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A Cut Above

Lake Region Builders Association JA n uA ry 2 0 1 3

A monthly newsletter serving beCker, ottertAil, normAn, wilkin And mAhnomen Counties

builders buZZ

our monthly meeting on deCember 13th wAs held And sponsored by i’ll tile & stone

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that 2 years has gone by this quickly! It has been an honor and a privilege to have served the LRBA as President. I've learned a lot and enjoyed it. I will be staying on as a LRBA board member, as well as, continuing on the BAM state board and BAM government regulations committee. I am excited to pass the torch off to Nick Green. Over the last couple of years I've become to know Nick on a personal and professional level and feel the future of the LRBA is in good hands. He will make an excellent President for the Association. Thank you for the opportunity to have served as your LRBA President. Bryan Schoenberger LRBA President

OUR NEXT MEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 10TH, 2013 This is our annual meeting/banquet. Dinner will be at the American Legion, then on to the DLCCC for the “Dueling Pianos”. Call Sharon to register if you haven’t done so yet.

I’ll Tile and Stone is a locally owned and operated company with well over a decade of experience in the flooring, installation, and designing industry. Their team of experts specializes in both residential and commercial projects. “We can assist you with all of your Skye Larson of I’ll Tile & Stone introducing flooring and design needs to turn the speaker, Amanda Grant of Syverson Tile & Stone. the house you have into the home you have always wanted. We take pride in achieving quality craftsmanship and providing excellent customer service. In addition to the lakes area, I'll Tile & Stone serves more than a 100 mile radius of Detroit Lakes, MN.” They specialize in: • Tile - Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Travertine, Slate, etc. • Countertops - Granite, Quartz, Laminate, Corian • Wood - Solid and Engineered of all types and species • Laminate • Carpet • Professional installation • Interior design services They offer free in-home estimates.

Some of the members at I’ll Tile & Stone

Their Showroom Hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday. Nights and weekends by appointment. Licensed and insured in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.


For Your Familys Comfort

“Your Hometown Quality Builder & Remodelers”

18872 Co Hwy 21 • Detroit Lakes Tom Kirby, manager Residential • new Homes & Remodeling licensed & Bonded • electRical contRacting 30614 SunSet Road • detRoit LakeS


1040 Randolph Road • Detroit Lakes


218-847-1133 or 1-888-757-1133

Safety is a Way of Life

Offering... Of O

• SSta State of the art construction ma m materials & techniques • Hig HHigh g quality workmanship • CCo Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Specializing S i li i IIn...

• New Homes • Steel Siding • Remodeling • Garages • Additions • Replacement Windows • Decks • Sunrooms

— Dave Francis — 218-847-4054

— Scott Francis — 218-847-3556

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Sharon Westerholm, EO

The LRBA Newsletter has been a great place for me to get you the latest information on our events, BAM and NAHB updates and our monthly meetings. While the newsletter is an important LRBA benefit, to our members, it also benefits everyone that goes on our website for upcoming events. I am proud of the successful events that the LRBA provides to our members and others in the community. We will continue to adapt our events to focus on the needs of our members. We have members that belong for many reasons. For some it is our events and our continuing education. For others, it’s the networking and referrals from other members. The success of the builder is as important as the success of the associate. We benefit from each other. We want all of our members to benefit by belonging to our Association. The members put their trust in the Board of Directors, the committees and staff of the LRBA. You would all be proud of the efforts that the events committees put forth to make everything a success. We have a great team of member volunteers and I thank them for all their efforts. We need to continue to grow our membership, in order to keep our Association healthy. As you talk to subs and companies you do business with, ask them to be a part of our Association. A new year is upon us and there will be some changes happening. I am getting older for one thing… and new ideas and energy will be coming to keep us successful. My toast to all of you for the New Year, “May all that you do in your business be successful and God Bless each and everyone.” Happy New Year!!!

Only 5% Of HOmebuilders dO THis... Fewer than 5 percent of homebuilders have an active strategy for asking for referrals from satisfied homebuyers. Referrals are the most powerful form of prospecting. A referral is many times more likely to buy from you than a cold prospect walking in the door. My father had a favorite saying, "work smarter, not harder." I'm sure most of you have heard that saying too. But how many of us are actually living that motto? Well here's one tip for working smarter today. . .ask for referrals. Simple enough right? But think about the cost and effort it takes to land a new customer. There's advertising costs, signage, a website to maintain and so on. But how much does it cost to contact former satisfied customers and ask them for new business or referrals? So why don't we? Time constraints? Remember it takes more time and energy to chase new leads with which you have no history. Cost? It costs relatively nothing to follow-up with previous customers. Fear of finding out a previous customer isn't happy? Hey, this one is valid. No one likes to know that a previous customer is not satisfied with our work. But which is worse, dealing with this customer now and trying to remedy their issue, or having this person telling everyone they know how they are unsatisfied with your work? Legality issues of offering incentives for referrals? This too may be valid, but who says you have to offer any incentives? I get asked to refer businesses all day long. How often do you hear the phrase, "tell all your friends about us?" And how often do you tell your friends and family about products you encounter that they should check out? I know I refer friends to products on a daily basis. So why can't we ask customers for referrals? Your customers already want to gloat about their new addition or home anyway and will gladly drop your company name as a referral. So I think we can all agree, prospecting previous customers for referrals is a no brainer. So here is the million dollar question: How do I ask for the referral? Here are two seamless ways to contact and ask previous customers for referrals: 1. A simple scripted phone call 2. A thank you card.

