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explorations and investigations

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explorations and investigations

Magnetic Stacking Train Build your own steam train with shapes and working wheels. 9 pieces + 2 train bases LR30124 £13.50

Magnetic Stacking Blocks 8 brightly coloured magnetic shapes to join using positive and negative effects LR1003 £12.75

Magnetic Stacking Boat Magnetic blocks stack and stay together. Helps develop hand-eye co-ordination. LR30135 £12.75

explorations and investigations

Magnetic Stacking Truck Magnetic blocks stack and stay together. Helps develop hand-eye co-ordination. LR30135 £12.75

Go Fish Go Magnetic wand moves marbles round the fishy maze. Simple, colourful fun. Age 2+ LR1700 £8.50

Choo Choo Tracks Magnetic wand moves marbles round the train engine maze. Simple, colourful fun. Age 2+ LR1701 £8.50

Colour Flutter Butterfly Marble maze fun in the shape of a butterfly with colour co-ordination. Age 2+ LR1704 £14.00

Fishing-& Shape Sorting Game Magnetic Fishing game with colourful geometric shapes to pick up and place through the sorter holes. Helps develop hand-eye and motor skills. H: approx. 14 cm, x W: 17 cm Age 2+ LR8523 £12.95 Fishing Game "Lighthouse" A simple little fishing game with beautiful design and a large "fishing-plate" with magnets. Useful even for those little children who like to play with the older ones! Size approx. 23 x 23 Age 3+ LR3400 £7.95

Colour Sea Turtle Marble maze fun in the shape of a Sea Turtle with colour co-ordination. Age 2+ LR1705 £14.00

Colour Bugs Marble maze fun moving round the coloured geometric bugs. Age 2+ LR1709 £14.00

Mighty Motors Magnetic wand moves marbles round the vehicle maze. Simple, colourful fun. LR1703 £14.00

Fun Farm Magnetic wand moves marbles round the farm maze. Age 2+ LR1702 £14.00

Giant Plastic Horseshoe Magnet Powerful magnets (with North and South poles clearly marked) are housed at the ends of the magnet. Size: 210mm high. LR50019 £3.99

Fishing Game A game which challenges hand eye co-ordination and manipulation skills whilst having fun. Contains: 4 magnetic fishing rods and 20 numbered fish. Size: 250 x 190 x 40mm Age 2+ LR76021 £11.99

Magnetic Counting Maze Use the magnetic wand to move the balls through the game and drop them into each bubblegum machine. Made from hardwood, the board contains 10 bubblegum machines representing numbers 1-10. Dimensions: 33 x 36cms. Age: 3+ LRC2007 £44.00

Horseshoe Magnet with Keeper Ideal magnet for early experiences of magnetic forces. Size: 120mm high. LR50104 £4.99

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Magnetic Globe Set Comprising of a rubberised ball Earth (with the continents) and a hand held Magnetic Field Finder. Place the Field Finder near to the globe and it tilts and orientates itself to clearly show the strength, direction and position of the magnetic flux around the Earth ball. LR50417 £19.99

explorations and investigations

Ring Magnets Set of 4 ring magnets colour coded and marked with North/South Poles (works with the bumper cars) Size: 36mm dia x 8mm width. LR50186 £3.49 PK 4

Magnetic Floating Ring Set Set of 4 colour coded ring magnets with marked with North/ South poles and a stand to create floating magnets. Size: 36mm dia x 8mm width. LR50185 £3.99

Floating Ring Set A set of 5 colour plastic encased ring magnets with a plastic stand to create a floating magnet trick. Size: H123mm x Dia. 42mm LR50401 £4.99

Magnetic Wands Six plastic magnetic wands in bright colours ideal for primary education. Can be used in conjunction with metallic chips and magnetic marbles. Size: 190mm long LR50282 £6.99

