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Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School A leader in progressive education since 1921

Andrkw McLaren, Director

January, 1999 Dear Class of 1999, There is only one graduating class in the history of LREI that will complete high school in one millennium and its first year of college in another. Congratulations on that and all your other distinctions - and all best wishes to you, individually and collectively. It would be interesting to be able to interview you all twenty years from now and ask what aspects of your time and experiences at LREI meant the most to you. I am sure that close relationships with each other and with the faculty will be at the head of the list. I am also sure that you will look back on your time here as particularly good preparation for college - with the “mod� system representing as close an approximation to what university life is like as can be managed in the context of high school. I hope you will also look back and say that your years here helped you cope with whatever your lives will bring you - that you learned to think and feel for yourselves and make up your own minds here, and that that put you in a good place for dealing with the unexpected. Knowing the answers to questions that have clear answers is useful. Being able to figure out answers that work for you to open-ended questions is much more useful. Because, whatever else your lives may be, they will unquestionably be what happens while you are expecting something else. I like to think of this institution as one which seeks truth with compassion, and that that blend rubs off to a degree on all of us. May it be so with all of you, and may your lives be peaceful and happy. Please come back and visit often.

Andrew McLaren, Director

196 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012 Tel: 212-477-5316 Fax: 212-677-9159 Charlton Street Campus: 40 Charlton Street, New York, NY 10014 Tel: 212-477-5316 Fax: 212-675-3595


CREDITS 1998-1999 Editors Maritza Smith Kimberley Martin Alana Lopez Andreis Costa Josh Blank Steven Eschelbacher

Cover Art Josh Blank Andreis Costa Zac Buehner

Assisted by:

Middle School Editor Alex Herman

Laurent Kurz Roberto Leon Sophia Hagen Frank Addeo Zac Buehner Derrick Croswell Emanuel Bain Marc Hermann Nora Crosbey Robin Chavers

Yearbook Advisors Jill Pfenning Janet Atkinson

and special thanks to Steve Neiman.

Faculty and Staff



Faculty and Staff



FIRST ROW: Olive Henzel, Ella ParkChan, Sean Frehner, Ben Harris, Daniel Judt, Oona Montalvo-Azcona, Nina Beigelman, Sandy Wolkenberg. SECOND ROW: Librado LaFontaine, Dafhi Magnalis, Hannah Mensch, Chris Utz, Sam Drews, Calen McGee, Malina Buturovic, Tariye George-Phillips, AJ. List, Quyne Dang. THIRD ROW: Ariana Bulgarelli, Jack Irving, Lizzie Noonan, Henry Freed­ man, Aaron Naves, Eli Mensch.

V sk^dg, iM


Mary and Stacy’s Fours/Fives

Wt m fife)






FIRST ROW: Mary Young, Anna Cortie, Lilly Day, David Eisen, Raphael Ross, Dylan Nelsen-Epstein, Max Goldberg, Jamie Oliver. SECOND ROW: Mari Kroin, Jake DeNicola, Andrew Kaplan, Claire Hart, Hannah Root, ChloeRose Bree D’Orazio, Brianna Saunders. THIRD ROW: Allison Fifield, Molly Altreuter, Andrea Cetra, Danilo Cuevas, Gage DuBose, Harrison Lipton. NOT PICTURED: Amadea Torez

W&j r ;


Cleo’s Kindergarten

FIRST ROW: Judy Yun, Michelle Davis, Freddy Millan, Olivia Feal, Andre Blair, Charlie Burlingham, Mindy Toro, Cleo Banks. SECOND ROW: Willy Staso, Matthew Longo, Rayanna Zaragoza, Emani Stewart, Frank Shanley, Leonardo Johansson-Lebron. THIRD ROW: Faith Pederson, Merikha Fletcher, Francesco Holmes, Kyle Morrison, Alessandro Cretella.

Luise’s Kindergarten

FIRST ROW: Amy Weiss-Meyer, Sofia Monosson, Nick Shanley, Ben Stemhell, Owen Kimmel. SECOND ROW: Ian Tsang, Eda Herzog-Vitto, Kiran Chap­ man, Theo Hoffman, Margret Wiggins. THIRD ROW: Raquel Orelowitz, Fran­ cesca Cretella, Joshua Russell, William Cole, Jack Steele, Honour Masters. NOT PICTURED: Noah Conley


