Oh my gawwd! Lori, STOP!” “Oh shoot I forgot” (while sitting on couch) “Maaaa!” “Yo back up!” “I can’t stand (insert teacher’s name here)” “This is dedicated to Susan Goodman” “Ooh that reminds me of this writer/philospher” “I did it on the streets of Hoboken” “Yo, my best boy at Supreme hooked me up” “No, Gabe, you can’t have my phone” “You hanging out tonight?” (Tuesday afternoon) (Brooklyn accent) “What are you talking about?” “Where did you hear that?” (to Kai) “You, me, dark room...5 minutes” “Go with the flow guys.” **wave motions** “No, you’re wrong” “Yo! Let’s get some food! I’m hungry!”

Jordan Segal is

Daniel Montoya

least likely to ever

is least likely to

wear baggy pants

smell bad

Most/Least likely to... Taylor Bello is

Jake Wisdom is most likely to

Jodi Rapchik is

Emma Villeneuve

Nadia Brent is

Chappell Laird is

most likely to marry a movie

be mistaken for

most likely to live

is most likely to

least likely to

most likely to be

Chafkin in 10

in Yogurtland

laugh in your face

brush her hair

a soccer mom


Josie Raccuia is Jake Goodman is most likely to break his laptop

least likely to ever come near El

Kayla Green is

is most likely to

least likely to

break out into

know how to

a karate-techno

open the doors in


the lobby

Nazir Khan is

Gabriel Rudin

Harry D’Agostino

most likely to

is most likely to

is most likely to

steal all your

accidentally kiill

be “interrogated”



by the FBI

Jenny Sonnenberg is most likely to call you an idiot

after graduation

Kevin Schneck

Kary Caiza is Graham Whitford is most likely to marry Alexandra

Olivia Arden is

most likely to

Tyler Blair is most

make sure her

likely to attend

name is spelled

Burning Man



Sophie Zimiles

Festa is most

is most likely to

likely to marry

open a Greek

Taye Diggs


is least likely to

most likely to become a T-Pain impersonator


Devon Brown Diana Martiny Lori-Ann Blake

star and then leave him for Kai

Rob Kiley is least is most likely to

Andes Blitz-Torres

likely to attend

is most likely to

our high school

set the world on



watch corny Tyler Perry movies with his family

Jimmy Rogers is

Steven Wolff


least likely to ever

is most likely

Hope Goodrich is

be better than

to reach his

least likely to eat

Gabe Cook at

theatrical height



Ana de la Cruz is

Emma Postal

most likely to be

is most likely to

the first woman

enslave Gabe



Kelly Otterness

Nate Lewit

Woobens Celony

Montana Jaro

is most likely to

is most likely

is least likely to

is most likely to

forget about and

to become

order a salad

have a harem

sleep through

the mayor of



in high school

Ali Garza is most likely to end up on the cover of Graham’s first album

Leilei O’ConnorAoki is most likely to go into a food coma

Kai Furbeck is

Gabe Cook is

Ben Neuhaus

most likely to get

most likely to die

is most likely to

a manicure &

with a basketball

accidentally cure


in his hand



Blackman is most likely to become a

Will Chafkin is


Danny Sarmiento is most likely to

least likely to shave

Michael Jackson

act like Fez from ‘That 70’s Show”

Joe Sharp is most likely to be in the shower

Dear Senior Class of 2010, It’s erunch time. We’re sitting in the library with roughly ten pages to go and less than 24 hours to eomplete them. So, with the infinitesimally small probability of aceomplishing this goal getting smaller and smaller as we type, we thought we’d pause to say a couple things, since at this point, we’re here until 9 pm anyway. Each year we have inhabited Elisabeth Irwin High School something incredible, memorable and revolutionary has happened. Coincidence? We think not. So let’s go back to the beginning of time, also known as 9th grade. It was fall of 2006 when we all entered the old lobby, before it looked like an Intensive Care Unit. Some people were already friends, some people were awkward, and oth­ ers were napping in the comer. Needless to say, we were all weirdos, but it was our weirdness that made us the most epic grade ever to enter or exit EL We lost a few people along the way, those who couldn’t stand how dope we were: - Curtis “I live on Rector St” Seeman - Manolo “Mother You’d Like To” Gonzales - Gia Roberts is watching you - David Keltz: “What are you looking at?” - Who was Molly Brown? - Hi, I’m Claudia Berger and I’ve been in college since sophomore year - Damien the-hot-French-dude - Where is Anthony Edwards DeWald? Studio art room. All we gotta say is BOY, DID YOU GUYS MISS OUT!! Below is an effort to summarize our amazing four years at this fine institution; - 2007 was in Tyler’s basement. - 2008 was strobe lights - 2009 was 12 am and I’m starting my essay - 2010 was the year of blow up dolls.. ..Tiger Woods included. In conclusion, we love y’all sooooooooooo much. Our coolness, our quirkiness and our togetherness have prepared us to rock the world. We’re sure we’ll see people from our graduating class winning Oscars, curing cancer, playing in the NBA, and posing on the cover of Forbes. Good luck at college or wherever you’re headed next year! See you at the reunion in 2020. DENY‘TIL YOU DIE! Love Nadia, Taylor & Jodi

These students are still a part of our class, but chose not to have senior pages...

