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A Cut Above

Lake Region Builders Association September 2012

A monthly newSletter Serving beCker, ottertAil, normAn, wilkin And mAhnomen CountieS

breAkFASt with the ContrACtorS:

We lost someone very special Thank you for sharing our grief. The family of Chad Jutz

August 2nd “Breakfast with the Contractors” was held at Crane Johnson Lumber Company, with Tim Roble on hand to cover questions on products. August 8th was held at Stenerson Lumber Company, again, talking about new products from LaVelle. We are working on an alternative plan for next summer’s events.

“SpiFF For buCkS”

“SPIFF FOR BUCKS” is our new member campaign for 2012. The NAHB will be giving the association back 50% or $75.00 for each new member we have over the number we had on December 31st, 2011. This runs through December 31st, 2012. Because of this the LRBA board with the recommendation of Tim Roble, chair of the membership committee, decided to do our own membership campaign. We are going to give $25.00 to the member that brings in a new member. We need to get our subs and others to join our association. We can do this by promoting what you as a member get out of being a member, by having NAHB and BAM working on trying to make sure the laws and regulations make for good practices for the builder and consumers. In monetary benefits, by utilizing Verizon for themselves and their employees, is usually enough to cover the cost of your membership plus more. Let’s get people to know the advantages of being a member and shoot for 30 new members for this year! our neXt meeting iS SCheduled For September 13th And will be SponSored by the builderS group Please mark your schedules and plan to attend. TBG provides the dinner (hamburger and fries) and the speaker. The program will include safety information. If you have something you would like covered, please call the office.

francis construction

For Your Familys Comfort

“Your Hometown Quality Builder & Remodelers”


18872 Co Hwy 21 • Detroit Lakes Tom Kirby, manager Residential • new Homes & Remodeling licensed & Bonded • electRical contRacting 30614 SunSet Road • detRoit LakeS


1040 Randolph Road • Detroit Lakes


218-847-1133 or 1-888-757-1133

Safety is a Way of Life

Specializing In...

•  State of the art construction    materials & techniques  •  High quality workmanship  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

• New Homes • Steel Siding • Remodeling • Garages   • Additions • Replacement Windows • Decks • Sunrooms

— Dave Francis — 218-847-4054

— Scott Francis — 218-847-3556

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Sharon Westerholm, EO The summer is typically a quieter time at the LRBA office… the building season is underway for all of our members and membership nights will begin September 13th. Summertime enables us to get organized for the events and meetings for the up-coming year.

The 2012 season has been economically better for our members and I have been thankful for the positive stories I have heard… compared to the last couple of years. With this, I am reminded that the LRBA is strong through good times and the not so good times, because of you…the members and the commitment that you show to this Association and the community we live in. We have the good fortune of living in a smaller community and while other HBA’s can boast big membership numbers, we have the ability of personally knowing and working together. We have strength in numbers too. Strength in what we all believe in and what we are able to accomplish in Western Minnesota because we are part of this group. September marks Associate Appreciation Month at the LRBA. I appreciate our Associate members every month, but this is a great opportunity for the LRBA to showcase these members and thank them for the contribution and support that they give to the builders and our organization year after year! Please join us on Thursday, September 13th at the Speak Easy, as we return to our Monthly Membership Nights and recognize our Associates. I also want to talk about our partnership with the state and national levels. We are governed under a structure where your dues cover 3 memberships in 1. Our members recognize and support the local and in most cases, the local is why they join. Having a voice in our communities, on behalf of this industry, is what we need and expect and an

NAHB BEAT 2011 UPDATE ON NEW MEMBERS beat 2011 surge Drive Thanks to the hard work of our members and our local HBA staff, our federation is getting very close to our goal of "beating" 2011's membership tally. To help end 2012 strong and start 2013 off with a bang, NAHB is announcing a new fall membership drive to provide local HBAs and Spikes with an extra incentive to help us reach our goals: the beat 2011 surge. Joining the Beat 2011 Surge is simple to do and the rewards for your HBA could potentially be very large. To participate, your HBA must notify NAHB of your intent by filling out a web form and hold a membership drive in November and report its results (Builders and Associate members only) to NAHB on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Results will also be reported by filling out a form on the NAHB website and your pledge totals can be updated throughout the month of November. Signing up and opting-in is easy to do and you and your members will have the opportunity to get amply rewarded for their time. In addition to the cash back your HBA will be eligible to receive if it succeeds in beating its 2011 membership total, the Beat 2011 Surge is going to provide another opportunity for your hba to get some cold, hard