Bonnie’s First Grade

FIRST ROW: Woobens Celony, Erik Ja­ net, Gregory Cohen, Sota Koike. SEC­ OND ROW: Gabe Cook, Mabel Green­ berg, Edward Duepner, Leeron Hoory, Teo Rapp-Olsson, Molly Balsam. THIRD ROW: Paul de Konkoly Thege, Will Chafkin, Annalisa van den Bergh, Hannah Farmery, Maura Grady, Rachel Pradilla, Sarah Roden. FOURTH ROW: Randi Lestz, Gaby Segal, Bonnie Hausman, Emma Vasta-Kuby, Aditya Das, Kai Furbeck, Vidushi Sahai, Annette Per­ ez, Hillary Barranco, Alison Polton-Simon

Dorothy’s First Grade

FIRST ROW: Dorothy Mehler, Andes Blitz-Torres, Marissa Schwerin von Krosigk, Zachary Schiller, Jimmy Rogers, li­ ana Grunberg Weiss, Sam Carpenter, Ben Neuhaus, Harry D’Agostino, Carol Pugliano-Martin, Anna Kramer. SECOND ROW: Trevor Kafka, Claire Tom, Kelly Ottemess, Anthony Edwards-Zito, Hanna Porter, Max Bledstein, Michael Chan. THIRD ROW: Zoya Diaz, Will Gibbons, Jonathan Neusy, Olivia Arden, Kate Gill, Luke Smith-Stevens.


Darcy’s Second Grade

FIRST ROW: Darcy Maloney, Simon Greenberg, Gabe Coffey, Rumur Dowl­ ing, Emma Winter-Zieg, Rebekah Nager, Cally Guasti-O’Donoghue, Margo Pomelova, Ana Crossman. SECOND ROW: Lola Lorber, Violeta Picayo, Thea Aguiar, Lizzie Roberts, Gloria Bardin, Max Jacobson. THIRD ROW: Ryan Kim, Jacob Nelsen-Epstein, Oliver Klein, Charley Summers, Zander Nafman, Ali­ son Messina.

Jenny and Natacha’s Second Grade

FIRST ROW: Will Zimmermann, Zoe Harris, Sam Nebel, Craig Thompson. SECOND ROW: Justine Taylor Ray­ mond, Kolonj Walters, Ethan Zien, Sam Roden, Armand Gomez, Emily Ostrin. THIRD ROW: Ellie Shnayer, Tymor Hamamsy, Henry Dwyer, Mariana Lopez, Chloe Lambros. FOURTH ROW: Natacha Blanchet, Caroline Noonan, Lindzay Wanner, Megan Biglin, Eric Garment, Jenny Cashin.

Grace’s Third Grade

FIRST ROW: Andy Falencki, Nemo Al­ len, Gemira Climer, Dash Lunde, Krystal Hodge. SECOND ROW: Milo LeDoux, Dylan Frehner, Jeffrey Adler, Nell Joce­ lyn, Rachel Kaufmann, Ella SaundersCrivello, Allison Fontaine-Capel. THIRD ROW: Camelia Montalvo-Azcona, Jesse Avino-Towsen, Destiny Orengo, Alley Dumas, Sarah Keljikian. FOURTH ROW: Toya Kelly, Brendan McCormick, Christina Martin, Monet Brathwaite, Syl­ via Altreuter, Grace Cohen.

Kelly’s Third Grade

FIRST ROW: Stefan Rosenberg, Ben Charles, Ana Ratner. SECOND ROW: Kai Beavers, Alex Lowy, Marc de Konkoly Thege, Tom Paraskeva, Evynne Duckman. THIRD ROW: Amalia San­ chez, Molly Beigelman, Hannah Dunne, Margot Krouwer, Sydnee Gottlieb, Tay­ lor Utz, Katie Goldberg, Sarah Freedman. FOURTH ROW: Kelly Bird


Hilary’s Fourth Grade ji i H "m


m IM-



FIRST ROW: Julie Pacino, Hanna Zien, Danielle Zaragoza, Caravaggio Loria, Emma Whisler. SECOND ROW: Max Rosenbaum, Bernardo Metsch, Philip Hammack, Bella Klein, Lily Wiggins. THIRD ROW: Alexandra Cowan-Krause, Christopher Lipinski, Julia Chafkin, Zachary Diaz, Nina Cochran, Taylor Hederman, Zachary Weber, Sena Ito. FOURTH ROW: Hilary Levey





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Jessica’s Fourth Grade *:

TL; j


FIRST ROW: Jessica Levine, Sam Heiserman, Lucy Poe, Ian Cohan-Shapiro, Es­ ter Amelia Johanssonn-Lebron, Christo­ pher Rouger, Michele Balsam. SECOND ROW: Karen Katz, Kamillah Aklaff, Margot Protzel, Nick Heller, Matthew Albert, Kortney Hartz. THIRD ROW: Shelley Kopolovich, Alex James, Sara Wyatt, George Obremski, Sebastian Slayter. NOT PICTURED: Kieren James-Lubin




mmm J


Heather’s Fifth Grade

FIRST ROW: Zachary Garlitos, Takateru Koike, Robert Kraft, Margo Schneier, Marley Stone. SECOND ROW: Spencer Leopold-Cohen, Ashley Walters, Lindsay Caspi, Sarah Arden. THIRD ROW: Heather Brandstetter, Andrea Clemente, Citizen Sigmund, Antonio Chia, Noah Silverman, Elizabeth Kester, Elizabeth Aakre.

Susan’s Fifth Grade

FIRST ROW: Frank Savits, Ian Janer, Chloe Paraskeva, Victoria Vreeland, Ja­ vier Picayo. SECOND ROW: Noni Thomas, Sophia Schechner, Marley Gib­ bons, Alex Strada, Cathy MartinezGreenberg, Jon Schneier, Lucas Satin Rainey, Susan Mellon. THIRD ROW: Pietro Clemente, Katie Berkman, Lily Feinn, Kate Radlauef, Henry Ellis.

16 i

Martha’s Sixth Grade

FIRST ROW: Teacher: Martha Edelson, Adrienne Lazes, Emma Eisenberg, An­ astasia Aguiar, Julia Greenberg, Bibi Metsch, Jonathan Segal, Nina Stuart. SECOND ROW: Kelly Hartz, Taneil Mancion, Jesse Rappaport, Jeffrey Manian, Jacob Messina, Nick Bloom-Scaglione. THIRD ROW: Hannah Jocelyn, Laura Protzel, Aislinn Luk, Josh Adams, Jesse Smith.

Kate’s Sixth Grade

FIRST ROW: Teacher: Kate Moore, Analisa Cipriano, Drew Herman, Chris Yong, Vincent McGuiness, Jacob LeDoux. SECOND ROW: Alicia Fuss, Al­ ison Wiggins, Sam Carey, Leah Plasse, Lisa Bulgarelli. THIRD ROW: Meredith Martin, Sasha Okshteyn, Sarah Sherman, Gabriela Picayo, Chris Pae. NOT PIC­ TURED: Alexandria Del Valle

| a\


I wish I was in eighth grade!

Maybe if I tilt my desk a little further, Sarah won’t see my non-existent homework

Matt and his bodyguards

Seventh Grade

FIRST ROW: Emily Bear, Carmen James, Fred Beebe, Justin Cohan-Shapiro, Ann Blake, Dana James. SECOND ROW: Abby Davis, Laurel Donaldson, Molly Tarlov, Alicia Kaplan, Jason Salmon, Louis Moser, Marina White Heintz, Alex Rickard, Natalia Tylim. THIRD ROW: Teacher: Joan Rappaport, Jaclyn London, Sasha Wasserman, Jes­ sica Muscio, Dylan Clark, Victor Kerlow, Reed Vreeland, Greg Passuntino, Jona Falenki, Kendra Krueger, Teacher: Jill Steinberg. FOURTH ROW: Endira Ferrarra, Alessandra Zelman, Jenna Weir, Alison Fairbrother, Rafael Hines, Louisa Pillot, Anna Stone, Julia Burlingham. NOT PICTURED: Nick Brown, lasiah Pinkney, Jennesa Calvo-Friedman

Eighth Grade

FIRST ROW: Jenny Kleinberg, Jessie Euell, Sarah Barlow, Ned Perkins, Sophia Soloway. SECOND ROW: Nathaniel Avino-Towsen, Blair Holmes, Victoria Pringle, Jemima Kirke, Alex Herman, Ian Patrick, Curtis Albucher, Luis Lopez, Sasha Ostrowitz-Levine, Loren TaylorRaymond. THIRD ROW: Ryan Keller, Daisy Holman, Garrett Bradley, Charlie LaRock, Jackson Morris. FOURTH ROW: Nick Poe, Angela Lowe, Ricky Panson, Sebastian Black, Mark Cerritelli, Sarah Tolzmann. NOT PICTURED: Eli­ za Mahoney-Curtis


Middle School Sports Volleyball

Missing: Anna Carmen Jaclyn


Missing: Ricky Loren Victoria

7th/8th Grade Girls' Basketball Missing: Alex Angela Anna Daisy Garrett Jaclyn

Alex, Charlie, Curtis, Fred, Greg, Ian, Jack, Jonah, Justin, Lor­ en, Louie, Ned, Nick, Ryan, Sebastian


7th/8th Grade Boys' Basketball

Inherit the Wind

To the Gold Mines My Children

Mark — Add one egg-laying marsupial, a bit of salt, a bit of pepper, voila, echidnapi. Jessie — No, I won’t sing for you. Ned — Oh man, oh man. Nathaniel — Yeesss... Sophia — Oh, but [insert teacher’s name here]!

