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Little Red Sckool House & Elisabeth Irwin High School

June 2007

Dear Class of 2007, Congratulations on all that you have accomplished while at LREI. Some of you have been here for four years, others for fourteen. All have made the most of the time you have spent in our community. Your hard work, your passion, your intelligence and your talents have been supported by, and have added to, the community. We are richer for your time here. You face ever-broadening challenges as you move from our close-knit community on Charlton Street to the wider world of college, and beyond. You will surely use those academic skills that you have developed during high school. You will write and read, calculate and experiment and reason and research. You will communicate in more than one language. Will you be able to apply the other lessons learned at LREI? Will you create community as well as art? Will you work to understand those whose life experiences are different from your own? Will you fight for the rights of the less fortunate? Will your life be evidence of your values? We have every confidence that you will continue to make the world a better place. We hope that you continue to strengthen LREI through your involvement as members of the Alumni Association. We look forward to hearing of your future successes. We are proud of all that you have done. Best wishes,

Philip Kassen




Little Red Sckool House & Elisabeth Irwin High School To the Class of 2007,

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter for your yearbook, to leave one final thought and address a class I truly feel affection for and admire. The Class of 2007 is filled with thoughtful leaders, extraordinary athletes, active citizens and brilliant artists. Each one of you has contributed so much to our community. The next class has a lot to live up to; the legacy you are leaving behind is one every class can aspire to. Truly, the legacy you are leaving is one of sound leadership. Recently, I enjoyed a visit to the Museum of Natural History. While waiting at coat check, I had the opportunity to read two statements from where I was standing near the rotunda. They are both attributed to Theodore Roosevelt. One states, “A man's usefulness depends upon his living up to his ideals insofar as he can. It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.. .Only those are fit to live who do not fear to die and none are fit to die who have shrunk from the joy of life and the duty of life.” How does this first statement fit with the legacy you leave? Simply, as a class, you lived up to your ideals, to your commitment to leadership, to having a high school filled with spirit. As a class, you have determined that, not only is the joy of life important, but you all take seriously the “duty of life.” You were role models, thoughtful and representative of the mission of the ideals of the school. Further, your commitment to success, while defined individually but pursued collectively, was your foundation for the year. You supported each other as a class for the good of the school, even with the diversity of groups within the class. What was most interesting to witness was the desire amongst all of you to be close, to be effective, to come through and end the year with a feeling of togetherness. The second statement declares, “I want to see you game.. .1 want to see you brave..., and I also want to see you gentle and tender. Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. Courage, hard work, selfmastery, and intelligent effort are all essential to successful life. Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike.” Leadership is the practice of character. The leadership the Class of 2007 demonstrated this year is a very good indication of what is to come for each one of its members. As Roosevelt suggests, preserve your courage, your generosity, your consideration, practicality, and good judgment. Be brave, live and love your lives. Thank you for all you have left the school, and know that we will miss you.

Best, Ruth Jurgensen 3


Elaine Winter

Mark Silberberg

Ruth Jurgensen

Director of School

Lower School Principal

Middle School Principal

High School Principal

Rowe n a Penaranda

Sharon DuPree

Megan Dunphey

Delia Hernandez

Assistant to the Director

Director of Diversity and Community

Lower School Assstant Principal

Lower School Assistant Principal

Kitty High stein

Mary Young

Cassie Stafford

Lower and Middle School Nurse

Lower School Admissions & Early ChildhoodLearning Specialists

Assstant Director of Middle School Admissions

Business Office TemaTischler Paul Waters, Michel de KonkolyThege, Marie Horan.



Phillip Kassen


Tracie McGee Business office Associate


Cheryl Reid

Adria Maynor

Receptionist, Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant to HS Principal

Javier Ortega

Robert Romero

Liza Sacks



Alumni Relations Coordinator

Special thanks to the people not shown on this page who contribute tremendously to the school: The Development Office The Admissionss Office Afterschool Coordinators and Teachers Cater 2 You Food Staff Mary Shea, Eileen Dougherty, LorraineTollelfson, Jose Pena



LS specialists <


Harriet Lieber

Tina Lane

Ann Schaumburger

Helen Yoo

Celeste Dorsey

Lower School Learning

Lower School Reading

Lower School Art Teacher

Lower School Music Teacher

Lower School Technology



Little Red Chorus Director


Rati Stolley

Julie Sterling

Harriet Cuffaro

Dawn Wheatley

Irene Baigorri

Lower School Physical

Lower School Spanish Teacher

Lower School Social Studies

Lower School Math Specialist

Lower School Literacy

Education Teacher












o £ JO

6 "TV


class photos Beth Binnard and Molly Clarke’s Fours

Front row: Pali Detre, Flynn Kochey, Brunu Servisi, Emanuella Parungao, Amanda Maeglin, Sophie Stomberg-Firestein. Middle row: Cameron Glass, Regan Boyle,Tallulah Walz, Giro Bright, Julian Ansorge, Sophie Seiplejane Olsen, Madeleine McNally. Back row: Molly Clarke (teacher), Louis Russo, Jackson Meli, Jack Denton, Isabel Eccies, Beth Binnard (teacher). Missing: Skyler Pierce-Scher; and Charles McCoy.

DianeThatcher and Lisa Chung’s EK


DO CD -o


Front row: Dove Bonjean-Alpart, Jaquelin Adler Charlotte FHakmoun, Cameron Krakowiak, Maisy Hoffman. Middle row: Eve Butler Maya Hanson, Sophie Kielian, Elias Bunnell, Anna FaulknerThibaud Roy, Sophia Will,Theodora Dotson. Back row: Lisa Chung (teacher), DianeThatcher (teacher), Belle Fraser Alexander Guira, Stella Achenbach, Casper Piasecki, Owen Ackerman, Caio Rodolfo, Jason Whitelaw, Rose Coffield (student teacher).

LU ■o

rcj to



Lauren Bien and Laura Aramanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kindergarten

Front row: MaxYashar William Fisher KaiTsurumaki, Caleb Siltler NinaTheisen. Middle row: Claire Greenburger Kellin F^ostler-Burrows, Florence Finkelstein, Jared Sage, Maxine Reilly, Wilder Cosaboom-Son, Kate Olsen, Emma Weitz. Back row: Laura Bien (teacher), Ella Wexler Jackson Wakefield, Jane Brooks, Renzo Olivieri, Sacha Vince, Austin Getz, Laura Araman (teacher). Missing: Finn Pierce-Scher

Luise Haladay and Julia Rassmannâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kindergarten

Front row: Asaru Wahls, Siena Harris-Gisslen Carmen Brooks, Miles Dorsey, Liam Butler-Schafen Celia Babini, Cameron Schneider Karrin Lowe, Rose Merjos, Peyton Presutti, Lily Ezrow. Middle row: Julia Rassmann (teacher), Katherine Barden, Brianna Burton, Justin Blades, Wells Kochey Jasper Rosenberg, Ava Gural, Zebulon Stafford, Kiyomi Johnson, Luise Haladay (teacher), Kristin Marchetto (student teacher). Not Pictured: Nicolo Carandini. 7\

fD ffQ PJ



Dorothy Mehler and Stacey Miehe’s First Grade

1st! Lr£~

Pr 1








Front Row: Anna Yarinsky, Nolan Young, Alexandria Jones, Maxwell Irikura, Lola Picayo, Dalton Salisbury jack Kranes, Maya Schultz. Back Row: Dorothy Mehler (teacher), Rhys Busillo, Lulu Grant, Samuel Kielian, LovedayTrumbull, Benjamin BijurVincent Agnello, Stacey Miehe (teacher). Missing: Devon Donahue, Mathew Zabala.