Metal Counting Chips Tub Great for counting, sorting, currency etc and being transparent they can also be used on a light box. A steel ring aournd the edge of each chip means that they can be picked up by a magnet. Great value tub of 500 pieces. Ages 3+. LR50293 £24.99- Pk500 LR50409 £5.49 -Pk100

Magnetic Marbles Tub Pk100 Plastic cased marbles that contains a magnet so they stick together, hang together and pull towards and away from each other. 15mm diameter. Ages 3+. Coloured Balls: LR50291 £12.99 Blue/Red Balls LR50299 £12.99

explorations and investigations

Magnetic Attraction Kit Bumper Cars and Floating Rings to illustrate attraction and repulsion plus Magnetic Wands and Iron Filing Cases to demonstrate magnetic fields. Contents: 4 x Bumper Cars, 16 Ring Magnets, 2 x Ring Stands, 4 x Professors, 4 x Magnetic Wands, 2 x Rulers, 4 x Iron Filings Cases. LR50217 £29.99

First Experiments Magnetism Set 4 wands, 20 magnetic marbles, 2 plastic cased magnets, a super magnet, floating ring magnets, small horseshoe magnet and compass magnet. LR50215 £34.99

Magnetic Field Pattern Window A transparent frame with magnetic powder in a water based solution for showing magnetic field patterns. Includes a pair of of small ferrite block magnets and a pair of plastic cased bar magnets. Size 225 x 130 x 15mm. LR50437 £29.99 (White Background) LR50143 £29.99 (Transparent)

Ultra Slim Light Panels (Rectangel or Round)

Ideal for group work where children can access the light panel from all sides. Stylishly designed, it provides for a bright arena of evenly dispersed white light for use in any area of the classroom. Supplied with a safe low voltage power supply and a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours.

Magnetic Materials Testing Kit 20 magnetic and non-magnetic objects neatly sealed in clear plastic pots with 2 magnetic wands to test for magnetism. Supplied in a strong storage case. Size: 220 x 330 x 50mm LR50241 £24.99

A3 size LR73004 £79.99 A2 size LR73006 £119.99 A2 Light Board and table set LR

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explorations and investigations

A2 Colour Changing Light Panel Children will be drawn to and fascinated by colour changing light panels allowing them to explore, experiment and discover a new world in coloured light. Employing multicoloured LED strips and diffusers to illuminate the panels in 16 different colours. Ideal when placed in a dark corner, on the floor or in a sensory area. Using an infrared handheld controller they can be set to any individual colour or made to rotate through a sequence of colours slowly via ‘smooth, fade, flash or strobe’ settings. LR73018 A2 Colour Changing Light Board £169.99 LR73386 A2 Colour Changng Light Board with Table £205.00

Large Round LR73016 £169.99 (700mm Dia) Round LR73014 £119.99 (500mm Dia) Large Round Light Baord with Table LR73090 £215.00

Round Colour Changing Light Panel Giant circular (700mm) panel using the same technologies and advantages and the rectanle version, but in a circle. LR73020 Round Colour changing Light Board £169.99 LR73388 Round Colour changing Light Board with Table £295.00

explorations and investigations

6 transparent plastic flowers: LR54318 £3.49

10 Ink Splats: LR72397 £14.99

24 Transparent Bricks : LR54515 £24.99

Silishape Lowercase letters: Pack 26 Lowercase alphabet letter. Size of tall letters 12cm. Plain LR54503 £14.99

Silishapes® Alphabet Trace Pk26 Lowercase alphabet letter with dot starting points and trace arrows. Size of tall letters 12cm. LR54505 £14.99

Silishapes® Dot Numbers Pk10 Numbers 0-9 with raised dots on the number shape surface. Height of numbers 12cm. LR54511 £6.99