Eliza — Can I say something? Can I say something? Ian —... I don’t know. Nick — Baggie, guess who farted. Louie — One love. Charlie — Women are everywhere, just look for the right one. Sebastian — I hope you die. Curtis — Leave me the @&*# alone. Loren — Tch tch. Garrett — K... I’m a dork. Angela — I’m Angie Smooth and I’m here to say... Vicky — Stop poking me! Ryan — (Too cool to have a quote) Daisy — Umm, uh ... Ricky — Meet me at Mona! Alex — Grow up!


With an advanced material like LEGO, the possibilities are endless!

Geej thanks MIT

“Wait, why is her report better than mine?”

Crest Kids “Don’t worry Phil, boring is good.”

FIRST ROW: Shayna Jeffers, Ashley Hudson, Gabriella Caspi, Alina Picayo, Rosina Roa, Toni Mayo. SECOND ROW: Andres Carter, Robin Chavers, Pinky Fung, Leonardo Urbina, Deborah Raji, Danny Strong. THIRD ROW: Juan-Carlos Rojas, Akim St. Omer, Moise Charitable. NOT PICTURED: Catie Cruz.

FIRST ROW: Nora Cosbey, Sen Mett Obi, Melissa Aldwell, He足 lena Teply-Figman, Janeth Cruz, Jon Marvin, Ben Homrighausen. SECOND ROW: Eden Macken足 zie, Deanna Levine, Chelsea Crowell, Gabriela Salgado, Deb足 orah Sklar, Phoebe Deutsch, Catherine Lau, Daniel Levin. THIRD ROW: Ben Solomon, Nejim Grant, Carlos Heim, Gabrielle Ruiz, Amber Banks, TreZure Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Morgan Cousins, Princess Myrie, Khaatim Abdul-Latif, Fi足 lippo Chia.


FIRST ROW: Nicole Marx, Em­ ma Genevich, Emanuel JosephBain, Janelle Hughes, Alex Sanz, Jovan Vanzant, Mara Tischler. SECOND ROW: Kevin Cortese, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Andrea Pollock, Najah Poole, Zanelia Vincent-Noel, Alyssum Gluck. THIRD ROW: Emma SmithStevens, Eli Smith, Marc Her­ mann, Stephen Hewitt, Derrick Croswell, Jackson Smith, Alex Sareyeni. NOT PICTURED: Ben Homrighausen, Hil Hardy, Jodie Ince, Nick Movshon, Roxanne Marie.

FIRST ROW: Rebecca Rothstein, Vicky Usle, Alana Lopez, Anna Heim, Sally Greenberg, Aeen Awini, Kimberley Martin, Anansa Brayton. SECOND ROW: Sara Murado Arias, Nico Ponce de Leon Dios, Jon Miller, Erica Fontana, Bram Berg, Katya Chernyak, Sophia Hagen. THIRD ROW: Josh Blank, Dy­ lan Kenney, Roberto Leon, Scott Paris, Zac Buehner, Laurent Kurz. FOURTH ROW: Steven Eschelbacher, Tiffany Hall, Maritza Smith, Sebastian BearMcClard, Andreis Costa. NOT PICTURED: Frank Addeo.



Captain: Anansa Brayton

Boys Basketball ■ I > I








Iwf ■

Me . , v


Captains: Steven E. Sebastian Emanuel


Sports Candids


Sunken Sparkles strike your rounded eyes Behind the lies Of your unknown disguise You hop the skies Around the fence of crystal beams Streams of gold Float above the mold And scold unwanted remarks Which parks itself, beneath the cave of coldnessThe boldness in language holds charge of you And few abuse the use of words The birds that flock Not mocking your every desire The higher it gets Like humans often do They do not do without doing Or pursuing their aspirations Their motivations That carry them through the sky And fly with everlasting creation Not to mention The certain dimension That creeps along the side The tide That covers That hovers over them With the distinction to keep them safe.