cash. The local hba that wins their size category will receive $75 for each member recruited during the drive. For example, if your local HBA wins its category with a total of 100 new Builder and Associate members, your HBA will bring home $7,500. Spikes are also eligible to get in on the action. Any Spike who recruits a new member during the drive will receive double spike credits. When a Spike brings in 11 or more new members, he or she receives quadruple spike credits for each member they recruit above 10. For example, if a Spike recruits 15 new members, he or she receives 40 Spike Credits: Recruits 1-10 will count double (10x2 = 20 credits) and recruits 11-15 will count quadruple (5x4 = 20 credits). Top Spikes will also have the opportunity to win additional tickets to the Spike Party at the 2013 International Builders Show in Las Vegas! The Beat 2011 Surge is a great opportunity to end 2012 on a high note, while starting 2013 off with some extra cash in the bank for your HBA. Additional details and complete competetion rules will be coming soon.


This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

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Crane Johnson Lumber Co. established 1883

GreG NeiseN salEs MaNagEr

620 East Main • Perham, MN 56573 phone 218.346.5555 • fax 218.346.9200

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

MeMbeRship DiRecTORY BUIlDERS & REMODElERS AhmANN CoNsTruCTioN Wayne Ahmann phone: 218-935-2622 Al ClArk CoNsTruCTioN Al Clark phone: 218-849-4489 email: ANdersoN CoNsTruCTors David Anderson phone: 218-532-7429 email: BriArd CoNsTruCTioN Hunter Briard phone: 218-439-6043 email: Cogger CoNsTruCTioN Rick Cogger phone: 218-849-7459 email: Crowell CoNsTruCTioN Tom Crowell phone: 218-847-1931 email: do- righT CoNsTruCTioN of The lAkes Jim Herman phone: 218-234-1095 email: doN TieTz CoNsTruCTioN Don Tietz/J. Coley phone: 218-439-6271 email: dyNAmiC homes Arlen Johnson phone: 218-847-2611 web: folTz Builders David Foltz phone: 218-847-3281 email: web: frANCis CoNsTruCTioN of deTroiT lAkes David Francis phone: 218-847-4054 email: frANCis geNereux CoNsTruCTioN Francis Genereux 218-849-8808 email: g & r hill CoNsTruCTioN Gene & Randy Hill phone: 218-847-5947 email: gAry heiTkAmp CoNsTruCTioN Gary Heitkamp phone: 218-847-8441 email: heriTAge homes, llC Tyrone Leslie phone: 701-281-7184 email: hemmelgArN Builders, iNC. James Hemmelgarn phone: 218-346-2377 fax 218-346-3242 email: JBs Builders, llC Jayson Storo phone: 218-232-0472 &

218-495-2005 email: web: keiTh frANCis & soN’s CoNsTruCTioN, llC phone: 218-556-9711 email: jfrancis@mahnomen. kliNToN BArThel CoNsTruCTioN, iNC. phone: 218-841-2087 fax: 218-844-5461 email: Nodsle CoNsTruCTioN Perry Nodsle phone: 218-847-7603 email: pAul dAvis resTorATioN & remodeliNg Jeff Boehm phone: 218-847-1800 email: web: mArk sToNe CoNsTruCTioN Co. Mark Stone 414 Bryant Ave. SW Wadena, MN 56482 phone:218-639-5059 email: mark-camille moderN liviNg CoNCepTs Bryan Schoenberger phone: 218-841-2006 email: web: sCoTT BuChholz CoNsTruCTioN Scott Buchholz phone: 218-864-9947 fax: 218-864-5046 email: scottbuchholzconst web: www.scottbuchholz woyTAssek CusTom homes Warren Woytassek phone: 218-844-4661


AmerigAs propANe Tom Kirby phone: 218-847-1133 email: web:

ANdy frANCis lANdsCApiNg CoNsTruCTioN Andy Francis 12352 Shorewood Beach Rd phone : 218-439-3320 email:

email: BudgeT BliNds Melody Kruckenberg phone: 218-844-7052 email: web: ClAssiC CoNCreTe CoNTrACTors Dan Baker phone: 218-849-4744 CormorANT reAlTy Jim Kaiser phone: 218-530-0023 email: web: CrANe JohNsoN lumBer Greg Neisen phone: 218-346-5555 email: CulleNs home CeNTer Dan Zierden phone: 218-998-5070 dl overheAd door serviCes Tim Lamb phone: 218-847-2129 email: web: detroitlakes elsNer well drilliNg Kelly Elsner phone: 218-844-8400 email: web: esser plumBiNg & hTg. Aire serv Kelly Fingalson phone: 218-841-8849 email: web: g-foAm Michael Griffin phone: 218-841-3999 email: kiNeTiCoThe wATer doCTors Local Contact - Scott Danielson phone: 218-844-7873 email: web: folTz drywAll, iNC. Nate Foltz phone: 218-844-8837 email: gemsToNe mAsoNry Todd Rodeman phone: 218-334-3274 email: web:

Apex eleCTriC & lighTiNg Marty Ekren phone: 218-847-5244 email:

geo direCT supply, iNC Kevin Olson phone: 218-367-5196 email: web:

Arvig seCuriTy serviCe Jill Mack phone 218-844-8518 email:

goodiN CompANy Jonna Esser phone: 218-847-9211 Web:

AT eAse doCk & lifT John Drewes phone: 218-849-5212 email:

greeNs plumBiNg & heATiNg Mark Green/Nick Green phone: 218-847-7542 email: web: greensplumbing

B & m eleCTriC, iNC. Mike Eidenschink phone: 218-847-1946

hough iNC. Mike Hough phone: 218-847-7391 email:

pro sysTems Corp Mike Brodsho phone: 218-847-9277 web:

i’ll Tile & sToNe Troy Fingalson phone: 218-847-0335 email:

sChiller iNsurANCe Ross Gailfus phone: 218-847-5696 email: rgailfus@warner web:

JuTz exCAvATiNg Ed Jutz phone: 218-334-5692 kAhle plumBiNg & heATiNg Dave Kahle phone: 218-847-1008 lANeys, iNC. Chad Harstad phone: 218-847-1309 lAvelle CompANy Tim Roble phone: 218-849-7876 mAlsTrom eleCTriC Brad Malstrom phone: 218-847-3132 email: info@malstrom web: meNArds Steve Novak phone: 218-846-9885 midwesT BANk Stephen Daggett & Denise Fredrickson phone: 218-847-4771 Email: denise.fredrickson web: midwesT miNNesoTA CommuNiTy developmeNT John King phone: 218-847-3191 email: web: moderN heATiNg & plumBiNg Rick Michaelson phone: 218-847-7459 email: web: modernheating

sTATe BANk & TrusT Julia Okeson phone: 218-844-3000 email: jokeson@ web: sTeNersoN lumBer of deTroiT lAkes Joel Nelson phone: 218-847-2188 sTeNersoN lumBer of fergus fAlls Mike Diekman phone: 218-739-4481 email: mdiekman@ web: TwiN CiTy gArAge door Jeff Swenson phone: 701-281-4759 email: web: TweeToN refrigerATioN & heATiNg Dan Tweeton/Scott McKenzie phone 218-847-7537 email: wesTerN produCTs, iNC. Ross Amundson phone: 701-293-5310 email: web: zAyiC CoNCreTe John Brehm phone: 218-844-2200 email: web:

NorTh CouNTry kiTCheNs Ed Lillis phone: 218-847-1022 email: web: olsoN pool & spAs Steve Olson phone: 218-483-3541 email: steve@olsonpools web: pAiNTers plus of dl Shane Heille phone: 218-847-5295 email: paintersplusofdl@gmail. com pellA wiNdows & doors Wayne Reichling phone: 701-281-1390 email: web: pro Build Curtis Thom phone: 218-847-2688 email: web:

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lrbA CommitteeS 2012 we Are Still in need oF Committee memberS. pleASe look the liSt over And let uS know whAt you would like to Serve on. bylaws (1) – Dave Francis Oversees Bylaws and reviews if necessary community projects (1) – ed Jutz, Mike houge, Rick Mickelson Looks for and reviews projects to bring to the board. Over sees project completion education and programs (2) – Dave Francis, Jason coley ____________ Works with EO to find educational programs for meetings, and input for continuing education programs. Tre a s u re r / s e c re t a r y – (Board Member) Jason coley, Kathy Michaelson ____________ Over sees the accounts, works with EO to balance books and set yearly budget.



