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REACH Community Development Winter 2015 Edition

A Foundation for Success Winter 2015 Hard Hat Tours Give!Guide Results Updates

Join Us New Beginning for Another

The Orchards will provide 57 units of housing for working families, affordable to those earning $30,000 or less. The Orchards is being built using standards, achieving significant energy savings for the residents.

Passive House

When complete, it will be the largest multifamily Passive House building in the United States.

June 29

Celebrate Orenco Station’s most exciting and innovative project

Save-the-Date for the Grand Opening of The Orchards at Orenco Phase I, the newest addition to the vibrant Orenco Station neighborhood, with REACH CDC and Oregon Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici




It is easy to be overwhelmed by these trends and

REACH’s graduation

accept them as economic forces we cannot control.

celebration for the 83

But this group of program graduates at REACH

people who completed

should be our guide.

one of our economic stability programs over the past year. Several of the graduates spoke eloquently




Difficult things become possible when a community unites around the value of inclusion.

importance of living in

In the face of the displacement, we must unite

a supportive community

to advocate for real inclusion in our neighborhoods.

and how it empowered them to take risks and do

This is why REACH is getting involved in state and

new things, from speaking in front of a group to

local advocacy efforts. Here are some of the steps

buying their first house.

we’re taking:

Dan Valliere

The event was a powerful display of one of our

• Signed on to the campaign to lift the ban on

core values – Inclusion. As we continue to build and

“inclusionary zoning”. Only Texas and Oregon ban

preserve affordable housing, our residents gain not

this useful tool that allows cities to require that new

only a stable place to live, but also a community. This

developments include housing options at a mix of

sense of inclusion creates the momentum that helps

income levels.

people pursue learning and achieve their goals.

• Planning ways to open up opportunities for more

However, while we strive to create inclusive

veterans to live in REACH housing. A Home

communities at REACH, our neighborhoods are

for Everyone, an initiative co-sponsored by

actually increasingly less inclusive due to the rapid

Multnomah County, the City of Portland and the

growth and escalation of housing prices. Just read

City of Gresham recently adopted a goal of

the news: • In Vancouver, people are being displaced from affordable apartments and rents are increasing dramatically. • In North/Northeast Portland, the percentage of African-Americans in Portland’s historically black neighborhoods has fallen by half. • The number of homeless students in school districts,




increased dramatically over the past decade. within REACH newsletter


Welcome to the new within REACH newsletter! In an effort to support our green practices, we’ve gone digital! Our quarterly newsletter will now be available online, with new interactive features, access to our photo galleries and news about upcoming events. As always, thank you for your enduring commitment to REACH’s mission of creating healthy homes and communities. WINTER 2015


CKS OXHow do you ending Veterans’ homelessness by 2016. REACH has signed on to the campaign.

• Supporting advocacy efforts in in the South Waterfront and N/NE Portland. We are upholding the City of Portland’s prioritization efforts around affordable housing and mixed income neighborhoods. In N/NE Portland, REACH is about to purchase and preserve the Allen Fremont Plaza Apartments, maintaining 64 homes for low-income senior citizens in a historically African American community. The challenges facing our growing communities are daunting and the solution is to raise our voices

and advocate together for inclusive neighborhoods and communities.

Here are a few simple steps you can take ...


turn socks 3 2 intodoHow homes? How you do you

Join the Oregon Housing

Endorse the Welcome

Keep informed, just


Home coalition with

like you’re doing by



reading this newsletter and

donate socks - yes socks, to

the creation of affordable

blog. Tell a friend, send

end homelessness!

housing opportunities.

them a link.








How do you turn socks turn socks intodo homes? into homes? turn socks How you turn socks into into homes? homes?

Oregonians are donating 20,000 pairs of socks to raise awareness for the 20,000 kids and tens-ofthousands ofdonating others20,000 whopairs experienced last year. will be piled on Oregonians are of socks Oregonians to raisehomelessness are awareness donating for20,000 the 20,000 pairs of kids socks andSock to tens-ofraise donations awareness for the 20,000 kids andhigh tens-ofthousands of others last of others year. Sock who donations experienced will homelessness be piled high last on year. Sock donations will be piled highthey on the capitol stepswho onexperienced March homelessness 11,thousands the Housing Alliance’s Housing Opportunity Day. Afterwards the capitol steps on March 11, the Housing theAlliance’s capitol steps Housing on March Opportunity 11, theDay. Housing Afterwards Alliance’s theyHousing Opportunity Day. Afterwards they will donated to nonprofits across thefamilies state. families areButtough, andand driven. But willbe be donated to nonprofits across the state. will be Oregon donated to nonprofits are Oregon tough, across resilient the and state. driven. Oregon families areresilient tough, resilient driven. But everyone needs a home to be successful. everyone needs a home to be successful. everyone needs a home to be successful. Find donation drop off spots atFind donation drop off spots at

