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2012 Nursery Wants Likes And Needs: 32 Pages Of Practical Resources For Everyday Use

Exploration & Investigations P3-7

Welcome to our first mini print catalogue. As our customers know, this is only some of the resources we bring to show, along with others we couldn’t possibly fit on our little car. For those hearing of us for the first time, we are a Kent based independent supplier of equipment to nurseries, preschool, day centres and playgroups across Kent, South London and Essex. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t have a minimum order or charge delivery. We keep you informed of your order and will arrange delivery with you. Our resources come from some of the countries most popular manufacturers and suppliers and cover every area of pre-school. If you are looking to replenish or add to your already fantastic resources, we would love to hear from you.

Index 3-8

Exploration & Investigations :


Us & the Environment:

Magnets, Magnification, Reflection, Light Box, Timers and Sensory

Diversity, Emotions, Physical Development, the World Around Us and Environment

12-17 Speaking & Listening:

Speaking & Listening, Nursery Rhymes &Stories, Song Charts, Letters & Numbers

18-25 Activity & Role Play:

Pedal-less Bikes, Trikes, Scooters, Computer Desks, Role Play, Dolls Houses, Garages and Accessories, Small World, Kitchens Units, Outdoor Games and Activities

26-29 Problems Solving & Motor Skills:

Baby toys, Wall Games, Lacing Motor Skills, Balancing, Puzzling, Turning & Screwing

30-31 Art and Consumables:

Ready Mixed Paint, Flourescent, Metallic, Pearlescent, Skin Tones, Painting Easels, Adhesives and Glue

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Contacts and Order Form

Explorations and Investigations

Magnetic Dinosaurs

4 wooden realistic dinosaurs to construct. Parts connect when magnets come together. Pieces articulate once connected to add additional realism to small world and play. LR50321 £34.99

Magnetic Da Vinci Set 140 piece magnetic construction set with two characters enabling creative 3D model building. Each piece contains magnets on adjoining faces. Great for children with poor fine motor skills. Hundreds of models to be made. LR50323 £199.99 Mini Transport Magnet set (5 vehicles) Two-part magnetic construction models. Can be pulled apart and re-assembled. Set of 5 (car, lorry, plane, helicopter and train) Size approx: 70 x 35mm. LR50305 £13.00

Magnetic Vehicles Build these vehicles by placing the pieces in position. Magnets fix pieces together to create a working model. Ideal first construction set for small children. £15.99 each LR50307 Fire Engine LR50309 Dump Truck LR50311 Train All 3 for £47.00- LR50314

01634 300705

Floating Ring Set 5 colour plastic encased ring magnets with a plastic stand to create a floating magnet trick. Children achieve this simply by stacking the rings with like poles facing each other so they repel. Size: H123mm dia. x 42mm. LR50401 £8.25

Explorations and Investigations Easy Hold Hand magnifiers Hardwood frame with easy grip handles. 3x magnifier: frame Size: 180 x 120mm. LR73363 £5.99 Double Lens Magnifier Table top magnifier with 2 lens variables (3x & 5x vision). Size 300x190x 90 mm LR73361 £19.99 Ultra slim Light Panel (A3/A2) Low voltage technology, lightweight and portable. Removable protective cover-slip. Illuminated area of 300 x 420mm or 400 x 580mm. Can be wall mounted. Mains adaptor supplied A3 LR50305 £79.99 A2 LR50305 £119.99 Acrylic Light box Shapes See through: For use on light boards and colour mix, matching and recognition Paddles Pk 6 LR48157 £14.50

Ink Splats Pk 10 LR72395 £14.99

01634 300705

Geometric shapes: LR72395 £15.99 Pk 6

Explorations and Investigations

Giant Cylinder Magnifier Powerful glass lens. 5x magnification. Chamber 100 wide x 40mm deep LR48149 £17.50 Pk 3

Bug Viewer Plastic pot with 2 magnifying lenses (2x and 4x). Size 70mm. LRBL0062 £19.50 Pk 10