Nicole Marx


Ken DollHe was born into a plastic home of G.l. Joes, Trains and trucks, He played catch with his father, And killed ants on the side walks. They taught him to wear jerseys And let cheerleaders ride shotgun, As long as he kept up his locker room reputation, And chug more beer at the frat party, Everything was chill. He didn’t cry at movies or laughed too loud. He charmed girls’ parents, And take his dates out for a good time. Later he would come home smiling, Until he walked by the mirror and saw his white teeth. He tore off his QB jacket exposing the perfect six pack. And underneath it all, In just his pink lace thong, He danced to Ani DeFranco Crying at the lyrics. The next day he would wake up and do it all again. By: Toni



*<ÂŁhe scene consists of y three librarians two students a chicken and my madness ^-do- run-run jA-do- run-run wuzxif mas a hen JZet's $o kill the fascist men </\nd the closing skit probes the audience like the <H.ubbles deep field leaving them to $asp at the air the^ hold so no more $old and no more beln$ sold Andreis, Josh, Anna


The course of an arrow, from twang to thunk is more like a photograph that can move, than Zeno of Hylea could comprehend. A series of moments, related in the relating but otherwise discreet. It is easier to learn about loneliness in the crowd, than it is to learn about the crowd when we are alone. When the visions come, they are often unexpected, Don't try to expect a vision, it loses its specialness. Twang... .....................................Thunk. David NE

mm I

■m i




■ te igv



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:; v:8

mmI bp

: -■■-r-’Wffi





SENIOR TRADEMARKS Frank- his 99 cent t-shirts Bram- FUBU spandex Jon - too many late slips Tiffany- Express’ sales rack Maritza- her hair-flipping technique Kimberley- her lethal engagement ring Vicky- her “stories” Sally- flowers Andreis- his goat hair Josh- his insane ramblings Laurent- sweaters Aeen- “Made in Italy” Sophia- white t-shirts

Steven- that damn Yankee hat Zac- ridiculously perfect lines Sebastian- his ego Alana- her Boriqua earrings Anansa- her weave Scott- Nora Anna- her quietness Nico- his Northface gear Dylan- her grandmother’s hat Katya- her tight pants and go-go boots Becka- her perpetual laughter Roberto- his alien fingers Erica- her whooping cough Sara- her Spanish accent

SENIOR QUOTES Frank- “Safety.” Bram- “They are so fA@*in’ annoying!” Jon- “Yo, my girl be buggin’ again!” Alana- “Oh really, oh really?” Sebastian- “I’m the best at everything I do ‘cuz I’m nice.” Tiffany- “AH!!!!!” Vicky- “In Spain... I’m not lying!” Sally- “Let’s not get philosophical.” Andreis- “Good, good, do you like being wrong, ‘cuz you’re wrong.” Josh- “Art, s#!t, s#!t, fA@k, don’t touch that, fA@k!” Aeen- “Don’t be upset ‘cuz you’re white!” Steven- “Don’t be jealous.” Zac- “Can I borrow a dollar?” Becka- “Andreis, I’m not in the mood.”

Roberto- “Yo, kid, this s#!t is good.” Erica- “My little sister...” Sara- “That’s awesome!” Anansa- “Sorry I’m late.... am I on academic probation?” Maritza- “Wowie-zowie!” Kimberley- “Eww, you’re so strange.” Scott- “Of course I have a superiority complex, you would too if you were surrounded by inferiors.” Anna- “Oh my Lordy Lord.” Nico- “Hey, guys.” Dylan- “Wait!! Can you repeat that.” Laurent- “Whatever...” Sophia- “Money is no object." Katya- “Ooh fabu fabu!”


Jllli ■Kw::.":


■BP m

magm '


» ■ -'"V

| p JaHoN

:°v '

p| I (ilSjl



WHAT IF... Aeen- drove a Ford and shopped at Dee and Dee and Dee and Dee? Becka- handed in her senior page? Sebastian- was actually as good as he says he is? Kimberley and Maritza- didn’t have each other? Anna- had her natural hair color? Vicky - wasn’t so melodramatic? Bram- could ever take a joke? Anansa- wasn’t such a friendly person? Steven- wasn’t so whipped all the time? Alana- didn’t have such a short leash on Steven? Nice- ever wore the same thing twice? Laurent- was EVER on time? Sophia- didn’t have such a big mouth?

