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Flight Paddles

Solid Wood Flight Paddles

Handcrafted wood flight paddles are 15.25 inches in length and 3.375 inches wide. Four routed glass holders are 2.125 inches diameter. Food flight paddles are finished with a food-safe salad bowl finish; beverage flight paddles are finished with a hard polyurethane for liquid resistence. Benefits • Expand your menu offerings. • Premake and store dishes until ready to serve. • Adopt smaller portion sizes with tapas and tasting menus. • Experiment with new creations more readily. Selling Points • Step-up your presentation with artisanal style. • Sell your customers on more taste variety. • Eliminate the ‘too much’ excuse with smaller portions. • Get straight to the sale by showcasing your unique flavors.

Pricing $ per qty 38 1-4 34 5-9 30 10+ glasses sold separately

Black Walnut

African Mahogany




African Teak

Multi-Wood Flight Paddles

Pricing $ per qty 58 1-4 54 5-9 48 10+ glasses sold separately

by John Tasto (320) 309-1651

Jcw flights catalog  

Custom handmade wood flight paddles by John Tasto

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