Gina Goldmann and Rebecca Schwartz’s First Grade

list A rArr "Cl >.

■■ ■ i



Pp S

pfX H Front Row: Eve van Rens, Julia Meltzer Dezwon Dieudonne, Otto Piasecki, Daria Richman Price, Luke Schimmel. Back Row: Rebecca Schwartz (teacher), Brandon Hartley Devon Presutti, jack Fessenden, Xavier Guira, MalaikaTapper Pauline Cochran, Ethan Ehrenberg, Zoe Carter Gina Goldmann (teacher), Lachlan Elam.


Jamie Atlas and Bonnie Maloneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s First Grade

Front row: Riley Siltlen Rachel Morrow, Mei Carter Calvin Hansen. Middle row: Bonnie Maloney (teacher), Finn Droga, Joseph Keefe, Alexandra Detre, Sophia Cook, Jamie Atlas (teacher). Back row: Angie Sampath (student teacher), Camilo Durr Sophia Raccuia, Blaine Mclndoe, Harrison Kassen, Dave Edson (student teacher). Missing: Chloe Kellison, Homer Gere,Theodor Holm,

Colleen Moore and Michael Parrishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Second Grade

.nd 2nd Gn

Front row: LucyTamakin, Emily Silverstein, Sofia Santoro, Ayden Ackerman, Sadie Stern, Guthrie McCarthy Vachonjerrold Wexler Middle row: Sarah Grados, Jackson Faulkner Pilar Oliver Sam Lee, Amalia Jamies-Lukes, Jack Cameron, Maya Hues, Stella Rose Graham, Back row: Colleen Moore (teacher) Noah Wistman, Isabel Walz, Owen Gerson, Chelsea Maeglin, William Pardoe, Julia Herzfeld, Joris Katz, Lucas Capobianco, Michael Parrish (teacher).


Tasha Hernandez and Romy Goldsmithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Second Grade

Front Row:Tahnen Profit, Zoe Lemonides,Tyrrell Moore, Sophie Yashar Salvatore Agnello, Rohan Mundiya. Middle Row: Jessica Speight, Lucinda Hirschfeld, Kerabania Murillo-Maldonado, Alexander Diamond, Charlotte Watson, Davis Schwartz, Halle Gunsberge. Back Row: Isabel Burga, Romy Goldsmith (teacher), Julia Noonan, Morgan Burbridge, MaganThomas-Copland, Lachlan Woolsey Leo Theisen, August Seiple, Isabella Bulone,Tasha Hernandez (teacher), Justine Goldberg. Missing: Mirette Nunez.

Sandra Chapman and Meredith Pressmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Third Grade




T "O



Front Row: Mars Wong, Elisa Petrie, Adam Caplan, Emma Rose, Avery Kutis. Middle Row: Julia Fisher Andrew Koonce, Emilio Picayo, Alexa Code, Chloe Eisen, Max Schneider Kyra Whitelaw, Alessandro Russo. Back Row: Sandra Chapman (teacher), Melanie Russo, Kai Han, Olivia Konstam, Maxson Wagenberg, Sofia Trigo, Kaleo Grant, Meredith Pressman (teacher). Missing: Ethan Ansorge, Derick Grant, Larone Koonce, Sabrina Sablosky.



Kelly O’Keefe and Ayanna Greenidge’sThird Grade

Front row: Alexandra Reilly,Vadim Imperioli, Sara Caplan, Daxia Godoy Lilah van Rens. Middle row: Hanna Weinstein, Leo Batali, Otilia Olmedo Young, Brandon Young, Juliet Sage, Antonia Frank, Atticus Wakefield, Naomi Picayo. Back row: Kelly O'Keefe (teacher), Ethan Gural, Lawrence Sprague, InikoThornell, Zachary Feal, Anna Brooks, Miles Koerner Ayanna Greenidge (teacher). Missing: Jacob Zabala.

Gwen Morrison and Thomas hurley’s Fourth Grade

3_ §

ith Gr;

Front row: Sage Adams, Mei-An Lee, William Yarinsky, Hana Mundiya, Jack Rothstein. Middle row: Maxine Guttmann, Andrew Ehrenberg, Eve Le Neveu, Harmon Pardoe, Elizabeth Chan, Asha Hinson, Olivia Hoffman. Back row: Winnifred Bonjean-Alpart, Gwenn Morrison (teacher),Carlo Raimondo, Georgia Konstam, Ryan Maeglin, Julia Soldano, Wally McLallen, Lily Carruthers,Thomas Murley (teacher). Missing: Julia Greenburger




Suzanne Cohen and Caroline lohnstonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fourth Grade


Front row: Jayson Camacho, Mikayla Block, EliTamarkin, Danielle Cohen, Martine Kushner Middle row: Odelia Kaly, PaQuan Cuiskelly, Jerel Blades, Matthew Soldano, Michelle Polton-Simon, LolaWegman, Back row: Julia Greenbeyer Abby Field (student teacher), Marcelo Jaimes-Lukes, David Cataletto (LS permanent substitute teacher), Samantha Kraftsow, Benjamin Trachtenberg, Alexandra Klemen Jarrett Moore, Katya Lugo-Salva, Suzanne Cohen (teacher), Charlotte F-lood, Caroline Johnston (teacher). Missing: FHarmon Pardoe.



"iVtid(& School


Jennifer Haakmat

Mark Silberberg

Jennifer H. Swan

Steve Neiman

Middle School

Gabrielle Keller

Carin Cohen

Lynne Cataffi

Sherezada Acosta

Sheila Kanchwala

Wendy Bassins Fifth Grade

5th riCf TOi|

4 : Li




' N


i jj

k, -j


Front Row: Ryan Park-Chan, Benno Batali, Parker Stack,Viviane Eng. Middle Row: Parker Burbridge, Noel Diggs, Margaux Lignel, Jasper Kitchen, Jourdan Espeut, Irena Ehrilich, Back Row: Violet Moone, Katharine Mehta, Josh Wilson, Kyla DeSouza, Max Fried, NoraWilby Cindy Cochran, Niles Ellis, Wendy Bassin.