Light Panel Accessories and See through Colour shapes

6 Colured Paddles: LR48157 £2.99

6 Geometric Coloured Shapes: LR72395 £17.99

Silishape 0-9 Numbers PAck 10 Silishapes® Numbers Pk10 With dot starting points and trace arrows. Size of tall letters 12cm Plain numbers 0-9 Height of numbers 12cm. Trace LR54509 £6.99 LR54507 £6.99

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explorations and investigations

Rainbow Blocks 24 hardwood blocks in 6 shapes and with different transparent coloured inserts. Size of rectangle: 100 x 50 x 25mm. LR73275 £24.99

Rainbow Bricks 36 rounded corners pieces with colourful inserts. Size of rectangular brick: 200 x 75 x 75mm Size of small brick: 100 x 75 x 75mm LR73380 £99.75

Pk36 Silishape Linking People: LR72397 £14.99

explorations and investigations

Handy Torch Pk12 Small handheld torches. Size: 160 x 33mm. Set of 12 mulit coloured. Requires 2 x AA batteries LR48012 £14.99

Easy Grip Magnifiers Wooden surround hand lens with plastic lens. 2&3 x magnification LR72225 £14.99 Pk 3

Mirror Block Set Tactile shapes with double sided reflective acrylic mirror inserts. Made from environmentally friendly Rubberwood. Contains 24 pieces, size of rectangle 100 x 50 x 25mm LR73378 £24.99 Easy Hold Discovery Set 6 piece set with transparent acrylic , 3x magnifying lens, convex/concave mirror and plane mirror. Frame size 185 x 120mm (insert size 80mm diameter) LR73382 £32.99

Sensory Blocks 16 large hardwood blocks containing beads, acrylic, coloured sand and water/glitter in 4 different shapes. For use with children of all ages. Rectangle measures: 140 x 70 x 40mm LR73281 £39.99

Hand Magnifier Easy grip handles with -3x magnifier LR73363 £5.99

Large Mirror Block Set 8 large Rubberwood pieces with double sided acrylic mirror inserts. Ideal for shape recognition, ora light box, block building and for reflective pattern making. Matches with Large rainbow bricks Rectangle measures 140 x 70 x 40mm LR 73376 £24.99

Liquid Timer Set 3 colourful liquid bubble timers. Watch the bubbles fall and bounce to the bottom. Size: 70 x 45mm. LR92078 £4.99 Set Pk3

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Sensory Jump Bean Set Colour timers using oil and water droplets to show the passage of time. Size: 135 x 70mm. LR92084 £14.99 Set Pk4

Giant Sensory Ooze Tube Turn the tube upright to watch the jelly liquid ooze to the bottom. Size: 201 x 80mm LR92094 £9.99

Spiral Tube Set Fat spherical droplets walking in a line down a spiral staircase. Size: 150 x 50mm. LR92082 £12.99 Set Pk3

explorations and investigations

Sensory Dual Colour Liquid Set Two streams of liquid cascade to the bottom to show the passage of time, Size: 130 x 95mm LR92090 £12.99 Set Pk 3

Large Sensory Bubble Set Colourful liquid timers. Turn upside down and watch the bubbles float to the top. Size: 125 x 85mm. LR92088 £14.99 Set 4

explorations and investigations

Exploration Circle 4 trays & stands -ideal for sand, water and discovery trays. Can be seperatred as individual or kept as a circle. Folds flat. Includes chrome stand –stand Height 460mm, Quadrant Tray – W:540 x H:380 x D:150mm. LR38062 £119.00

Touch & Match Dominos Large dominoes with colour-coded surfaces for matching. 28 pieces in wooden storage box. LR72102 £19.99

Exploration Circle Cover LR38075 £14.99

Wooden Sound Prisms Colour coded prism makes a different sound when shaken.encourages listening skills. LR73277 £19.99

Exploration Combo 6 quadrant trays with stands. Can be used from 1 to six at a time. Trays will fit front to back or together for a 4 sided cicle. LR38064 £179.00

Wooden Weight Prisms Colour coded prism weighs a different amount. Identical coloured pairs weigh the same. LR73279 £19.99