Exploration Circle set and Accessories 4 trays & stands. Can be used as a joined set or split for different activities around your setting. Folds flat, making it an ideal resource to use indoors and out where space is at a premium. Includes chrome stand – height 460mm, 540 x 380 x150mm. LR38062 £119.00 Also Available: LR38064: £29.99 (Single Tray & stand) LR38064: £179.00 (6 trays & Stands)

Hand Lens Magnifier Wooden Surround Hand Lens. 100mm plastic lens with x2 magnification plus inset lens with x3. LR72225 £14.99 Pk 3

01634 300705

Easy Hold Discovery Set 6 coloured lenses, a giant 3x magnifier convex/concave/plane mirror to give true & distorted reflections size 185 x 120mm LR73382 £32.99

Explorations and Investigations Large Sheet Magnifier

Interactvie Kaleidoscope Viewing tube with mirrors and three alternative ends (standard kaleidoscope, a fish eye lens and a pot . Size: 160 x 30mm LR48154 £8.99

Ideal for small hands. Low cost and easy to store. Up to 3x magnification Size: 220 x 140mm. LR748123 £29.99

Coloured Sand timers

with accurate interval times 1 minute 3minutes 5 minutes Mini Sand Timers Size: 90 x 25mm. LR92005 £39.99 Pk30

Hexagonal Softie Mirrors 5 foam surround mirrors in plane ,convex and concave safety acrylic mirrors. Includes adhesive pads for wall mounting.. Size: Point to Point 270mm LR72085 24.99

01634 300705

Large Sand Timers Size: 160x70mm. LR72045 £29.00 Pk of 3

Jigsaw Softie Mirrors 4 softie plane mirrors with a jigsaw profile Can be hand held or wall mounted. Includes pads for wall mounting. Size 200mm sq. LR72083 £22.99

Explorations and Investigations

Binoculars Lightweight & perfect for young children to observe wildlife at close quarters Size: 100 x 80 x 30mm. LR61169 £9.99

Touch wall Felly Bag Place different objects into the bag- let children’s hands do the talking. Size 40x20x20 cm LR1650 £17.50

Build a Robot 4 interchangeable heads. Moveable and detachable arms and legs. helps develop fine motor skills. LR 5183 £16.50

Discovery Space Ship Wooden Discovery Spaceship and Lift Off Rocket with two astronauts. Four open-sided tiers brimming with space technology & accessories. Removable top tier. Helps stimulate imaginative play and develop hand-eye coordination LRE3003 £79.99

Matching Sound and Weight Prisms Each colour coded prism either weighs a different amount or makes different sounds. Identical coloured pairs weigh and sound the same. Weight Prisms LR73279 £19.99

Tactile Building Blocks 24 traditional shape colourful soft tactile building blocks. 0-18 Months LR13406 £24.95

Sound Prisms LR73277 £19.99

01634 300705

Us and the Environment

People Who help us 10 hand puppets showing different people in different careers, including manual, service, trade and others Set 1 LR12481-1 £27.95 Set 2 LR12481-2 £27.95

Children of the world Set of 8 hand puppets showing different children from around the world LR12482 £23.50

People Who Help us Finger Puppets 10 finger puppets. Different people and cultures in traditional dress. A mixture of cultures and nationalities

Set 1 LR12432 £11.00

Set 2 LR12433 £11.00

Emotion Teddy Paddles 6 colourful soft EVA foam paddle masks. Expressions from happy to very sad. LR3020 £14.00

Message Mirror Set (5)

Laser cut mirror surface messages. Provided with double-sided sticky pads for wall fixing. Can be used to prompt a response, as a conversation piece, to discuss feelings and to encourage a positive self image. 200mm in diameter. Hand held or wall mounted. LR72234 £30.00 Look At Me (Shown) Who Am I How I Feel Today Today’s Special Person Wash Hands Mirror-

