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A healthy community begins at home


affordable housing and opportunities for individuals, families and communities to thrive.

The Current Environment

The Portland/Vancouver metropolitan region has become increasingly unaffordable. Economic gains are not equitably shared with renter households, older and disabled adults with fixed incomes or communities of color. Households with lower incomes are dealing with declining inflation-adjusted wages, while housing costs are growing at more than five times inflation. Our region is growing and our population is aging. 20-year projections forecast above average growth in total population and in people over 65 years old. While growth is a “good problem to have”, it poses significant challenges. Growth challenges all communities in the region to become more inclusive – to counteract the dislocation and exclusion of lower income households and communities of color from centrally located neighborhoods and communities with the most economic growth. A related challenge is for communities to be more “age-friendly”, by including housing and community infrastructure that enable and engage, rather than isolate, older and disabled adults.

REACH’S ROLE REACH is one of the leading non-profit developers and managers of affordable rental housing in the state of Oregon. Over the next three years, we will build or acquire 300 apartment homes and assist over 500 low-income homeowners to maintain and repair their homes. The vast majority of our housing, over 2,000 apartments, is in centrally located neighborhoods where rents are increasing the fastest. We counter-balance rapid rent growth by preserving and managing affordable housing in high cost areas – housing that will remain low-cost for decades to come. REACH creates opportunities for people to advance. Our programs help people achieve their goals, gain financial strength and build a sense of community. The REACH community advocates for inclusive public policies that promote equity for lower income households and communities of color. We lend our expertise and help organize communities to achieve national, state and local policy change.


Stewardship. We are financially stable and leverage resources to sustain our communities. Innovation. We create innovative solutions to complex challenges. Integrity. We take responsibility for our impact on people and the environment. Inclusion. We seek out and encourage diverse perspectives because it makes everyone stronger. Collaboration. We achieve more by working with others and sharing resources. Excellence. We strive to be a leader in all that we do. REACH Community Development Strategic Plan 2016-2018



People live in an affordable home, with a strong sense of community, and the opportunity to pursue goals.

The REACH community adds to diversity, equity and inclusion in surrounding communities and the region as a whole.

Focus resident services on helping residents maintain housing so they can pursue goals.

Focus on community outreach and collaboration with our neighbors in the communities and neighborhoods we serve.

Leverage partnerships with other organizations and community-based opportunities with a focus on health and aging. Engage residents to help lead, facilitate and deliver activities and building services. Connect residents with leadership and peerto-peer support opportunities. Focus REACH resource and referral support on helping residents overcoming their greatest challenges.

REACH Community Development Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Actively participate in and support culturally specific networks and organizations. Engage in dialogue on equity and inclusion and create an environment that welcomes diverse perspectives. Add to regional equity and inclusion by developing affordable housing in ‘high opportunity’ areas. Support minority owned, women owned & emerging businesses.




REACH properties are well managed, resource efficient and financially sustainable.

REACH increases the supply of affordable housing for those in need by developing, acquiring and preserving rental housing.

REACH is an inclusive, stable organization with the people and resources needed to meet its goals.

Evolve our property management approach in order to empower more decision making at properties.

Pursue and advocate for new sustainable development projects with primary focus in the communities we already serve.

Increase our support for the professional and personal growth of our employees and volunteers.

Secure funding and invest in building repair and resource efficiency projects. Provide opportunities for community residents and staff to learn about sustainability and to take actions that conserve energy and resources. Improve use of data to support quality improvement in building compliance and financial performance.

Enter into one or more community development partnerships with a focus on health and aging. Acquire housing through market transactions, portfolio acquisition or alliances. Explore new models for development, pursuing new financing approaches and sources.

Create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for board, staff and volunteers. Develop and implement targeted fundraising campaigns to support and engage community residents. Engage REACH stakeholders in advocacy for inclusive communities. Improve operational systems, tools and technology to empower decision making based on data and feedback at all levels.






Grow to 2,400 rental homes under management by 2018 through the development of 300 new units

Homeowners and longtime residents stabilized with health and safety repairs



10% Increase annual net cashflow from properties by 10%, generating resources to ensure long-term sustainability of existing properties and services and to invest in new development.



80% People served by REACH that maintain stable housing and report progress toward achieving goals and feeling engaged in their community.



Affordable rental homes developed and maintained in the central city and other neighborhoods with above-average rents.

OUR VISION Communities

where all people live in quality, affordable, sustainable homes – empowered to achieve goals, and enjoying a strong sense of community.

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REACH Strategic Plan 2016-2018  
REACH Strategic Plan 2016-2018