Heather Brandstetterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fifth Grade

5th %

iLVl PtF

Nv hjf-


M- A W

-1 A*


Front Row: Maurice Russo, Ben Irving, Ruby Gieger Julian Gerson. Middle Row: Zac Capobianco, Will Balsam, Emma Sprague, Alex Lemonides, Ruby Thompson, Cole Fenton, Catherine Games. Back Row:Taliana Katz, Olivia Medoza, Ivo Hie, PheobeThomases, Nicolas Baez, Skye Brown, Noah Greenburg, Feather Brandstetter U 18

Front Row: Kirra Deihl, Harry Whitford, Shulian Murray-Hilton, Ava Gantenbein, Atlas Wegman. Middle Row: Milo Booke, Sadie Heisler; Laurence Brent, Rene Servisi, Malcom Staso, Liam Moore, Back Row: Frank Portella, Rachel Kaly, Liam Cohen, Surayya Diggs, Adam Kester Diana Sabio, Lily Gavin, Sherezada Acosta.

Lynne Cataffiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sixth Grade

Front Row: Anna Goldstien, Isbella Crowley, Charles Simson-Brown, Edith Villavicencio, Sophie Savides, David White, Kymbia Bobb. Back Row: Jennifer Hubert-Swan, Meghan Wirtz,Thomas Marin, Amyrah Arroyo, Madeline Petrie, Jeff Banastera, Dominic Konstam, Nile Adams, Lynne Cataffi, Hannah Conley. >th



Front Row: Aliza Holmes, Cameron Finkle, Cellie Pardoe, Sophia Felstead, Gaia Raimondo, Robbie Neuhaus, Maya Peart-Hill, Lilly Day Middle Row: Zaran Lavani,Victor Diggs,Talia Feldberg, Jack Gregory, Brianna Saunders, Quinn Hood, Hannah Silverman, Deion Desir; Jimmy Hall.

Matthew Rosen’s Seventh Grade



Front Row: Sasha Stomberg, Niles Diggs, Ella Park-Chan, Hannah Rifkin, Sophie Erlich, Maya Pintar Middle Row: Sam Irwin, Galen McGee, David Eisenjack Irving, Emma Jacoby, Ava Crawford, Julian Pratt, Lili Thomases. Back Row: Matthew Rosen, Nicholas Cleves, Manny Kennedy AmaTorres, Aaron Naves, Amy Matlock, Cole Kitchen, Gabrielle Keller

£ 20


Front Row: Margret Wiggins, Andrea Cetra, Willy Staso.Theo Hoffman.Tatanka Tan, Damien Beri, Nat Marcus, Jamal Ali, Honour Masters, RavenIsertot, Emily Saso. Middle Row:Amy Weiss Meyer, Madhuri Severgnini, Chloerose Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Orazio, Charlie Burlingham, Jake DeNicola, Emily Wilson, Francesca Cretella, Nikeisha Watson, Annie Pardoe, Eda Herzog-Vitto.Tom Carswell, Mint Toro. Back Row: Sarah Barlow,, Zoe Snow, Aaron Donner,Zachary Schiller, Frank Shanley, Emma Greenberg, Lucas Renique.Yael Rizowy, Hannah Root, Reuben Sinder, Emani Stewart, Ian Tsang, Noah Conley,Julie Wintob, Noni Polhill.





5CL fD



'th Grade Williamsl

Greenkill 2006 Fifth and Sixth Grade

GO Seventh & Eighth Grade VOLLEYBALL Team!!

Front Row: Cellie Pardoe.Ava Crawford, Sophia Felstead.Yael Rizowy, Julie Wintrob, Margret Wiggins, Emily Saso, Back Row: Emily Wilson, Hannah Root, Emani Stewart, Mint Toro, Claire Hart, Andrea Cetra,Amy Weiss-Meyer, Honour Masters , Deion Desir. Absent: Annie Pardoe.Theo Hoffman.


Middle School Cross Country Team Front row: Amy Matlock, Eda Herzog-Vitto, Sasha Stomberg. Back row: Cole Kitchen,Jimmy Hall, Quinn Hood, Frank Portella,

Z W)

Midde School Soccer Team Front row: Willy Staso.Jamal AN, Jack Irving, David Eisen, Niles Diggs, Jack Gregory Back row: Nat Marcus, Jake DeNicola, lanTsang.Tom Carswell Noah Conely, Frank Shanley, Cole Kitchen, Quinn Hood. 21





1 < v i?

, ■' *






i m






Front: Eda Herzog-Vitto, Emily Wilson, Margret Wiggins. Back: Coach Victor Diggs, Emani Stewart, Hannah Root, Claire Hart, Emma Jacoby, Maya Peart-Hill, Coach Orville Drummond.

Girls Seventh & Eighth Grade Basketball



n ' -E" - ^

" •

The Middle School Girls finished their season with a second place finish in the Town Tournament. They ended the year finishing as Co-Champions

J____ I f

of the GISAL League. d

7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball

PS m








> f1 TifflVTiU-

F .,


i =.,.— 28

1 7-



I3is mjÂŤi

Front Row: Niies Diggs, Calen McGee, Cole Kitchen, Jack Irving and Deion Desir. Back Row: Quinn Hood, Jimmy Hall,Aaron Naves, Manny Kennerly, Coach Marcus Chang.

Boys Seventh Grade Basketball th G rade Boy:


Boys Eighth Grade Basketball Team

Front Row: Willy Staso,TatankaTan, Jamal All. Back Row: Nat Marcus,Tom Carswell, Jake DeNicola, Reuben Sinder, lanTsang, Frank Shanley, Damien Beri, Aaron Donnen Louie Hernandez.


Navy Team

Red Team

Front:Taliana Katz, Laurence Brent, Benno Batali, Jasper Kitchen, Front: Jordon Espeut, Maurice Russo, Ben Irving, Liam Moore, Noel Diggs. Bade Victor Diggs, Olivia Mendoza, Anna Goldstein, Ruby Thompson. Back: Jesse Highstein, Nile Adams, Sophie Savides, Amyrah Arroyo, Dominique Konstam, Zac Capobianco, Josh Wilson. Surayya Diggs, Nora Wilby, Alex Limonides, Coach Gabrielle Keller

Fifth and Sixth Grade Intramural Basketball

Grey Team

Black Team


rr Q. On


o 3




d Front: Liam Cohen, Niles Ellis, David White, Parker Stack, Will Balsam. Bade Malcom Staso, Nicholas Baez, Phobe Thomases, Lily Gavin, Meghan Wirtz, Edith Villavivencio, Coach Noni Polhiil.

FrontThomas Marin, Rachel Kaly, Atlas Wegman.Viviane Eng, Noah Greenburger Bade Coach Zack Weber Adam Kester Isabella Crowley Skye Brown, Ruby Geiger Max Fried, Coach Sarah Wyatt.


CD in


Middle School Band


’ ^ I


“ v.



Zoe Lubin-Fosha Ben Irving iHlk \ Jack Gregory Taliana Katz f;«-gi Max Fried HH Niles Ellis Maurice Russo Parker Stack Will Balsam Theo Hoffman Jake DeNicola


1 ^ 4 C:

7- >




■ "’1%

Middle School Chorus



Henry Chapin Sophie Erlich, Gaia Raimondo,Ceilie Pardoe Talia Feldberg,Sasha StombergAva Crawford Jack Irving, Lili Thomases,Hannah Silverman Taliana Katz,Hannah Rifkin,Emma Sprague, Catherine Carnes, NoraWilby, Niles Ellis, Ben Irving, Jasper Kitchen.