01634 300705

How Tall Am I Mirror Children can see their height & reflection with the mirror & cm scale (70-130cm) For wall fixing. Size H:900xW:300mm LR24237 £29.99

Us and the Environment See-Through Easels Free-standing, Rubberwood framed. Clear acrylic panels . Ideal for painting portraits and self- portraits. The large free-standing easel can also be used as a room divider. Desk Top See-Through Easel LR72065 £39.99 (H400xW580mm) Large See- Through Easel LR72066 £79.99 (H900xW400mm)

Layer Puzzles. Puzzles within a puzzle showing development stages

Child Boy/Girl The body in clear and child oriented way the set-up of a human body from the skeleton to the organs over the muscles to the naked and to the dressed child. 5 stage layered puzzle. 28 pieces Size: approx. 290 x 143 x 19 mm £18.75 each Boy Puzzle: LR17128 Girl Puzzle: LR17129 Expectant Mother Formation of a child and the course of a pregnancy. Easy for a child to follow the development of the baby and the female physical changes. 27 pieces Size: 290 x 143 x 18 mm LR812 £18.75

01634 300705

5 generations: Baby, child, young adult, parent and grandparents. Layer piece together Contents: 40 pieces Size: appr. 290 x 250 x 20 mm LR812 £25.50

Us and the Environment Giant Cloth world map. Can be wall hung or used on the floor. Interactive learning about the world, countries, cities, environment, landscape & people. 196 motifs, both pictures and words, people of the world and transport. Size: 170x240cm LR15104C £ 195.00 World Map Cloth Wall chart

With 65 attachable pieces for children to learn about the world, land, countries, people of the world, Oceans seas. Can be wall hung or used Mini World Globe on the floor. Size: Mini Inflatable globe with 20 90x120cm attachable finger puppet & Age Range: 3+ motifs. Age Range: 3+ Years LR15108 £72.50 LR15106 £29.99

Mr Monkey Weather Chart

Swivel Globe Discover the world, seas and continents. Traditional table top swivel globe. 13cms in height. LRG1361 £12.75

01634 300705

Fun wall chart with detachable clothes, weather symbols and all days of the week. Weather appropriate clothing for all conditions. Days of the week and weather symbols to change to match the weather.

LR7101 £29.00 Age 3+

Us and the Environment Detachable Transport Motifs Set of 10 detachable motifs: Land or Air transport Can be used with felt board or wall chart

Floating Pals Fishing Game

6 soft textile sea creatures. with 2 Velcro rods. Air Land Good for early Large LR1270123S £18.00 Large LR1270123L £18.00 motor skills. Small LR1270123S £10.00 Small LR1270123S £10.00 LR546 £21.00

Tuff Tray Monster Digging Claw Set Grabber Set For explorations. With lift20 handy claws in 5 4 sand grabbers to pick up, move and drop Set of 4. different designs. Size : 185 x off tidy tray & scoop. For soil, sand & water 125mm. Size: 390 x140mm LR71383 £12.99 LR74010 £20.00pk 4 LR74016 £20.00

Childrens Garden Set Small size garden tools made from mild steel. spade, rake, hoe, brush.

LR75005 £14.99 Pk 4

01634 300705

Weather Vane Childrens Hand Tools Over 1 metre high with Colourful painted steel spinning tail plume & wind hand tools perfect for the direction pointer & young gardener or for sand. cardinal points (N,S,E,W). LR75007 £3.99 Set Pk3 LR72759 £24.99

Speaking & Listening Tune into Listening Sounds Matching

Photographic images and real sound effects throughout, this engaging set offers a range of sound lotto style games. The photo cards make the games even more flexible, allowing you to adapt them to learners’ needs. Each set includes: •30 game sound matching cards • audio CD of games at three different levels • individual sounds as tracks •A games guide with all the sound sequences listed for reference Instrumental Sounds LR0352 Price £13.00 15 classroom instruments/ 15 other instruments sounds Environmental Sounds LR0350 Price £13.00 15 around the home/ 15 Out & about sounds Animal Sounds LR0351 Price £13.00 15 pets & farm animal/ 15 wild animals sounds

Individual Sounds Matching Listening Games Order all 5 and SAVE £5.00 Tune into set LR0355 Price £60.00 Listening games, Nursery rhymes and initial Sounds. Over 100 different listening sounds and matching cards.