Oregonians are donating 20,000 pairs of socks to remind state legislators about the 20,000 Find donation drop off spots at kids and tens-of-thousands of others who experienced homelessness last year. $20 million for


emergency rental assistance that will help end and prevent homeslessness is on the line. Sock donations will be piled high on the capitol steps on March 11, the Housing Alliance’s Housing Drop off sock donations at to REACH until March 6thOregon families Opportunity Day. Afterwards they will be donated nonprofits across the state. WINTER 2015 are tough, resilient and driven. But everyone needs a home to be successful.



LEARN MORE about our work

COMMUNITY A free, bilingual home repair program available to low-income senior and/or disabled homeowners in Portland, Or. To see if you qualify, please review the Eligibility Requirements.


A Foundation for Success


hen meeting Yolanda for the first

Yolanda has set her sights on re-entering

time, you can’t help but notice her

graduate school in 2016, specializing in

radiant smile. It reflects her grace

child welfare. She’ll use her IDA to help fund

and attitude of endless possibilities available

her graduate education. To prepare, she’s

in her life. Yolanda just graduated from our

enrolling this spring in a weeklong seminar

Budget Buy and Save program and gave one

sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental

of the keynote speeches to the class. And

Illness to become a Peer Support Specialist.

she’s on a journey.

She’s also working at Legacy Good Samaritan.

Yolanda first came to REACH several

And she’s exploring possibilities at Oregon’s

years ago through chance, on a waiting list

Department of Human Resources, where they

for one of our properties. As she tells the

offer scholarships and support in exchange

story, her position on the waitlist was fairly

for a three year commitment upon graduation.

far down but fate intervened. She got a call

When asked to describe how REACH

from one of our property managers, letting her

has affected her life, Yolanda paused for a

know she’d been accepted and was thrilled!

long while. And then she went on to describe

It was in a downtown apartment where she

myriad people at REACH who she’s met

began building her community. As she says

in her journey and who’ve made a positive

it, “REACH supplied the foundation. My

impression on her.

me and cared about me.” All along the way, she was working with our





Property Managers determining how else REACH could provide a supporting hand in She’d set her sights on Gray’s Landing, with a goal of moving into the first affordable in




REACH gave me a home and a family where I can blossom into the person I want to be.

You get the sense we’ve not heard the last from this amazing woman.

her journey back to graduate school.


neighbors gave me safety. People who knew


complete. When she moved into Gray’s Landing in November 2012, she immediately began building her new community and joined our STARTS leadership development program. The STARTS class at Gray’s was

Test Your Knowledge What percent of renter households in America paid more than 40 percent of their income for rent in 2013? Households led by which two age groups are most likely to rent?

amazing. Among other things, the class collected and distributed school supplies for the kids living at Gray’s Landing so they’d

Take the Quiz

start the school year prepared.

within REACH newsletter



Hard Hat Tours


ou’re invited to a free, one-hour Hard Hat Tour of the Orchards at Orenco hosted

by REACH. Orchards at Orenco represents

REACH’s latest commitment to sustainability and affordable living - creating communities open to people of all income levels, offering access to transportation options while remaining close to jobs and community amenities. But Orchards at Orenco is unique for another reason. It is the largest multi-family building in the United States being built to Passive House energy standards, widely used throughout Europe aimed at reducing tenant utility costs. Orchards is also located in the thriving Orenco neighborhood in Hillsboro, one of Oregon’s fastest growing communities. Read more about Orchards and Passive House here. We’re offering “behind the scenes” tours before the building opens to the public. It’s your chance to see this distinctive development unique to the Pacific Northwest. These will be the only tours we offer to the public until the Grand Opening in June so don’t miss your chance. Tours take place in March and April and we’re nearly full!

Click here to register 8



ow. Willamette Week readers just blew the socks (and the shoes, pants

and shirt) off the goals Willamette Week set for the 2014 Give!Guide. They’d hoped to raise $2.6 million for 136 great local nonprofits and the Oregon

Cultural Trust - including REACH. To great joy and astonishment, they raised $3,145,015. Whatever the superlative of amazing is, that’s our city! The stats were incredible. 10,277 people gave a gift, nearly 250 local businesses contributed, and 54% of the donors were new donors. According to Willamette Week Publisher Richard Meeker: “Thanks to your example, we have helped jumpstart Give!Guides in other parts of the country— Colorado Springs, Monterey, Napa Valley, and the Triangle of North Carolina. You have shown how effective this form of giving can be, and we hope to help create similar efforts in one or two additional communities in 2015.” And donors to REACH gave nearly $10,000! Thanks to your generosity, our mission of providing quality, affordable housing for individuals, families and communities to thrive just got a little easier.