Activity Tubs Stackable sand and water trays are ideal for nurseries and classrooms as additional tubs or replacements. Age 3+ Size: 570 x 495 x 150mm LR700092 £17.50 Each LR700090 £59.99 (set of 4)

Discovery Tray 1 tray & stand -ideal for sand,water and exploration set add-ons. Folds flat. With chrome stand –stand Height 460mm, LR 38056 £24.99- EXPLORATION TRAY STAND LR38060 £29.99-EXPLORATION TRAY CLEAR W/STAND

Desktop Sand & Water Trays Stackable sand and water trays are ideal for nurseries and classrooms with limited space. Size: 500 x 700 x 150mm LR53901 £59.99

Sand & Water Activity Table Includes large 15cm deep tray with drainage plug, lid and 2 handy storage trays. Dimensions 117cm x 53cm x 60cm LRC1148 £195.00

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2 Tray Activity Table The table’s two trays can be filled and emptied separately. Include 2 removable 10 cm deep trays, 2 lids, 2 handy storage trays. Dimensions 117cm x 53cm x 60cm. LRC1144 £195.00

explorations and investigations

Sand & Water Tables Robust sand and water trays. Available with a clear or blue tray. Supplied with sturdy metal stand with two locking castors and adjustable legs . Dimensions L89 x W63 x H44 to 58cm (Adjustable) Sand & Water Blue- LRC8447 £125.95 Sand & Water Clear -LR C8448 £132.95

Circular Water Tray Clear sand and water tray with central helter-skelter for use as a water channel or roadway with outer trough. Made from tough clear plastic with powder coated tubular steel support frame and includes a drainage valve and plastic lid. Size: 75 x 58cm LR72258 £124.99

Water Play Tubs The clear water play Tubs are specifically designed for Nursery and pre-schools. Strong steel tubular frames and compact tubs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each stand is height adjustable:- 47cm, 55cm and 62cm. Age 3+ LRC1251 £116.25- Set 0f 2 LRC1250 £187.50- Set of 4 LRC3635 £45.00 Lids (2 colour set- Yellow/Blue) Waterfall Playset Water can be moved by opening and closing the taps on the top two tray, and then pumped from the bottom tub back into the top tub. Set includes 2 x water tubs with tap system, 1 x water tub fixed with clear tubing to recycle water back into top tray by using the squeeze ball pump. Complete with sturdy metal stand with two castors. Size: W39 x D116 x H74 cm. Age 3+ years LRC1276 £215.00

explorations and investigations

KasKade™ Waterfall System Helps explore the rules of flowing water. Let the water flow from one bowl to the other by opening and closing the taps. Set includes a squeeze ball pump and clear tubing to recycle back to the top from the bottom. Complete with metal stand. Size: 44 x 103 42 rising to 71cm. Age 3+ years C1187 £245.50

Clear Waterflow Channel System Bamboo effect water channels made of strong clear plastic. Allows children to explore the principles of flowing water from above and below. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Set includes 4 x 1 metre and 4 x 50cm clear channels plus 8 metal clips. Age 3+ years LRC1188 £135.00

Mini Tubs The mini tub is a great way of encouraging both individual and shared play as it offers a smaller, clear tub which can stand alone or be connected into a group of four mini-tubs. Size: H- 47cm 62cm x L39cm x W39cm TT68 £84.00- Mini tub and frame (single) TT69 £288.00 - Mini tub and frame (set of 4) TT70 £42.00 - Mini tub only TT71 £20.00- Mini tub multi-functional cover

Tough Tub Extremely strong sand and water tray capable of years of endurance in the classroom. Easily assembled and folded down if more space is needed for activities. DIMENSIONS: H55cm x W56cm x L82cm LR76 £126.00- Tough tub and frame LR40 £60.00- Tough tub only LR75 £30.00- Multi function cover LR42 £24.00- Wooden cover