Nursery Ryhmes Beautiful illustrations. Clearly sung rhymes. 20 illustrated rhyme cards, CD of listening games at three different levels, plus the nursery rhymes as individual tracks. LR0535 Price £13.00

01634 300705

Initial Sounds Humorous illustrations and tongue twisters. 26 illustrated cards, CD of listening games at three different levels, plus all the tongue twisters as individual tracks. LR0354 Price £13.00

Speaking & Listening

Talking Telephones Can be used inside or out or both 2 handsets and 3 metres of strong yellow, hollow flexible tubing. Handsets simply plug into the ends of the tubing. LR73952 £15.00

Forest Phones Air powered telephone tubes for talking inside & out. 2 phones & 5mtrs of tube LR73968 £19.99 Talking Telephone exchange Can be used in any early years settings, both indoors & out. Develops communication, personal & social skills. 8 handsets 3x3 metre lengths, 12x1 metre lengths of strong hollow flexible tubing, 6 in-line connectors and 6 ‘Y’ connectors. LR73956 £50.00

Who’s Speaking, Who’s Listening 6 tubes and phone hand sets connected to a central hub. Promote conversations and collaboration. When one speaks everyone hears what they say. Colour coded handsets, tubes and blindfolds 1.5 of tubing and 6 blindfolds LR73970 £49.99

01634 300705

Speaking & Listening Interactive Nursery Ryhmes Eight interactive rhymes with different skills, i interactive puzzles and games to play and have fun with. Fact based resource information supports each ryhme. Suitable for PC and Mac LR0127 £50.00 Come Alive Listening Explore everyday sounds of the seaside, street, countryside and the park with this multi-sensory resources. Supports Phase One of Letters and Sounds. Animated songs with real sound effectsSelf-correcting soundpicture gamesSound sequence games. Suitable for use on PC and MAC. LR0129 £50.00

Interactive Phonics Hear the letter sound- play the song, introduce the letter sound and shape. All letters with sounds & interactive screens for letter shape recogniton. Suitable for use on PC and MAC. LR0127 £50.00

Traditional tales Interactive CD Roms Animated versions of 6 favourite stories for shared reading and sing along. Interactive games allow children to get hands-on with the story as they move characters on screen developing key skills such as listening, phonological awareness and ICT competence. Audio CD - includes sung and spoken versions of the story. Suitable for use on PC (including Vista and Windows 7) and MAC. CD Single User £35.00 6 Titles to choose from LR0121 3 Billy Goats LR0122 3 Little Pigs LR0123 Goldilocks LR0124 Red Riding Hood LR0125 Jack & the Beanstalk LR0126 The Gingerbread Man

01634 300705

Speaking & Listening Acrylic Letters/Numbers Mirrored Numbers/Letters Laser cut double-sided For use on a lightbox. Helps with number/letter acrylic mirrored pieces. recognition. Size: 70mm. Provide a multitude of uses including manipulative feel, experience, play with and trace around. 3mm hole for hanging

Rainbow Letters 26 Colourful acrylic lower case letters in a friendly font. Letters:LR72419 £14.99

Rainbow Numbers 12 colourful acrylic numbers from 0 to 9 with additional 0 & 1 Numbers LR72421 £6.99

Double Sided Boards Plain front with letter recognition or number count on reverse

Mirrored Numbers Numbers 0-9 LR72405 £20.99 Letter Board Upper and Lower case LR761 £12.50