Middle School Band And Chorus


The Robotics Team

Team Members: David White, Charles Simpson-Brown, Deion Desir, Isabella Crowley, Cameron Finkle, Liam Cohen, Hannah Conley, El la Park-Chan, Maya Peart-Hill and Nicholas Cleves. Team Leader: SherezadaAscota.

This, year the LREI Robotics Tea m won two awards at the FIRST LEGO League(FLL) Games. They won both the first place Teamwork Award and

mâ&#x2013; 1 :



the third place Champions Award.


73 O


O fe ' "rj




Eighth Grade Baby Photos da, 2. Aaron, 3, Amy, 4.

I .“Actually (laughs).”

2. “Cheese..,where?”

5.“No offense or anything.”

6. “That’s Interesting.”

3. "You don’t understand."




Frank, s.E m ily W , 6 Emily

, ....

S., 7. Andrea,

s.Honoun 9.Hannah,

7.“Come on guys lets focus.”

8. “Seriously...*whine* you guys.”


Emani, n . Emma, 12,Reuben, 13.Ian,

12. “Homework? What homework?”

K.Jake, is.Zack, 16.

Margret, 17.

Mint, is. Zoe


15. (silence)

17.“Haha...wait, what?”

18. “What, what, what?”

[ 9.“Wicked cool.”

I6.“l’m so confused right now.”


13.“ Do I look pretty.”




20.“so like, yeah... what was i talking about?”

Guess Who??

21. ^hyperventilates*


25.“Meep (high pitched)”

I? 29.”HypotheticaI high five.”

33.“Pm super thereal.”






CAST Henry Aberle,Ava Crawford, Jake DeNicola, Sophie Erlich, Olivia Feal,Talia Feldberg, Sophia Felsted, Jack Gregory,Theo Hoffman, Sam Irwin, Manny Kennerly, Nat Marcus,Annie Pardoe, Cellie Pardoe, Ella Park-Chan, Julian Pratt, Gaia Raimondo, Diana Sabio, Brianna Saunders, Rene Servisi, Hannah Silverman, Zoe Snow, Lili Thomases, Mint Toro, Edith Villavicencio, Nikeisha Watson DIRECTED BY lulia Collura

LREI Middle School presents

Charlton Street PAC


[and aM y-Farce by Jar- gs Reach_

a Radio Show originally written for Orson Welles, by Lucille Fletcher

rf I








LREll LREI 0) .


Directed by Julia Collura


presents « this year’s Q

Choreographer: Nancy Paris Musical

Middle fl


Director: Sunny Kim

M u s i c a I : o’ Cast Anna Goldstein Lili Thomases Annie Pardoe Brianna Saunders Amy Matlock Hannah Silverman Lilly Day Talia Feldberg Margret Wiggins Ava Gantenberg Kymbia Bobb Zoe Snow Thomas Marin Sophie Ehrlich Jimmy Hall Sophia Felstead Cellie Pardoe Deion Desir Mint Toro Gaia Raimondo Theo Hoffman Yael Rizowy Amyrah Arroyo Olivia Feal Raven Bertot Chloerose D’ Orazio



Middle School Meetings and Assemblies


appy Thanksgiving Complimcnis of




Community Service Prospect Park and The St.John’s Food Pantry




Vw&l. 1^




I 'V

Friday Activity Groups


Yearbookjwith Carin Cohen


France Trip 2007

Faculty Quotes and Candids Ana: How old are you guys? Carin: Pearl Jam!!! Frank: Roll for inititive bonus. Gabrielle:YouVe lucky I can’t hit you from here. Heather: In with the good, out with the bad. Henry: No snacks in Music! Jennifer H.S.:What class are you supposed to be in? Julia: PROJECT! ANNOUNCIATE! Larry:Who invented basketball? Lynn: If you do that agian, I’ll roll out the window! Marcus:What are you doing? Mark:This is unacceptable! Margret: I’m not a babysitter! Matthew: I’m about to get really mad. Melissa.-Allright Folks, five more minutes. Michele:You people need to listen! Noni: My fine, furry friends. Sarah: Holy Moly! You little imp! Sharon:You should know this by now. Sheila: Okay guys, Isiten up. Sherazada:Timeout, right now. Steve N.:Type your name, not “your name”. SteveV.: Wicked Man! Victor:You’ll get your test back when I give it to you. Wendy: Oy vey!

5th grade candids





high school faculty

Ruth Jurgenson

Sarvjit Singh Moonga

Micah Dov Gottleib

Meghan Farley Astrachan

Amy Shapiro

Benjamin Ross Rubin

Joanne Gouge

Sunny Kim


Samantha Caruth

Michele Blackwell

Timothy Cooper

Adele deBiasi Pelz

Vinay Chowdhry

Peggy Peloquin

Mark Bledstein

Jane Belton

Nicholas Sullivan

William Bailey

Karyn Silverman

Guo-Quing Zhang Heaton

HSF; n

Pat Carter

9th grade



t = V !i\:

r'" W J *T.'

^ 1

First row: Lori-Ann Blake, Jennifer Sonenberg, Kary Caiza, Tyler Goldfarb, Sophie Zimiles, Nazir Khan, Jordan Segal, Kayla Green. Second row: Beilei O'Connor-Aoki, Jodi Rapchik, Josephina Raccuia, Alexandra Garza, David Keltz, Nathanael Lewit, Gillian Muniz-Roberts, Ana De La Cruz, Taylor Bello, Andes Blitz-Torres, Peter Bonfanti.Third row: Meghan Farley-Astrachan, Micah Dov Gottleib, Woobens Celony, Gabriel Cook, James Rogers, Graham Whitford, William Chafkin, Robert Kiley, Olivia Arden, Manolo Vergara Gonzalez, Harry D'Agostino, Karyn Silverman, Benjamin Rubin. Back row: Daniel Montoya, Blakeley Blackman, Nadia Brent, Jake Goodman, Diana Festa, Kevin Schneck, Danilo Sarmiento, Devon Brown, Joe Sharp, Chappell Laird, Curtis Seeman, Claudia Berger.

10th grade



First row: Julianna Laufer-Cintron, Daisy Guevara, Denueve Shepherd, Dominique Fils-Aime, Violeta Picayo, Caroline Swistel, Margo Pomelova, Amy Hernandez. Second row: Giustina DeWaal, Thea Aguiar, Jenilssa Holguin, Alec Feld, Ellie Shnayer, Gloria Bardin, Kyle Deane, Celi Khanyile-Lynch, Lauren Schechter, Kimberly Steinberg, Jane Belton, Nicholas O'Han. Third row: Sarvjit Moonga, Ryan Kim, Ariele Baptiste, Tarik Gluhic, Hayata Ishikawa, Henry Dwyer, Samuel Smith, Evan McDaniel, A.J. Sims, Benjamin Wellington, Erik Coier, Giovanni Casiano, Susan Donohue, Alexandre Guttmann, lleana Jimenez. Back row: Tom Murphy, Raella Rothman, Zoe Harris, Yanilda Gonzalez, Vera Aaron, Todd Mondschein, Megan Biglin, Delaney Porter, Soleil Laboy, Jessica Wilson, Arija Bareikis, Lola Lorber, Mariana Pappas.