Sand & Water Tray Clear Ultra string clear, purpose-moulded sand and water tray with lightweight tubular steel frame. Lockable casters allow easy movement, sturdy lid is also provided to keep the sand clean and dry. Drain plug allows easy cleaning. Size: 110 x 65 x 215mm LR72263 £149.99

Water Play Tub Lids

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explorations and investigations

Blue Sand and Water Tray A value for money and robust, dual-purpose classroom favourite allowing children to work individually or co-operatively. Powder coated frame with two sturdy castors for mobility. Size Height (including stand): 60cm Tray: 80cm long x 55cm wide x 18cm deep LR24 £114.00

Mega Tub Designed to be easily assembled and folded down. Children can play alongside each other and share the same space. Mounted on high quality, large castors. Size of tub: D59cm x L131cm x W67cm Size of frame: H59cm x L131cm x W67cm LR72 £198.00 - Mega tub and frame LR73 £108.00 - Mega tub LR74 £60.00- Mega tub cover

X-stand and Net and tubs Stand with net shelf and removeable sturdy, multi-use plastic tub. Use the tub on its own or on the stand as a sand and water tray. Size stand: H.65 x W.57 x 49cm Tub Size: H.15 x W.57 x D.49cm LR700091 £59.50 with tub LR700094 £46.50 Stand and Net Only Activity Tubs: LR700092 £14.95 each LR700090 £49.95 (set 4)

Neptune Sand & Water Tables Twin basin tray, each with drain valves and is textured with fish, crabs and starfish to encourage exploration. Made from sturdy weather-proof plastic with sturdy frame. 4 castors (2 locking). Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: 91.5 x 61 x 15.5cm. Available in two heights. Lid supplied. LRC9506 £149.00- Neptune Table 46cm LRC9461 £149.00- Neptune Table 61cm

explorations and investigations

Frog Pond Table Unique shaped table with a 15cm deep centre tub. Table includes shallow outer canal, with waterwheels and a dam to create currents. Supplied with sturdy steel frame that includes 4 castors. Sturdy plastic storage lid included. Dimension of tray: 91.5 x 91.5cm square. Available in two heights LRC9462 £210.00- Height 61cm LRC9463 £210.00- Height 46cm

Small Sensory Table Made from sturdy weather-proof plastic for indoor and outdoor use. Complete with sturdy steel frame fitted with plastic safety feet. Sturdy plastic lid included. Dimensions: 72 x 51 x 15.5m. Overall height including stand 46cm LRC9528 £95.00

Tuff Spot Trays Hundreds of uses indoors and out. Being flat, it packs against a wall when not in use. The octagonal shape encourages group involvement. Diameter 940mm. LR75018 £15.99 -Blue Tray LR75022 £15.99- White Tray LRC1290 £15.99- Black Tray LRC1291 £15.99- Green Tray

Discovery Sand & Water Table Made from sturdy weather proof plastic suitable for indoor or outdoors. Contains 3 different activity areas Each area includes separate drain valves. Sturdy steel frame with 4 castors (2 locking). Large storage lid included. Dimensions: 127 x 66 x 20.5cm LRC9527 £189.00

Tuff Spot Stands LRC1217 £55.00 Tuff Stand and Tray LRC1224 £59.95

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Clear View Sand & Water Activity Centre Compact centre ideal for playgroups and nurseries that have limited storage space. Includes 23cm clear plastic tub with plug, 2 trays, storage tray, lid to cover sand tray, 4 locking castors for indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 63.5cms. Age: 3+ LRC1142 £190.00

explorations and investigations

explorations and investigations

18 Piece Sand & Water Set Children will love to play with this sand and water set which is ideal for individual and group play activities. Made from durable top grade raw materials to ensure consistency of quality as well as colour. Age 3+ LRC2306 £29.99