Growing REACH Through Her Gifts R

EACH is incredibly lucky to have our

toiletries as their “admission” to the party. She

neighbor Ann McMahon on our side.

then donated these items to REACH!

Ann has lived in the South Waterfront since

And Ann isn’t finished. She continues to

2006 and is one of the original pioneers in

work with REACH residents, getting ready for

the Meriwether; the first occupied high rise

the spring planting season. And that donation

condominium in the neighborhood.

she was asked to manage? She’ll continue to

This past spring, Ann was asked to manage

use it to pay garden fees for residents at Gray’s

a generous $5,000 donation from the Zidell

Landing at the South Waterfront Community

family to the South Waterfront Community

Gardens where three of the beds have been

Gardens. The family requested that Ann find

set aside for our residents. Thank you, Ann! We

residents living in the South Waterfront who

couln’t ask fo a kinder, more generous donor.

wished to be a part of the gardens but couldn’t afford the $150 fee and cost of plants. Ann turned to REACH’s Volunteer Coordinator Cynthia Luckett and a partnership was formed. Together, they recruited several residents from Gray’s Landing. The residents then raised vegetables during this past growing season which they harvested and shared with the other residents in the building. But this wasn’t enough for Ann. She started recruiting her friends at the Meriwether to collect items for REACH’s emergency closets, such as clothes, shoes and toiletries. To date, we’ve received over four full boxes! So how does President Obama fit into all of this? This picture of Ann was taken downtown with an Obama-look-alike. Ann used this image to invite her friends to her 70th birthday party last October and asked her friends to donate

within REACH newsletter



We’re Pleased to Announce ... Jessica Woodruff N e w D i r e c to r of Housing Development





Multifamily Capital where she evaluated


the financial feasibility of new affordable

Development. Since 2008, Jessica served

housing development opportunities. She

as a Housing Project Manager at REACH

was responsible for supporting the Vice

securing over $44 million in grants, loans and


equity for 10 properties, negotiating project

markets to expand business relationships

financing and coordinating closings from

by structuring equity and debt terms and

multiple funding sources including HUD,

creating financing proposals.












HOME, LIHTC, GHAP, Portland Housing

Jessica currently serves as the Co-

Bureau, and construction, acquisition and

Chair of the Washington County Coalition

permanent financing sources.

of Housing Advocates; as a member of

As REACH’s new Director of Housing

Membership Committee of CREW (Women

Development, Jessica is responsible for

in Commercial Real-Estate); and as a

continuing to lead REACH’s developments in

member of the Meyer Memorial Trust Cost

Multnomah, Washington and Clark Counties

Containment Work Group.

and expanding the portfolio of affordable rental housing available to the region’s lowincome households. Prior to joining REACH, Jessica served as a Senior Originations Associate at PNC 10


STAFF UPDATES Welcome to Nick Gattman, Building Monitor;



Assistant/Courier; and Ben

Office Sturtz,

Housing Development Project Manager.

Holly Jolly Times

We Got the Keys!


fter saving for two years and with help from REACH’s IDA program, Peter

Newson and his wife recently bought their first home. Afterwards, Peter sent us a thank you note, “Hey, we got the keys yesterday! Thanks for your help. This is a good program


his past December was filled with holiday

cheer and celebrations at several of

our Oregon and Washington properties. Hundreds of REACH residents attended and enjoyed holiday spirit, good food and singing contests led by Golden Harvest Music compliments of CareOregon. The





appearance to share their holiday dinner and deliver gift bags with blankets, pillows and socks to the residents. We also hosted our annual toy drive for all children living in REACH housing. Thanks to your generosity, we collected enough toys and gifts for over 280 kids to receive something special during the holidays. We also worked with neighbors to adopt 21 families. Our thanks to these businesses who either donated toys/gift cards or hosted toy collection sites: GNSA (Great Northern Staff

and I wish more people knew about it.” On January 29th, we celebrated as over 83 residents graduated from REACH’s economic stability programs, including Budget Buy and Save, STARTS, the Jobs Team program, and the IDA program (Individual Development Account). The programs support a wide range





development, enhancing employment skills, increasing personal finances and knowledge, and building long-term financial assets. All of the graduates dedicated their personal time towards completing their goals by attending workshops, completing assignments and leading volunteer activities. The perseverance and dedication of members of our economic stability programs is humbling. Our sincere congratulations to this graduating class. You set an example for us all.