Blakeley Blackman Daniel Montoya Daniel Sarmiento Jake Goodman Jimmy Rogers Joe Sharp Nathanael Lewit Nazir Khan Rob Kiley Sophie Zimiles Woobens Celony

> mj^rs^r‘wv u




IM '9^'' V

CMTvTa OLrden


3 ^




"u)e oCiTsh love, peace, and s^ol.”- Don (Lonneffos

■• t -


'^LOe'll meeA- o0c^n, donV Knou^ u^lnere,


cS6n 4- hriCoCi oCilnen, ho^ X Kn^cAi cajc^H mec4a0a?n, some sonn^da^/^ - Vera .... .

.... \l I




'%p* ’


■ -•;









P* 1



\ Vil-




........ S...............

i m

I ‘ii 9

r.-"» ..;R




;i» ■Ri





' .f


:jLvliiBI.=:i|j?^||i^ >s:’S.'''' '''>'P^-Sis;'':'::i!s:'?^5i?lS;



'" ‘........

, V »«*> ''


■■" ':':P '?P'=^'aP^p!p£!3p|a||iSi:iVi,V''v 'pigpSiSPSPfPv' 'P


j-*''Paf'"' ’

....................... , ..........




„™..! %.■• .... ...

r|:|;,p|lll||:;::|||| ■





p fevp;p:ivi|i;piii]j|pi;:ip'P '

..p. ■' ' :P;' P;>

'PlpvIpjPivksfS^' ■'■■■'■■ '■' 'p,'.'’".P. " ^''Ppjir.p'P'c;';P. p" ■•■:•,' ■'.••.■■'■

'Pp'.iP'r''■ . :■'





j •-« I , \ f .





|.;';............ .................








... ^ a“S£» :V'V;.v',,.................................... , ^

JO^ //^




1 ‘ "'*


. if* (I- *


sar& or sour CaUHOT -Srarc£os

awo ausolto

This page belongs tg;

Hop4 Jlit SfmoH^ Lindley (juiMmum. Q can you say that three times fast?

"Beauty in things exists m the mind which contemmm them." - David Hume sH',


rpiS-> (t^' >=

V . ' • ;



A ■m.


*Tb -tV\ose. I ^Tom-W\c •v\«n€. I voAs it^ iw< moTnm\|'s •tomm'i, \ U3CXS

ir^rA lOM-e. 'VY\o«\

^n%e u3oo\<ji-WA<M l« v\otwanls possible. \b«xAV» >|oo au «or «{\u<\<| rff«i \ic^ «m+*> 40M Olt\dL€!OfVf^(cjib4^l\C9^ *V<2>

P<XVm C^H«4iW U>«%lr% U>%\iOM\S^ CdlOCS i O)00S«.

\ \o»6 >^oo,l lo'ie.>^ou,l\o>»«>|oo, lYie

IMS^ %%


< W'rs








5ooneR. OR. L^^+eK. we will Discover. \ha^ the imPori'ant momenfe wcrc no+ ihe miLeatones, but the PebbLe^ we c^rne acRS>GG aior)g ihe mi. 'rhe^f we^e ihe gWg of a sioop, ihe in^ipe Jokie^, ihe fL^^hes of $iRObe Li^hi$, ihe i^iPs of a Lifeiime, ihe fRjenPs ih^^i once we^e^ ihe ones ih^^i Rem^in^ ihe seais aW Rooms ihai ^Re now = emPii OUR. iime heRe wus meusuReP b'/ ihese unp foR. us senioRS^ ihui is ihe ? RewuRp.

l-ove^ Anu




The Squad 09-10


■■V:. s



"■^■■’*' ■'


- - m'.'x '■' i^.^M




"'Y^# ■'^1l


rt00 <u







■■■■;■■■ ■

.'. j-tnaaBitigitMBgi

iwAk fi'

m, XX)



i -<wtS3

-XA: ■;■


,v* w^P


ii-'. -VV:,

r> >




m Ml



*!■ I

For everyone who walked with me on beaches, let me take naps on them and kept me smiling for 17 years... thank you i love you





ALEXANDRA Watching you grow to become the amazing young woman that you are has been the highlight of our lives. We are incredibly proud of all that you do and all you’ve accomplished! Congratulations! Love, Mommy & Daddy


Dear GabeC, We love and support you.We have confidence in your ability to take on whatever life brings your way! ST/TMWC/LP

Congrats JakeG! Cross CountrySc Community Service Tennis &Taming of the Shrew We love you xo Go ORANGE! M&D

I Ana: Words can’t express how proud we are of you. We had dreams with you which were accomplished, now is your turn to dream even bigger! Mommy, Layna & Huascar

Andes, we are so proud of you. Live the life you want to live. Create art! You will always have our support and unconditional love. D&M

Danilo: Behind every success there is ambition, and behind ambition there’s strength & tremendous effort involved...We believe and support you & your goals always!! Love always. Mom & Dad!