Mirrored Letters 26 lower case letters 168mm LR72403 £44.99

01634 300705

Number Board 1-20 Number Board. LR762 £12.50 Recordable write on message disc Helps speaking and listening. Write on/ wipe off, Record a message or bring displays to life. Instant play back. 10 Second DiscsLR12740 £19.99 Pk 5 30 Second DiscsLR12742 £24.99 Pk 5

Speaking & Listening Song Wall Charts counting in 5 or 10

10 Green Bottles with face masks and finger puppets LR6005 £19.99

5 Currant Buns with Free face masks. LR6002 £19.99

5 Little Ducks with free face masks LR6004 £19.99

01634 300705

10 Fat Sausages with free face masks LR6001 £19.99

5 Speckled Frogs with Free face masks. LR6001 £19.99

5 Jumping Monkeys with free face masks LR6003 £19.99

Speaking & Listening Alphabet Pebbles Letter Pebbles: A-Z Each pebble is lowercase letter engraved. Ideal for use in sand, water, small world and outdoors. 26 pebbles LR1000 £20.00 Word Builder Pebbles Set of 50 pebbles, making word-building fun. Contains: Three of each vowel; Two of b, c, d, f, g, h, l, m, n, p, r, s, t and y; and One of j, k, q, v, w, x and z LR1009 £30.00

Initial Letter Blends Felt Motifs 35 initial blends motifs for use on your wall charts or teaching boards LR12793 £18.50

Number Pebbles Number Pebbles 0-10 Cast from a resin and stone mix and engraved with two of each of the numbers 0-10 with storage jar. LR1010 £20.00 Sum building set Set of 50 pebbles with both numbers & operations. Con- Initial Letter Sounds Felt Motifs tains: •Two of numbers 0-20 26 initial sounds motifs for •Two of operations +, - and = use on your wall charts or teaching boards •One of operations x and ÷ LR12792 £16.50 LR1011 £30.00

Number Fun Cloth Chart Wall or Floor chart. Early Years introduction to numbers with 0-10 and 2 sets of coloured Velcro eggs. 22 detachable numbers and eggs. Size: 50 (h) x 60cm LR10201 £17.50

01634 300705

Activity & Role Play Over the Shoulder Character Role Play Great for role play, childs play or even nativity play. Soft Cuddly Horse with nose reins or Racing Car. Fitted with adjustable braces. Age 3 years+

Maxi Horse LRMA12 £36.50

Racing Car LR6334 £36.50

Hobby Horse “Thunder” Soft material covered hobby horse. Neighs and gallops Size approx. 92cms. Age 3+ LR4105 £14.50

Market Stall High standard finish wooden Market stall. Scales, till, scanner, money, and credit card machine . Size 75x38/120 cm LR3120 £85.00

Soft Play Set 22 assorted shapes for children to create their own designs. Provides fun and excitement for children. Creates a safe environment to learn motor skills and gymnastics. Ideal for kindergartens and nurseries. The Softplay can be packed back in the box for storage £679.00 LRSP01

01634 300705

Activity & Role Play Colourful wigwam for dens and bases. Easy to put up, collapse and fold away. Window and Velcro opening flap and ground sheet. Made from thick hard wearing Giant 4 in a Row cotton. Size: Base: Large strategy game. Can be 183 x 183cm • played both inside or out. Height: 135cm Size 46cm x 53cm. LR73115 £70.00 LR4R3 £28.00 age 3+

Climbing Frame Two sturdy and durable silver coloured powder coated steel ‘A’ frames and two connecting red plastic coated steel ladders. 10 year structural guarantee on the ladders and ‘A’ frames LRT15 £349.00

Basketball Stand Free-standing steel frame and hoop with nylon rope net. Weather proofed Height 86cm, hoop diameter 40cm. LR75530 £49.00

Computer Station Rubberwood Offers the right seating position for children. Fully adjustable. accommodates tower computer and flat screen monitor. Ages 2+ LR72081 £125.00