Super Sand Sifters Easy grip sifters to dig scoop, sift and separate. Set of 4 sifters in 4 colours all with different sized holes. Sifters measure 25.5 cms diameter. Age: 3+ LRC1547 £21.75

Acrylic coated cotton aprons Available in 2 sizes. Age: 18-24 months and 3-5 years. 21” -LRC2884 £4.75 LRC2891 25” £5.50

Acrylic Coated Cotton Overall Butterfly wing shaped backs to allow maximum movement. 2 sizes - 12-18 and 18-24 m. LRC2885 Size 1 £9.50 Age: 12-18m LRC2886 Size 2 £11.25 Age: 18-24m

Acrylic Coated Cotton Tabards Designed for children from 3-5 years LRC2909 22” -£8.25

Castle Mould Set Create a detailed sand castle with these moulds. Build towers, stairs and stones walls around the castle. Set includes 8 pieces. Age:3+ LRC7604 £6.99

16 Piece Castle Maker Set Sand castle with round towers, square corners, turrets, portcullis, castle walls and moats LR74006 £19.99

Grabber Set Pk 4 Hi-tech sand/earth grabers that pick up, move and drop. Bright coloured plastic tools LR74010 £19.99

Bumper Hand Tools Set- 40 pcs A selection trowels, scoops, rakes and sieves, in bold colours. Size of sieve 190 x 23mm. LR74002 £14.99

Massive Mould Selection Pack Pk40 Plastic moulding shapes with hands, feet, star fish, crabs, turtles, shells and fish. Foot mould size: 175 x 24mm. LR74004 £14.99

Sand Toys "Bricklayer Set" 3 piece set for brick building. With the brick trowel (approx. 20 x 7 x 6 cm) , brick mould and finishing trowel LR8783 £8.50

6 piece Spinner Set 2 x 3 different spinners that rotate when fed sand or water like a water wheel. Bases act as sieves. LR74012 19.99

Sand Toys "Cement Mixer Set" The lorry of this 2-pieces set arrives at the building plot with the cement mixer and a shovel. LR8790 £7.95

Giant Sand and Water wheel Gigantic sand & water wheel is for supersized fun. Pour sand or water into the big funnel on top and watch it fall from wheel to wheel, putting on a super, spinning show as it goes! Rugged plastic wheel measures a big 70cm tall, with a super-sturdy 32.5cm base. H 70cm Base 32.5cm LRC1455 £94.50

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Waterway Pipe Builders - Set of 50 Create twisting, turning constructions that are perfect for water play with these easy to construct pipe builders. The 46 slidetogether pieces and 4 funnels form a solid structure which children can watch as water flows through the translucent pipes. 20 plastic pieces; longest 12.5cm. Age: 3+ LRC1456 £52.50

Sand & Water Playset In Giant Tub Explore sand and water properties with this large 50 piece set with a durable storage tub with heavy duty rope handles. Tub size 53 x 43cms LRC1490 £89.99

explorations and investigations

explorations and investigations

Sand Toys "Handcart Set" 9 pcs Tool set that can be easily transported with: Handcart, Bucket, watering can, shovel, 1 bunny mold and 2 feet molds. LR8785 £39.95

Water Play Kit Pk35 Includes funnels, beakers, spoons, eyedroppers cups and more all in a mesh storage bag. Age: 18+ months LRC1946 £68.50

Set of 6 Spring Scales These Spring Scales/Force Meters are calibrated in grams on one side, and Newtons on the other LR83036 £16.99

Number Balance A versatile tool for helping children find out about 'balancing' numbers. Includes 20 x 10g weights. Size: 655 x 210mm LR53889

Scoop & Play Fishing Set The fish are designed to float upright every time and each has a moving fin or tail to add to the fun. Includes 32 fish in 15 styles, 4 nets. Age: 3+ years LRC2078 £33.00