Dream/Reality Frank- to become a porn star / to clean it up Bram- be a Playboy bunny / model for K-Mart catalog Sebastian- to play in the NBA / to coach the 8th grade girls’ team Anansa- to be a dominatrix / be a cyber-sex host Vicky- to be a hollywood actress / to be the host of the Home Shopping Channel Scott - to join a right wing militia group and roam the back mountains of North Carolina / “Will preach for food” Sally - women’s rights leader / housewife with seven kids Aeen- to be an exec on Wall St. / sell the Wall St. Journal Becka- to be Brain from “Pinky and the Brain” / to be Pinky Kimberley- to be a editor for the New York Times / to layout the circular for Key Food Maritza- to be a photojournalist for “National Geographic” / to get eaten by one of her subjects Anna- marry a man her own age / to rob the cradle Steven- to be a FBI agent / security guard at KMart Alana- to be a famous writer / be the advice columnist for “Swank” magazine

Sara- wasn’t so lucky? Roberto- wasn’t Dominican? Erica- didn’t always have a story to tell? Jon- didn’t own a walkman? Sally- didn’t single-handedly keep “In The Black” in business? Scott- fell over when he jumped on desks? Katya- wasn’t so perfect? Frank- could skank? Tiffany- could stand still for more than a minute? Dylan- every other word out of her mouth wasn’t “like”? Zac- ever took notes in class? Josh- wasn’t so hairy? Andreis- didn’t dead everyone?

Nice- to have an exhibit at the MOMA / be the janitor at the MOMA Laurent- to be a TV star / be on Robin Bird Sophia- to go to the prom with Rusty / to bring Peter instead Sara- to finally get her passport / hide from immigration Roberto- to be a doctor / to clean the bed pans Erica- to be a well-known Broadway actress / to direct the El musicals Jon- to sell dream houses / to be a crack house slum lord Katya- to be a famous lawyer / be the bailiff on Judge Mills Lane Tiffany- to be a zoologist / clean up the monkey crap Dylan- to be able to go barefoot in Montego Bay, Jamaica / to not be able to afford shoes in Jamaica, Queens Zac- to be a world-renowned graffiti artist / to be arrested for vandalism Josh- to be a comic-book artist / draw pictures for the El newspaper Andreis- to be the king of his own desert island / be some convict’s b!#ch on Riker’s Island

Mom, Peter, Nina, Kt, Di, Grandma, Dad, David NE, and El, As I look back I see many mistakes and much change, some choices worse — others better — but at all times I was supported and loved. / continue this life of mine, scared and anxious. I step forward with open eyes, and love for you all. Mom, I am your lavender dilly and always will be. Pete 143, ride the snake. Nina and kt, you are the definition offriendship. David and Di, I did it, all cause of u — thank you all for you are my strength, friends make a difference — Laurent, Emma, Vicky, Steven, Anna, and all the unknown. 143.

| -;

■ ’h

* : . -■■■ ■ - /.'O'; ]






r' s ''


. _____





• !


: ^Thetale is told. The sun shines as brightly L| as before, the sky sparkles with the trem-J bling stars that make night beautiful, and the scene melts and gradually disappears Mill forever/7




To Sara and Anansa, thank you for putting up with me. You two saved me more times than I care to remember, for that I will always p* be in your debt. To Eli, thank you for always being there for me. You are my closest friend in E.l. and I will miss being made fun of L by your father. To the Triple S, thank you for countless hours of | entertainment. To Helena and Amber, thank you for putting up with my long-winded rants and pointless random babbling. To No-1 ra, I love you greatly and will miss you equally (this is of course assuming that any college will actually accept me). There is no one | thing I can thank you for. In the past 2 years you have always been there for me, even in my most sarcastic and cynical days but most] importantly, you fed me. Thank you for everything. The past 3 years have proved interesting and I look forward to^ college but I will miss you all. I will leave you with these words of| advice. The thing most enjoyed in E.l. was finding some random: corner and reading. So, always remember the value of a good book.


h^v BM u.^,sr


m ‘




/7So long and thanks for all the fish7 \\ Scott Paris

'^Th#, PiHK kJ lft TVvt VAkN| ttapp^j \sl\ollj



nr uiAiVft^ fl.% fflM lil^gd Hi



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AiL»/91 £.1/Ain/jgg StU



I "."tH

1 \m mom and I Cass. I

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Hi D■

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Good hyeJ

l:SBi wjS...ra* -■ M ,“,s'‘lr5a*ie^®rfSf::il: Hfe 4-u ,


—Ml ll!:*iSft®)Sai;ii® iHHHMHH

^ia ^felf Kqu^ r^iflhi^QrjL| ^Ha<>ng >:■



r^g. «g^l____________

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THfVT MOU,-rv\e Louxu 2-nr â&#x2013; &cuuc*Fr COTCAbT PftepufeebCBNce 'Cv\e'VR.<sA^Jd9e

c>v= uoorv\ coo tb

"TP-Oua uK)t>eRST^vi> Um o-rV^e As \ UCOf^OUf

^ftoro mx usftva Perch of 1 'Uu^aoRAbLe

m*& $ oPoif^yr

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IlH ^ ^., ; ;fi ,?i -i M RRRRiffl ^