01634 300705

Activity & Role Play Push-Along, Pedal and Pedal-less Scooter, Bikes and Trikes

Steel front wheel and bronze bearings to the pedals. Three solid rubber wheels for stability and a moulded driver seat. Designed for stability. Metal framed come with 10 Year Frame warranty

Traditional Scooters

Animal Riders

LR1001 £99.50 4 wheel 2 - 5 years. Max child weight 20kg. LR1001 £108.95 3 wheel 2-5 years Straight base plate and rear Brake LR12A £124.50 2 Wheel Age 3+ For riders above 20kgs. Wooden early riders. Soft saddle, 4 wheel child’s sit on. Washable fabric. Size height 440mm Calfy LR80004 £33.00 Lambie LR8005 £33.00 Wooden Balance Bike Tigger Lightweight wooden scooter. Helps gain a sense of balance. LR80006 £33.00 LR4713 £59.00 Mini Balance Bike 2-4 years suitable for indoor and outdoor play LR043 £95.00

MetaL Balance Bike 3-5 years Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. LR044 £103.00

01634 300705

Activity & Role Play

Midi Push Along trike LR46 £74.50

Pedal Trike LR01 £142.00

Trike with Trailer LRT34 £212.50

01634 300705

Push along Trike LRSC32 £162.00

Chariot LRT32 £205.00

Easy Rider Trike Age: 3 - 7 years Harley style chopper trike 10 Year Frame warranty LRT34 £212.50

Mini Pedal trike LR01A £129.00

Tandem LRT31 £169.00

Metal Push Chair Four wheeled toy with a tubular steel frame, with fabric seat. LR27P £52.50

Activity & Role Play Single Unit Kitchen Items

Cooker Unit Three ring hob with opening oven for creative culinary role play. Size 41 x 7 x 52 cm. £33.50 (Choice of 3 colours) LR31356 Black (Shown) LR31356 Red LR31358 White

An all-in-one kitchen With cooker, Sink, Cupboard, Work top and rack. white LR3100W £87.50 green LR3100G £87.50

Deluxe Barbecue Double-sided grates, collapsible side table, moveable wheels & opening and closing hood. LR3107 £69.95

5 piece Hardwood Kitchen 5 piece role play kitchen made almost entirely from Rubberwood. Includes: tall fridge freezer, (H 810 x W 400 x D 350mm )microwave with turntable (H 220 x W 360 x D 280mm), 4 ring cooker, sink with double cupboard and washing machine. (H 540 x W 400 x D 350mm ) Self Assembly Required LR72215 £250.00

01634 300705

Activity & Role Play Single Unit Kitchen Items

Sink Unit Wooden sink unit with knobs, taps and opening cabinet door. Size app: L: 32 W:29 H:59cm LR31358 £41.65

Fridge/Freezer Waist-high switch and reusable ice cubes make this a gourmet’s dream. Size 47Lx37.5Wx75H cm LR3102 £61.50

Wood Cutting Food and Table Sets

5 cutting fruit with Wooden cutter and board LR3600 £13.50 Fruit

6 common table sauces and bottles LR34320 £13.00

01634 300705

5 cutting veg with wooden cutter and board LR3601 £13.50 Veg

3 common cooking pots LR34130 £14.00

5 cutting meats with wooden cutter. LR3457 £14.00Meats

6 cooking utensils LR3450 £13.00

Activity & Role Play Doll families and Dolls Houses

Made of solid wood. Arms, and legs can be shaped. Doll Family includes; two adults and two children. LR74150 £13.00 White Family LR74160 £13.00 Ethnic Family LR74170 £13.00 Asian Family LR74120 £13.00 Modern Family LR985101 £9.50 Grandparents

All Seasons 4 furnished rooms. reversible solar panelled Roof. Furniture for Bedroom, Bathroom, family Room and Kitchen. LR3401 £87.99

Terrace House 3 story Rubberwood house. Moveable doors, window, terrace and outside staircase LR7150 £115.00

Green Dolls House (Furnished) Energy efficient design with ecological accessories LR7157 £118.00