Boat Set Pk20 Collection of boats and ships. Tugs, motor boats, small and larger sailing boats and sleek speed boats. Large speed boat measures: 285 x 110 x 120mm LR74008 £19.99

Economy Pulleys Set of 3 pulleys- single, double and triple wheels for greater weight experiments LR646253 £5.50

1 Litre Pan Balance String and durable pan balance features 1000ml transluscent graduated pans. Includes sliding compensator for calibration. Size: 385 x 280mm LR53877 £8.99

Bucket Balance Durable plastic balance with removeable graduated buckets to pour and measure that hold up to 500ml. Includes sliding compensator for level and accurate measurements. Size: 395 x 145mm LR53879 £7.99

Junior Balance A great tool to teach young children balancing concepts. Two clear 1/2 litre buckets carry weights or counters. Complete with two lids to be used as platforms. Size: 370 x 140 x 140mm LR52980 £14.99

Sift & Find Alphabet Shells Reinforce early language concepts such as letter recognition, alphabet order and simple word building during sand play activities.Includes 26 plastic shells storage bucket with sieve lid. Age: 3+ years LRC1473 £33.95

Sift & Find Number Shells These unique shells, printed with numbers 1-20 are a fun way to reinforce early math concepts. Includes 20 plastic shells, storage bucket with sieve lid. Age: 3+ years LRC1474 £25.95

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explorations and investigations

Measuring Balance 1 Litre graduated clear buckets with lids that act as small measuring containers. Precision balance trimming weight. Metal mass set (1x50g, 2x20g, 2x10g, 2x5g, 2x2g, 2x1g). Plastic mass set (2x20g, 4x10g, 8x5g) LR83200 £29.99

Platform Scale 3kg scale with a clever design to simplify weight for quicker learning by showing only kilograms and grams. Height with pan: 260mm. LR83121 £7.99

explorations and investigations

Measuring Jugs Set Pk3. Graduated measuring jugs in 250ml, 500ml and 1l. LR37025 £4.99

Measuring Beakers Set of all 5 Made from Poypropylene, resistant to weak acid and alkali and have moulded graduations, formed sprouts and can be steam autoclaved. Maximum temperature 120C. Sizes: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 52080 500ml, 1000ml LR52080 £5.99 Easy Digital Scale Digital scales with a 3kg/6.6lb capacity and 1 gram resolution. Includes removable bowl. Size: 180 x 220mm. LR83114 £14.99

Plastic Weights Set This set of 76 plastic weights comes in a plastic storage box and contains: 16 x 20g, 20 x 10g, 20 x 5g, 20 x 1g LR83201 £10.99

Litre Box Use this clear plastic litre box to teach volume concepts. Size: 100 x 100 x 100mm LR52067 £3.99

Graduated Cylindesr Set Made from clear polystyrene with easy to read graduations, convenient for all experiments. Sizes: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000ml LR52703 £17.50

Geometric Volume Relationship Set Demonstrate the relationships between shape, volume and area. Set of 6 hollow, 10cm shapes includes cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid and rectangular prism. LR52986 £9.99

Measuring Spoon Set Freestanding measuring spoons. Sizes: 1/8tsp or 0.62ml, 1/4tsp or 1.25ml, 1/2 tsp or 2.5ml, 1tsp or 5ml, 1.5tsp or 7.5ml, 1tbsp or 15ml. LR53871 £1.99

Dry Measure Cups Pk5 Freestanding measuring cups. Sizes: 1/8 or 29.5ml, 1/4 or 59ml, 1/3 or 79ml, 1/2 or 118ml, 1 or 236ml. LR53873 £2.99

Plastic Test Tube Rack Holds 6 test tubes and includes six drying pegs LR41004 £3.99

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Measuring Bottle Set Pk5 5 graduated plastic bottles with lids. Ranging from 100ml to 3000ml. Bottles nest for easy storage. LR53875 £12.99

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Explorations and Investigations  
Explorations and Investigations  

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