Membership/Retention – Tim Roble, linda Jutz, Dave Francis ____________ Works with EO to coordinate membership drives, new member orientation, and develop retention plan. Nominating – bryan schoenberger, sharon, all board Members Finds nominations for awards, and future board members home and Garden show committee - chairs al clark & perry Nodsle, members: brenda eidenschink ,Mike eidenschink, perry Nodsle, ed Jutz, linda Jutz, Jason coley ____________ Conduct and oversee the Home and Garden Show/Silent Auction/Scholorships

silent auction committee - Martha buchholz, linda Jutz, ellie Francis, Tamie heille, brenda eidenschink scholarship committee perry Nodsle, brenda eidenschink, Jean Zayic, Kathy Michaelson ____________ builders expo – Tim Roble, bryan schoenberger ____________ Set up Expo for vendors, works with education committee to offer continuing education and line up sponsors. electrical expo – Mike eidenschink, Marty ekren and brad Malstrom Set up Electrical Expo for vendors, works with education committee to offer continuing ed state legislative – bryan schoenberger and Nick Green Represents the Association at the State Board Meetings (2 needed only) Trap shoot – perry Nodsle, Mike eidenschink Set and conduct trap shooting event annual Meeting – linda Jutz, ellie Francis, skye Fingalson ____________ Tour of ____________



Government Relations bryan schoenberger ____________



Denise Fredrickson


VP/Mortgage Lending 218-844-2967


Banking your way.


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218-847-7542 PROMPT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FOR ALL YOuR PLuMBINg NEEdS Locally Owned & Operated License #002739PM 1 Mile North on Hwy 59

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

at a glance

CAlendAr oF eventS

| 2011 CHEVyROlET SilVERADO 3500HD

NAHB members receive a valuable

$500 offer from GM. * NAHB memBers coNtiNue to receive A vAluABle


NAHB members can get a $500* private offer toward the purchase or lease of most new Gm vehicles. GM offers a wide selection of vehicles, including the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD. This private offer is compatible with many GM consumer incentive programs. Visit for more details.

NAHB members can get a $500* privatethis offer toward the purchase or lease of most private offer is easy: * redeeming 1) Obtain your NAHB proof of membership form at new GM vehicles. Learn more at:

September 13th the builderS group iS SponSoring w/dinner provided. oCtober 11th SponSor needed to hoSt or SpeAk november 15th pAm perri From bAm deCember 13th i’ll tile And Stone SponSoring JAnuAry 18th eleCtriCAl eXpo JAnuAry AnnuAl meeting - time & plACe tbA FebruAry 14th SAm ruFer - pemberton lAw Firm FebruAry 12th builderS eXpo mArCh 23rd & 24th home, gArden & Sport Show April 18th mn dept. oF heAlth tom StAndke on rAdon mAy piCniC with trAp Shoot - dAte tbA

2) Visit your GM dealer and mention this private offer. 3) Choose an eligible vehicle(s) to purchase or lease and present your NAHB proof of membership form to your dealer.

HOw iT wOrkS: 1) Get your NAHB proof of membership form at Through the GM Business Choice Program,† business owners receive even 2) Bring form to your GM dealer and mention this private offer. more when purchasing or leasing an eligible Chevrolet or GMC van, truck or 3) At time of purchase SUV or lease, present your NAHB Proof membership. for business use. For program details, visitof

offer from Gm.

* Offer valid toward the purchase or lease of new 2010, 2011 and 2012 Buick, * Offer valid toward the purchase or lease of new 2009, 2010 and 2011 model year GM passenger cars and light duty trucks, excluding Chevrolet Camaro Corvette models ZR1, Cadillac, HUMMER, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn vehicles and medium trucks. Not available some Chevrolet andandGMC excluding Chevrolet Volt. Notduty available withwith some other offers. Not valid on prior purchases. Program subject to change without notice. See dealer for details. Take delivery by 1/3/11. † To qualify, vehiclesNot must be used in on day-to-day operations of your business and not solelysubject for transportation purposes. Mustwithout provide proof other offers. valid prior purchases. Program ot change of business. Visit or your Chevrolet or GMC dealer for details. Take delivery between 10/1/10 and 1/3/11. notice. SeeMotors dealer for details. Take delivery by 1/3/12. ©2011 General Motors ©2010 General


In the tough economy that we are in, it is more important than ever, to use the services of our members. Our associates help keep the association going, with their membership, their volunteering on our projects, the Home Show and other events. Likewise for the associates, if they need the use of a contractor or can recommend a contractor, it is important for them to use one of our fellow members. If you are using services from non-members, encourage them to become a member of our association. This benefits everyone!!!