Administration); KGW TV; LMC Construction; The Matisse Apartments; and Riva on the Park Apartments. We also received many gifts donated by caring individuals and neighbors. Special thanks to our Santa’s CJ Allen and Marshall Raupe and to all of the Resident Services and Property Management staff who organized these wonderful parties. within REACH newsletter








Opening This Year Gilman Court (previously Glisan

management services in both

Orenco station in Hillsboro. When

Commons Phase II)

buildings and Human Solutions

complete, it will be the largest


is providing resident services.

multi-family building in North

Construction is nearly complete

We’ve named our building in

America being built to “Passive

and the building looks fabulous!

honor of our founding Executive

House” energy standards. This

Gilman Court is a 60 unit

Director Dennis Gilman. Watch for

means our tenants will pay next

building for those 55+ located

an invitation to the Grand Opening

to nothing for their energy costs.

in the Gateway Urban Renewal

taking place later this summer.

Watch for an invitation to the






Grand Opening this June.

The development is a

two phased development and

Orchards at Orenco (Phase I)

our partner, Human Solutions,

Construction is nearly complete

Towne Square Apartments

built Glisan Commons (Phase I)

and the building is looking great!

Renovations are coming along on

which is already up and running.

Orchards is a 57 unit building

this 40 unit rehabilitation project

REACH is providing property

located on the MAX Blue line at










and should be complete this spring. Towne Square is home to 71 people living on very low




upgrades; to and


Renovations accessibility improvements

siding, energy

windows, efficiency

enhancements to the heating and



addition of community space, and play area; and upgrades to individual units.

within REACH newsletter

Next Year’s Projects Orchards at Orenco Phase II

and disabled people. Expected

Ground breaking will take place

to complete June 2016. This

in 2015 and guess what? In

beautiful old building will remain

about a year, we’ll be celebrating

a treasure for Portland.

the opening of another 58 new affordable homes located on

Allen Fremont Apartments

the MAX Blue line at Orenco

A rehabilitation of 64 units

Station in Hillsboro.

located in N/NE Portland for very low-income seniors, primarily

The Bronaugh Apartments

African American. REACH will

An historic renovation of 50



2015; renovations to complete




Portland for low-income senior




in late 2015. WINTER 2015






health and safety repairs to 25




low-income senior and disabled

REACH sent five residents

homeowners. It’s just a little

and two staff members to the

Community Energy Project to safer in that community, thanks provide an elderly and disabled to REACH.



Leadership Institute. Participants


We’re now providing more

from around the country attend

neighborhood with a new roof. The

robust interpretation services

in small teams from communities

couple has lived in the house for

for our home assessments as


decades, and had no resources

a result of our partnership with

organizations and their partners.

to replace their deteriorating roof



They attended a full range of

which had holes big enough for

Organization Language Bank.

courses and created an action

birds to fly through. Many thanks

Finally, our thanks to the Portland

plan for making positive change

to the Community Energy Project

Housing Bureau who awarded

in their community. Our team is

for this wonderful opportunity.

us a small grant enabling us to

planning and implementing a

grant provide added outreach services targeted to homeowners living to non-English speaking senior in Washougal and provided 261 households.

Resident Empowerment Expo














to be held this summer.

Fred Meyer is donating $2.6 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give. We know a lot of you shop at Fred’s already — what a great way to give back!

sign up

Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to REACH online. Our non-profit number is 81923.

Once your card is linked, every time you shop or purchase gas at any Fred Meyer, you are also supporting REACH. You still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates.



Your support helps REACH provide safe, decent and affordable homes throughout Multnomah, Clark, and Washington counties. Thank you for shopping and donating!

Questions? Need to sign up for a Fred Meyer Reward card? You can do so online. Or visit any Customer Service Desk at any Fred Meyer store to sign up.

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Our Mission: To provide quality affordable housing and opportunities for individuals, families, and communities to thrive. Photography: R&H Construction, Al Stern Photography, REACH archives

Residents $ave with REACH

REACH’s economic empowerment programs help residents set and achieve financial goals through educational training and professional support.

• Budget, Buy and Save • STARTS (Support, Training and Assistance to Realize Tomorrow’s Success) • Individual Development Accounts (IDA) • Youth$ave


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