11th arade * J

% ik 1

* ;






% %

First row: Laura Hallman, Ariana Sholette, Adrianne Rodriguez, Elaine Smith, Alley Dumas, Leah Cohen, Jane Sternbach, Christy Rodriguez, Julia Heaton. Second row: Mark Bledstein, Susan Now, Sydnee Gottlieb, Ava Hamilton, Sasha Thomas, Daniel Keltz, Brittni Roberts, Ella Saunders-Crivello, Dylan Rossman, Sophia Balis-Harris, Rachel Kaufmann, Olivia Lee, Sarvjit Moonga. Third row: Nick Sullivan, Pat Carter, Tara Walton, Carleny Bido, Gavin Cady, Neil Schneck, Keith Nocera, Nemo Allen, Duncan Lewis, Brendan McCormick, Jesse Avino-Towsen, Geoffrey Turbeville, Rhea Cumberbatch, Ian Gottschalk, Elizabeth Zimiles, Alejandro Montoya. Back row: Elle Schneider, Cyrus Park, Andrew Listengart, Emory Cohen, Dash Lunde, Dean DeChiaro, Jacob Sokol, Jeffrey Adler, Aaron Michel, Oskar Peacock, Samrawit Abraha, Nell Jocelyn, Orville Drummond. Missing:: Camelia Azcona-Montalvo.

12th arade Pi


First row: Yanirys Sanchez, Sara Wyatt, Hanna Zien, Jerelyn Rodriguez, Shenique Moxey, Melissa Reyes. Second row: Micah Dov Gottleib, Molly Lubin-Fosha, Sophia Capotorto-Weiss, Lily Wiggins, Kristin Crichlow, Rakhel Shapiro, Amara Perez, Kamillah Aklaff, Shameena Khan, Ruth Jurgensen. Third row: Zachary Weber, Janet Atkinson, Dana Shuldiner, Nicolas Heller, Jesse Highstein, Sebastian Slayter, Alex Siris, Graham Brewster, Eduardo Salcedo, Danielle Riesel, Elisabeth Lachow, Kortney Hartz, Bruno Givotovsky, Vincent Scialla, Sarvjit Moonga. Back row: Leah Rodriguez, Lisa Festa, Alexandra Smith, Naida Gluhic, Samantha Lewin, Brunnell Velazquez, Shelley Kopolovich, Genesis Alberto, Adriane Alicia. Missing: Beau Wollens, Bella Klein.





teams Team Members: Chappell Laird, Cyrus Park, Dean DiChiaro, Brendon McCormick, Keith Nocera, Dylan Rossman, Neil Schneck, Alejandro Montoya, Oskar Peacock, Andrew Listengart, Ari Poulakis, Nemo Allen, Gabe Cook. Orville Drummond (coach), Peter Bonfanti (asst, coach).

Team Members: Kristin Crichlow and Danielle Riesel (co-captains), Shameena Khan, Naida Gluhic, Molly Lubin-Fosha, Melissa Reyes, Leah Rodriguez, Lily Wiggins, Sara Wyatt, Camelia Azcona-Montalvo, Sydnee Gottleib, Violeta Picayo, Dominique Fils-Aime, Margo Pomelova, Ellie Schnayer, Jodi Rapchik. Susan Now (coach), Preethi Thomas (asst coach).

Left to Right: Bruno Givotovsky, Elaine Smith, Micah Dov Gottleib, Aaron Michel. Not Pictured: Christy Rodriguez, Celi Khanyile-Lynch, Jeffrey Adler.

HS Spon

Front row: Preethi Thomas (asst., coach), Nell Jocelyn, Diana Festa. Middle row:Violeta Picayo, Lily Wiggins, Jessica Wilson, Bella Klein. Back row: Orville Drummond (coach), Ariele Baptiste, SamrawitAbraha, Naida Gluhic, Gloria Bardin, Nadia Brent,Taylor Bello,Thea Aguiar, Ella Saunders-Crivello, Sara Wyatt. Not Pictured: Kimberly Steinberg.

Front row:Alejandro Montoya, Andrew Listengart, Aaron Michel, Jeffrey Adler. Back row: James Miller (coach), Dean DiChiaro (manager), Kai Furbeck, Brendan McCormick, Gabe Cook, Cyrus Park, Jesse Avino-Towsen (manager). Not pictured: Nemo Allen, Ari Poulakos.AJ Sims, Gio Casiano, Louis Zepeda (asst, coach).



I Front row: Sara Wyatt, Bella Klein, Sophia Capotorto-Weiss, Lisa Festa, Leah Rodriguez, Jessica Wilson, Raella Rothman. Back row: Sam rawitAbraha, Dylan Rossman, Danielle Riesel, Ana De La Cruz, Susan Donohue, Jenilssa Holguin, Kary Caiza, Adrianne Rodriguez, Christy Rodriguez,Tom Murphy (coach). Not pictured: Jodi Rapchik, Preethi Thomas (asst, coach).

JV Basketball Team (Not Pictured) Nathaniel Lewit, Kevin Schneck, Jordan Segal, Nazir Khan, Danny Sarmiento, Devon Brown, Daniel Montoya,Woobens Celony, Jimmy Rogers,Will Chafkinjake Goodman. Larry Kaplan (coach).

Track Team Celi Khanyile-Lynch, Rhea Cumberbatch, Elaine Smith, Aaron Michel, Lily Wiggins, Chappell Laird, Sophie Zimiles,Amy Hernandez, Emani Stewart (8th grade). Benjamin Rubin (coach).

■ .

grgg £=i i



Front row: Jeffrey Adler, Dean DiChiaro.

s\ ■

Golf Team Zach Weber, Curtis Seeman, Nate Lewit, Harry D’Agostino, Will Chafkin, Nazir Khan, Kevin Schneck, Devon Brownm, Gabe Cook, Woobens Celony.Joe Sharp, Danny Sormiento, Jimmy Rogers.

:- V


Middle row: Emory Cohen, Cyrus Park, Daniel Montoya,Aaron Michel, Alejandro Montoya, Louis Hernandez (coach).

I Li 11i

Back row: Jesse Avino-Towsen, Henry

§*8y® 1” JS Dwyer, Brendon McCormick, Sebastian ■




Jm i

Slayter, Nicholas Heller. Not pictured: Genesis Alberto,



Eric Coler, Ricky Salcedo.


1 * . ''sk


Front row: Caroline Switzel, Violeta Picayo, David Keltz. Back row: Meghan FarleyAstrachan (coach), Nemo


Allen, Keith Nocera, Daniel Keltz, Jake Goodman.

t ]




LREI presents

Apartment 6D Written & directed by Meghan Farley Astrachan

A play about friendship, loss, betrayal, and hope. Set in a cramped West Village apartment, it is a story of four friends attempting to cope with the future four months after the September 11th disaster that shook the foundations of downtown Manhattan and of the world as they knew it. Performed by the high school students of the Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School.