Small World Dolls House Accessories

Bathroom Bathtub, toilet, sink and shower cubicle. LR7308 £13.00

01634 300705

Living Room Cupboard, TV, table, sofa, 2 chairs & lamp. LR7307 £13.00

Bedroom Dressed bed, dressing table, wardrobe, stool & lamp, LR7309 £13.00

Activity & Role Play Small World Dolls House Accessories

Living room 4 seater table & chairs and dresser. LR7306 £13.00

Kitchen Larder/fridge freeze, oven, sink, preparation unit & items LR73101 £13.00

Playground Climbing frame with swing, slide, activity, see-saw and sand pit. LR7153£13.00

Car Garages

Parking Garage 3 floors of parking space, lift, attendant’s booth, helipad, a figure, car, Pay Kiosk, and car wash: Age 3 years+. LR6227 £47.35

Park ‘n’ Go Wooden multi-storey car park. With lift, Helipad and 2 hybrid cars. Age 3 years + LRE3002 £.37.00

Small World garage Accessories


VAN SET (3 DELIVERY 3 WINDOW) LR60242 £14.50

Helicopter, with pilot. LR60600 £7.50

01634 300705


Problems & Motor Skills

Pyramid of Play

Baby Gym

Build pyramid of blocks Block and Roll walker & slot in colour shapes. NumWooden push along tray on bers, letters, words, animals and wheels filled with building sorting shapes. Blocks

Visual, tactile, & auditory cues. Gross Motor Skills: Aids coordination, strength & balance.

LR0032 £29.95

3 in a Row Wall Toy Picture matching game cards to follow design. Different levels of complexity. Size 40x40x35 cm LR23628 £75.00

LR0413 £16.50

Wall Toy Butterfly Mosaic Wall Toy Trains muscles, supports Trains muscles, supports momotor ability, improve tor ability, improve coordinacoordination Age 3+ Size tion Age 3+ Size 60x50x15 cm 60x50x15 cm LR23611 £65.00 L23621 £49.50

Table Top Activity Centre Mirror, spinning face, colour wheel, & abacus, topped with wire bead maze. Size 18(L)x20(w) x34(h)cm LR1802 £25.50

01634 300705

LR61030 £29.99

Supermaze Countdown Wire maze with wooden Colourful rocket ship. Beads beads. Size 41(L)x32(W) spin around the wire maze. x50(H)cm Size 24(L)x18(W)x36(H)cm LR1803 £35.50 LR1806 £20.75

Problems & Motor Skills Multi Activity Units

Motor Activity Magic 7 different sides:Motor activity, shape/colour recognition and logical thinking. Solid wood. Size 57x 57cm. LR6470 £135.00

Motor Skill Box 5 sides: recognise shapes, read the time and motor skills. Quickly folds down to save space. Size 45 x 45 cm LR4475 £75.95

7 in 1 Activity Centre Desktop multisensory activity centre. Detachable chalk/whiteboard and paper roll. Abacus. flip tiles. Traditional clock Logic maze puzzle LR61030 £42.50

Activity House Activity loops, jigsaw puzzles and calculating board. Trains motor activity and imagination with shapes and colours LR4702 £56.50

Threading Houses Set of 3 houses. Improves motor-activity. Thread made buildings to stitch. 32 pieces LR1850 £17.95

Set of 4

Threading Beatles Dexterity training. Thread the wings to the beatle back LR1898 £8.50

01634 300705

Lacing Shoes Two lacing non-shaped shoes to learn to tie a shoe lace and threading LR61030 £29.99

Lacing Cheese & Apple Red apple and caterpillar. Yellow Cheese slice mouse Size: 85mm LR720989 £11.95

Problems & Motor Skills Motor Skill Trees. Twisting and screwing activities to develop fine motor skills

Motor Skills Tower 2 screwing, 3 turning activities LR1152 £12.75

Creative Peg Puzzle interlocking basequarters with twisting activites LR0411 £13.00