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ss;BSr^»Bsi' Sf; K's/r My/



oBu peDm°bra- 86 hara ^°°iri3 del W—pBXlanto _____ HD............. Silvio Rodriguez "tHFBP^ *1^



IcRaii jmammk,


-^ -^m

n^^WB f




there is no such thing as standing still, the direction of motion is frequently a matter of choice. When j you try to stop other things from moving you give yourself an impetus towards backwards motion I





Lf: +



"And I know right when I see right, shorty lookin’ like she tight ... ” -



■ m

ml "Uisualizing the realism of my life in actuality, FCK who’s the baddest personal status depends on salary, and my mentality is money orientat­ ed, I’m destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it.” -

HELLO my name is

• ••





i 11T Mom — Thank you so much for all your love, support and understanding. You’ve been such a great friend and traveling companion. I Love You. Dad — Thank you for the love and hugs you ’ve always given me and thank you for teaching me all the little neat stuff, from the kitchen to the space Shuttle. I Love You. Sam — What else can I say except — Beefcake!!! Beefcake!! Thanks for arguing with me everyday at the butt-crack of dawn and thanks for bringing lice home. Just kidding. I love you and I couldn ’t have asked for a funnier, more intelligent, more beautiful sister.

"‘Tlo ‘Day “But Uoday”

To My Family — Sarah, Vanessa, Uncle Rob, Aunt Vicky, Nick, Cathy, Elena, Jill, Joel, Ricky and my wonderfulfriend Susan — You’re all sooo Cool!! Thank you all for your love and support over the years and for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Without my family, every wonderful one ofyou, my life certainly wouldn’t be as terrific. You make the holidays more exciting and reg­ ular get togethers so special. I cherish and love you all so much.


To My Friends — Bryn, Bram, Becky, Deborah, Heidi, Kate, Liza, Ruby, Laurent, Andreis, Steven and Vicky — For each one of you I hold a special place in my heart. You have all been so good to me, so kind, caring and so much fun to be with. Bryn — we will always have our walks to and from school and the gym and we’ll always be just an elevator ride away. Bram — Thank you for caring and understanding more than most people can. I Love Ya Babe! Heidi — Thanks for the fun and the dancing and giving me someone to laugh with. Liza — I can’t begin to tell you what your friendship has meant to me. I’ve never laughed so much and I’ve never received so much support in my life! Thanks for Everything. I Love You. Ruby — After all these years we can still read each other’s minds! That’s how you can tell that two people were meant to be life long friends. Thank you for the wonderful 12 years of friendship so far. Laurent — Thanks for always giving me a hand (under the desks). Andreis — Thanks for always making me laugh even when I didn’t feel like it. Steven — You’re wonderful and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. And Vicky — I’m sorry for the problems that went on in our relationship but I’m having so much fun with you now that I hope I’m making up for the time we missed. I Love You. To All Of You — Thank you for showing me what “having fun” actually is. And Remember — “learn that you really are strong . . . that you really can endure . . . and that you really do have worth.’

I i

m L ’..........£






To my parents: Although it may go unsaid all too often, I love you very much. I could not begin to express my admiration and appreciation for all that you’ve done for me; without you, I don't know where I'd be right now. To the strongest woman I know(Mami): Fll never forget all the love that you've given me. Thank you for always listening to my never-ending problems, and offering even the smallest bit of advice. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EVER SAY!!



To My Parents: You have been the pillars of my world. Though I may not always remember to show it, your love and support is greatly appreciated. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am now, if it weren’t for your guidance. I LOVE YOU!!






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sweetie/. . . i/ou aneniij best/rii’/td Zd(eif baby. . . rfPe’oe been lAnoayA a tot. tioen tAnouyA oan touyAest times^uou’oe abnatys /remainedone ofrnty bes^fniends.

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§§fi|| neoenfbnyet tAe times ate be sfienl foye/Aen. y/°« tt aboatys Acute a specialft/ace in nay Acant.

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T’p-ft Rad tie time. o|y


. . . When you are weak I will be strong, helping you to carry on . . . ” (Whitney Houston & CeCe Winans) To My Best Friend For Life: I never thought one friendship could change my life completely. We’ve been through so much, but thank the Lord we’ve managed to stay together. I’ve never cared for a friend as much as I’ve cared for you — We’ve laughed, we’ve cried (and wiped each other’s tears), and helped one another through every horrible situation we’ve encountered. Our friendship has grown so strong over the past six years that it would be impossible for us not to keep in touch. You’re my other half, and I’ll love you forever!!