The Elisabeth Irwin Players

(Cast & Crew in alphabetical order): Vera Aaron, Jeffrey Adler, Kamillah Aklaff, Genesis Alberto, Aidhan Farley Astrachan, Claudia Berger, Will Chafkin, Emory Cohen, Dean De Chiaro, Henry Dwyer, Laura Hallman, Ava Hamilton, Kortney Hartz, Soleil Laboy, Julie Laufer, Liv Lee, Samantha Lewin, Duncan Lewis, Alejandro Montoya, Oskar Peacock, Violeta Picayo, Dylan Rossman, Yanirys Sanchez, Elle Schneider, Rakhel Shapiro, A1 Smith, Sam Smith, Jane Sternbach, Zachary Weber, Lily Wiggins, Liz Zimiles.


1 AdrianŠ 2 Al 3 Dana 4 Jesse 5 Kamillah 6 Amara 7 Brunnell 8 Genesis 9 Ricky 10 Kristin 11 Sebastianl2 Beau 13 Bruno 14 Bella 15 Shenique 16 Lisa 17 Nick 18 Yanirys 19 Shameena 20 Danielle 21 Sara 22 Hanna 23 Molly 24 Sam 25 Zach 26 Rakhel 27 Jerelyn 28 Melissa 29 Elle 30 Naida 31 Kortney 32 Leah 33 Lily 34 Sophia 35 Shelley 75

Last Will and Testament Kamillah Genesis Adriane

Graham Sophia Kristin Lisa Bruno Naida


Nick Jesse Shameena Bella

Shelley Elle Samantha Molly

Scarves Getting high oft of dominoes Nick Sullivan and the Human Rights Club Flaring nostrils while giving speeches Her pitcher’s mound Record-breaking track times Bagged Lunches Sugar and spice - everything nice Fouling out of almost every basketball game Giving another white girl the ability to say a bunch of bad words in front of the entire school My Wu-Tang membership Mamadukes (Kitty, the nurse) Her seat in Sarvjit’s office 1 leave everything to Jessica, Thea, Lola, and Raella All the kindness in her heart Her hitchhiker's thumb Being a floppy puppy Her mouse-like sneezes

Shenique Amara Melissa Danielle Jerelyn Leah Ricky Yanirys Rakhel Dana Alex Sebastian Al Brunnell



Beau Sara Hanna

Days when you just need to vomit P.E. class Her tight jeans Silence The way she walks The food stain on the cafeteria wall Sunglasses in class Walking everywhere with a bookbag Her secret tongue ring Her huge Backpack His Nike bag My impressions Pink zippered pants My Student Government bulletin board Waking up to coach 5^ and 6^ graders The ability to do everything in school simultaneously Pissing people off (I’m not really leaving. I’ll be back...) The dumb blondes in the musicals

(M Senior cut day Collage Girl Sports Jim Jones-“We Fly High" Thompson Street Athletic Center Facebook Flats Friends hi your grade American Apparel Blackberry Goldfish

MteffSElU Every other day High school Boy Sports Akon- “Smack That” The Annex Myspace Uggs Friends in lower grades Urban Outfitters Sidekick Cheese whales

Top 10 Misconceptions about El ■ The music class knows how to play a variety of songs. • Students go to gym. We have a nut and seed free school. The cell phone rule is effective at The Annex. ' The school will be the^same after the class of 2G07 graduates El alumni never return. . Tim has the key to the laptop cart. The student center is a student center. Mfcah willingly gave up his foosbail table for the students The senior class is one big happy family.








.. REALITY DREAM Sunset strip Brqadvvay Kamillah Graphic designer I Paint by numbers Genesis ^ Feeding Shenique Fighting World Hungei l|L Adriane W Circle line Graham Sailing around the wo . Judge Judy w Being a law^ Sophia LTo be young jeezy’s lady on the side nans babies lb have mel Kristin Marrving Lisa Marring a girl £ ^ Brolic Beast „ 1 m Bruno iggBng construction site mana| A rich, architect » ® Naida ting emails to Sam Murray ' ' Writing for the Ne\%^^rkTtoes, Kortney j^ube Martin Scorsese ^ ’ Nick n BoyJesse Shameena otographing them Bella Shelley . Bile Samanttrar Molly Shenique ersey Amara Melissa Danielle jeretyn ; Learning to'V Leah « Wall behind I Famous Graffiti artist rtist Ricky ' MIA Yanirys Super Senior Superhuman Rakhel Potter Dana Alex Sailing around the world Sebastian World traveler wjpPi Al ' Writing for AM New York The next William Shakespeare Brunnell Angry soccer dad Sports agent Zach Alison Wiggins ^ ^^ * Lily Wiggins Lily Ebay T Business man Beau \ ■ Karaoke star Jazz singer Sara Working at Pearl Paint Hanna Famous artist tW




Ipppli 1|

100 Things l Laved Aba0 My LREI Experience (in no njtirtfcular order)} . f I f

J . Margot and I washing our sparkley bracelets in the batfanran | l.J’iayiag in the comer of Sandy’s room with Margot and Ava 3. The chicken Mathew Albeit flamed' Poopsa at the farm 4. Zach’s inability to explain his random comments 5. When Saryjit stands in front df the school at ||emhiy and says nothing and dreipHie ' :

shuts up 6. When Tom stands in front of the s<|pc|aP^niblyan&e}lsmKi e'^^o|wsh||ts up. *

7. Rudibeinpjpri ncipai ^8. Fi^mg ^a^hewaysjpkili Kortney>' 9. Therfeupder’id^ skitthe teachers did 10. Bella’s laugh ■%,! 11. Jesse’s t-shirts 12. Phil Kassen’s speech^, scattered with witty commute J 13. When chorus had 70 lower school kids in it 14. When Sam/said to me, “Don’t you wish all your friends were kittens so that you could cuddle together?” 15. Adriane’s destructiveness at the lunehtable - ..f6. The “reject” table 1 17: When our grade got blamed for ■ everything in middle school ^ , 18. Mine and Lily’s desire to get locked into the school and sleep over 19. The plant leaves on the ceiling of jf thePAC 20. Every musical with Julia 21. The awkward clapping after people make announcements at assembly 22. Doing The Importance of Being Earnest in multiple places even when we were boiling hot or half asleep 23. Town hall meetings - “Wait, are Mark and Tim going to be the only I .-teachers there?” , 24. Reggie Miller f f 25. Seeing the same portion of 4*Wb l, Arrierican history three times in one / inWgshingtan DC 26. Tie SheKoKa^pmics ^ 27. WheftjSara read a book |p the class in ki^^-garten

28. GeorgeObremski saying “shee-ho!” all the tune 29. The courtyard 30. Hooves and godzilla iS. fflstp f^mPopDf:with 32. Singing “LigjpDne Candle” Winter assembly 3^‘You mus^p lost” and