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

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member Corner new memberS – we welCome you August - no new members - the only way we will grow is if you ask someone to be a part of our association. Tell them about our meetings, the networking, monetary benefits and why you are a member.

getting involved

iS key!!

memberS renewed • Hough, Inc. - Mike Hough • Woytassek Custom Homes, Inc. - Warren Woytassek • B & M Electric - Mike Eidenschink

up For renewAl

• Pro Build - Curtis Thom • Kahle Plumbing & Heating - Dave Kahle

• G & R Hill Const. - Gene & Randy Hill • GeoDirect Supply, Inc. - Kevin Olson

member newS Calvin Nodsle is now in school at Parkano, Finland, for the 2012 -2013 school year. He is under the Detroit Lakes Breakfast Rotary program. His email address is nodsle.11@ if you want to drop him a note. I know he had a lot of preparation to be able to go - flying to New York to get fingerprinted and back all in one day! That’s dedication!

you will get out of your membership what you put in! * Join An event Committee * Attend monthly meetings * Attend All of our events

Is there something happening in your business? With your family? Let us know, we would like to acknowledge it.


mportant part of our benefits. We also receive these benefits with BAM and the NAHB.

BAM is your voice at the state level and a serious force in protecting the building ndustry for Minnesota. LRBA has two state directors, Bryan Schoenberger and Nick Green, they look out for what is in the best interest of the LRBA members and fight hard on your behalf at state board meetings and committees. Your voice and your message is always passed on to the state even if it is not always agreed upon by others in the state. Local directors for the National also work in your behalf (at

Over 50 Years in the Lakes Area



New Construction & Remodeling

• Residential • Commercial • Cottages • Cabinets

Perry Nodsle


1473 Legion Road • Detroit Lakes Res. 218-847-8347 • Lic. #1834

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present we have no national directors), but are kept up to date on the happenings.

See you on the 13th - FREE dinner that night, compliments of The Builders Group.

We are trying to put together another Tour of Homes (after a dry spell of new homes). If you are interested in having a home on the tour, please contact me. We are also looking for committee members to help organize this event. I want to thank everyone that has helped keep this organization strong, from committee members to event organizers this past year. I look forward to the upcoming year.! (President Bryan has been helping with the search for Donnie Dugger. He was not able to get an article in this month. Watch for it next month.)

ATTENTION BUILDERS - IS A “TOUR OF HOMES” SOMETHING IN WHICH YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INCLUDED? LET ME KNOW! I have sent emails out, but do not have too many on the list. We are looking at early April, as this is a great time to showcase new homes. We are also looking for builder members to be on a committee. There are not too many meetings and not too much to do until the week end of the event. Please give me a call about being on a committee or showcasing a home.

Building a New Home?

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

Lock In Todays Low Rates on

Permanent Home Financing 12 Months from Application Date

Call Today! phone 218-844-3000 920 Lake Avenue Detroit Lakes

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

Code oF ethiCS Members of the Home

Builders association subscribe to the following Code of ethics n Members shall constantly seek to provide better values for the customers they serve. n Members shall at times share their knowledge with fellow members in the public in the best interest of those they serve. n Members shall not obtain any business by means of fraudulet statements or by use of implications unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability. n Members shall comply, both in spirit and letter, with rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for health, safety and progress of the community. n Members shall not perform a cause to be performed at any act which would tend to reflect on or bring into disrepute any party of the industry served by this association.