Congratulations, Devon for a job well done! You are going into another chapter in your life. Remember to be true to yourself.

Congratulations GabeR Your academics, martial arts, jazz sax, community service, meaningful friendships and acceptance into Carleton College have made us very proud parents. Subarashi! M&D

Dear JakeW: From your greatest admirers who always said you could do it! You did it your way! ...And the best is yet to come. Love, Mum, Dad & your siblings & mates

My sweet Graham.

JENNY, We can’t believe you’re a senior about to graduate and will be at Bennington in the fall - We’re so very proud of you! Xoxo mom,dad&eliz

I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and the wonderful loving and thoughtful person that you are! As Dr. Seuss said “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.” Love always. Mom________


I Leilei Wonderful One: As you grow, our love grows with you. O, S, D, M


Dear Diana, Your family stands behind you in all that you do, in all that you are, and in all that you become. Congratulations! XO Mom, Dad & Lisa

Dear Harry, Enjoy every minute of every day - make beautiful music, see the world, and GO GREEN! Your future is shining ahead of you... love. Mom

Emma Claire Postal you make us proud

To HopeiYou make us proud every day!

everyday.We love you and celebrate your success. Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations and all our love. Mom, Dad, Charlotte (and Buster!)

Congratulations Jimmy! We are so proud of who you are! We love you Dad, Mom & Stella Rose

Jojo,You have always been a shining light for us! We know you will continue to accomplish great things!! LuvYou Mom,Dad,Adam

Joe,We wish you success, health and happiness in this new chapter of your life.We are very proud of you. Love, Mum and Dad

Dear Kelly, we love you dearly.We know that you will suceed in all things you love to do.You are the person you are

Robert Follow your dreams and the universe will open doors. Love, Mom & Dad

meant to be.

Will: So much to be proud of: Ending, Beginning Child, Man Calvin, Jeremy Butter, Bolognese Old life. New life Build on what you know Leap into the unknown Love, M, D, 1

1 Woobens:

Jordan: Proud would not be an accurate description of how we feel. It’s love. It’s excitement, because you are now Jordyman, not Jordy-boy. Dearest Josie. I You are a spark of light, creative, enthusiastic, loving, genuine and lempathic.


I Shine bright! Love Mor, Far, Sof Dear Kai,Thanks for all the fish.You are truly our pride and our joy. Don’t forget our house seats, please, bop bop bop, bop-bop. Lots of love, K&A Kayla,The time has

Kevin Always a Pleasure! Love

the Z team

Mom, Dad & Neil

loves you!!!!

Lori-Ann:You are amazing! I am Proud to be your mom. Enjoy college. When you call don’t say “money” or you will hear click, lol. Love you. Mom Oscar Wilde told me to remind you:“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” keep loving yourself - you will get everywhere you want to go. Love Mama Tana, just stay the way you are - very smart and creative woman. On top of that you just completed 4 of your hardest, years. I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU... Love...Dad___________

May God bless you.

Congrats to our amazing Nadia! It has been such a

Congratulations on

pleasure to watch

your achievement, many

you grow into such a beautiful smart and

passed and you are on your way to college.

more to come. I am very proud of you. Love always, Mom

Sophie: You’ve bammed it!!

wise Lady.

Dear Steven: We are very glad you survived High School. Seemed iffy for a while. Love, Mom and Dad

CheesecakeThank you for all your hard work these past 4 years! We are very proud of you! Love Mom & Dad

Tyler, I can’t believe this day has come.There have been ups & downs—but mostly ups! I am so proud of you and have the utmost confidence in the success of your future journeys. I love you with all my heart. Dad

We are so proud of all you have accomplished! Love you Mom & Dad Blakeley, you have accomplished a lot, keep it up!

Daniel, we are all behind you. When EmmaV speaks we should all listen because if we are ever so lucky, we’ll hear what she has to say, and if we are fortunate we’ll understand.

Karye, we are so proud of you.

Nate, good job and good luck.

Nazir, the days at LREI are now over, its time to take your own path, OLIVIA: Time to spread your wings and soar. CONGRATS! LOVE, MOM & DAD



We want to give a special thanks to the faculty members who will be leaving us this year. Thank you for devoting so much of your time and effort to our community!

Guo-Qing Heaton

Janet Atkinson



Joanne Gouge nil

Carrie Korn

Amy Shapiro


ll! mvt ? ■■




Spe.diaJ M&ahon Asttadha/i^


1mmP<DtS(l-/ie.y d.&/i^e. KuQO/iy

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Expression 2010