To My Partner For Life: It’s amazing how many things I’ve learned about life, and myself since we’ve been together. You’ve shown me that love is real and that a person as picky as me could actually find it. “You’re the one I never knew I always wanted” — and I’ll love you forever.

“I’ll never break your heart. I’ll never make you cry. I’d rather die, than live without you — I’ll give you all of me, hon­ ey that’s no lie” (Backstreet Boys) . . . “Because my love is all I have to give, with­ out you I don’t think I could live ...” (Backstreet Boys) . . . You make me whole, you make me right. Don’t ever wan­ na think about you leaving my life ...” (Jagged Edge).

MeMies H/l(

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and I owe it oM to you.





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we fact t&e c/uittce to cto Ct ad ayaitt ted me, ou&octct cute, could eve. — ^Zanllanu Stneteaud

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Steven Eschelbacher

Mom, without you l don't know where l would be. You’ve been with me through eve­ rything, my whole life. You always believed in me, / love you. Adam, you've been my best friend since we’ve been 7 years old, and you always made me laugh throughout those 11 years. To my Brother, we’ve gone through so much in such little time. But we have a whole life time left (ohhhhhhh!!!!!, Yeah right!!!!!!!! Brother NO!!!) Roberto, I knew we would be boys the first time I met you, these past four years I don’t know what l would have done without you, thanx for all the talks, I’m gonna miss you. Alana, there is so much l can say about the past two years. We have been so close, I love you and you will always be in my heart no matter what hap­ pens. Tim, it seems like yesterday / was that shy little freshman in the corner ofyour class not saying anything, but look how things changed. / was just running things in your class by the end. Thanks for i watching out for me (what are you gonna do with­ out me???). Sophia, Aeen, Frank, Andreis, Zac, Vicky, Erica, Dylan, and whoever else / forgot, thanks for all the memories.


Mama, te quiero, te amo, te adorn. Aparte de Dios, tu eres todo para mi. Se, que a Igunas voces te enfado, pern por fa­ vor, entiende que te amo, ahora, para siempre, y por el resto de mi vida. Eres insustituible. To all my friends and family: Melquis, Maiki, Juan, Steven, Alana, Aeen, Bram, and Katya. I love you and thank you for honoring me with your friendship. Til re­ member you and keep you all in my heart always.


There are some things money can’t buy. But for everything else, there’s daddy’s MasterCard.



When my world seems to crumble all around hXnd foolish people try to bring me down Just think of your smiling face and I’m flying



. . .


You were my strength when I was weak, You were my voice when I couldn’t speak, You were my eyes when I couldn’t see, You saw the best there was in me, I’m everything I am because you loved me. — Celine ‘Dion

What you want might make you cry, What you need might pass you by If you don’t catch it lAnd what you need ironically, Will turn out what you want to be, If you just let it. —

Lauren Jlill




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ZTam +V\fi. ma&tier ofwu-^arte:

X aw\ -the. oap^a.^ o-P mj^scsu.^.


^ W%ilvam Hentey




to understancJ|others^ is powerful, to understand self is

Last Will and Testament Kimberley- my mango-scented body spray Laurent- a love letter to Morgan Zac- an in depth blue-print of my thoughts (but when you read it, you will not comprehend) Anansa- my sardonic wit and administrative reform Aeen- a blank check for Daphne and a doctor’s note for Cheryl Vicky- my last nervous breakdown Maritza- my clumsiness and my laughter Sally- my flute...that’s money down the drain Sophia - another “bad influence” on Alana Bram- the memory of my beautiful self Nico-1 don’t leave anything to anyone at El Erica-1 leave all the students a song in their heart, and for Deborah I leave the limelight Dylan- to David NE a bottle of Tylenol for all the headaches I caused Frank- my extraordinary skill and finesse on the basketball court Jon- my Walkman Steven - my Yankee hat Sara- a step by step procedure to get a green card Alana- I leave David NE all my Depeche Mode tapes and conspiracy theories Becka- the mystery of the other three years Ana- all my everlasting love to Vicky Sebastian- a blunted yak Andreis-1 leave you my shadow to be cast upon all of the mortals of El to wallow in my dark omnipotence as I trod through life spreading my clout like butter on toast... Josh-1 leave Mr. Marvin the ability to keep on fighting for what he believes

Expression 1999  
Expression 1999