“to promote professionalism and to educate members and consumers on legislative issues, while fostering cooperative relationships for all stakeholders”



218-439-6043 • Cell: 218-841-3238

Email: 12568 E. Pearl Lake Road • Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

BAM MONTHly COlUMN Minnesota subcontractor Registration program Now in effect The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) launched a new Subcontractor Registration Pilot Program as of July 15. The program was put into place during the 2012 Minnesota Legislative Session and became effective July 1, 2012. While DLI is calling it a contractor registration program, it’s actually for subcontractors. This does not change the current licensure requirements for builders and remodelers. This registration program is for subcontractors, meaning all general residential building contractors not already licensed by DLI must register. If you are a contractor performing any construction work for which a license, certification, or separate registration is required under Minnesota Statute Chapter 326B (i.e. residential building contractor or boiler, electrical, elevator, HPP, or plumbing contractor) then you must apply for a license and may not submit a contractor registration. This pertains to both commercial and residential construction. All subs must be registered by September 15, 2012 to avoid enforcement penalties. Enforcement begins September 15, and there are significant potential fines for general contractors employing subcontractors that are not registered. Registration is free and can

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

be done online at: www.dli. BAM has put together a page with all the information and links available as well as a handout that can be given to subcontractors. Both are found at: The page includes a letter received from DLI, a one-page explanation of the program, a three-page frequently asked questions section, and links to information provided by DLI online. For more information about contractor registration: • Visit: CCLD/register.asp • Call: (651) 284-5074 • Email: dli.register@state. Frequently asked Questions Q: Who has to register? A: An individual or business entity that performs building construction or improvement services must register with DLI unless they: • Have a current license, certificate or registration issued by DLI; • Have a current independent contractor exemption certificate; • Are an employee of a business performing construction services; or • Are exempt from licensing under Minnesota Statutes 326B.805, subd. 6 (5) or excluded from registration requirements under Minnesota Statutes 181.723, subd. 4a. Contractors

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

who hire unregistered subcontractors, misclassify workers and fail to register are in violation of the law, which can result in civil penalties. Q: if i am a builder or remodeler, which means a license is required, do i have to register? A: The answer is no. If contractors are performing any construction work for which a license, certification or separate registration is required under Minn. Stat. chapter 326B (i.e. Boiler, Electrical, Elevator, HPP, Plumbing or Residential Building Contractor), they must apply for a license and may not submit a contractor Registration. Contact DLI’s Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD)'s Licensing Services at (651) 284-5031 (personal licenses) or (651) 284-5034 (business licenses) for more information. Q: how do i register? A: Registration is an online process and can be done at: Q: how do i verify registration? A: Available on the DLI License Lookup link found on the DLI homepage ( and at the following address: lookup/licensing.aspx. A registered contractor can be found quickly by clicking on “business” and then typing any portion of the contractor’s name into the search field.

a style for every point of view Melody Kruckenberg, Owner 218-844-7052 1326 Loring Ave • Detroit Lakes

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lrbA leAderShip preSident bryan Schoenberger, Pike Creek Builders/Modern Living Concepts SeCretAry/treASurer Jason Coley, Don Tietz Construction pASt preSident tim roble viCe preSident nick green, Green's Plumbing and Heating eXeCutive oFFiCer Sharon westerholm

boArd oF direCtorS

lake region builders Association

tim roble, Lavelle Company mike hough, Hough, Inc. greg neisen, Crane Johnson Lumber, Perham nick green, Green's Plumbing and Heating marty ekern, Apex Electric Shaun engelsrud, Kinetico Scott buchholz, Scott Buchholz Construction

— visit each week for updates — 525 Park Street, Suite 150 • St. Paul, MN 55103 p. 1.800.654.7783 or 651.646.7959 f. 651.646.2860 1201 15th Street, NW • Washington, DC 20005 p. 800.368.5242 or 202.266.8200x0 f. 202.266.8400



mn lic# Bc-20460621 nd lic# 32002 Detroit Lakes, MN Home (218) 846-0079 Cell (218) 849-4489


Heat Pumps • Earthloop Materials Radiant Floor Heat Materials • Electric Boilers Heat Recovery Ventilators • Fan Coils

Kevin OlsOn 218-367-5196 •

Over 20 years of Geo-Thermal Experience

Homes of Distinction General ContraCtor new Homes remodelinG residential

“Committed to Quality & Service” • Post Frame Buildings • Residential • New Construction • Remodeling • Garages

• Doors & Windows • Decks • Siding • Light Commercial

CommerCial Call us today to start planning your perfect home.


emAil: phone: 218.847.0699 viSit our webSite

DON TIETZ CONSTRUCTION, INC. “The name built on quality” 439-6271 Thirty years of excellence

This space available! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

A Cut Above - September 2012  
A Cut Above - September 2012  

The monthly publication of the Lake Region Builders Association.