Split Fruit Counting Coloured wooden fruits help children learning 1-6 counting. Fruit counts to different numbers LR6252 £14.50

Lock of Dexterity Thread the key through the gates. Develops manual dexterity, motor skills and concentration skills. 36 challenges available LR7343 £11.25

01634 300705

Geo Puzzle 9 different ways of showing a half. Each with 3 alternatives. LR1600 £6.50

House of Locks Wooden house with different locks and levers, door chain, D-locks & cylinder locks. This house trains everyday motor skills LR4432 £29.75

Happy Hour Clock Wooden smiley faced clock to help teach how to read the time. Pegs to lift and replace numbers; hands swivel. LR1600 £10.95

Problems & Motor Skills Magnetic Wand Mazes Magnetic wand moves marbles round the mazes. Simple, colourful fun. Helps hand-eye coordination and keeps attention

Mighty motors LR1003 £13.00

Flutter Butterfly LR1704 £10.85

Mosaic puzzle Pyramid 3 in 1 with 0ver 80 different patColourful 3 shaped scaled terns and configurations. Size pyramid. Circle, triangle and approx. 26 x 26 cm hexagon to pile and LRMBB43 £7.25 stack in size

LR1731 £20.50

Balancing Boat

Balancing toy with two stacking sailors. Fun way to introduce weight and balance. LR0423 £10.95

01634 300705

Sort5 and Count Features four rods of different heights and 20 colorful pieces that can be sorted and stacked in various ways. LR 5614 10.95

Go Fish Go LR1001 £8.25

Motor Activity Board

Colourful double sided motor skill maze board with game cards-for table top games. Size 32 x 23 cm

LR7230 £14.50

String Along Town

30 wooden shapes to thread with two strings. Helps hand-eye coordination. LR1001 £10.75

Arts Crafts & Consumables PVA Glue Ideal for nurseries and children. Developed for younger children and formulated specifcaly to wash easily from cloths, brushes, work areas and hair, even when dry. Contains a high percentage of a water dispersible ingredient. 5 Litre PVA Glue LRB5 £6.25 Pumps also available LRPMP 2.25 each

Class Pack Large 40g Glue Sticks Leaves an even layer of glue. Does not clump. Non-toxic and solvent-free. GL12 £9.70 (pk12) GL100 £81.00 (pk 100)

1 Litre PVA Glue 5 x 1 Litre LRB1 £7.00

Messy Mats Transparent wipe clean tough Plastic surface protector for all messy work. LR5102 £7.5 (pk5) Double sided Easels. With plain finish on both sides, chalkboard both sides or a combination of both. Two accessory trays and waterpots supplied Size: 61cm widex50cm deep Height to top of board: 96cm Weight: 13kg £115.00 TT29a: 2 sides plain TT29b: plain/chalkboard TT29c: 2 x Chalkboard

01634 300705

Arts Crafts & Consumables Ready Mixed Liquid Paint. Water-based liquid poster paint. Top grade liquid poster paint is rich and vibrant, has a thick texture with good coverage,

Assorted Standard Colours. 12 x 1litre pack LR12X1LP £17.50

Assorted Colours 5 Litre Paint Pack LR5x5LP £24.75 (pck 5) 5 Litre Pumps also available 5 Litre Pump LRPMP 2.25 each

Glorious deep Pearlescent colours 6x 300ml LRPP63 £9.99

Glitter Paint 150 ml tubs

LRAF93 £7.50 (pk6)

01634 300705

Metallic Colours 6x 300ml: LRST66 £9.99

Dazzling fluorescent colours. Dries to opaque finish. 6x 600ml LRFP66 £9.50

Skin Tone: intermixable for a variety of skin shades 6 x 600ml.LRST66 £9.50

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Spring Summer 2012  

32 pages of pre-school tools, toys, supplies and equipment

Spring Summer 2012  

32 pages of pre-school tools, toys, supplies and equipment