‘®u’re slacl^P 3^, Jose’s “Mpchachona!” 35. Mark’s endless knowledge JB6. Counting lollipops in Cleo’s f Kindergarten [ 37. Wlieh^fergot and Lily weren’t fighting ■' 38. Sharjoga room with Lily and | Bella at Ore farm |39. MegMn’splays and drama [classes m "40. Stj^er books 41. P^r’s jokes 42. Epving assigned seats in luncn/or three years in a row 43. The drama at Houston Street Playground 44. That our grade actually raised money for a prom 45. Sitting in anyropm in the building and laughing with-,.. friends 46. Chorus with Sunny ^[ Learning about Antonio’s . life ; 48. Adolescent issues with Phil 49. Uglylisyeaters and leggings b^iflgp s^fem^tower school arniin high school 50j§ultra Key Typing Slfsteve’s Ties 52. Pretzels and singing in Jessica’s class S^p& looze Cruise in Mexico - Mexicdip general 54. WritmaaFuzzy and Mu/zv with NinaCp^fan 55. Bringin^^^pited goods for bakesale§ 56 ThOTnich when it’s chicken with that olive sapce 57. Fruit salad in a paper cup 58. Peer leadership 59. T&bng the ERB’s under a burning sun roof 60. College class with Amy 61. Trying to get out of PE 62. Middle school dances 63. Shenique throwing up 64. Rita 65. Chicken patties for lunch 66. Burnt tomato sauce 78

Kg- • 67. Family conferences - Not 68. Communi^ Service Roundtable meetings in the morning 69. Mono de bastna. 70. -'Surprise party with Lily J ^llLaughing at everything with Ally f. ■^^an-Krause 72. Butts up at Houston Street.^;' ‘ .v :1 72^feng Penguini ' 74i^Be way snack gets healthier everUlear 75. RKhel’s laugh and kittendike sdf 76. las Johnson’s dirty pants and smajjylands (Tess finger truce) 7^ Tl^ Bleeker Deli ! ^8. ^Making puberty books ih 11^ 7^ library flf 'll^oAthanTagg ' 1 ,_1 $). Swtching shoes with Ally^f^^l^ Qjw^Krause 81. Assignment Pads 82|\lj|^ Lily touched Sarvjit’s > '^Iji




83. P^mcks | 84. Laflpe’s ear fedsh 85. SotIs in PE wifli Patty 86. LRM sports 87. P^a Box 88. JdSsse fdaying footsy with every girl irfmath class 89. Virgilio 90. Bhawanie’s stories 91. Kitty’s office 92. Fetus Cream 93. Peter Cunningham giving the ;;: • J :<■ whether report , 94. Progressive education 95. Going to John’ s Pizza on the last day of school 96. Independent reading 7 ■ 97. The roof 98. Getting suspendedin 8th grade 99. Margot telling me herdad had a gun 100. All of my peers and eiJucateres^ for the past 14 years-I Ibve you gitys ^

H.aad,many ,nio^B:||^. Eternal thaaks to ail of my family and friends. ' With all my love, | Kamillah \ ;






It is time to speak your truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look inside yourself for the leader. All that we do now must he done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones werve been waiting for.





Keep smil until yi teeth fal out or your B8M—EB cheeks Bj wear out


Live Life| Cherish? the mo-1 ments because People tend to pass you by.




can’t possibly put all the feelings and explri%nc es I got from El in four yehrs bn^onlytwo pages. So I’ll letther pictures do the talk ing. It’s going to change my personal ity not seeing your faces in the morning for a while. You guys make me > smile everyday and give me the energy I seem to always have. I’m going to miss you guys though, that is the heartfelt truth.



you will be missed

I truly do love all of you although it may not always show



-'' - \ V â&#x2013; -. K'V.;


mmmm i


am.-.a 4





mr 0






m ya





s ,


^3H ;^53r

I’m going to be perfectly honest and say I’m not the picture taking type, hence the lack of gen­ eral pictures. However, I have a million stories about El and the amazing people in my grade. If you think the day when you make this page can’t come soon enough, it will, and then you’ll realize how much of your life and your love Scan’t fit on a 7.5x10.5 page. Then iillyou get upset and think it’s dumb and put off making it till the day before it’s due. Cherrish these last few years, and be kind to each other. You may never have an opportunity to love so many people in such a short amount of time again.

sica Leah Howie Sophia^^^M ^mLily Kami Zahb^gmmdcn 'eruMS§Tiea Robc^^^Kuu ■K Elle CAriMBonl Uari Isaba

TiJ&m MMla Btgmca Ma\ mWamAdam Fr^McJ^fellj



§Becc^ Ari ^aron Uz Rubif^ a Nera itatie Bea AC^iswM m l WmmmlammWBifflXi Peke '


1 ,. .

[AmaXMelissn Jeff Mcom/U Lo/a Rickm Genesis $arvjit ^Qlivia^e^ tMckenr^Sara Ra Vio ejissa?J%m^l&dl& E//e/7 {Samo. i Shamwena ^pb//y Lolcl taBiH ■1

ml lw) I. 1 It


SMtoeena KM an



m wm We

m ■I niitt

■ iPrl

■n Mir


i Wm NMH

'181 m fi^ur^ dji wc!>rX^ any:^*iip^M i^S MPm MSESmam i; '';;'' :.’- and' Oiol g?a ;lV?V'A fc; j SS^aBfw^jdbMBifeiCTS' WPBL... fByi^MM^pBWBBpMpp I |M imi j^Wsm K5ut' •"t‘d\Jfpe ^Lts so oasy to /fhat . gjjc W&i? ^^lyomf^aople are thef.peb^le1 at" IiotSIi** IwBH m




mm F@ Wv, M

jire ^.en ;away,! but i rtn '-back' today" ’and' tio places' i-f,d rather, ^bv §ll.^iaSpg^gag%£aBMffi‘-


’-' j*4"'



mommy and daddy,

thank you so much for everything that you've done for me both of you are my biggest inspirations in life you have never let me down or let me quit or let me fail & for that I am forever in your debt It will always be the three of us love you so much!! love always, your little E.B.


a^^^sthe^U iss^vultesTteachers a\^d fellow "Brers., there are som-e of you which I am a Lot closer with tkaiA, others, but regardless, each aw 'tri^ov^t of ijou have li^-fiuei^&ed aiA,cl touched m-y life Lia, oia, uuA.eApt«liA,cibLe way. I wilt forever be grateful for your sutjypoi't cuA,ot love. Thavdiz uou so m-utob. A speolal sboutout to Ruth, wbltout with ( would have i/w>t gotten aiA,Mwbere. I love yiou .


Q ^■

V>avy,lel, baby, where would l be without you? wheu, everyoiA/e else left m,y side, you were right there rvext to rue helping rue through. Providing an,ythlrvg i needed whether It be a hug, felss, shoulder to cry on, or a garue of boggle, which ( would Inevitably beat you at. you are ruy terulght In shining arruor, l love you with all ruy heart. No one will ever replace you ortatee your spot In ruy heart.just, thante you.



S te e r s , oh aosK What do eve^ have to say? yout are the Love of ™,y Ufe, m,y best tue person . o«.a, oouc ^ steal m,u) sweatpants even thon0h yon know will kill yon. 2Loe, yon m,ake life tolerable, anot as ntany t ^ e s as i'll w ant to kull yon, yon wull staw alive, beoanse wlthont yon c-onloln't snrvlve. i love yon beyond beUef. ______


S' ? s> s ? » !? ^ rf < jm a-cs:

cS CE^ 1 S^» i r £§



P 12. f a i ? §




Pctpadapa, you are t^ttj su.'p'port, i^ty strength. My fellow ever-lastuA/0, ever-fatthful Mets j>ad, we have gone tbrongh a lot to0ether, within onr own relationship, and everythln0 else that has been thrown onr way, bnt we have dealt and gotten through It stronger. Thank yon so ntnoh for everythln0,1 adore yon.



Friends + Family = Story of Champ

' ■'Hfci'v —


1 '

i[ 1S-

fa/ v


Indefinite t unconditional )port that hav e the perlay jen my ene thing will ever^ je the immense ai land respect have^ are and will e my faithful brot^^al test friend. Palomaly bejmall but your heart is trerri dous. Keep gl ito the beautiful personkn( Mhfa you are am oorfdadJ/vhlri^ou’re hav^Hien WL, Larry andsuzf figures in my lit * m ar|d affection f|Pr Aya y Ayo- Sigu< y para mi. Los"; Titi, Sebas, y F< familia y siem] fehto





Danielle Loren Riesel


1 CD





mm Ml py i





m m 'o,




nn~.*L J


j \ V*v' ^





WM^03r)pH& p&QM ofpu (iVegin ^caov

H Mg-

Wm Vs^Yi s>: \k






'• ©O


JMfiirr^K£TO| »M $~\ok-y QSO&P ^.t\V' ^uVit \CeAV^Ke)\\

ko &


''- ’' ^ n V a\\;o. Vojllj^l

* r-,


I#SV1 1


■y^C; *«

\ •


•^\V3 ^

jArxC^ °0

-^r7 ° # i


3 years I ve spent kere wlrfi you... 3 years of laugiiter,

3 years of frienJsliip 3 years of torture 3 years o struggle, acquaintances

2 years of College prep and 1 year of relief cuz we re almost <1one. I know not all of us were friends kut 111 miss you anyway, for unfortunately you are all a part of me now. Just: like we were, and are, a part of tills sckool ... So kere $ to friendskips, figkts. and friends we never made.

N <D

U LT) in

I 12



\aa<5 c€.


r£/y u p,o v\ .

y&o ^ll.





Dana Shuldiner

n Slayter

Dear Class of 2007 Wow, this is my last year at EL It definitely has flown by. I remember when I was a freshman and I was attending New Student Orientation. Hannah was trying to reassure me that everything would be fine. I was extremely nervous because it was the first time I was attending an independent school. I was intimidated by large number of white kids that sur­ rounded me. I attended a public school where there were no white students in my graduat­ ing class of 300. Like my former classmates, I thought that all white people were rich and racist. I remember I had advisories with Hannah and I was intimidated by the whiteness of Sebastian and Lily. Nevertheless, I don’t ever have to feel that again because these people and a bunch of other 30 or so kids became part of my family. Sitting in the cafeteria during new student orientation, members of the student government (Brian, Shoyinka, and Greg) were there. Saryjit told us that our four years at El would go by so quickly and these fellas standing before us agreed. It was true, and my past four years felt like one year. All my experiences and memories are a giant blur now. I


can’t remember much before 11™ grade. I now, like all of you guys, have grown so much since I was a freshman. My high school years involved many triumphs and struggles. I have always been questioning the actual strength and quality of education I’ve been getting here at EL Now I’ve been learning much more about what progressive education means. Especially after coming back from the Mountain School, with its rigorous and traditional curriculum. Though I may have many disagreements with the teaching methods here, I realized that El is a home for me. I never felt too different from anyone. I learned to claim this community as my own. Now to some of you guys individually. Ricky: I grew to have a lot of respect for you. I admire your passion for graffiti and you made me see it as an art. Also, I have never told you how impressed I was with you at Ramapo. You were an excellent Peer Leader. Adriane: I knew you would have gotten into John Hopkins. You have such a strong work ethic and with it, you will go very far. Believe me. Molly: I think you’re fantastic no matter what. You’re passion and leadership in human rights and community service will change the world. Yanirys: You’re such a great singer and actor. I love you so much! Don’t ever change. Stay Dominicana! Rakhel: I learned that you’re so much more liberal than I am. You love Vassar and I don’t like it that much anymore. However, I think we can still connect. Plus, who can hate a person with such an amiable personality? You can be anybody’s best friend. Melissa: I have known you for a long time now. I hope you end up where your heart leads you. And yes, no one can deny you’re Dominican-ness. You’re more Dominican than me! Jerelyn: How in the world did we end up in so many classes together? You obviously have a goal in the field of filmmaking and are great at it, too! Stay cool and fun. Due to lack of space, I have to stop here. I will give a message to the rest of you guys when we sign yearbooks. My biggest advice for each and every one of you is to consider life as a learning experience. Consider all of your mistakes, failures, and hard­ ships as opportunities to become self-reliant, independent, resilient, and most importantly, a more successful person. In addition, take advantage of all of the people who love you and the resources that are at your disposal. And don’t forget to help the less fortunate to get on their feet. Graduating high school is only the end of a chapter. Life is still a journey. (I know it sounds cliche, but it is true!)



Brunnell Velazquez

t L_



V • *-/ -W: U * • * '

I •j4•JTN.

i ..

. '*



^ ^

• V.;-..


# •#0

•• • .-.


*v V





•• **•

%: m r^'C-'V •• .

”. . # 7

• •

rljt:.- •




’ g|V


©« f.

■# •

■ *


’ .• ®‘


•» •

• .#■ ■


^ ^




* ■

•5 / #

* ^ lj? • •

• #

*. • '

#. *i

• -• .-!»






•.. .•■ -



• • •«*. •


• £*•.■v V , v •*-

* •



r .

•> ■ .*'



-v•• '




* • :•••■



'Special than"s'"tc?j||fc)f the people wl|o contrjljuted their^irme-and talents'to make this yearbogk •fespejdflly to Lisa /Mrbook possible, ^^S.ciSIfy ■ -Fpsta who‘^«pRt9d all of the'section cilvi^fers,numerous foliages, and'the ioside title and end page originarart work. > Thank^ptl^ie^yearbook advisors, §pd to'j^e seniprs who»«haped-th&*conteh^Danielle, Dana, Shameena,. Bella, Sophia,.^ijsa, ’ . M^ssa^\mara, Elle.ihelley Molly alfc Jesse.'Jhariks to Su.san, Carin and*Preethi.


^ *


* ■ This year^b«)k is Jedi^pd'to^fl^^^s'ofiOOy. ^


'* .•



Expression 2007  
Expression 2007