Hope you enjoyed this article courtesy of your local HBA. Thanks, Alex Benshoof, SMA Consulting

2013 HOme, GArden & sPOrT sHOW need iTems for our annual silent auction, all money raised will go for scholarships given out to high school seniors going on to school for the building trades, electrical, plumbing & heating, landscaping, interior design. Last year we were able to give out 4 - $1500 scholarships. Please don’t hesitate to call; we are now taking your donations, the sooner the better to help the committee out. We are asking all the members of the LRBA to donate an item. You should all be very pleased that over the years we have given out close to a $100,000.00 to further student’s education. If you need an idea please contact one of the committee members: Ellie Francis 218-847-4054 Linda Jutz 218-334-5692 Tami Heille 218-847-5295 Catie Herman 218-847-5037 or you can call the office 847-0699

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

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Need a reason to call your customers? How about something like this: Hi, this is Alex from ABC Builders. I wanted to follow-up with you in regard to the addition/remodel/home we built for you. It's been 6 months since we finished and I wanted to make sure you didn't have any warranty issues or have any additional projects you want completed. If they have an issue, this is your chance to keep them from a bad word of mouth referral about your company. If everything is great, then ask for the referral. I'm happy to hear you have no issues, and I'd be thrilled if you could tell all of your friends and family about how pleased you are with your ABC Builders' addition/remodel/home. I'd really appreciate a referral. Common sense right? Then why aren't you doing this already? How about a "Thank You" card? Sure we all get these around the holidays from businesses we frequent. But how often do you get a "Thank You" card outside of holidays? Here's a chance to stand out from all of the other businesses your customers deal with throughout the year. Try this: Thank you for hiring ABC Builders. It was a pleasure working with you. If any friends or family are thinking of building, please keep us in mind. A friend of yours is someone we definitely want to work with. No need to go overboard with this project. Grab a pack of plain "Thank You" cards from the store and handwrite your message to give the card a personalized feel. Toss in your business card for them to give to friends and you are all set. Asking for referrals is not an earth-shattering idea. It may be common sense to most, but are you doing it right now? If you are, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back and continue on. If you aren't, today's the day! Good luck reconnecting with your customers.

need A number?

National Association of Home Builders 800-368-5242 Builders Association of Minnesota 800-654-7783 Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry 651-284-5005 Stormwater Permiting Information 218-529-6253 Codes & Standards 651-284-5065

Crane Johnson Lumber Co. established 1883

GreG NeiseN salEs MaNagEr

620 East Main • Perham, MN 56573 phone 218.346.5555 • fax 218.346.9200

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

MEMbERSHIP DIRECTORY builders & remOdelers AhMAnn ConStRuCtion Wayne Ahmann phone: 218-935-2622 Al ClARk ConStRuCtion Al Clark phone: 218-849-4489 email: AndeRSon BRotheRS ConStRuCtion Co. Scott Mudgett P O Box 668 Brainerd, MN Phone: 218-820-9935 email: web: AndeRSon ConStRuCtoRS David Anderson phone: 218-532-7429 email: BRiARd ConStRuCtion Hunter Briard phone: 218-439-6043 email: CoggeR ConStRuCtion Rick Cogger phone: 218-849-7459 email: CRowell ConStRuCtion Tom Crowell phone: 218-847-1931 email: do- Right ConStRuCtion oF the lAkeS Jim Herman phone: 218-234-1095 email: don tietz ConStRuCtion Don Tietz/J. Coley phone: 218-439-6271 email: dynAMiC hoMeS Arlen Johnson phone: 218-847-2611 web: Foltz BuildeRS David Foltz phone: 218-847-3281 email: web: FRAnCiS ConStRuCtion oF detRoit lAkeS David Francis phone: 218-847-4054 email: FRAnCiS geneReux ConStRuCtion Francis Genereux 218-849-8808 email: g & R hill ConStRuCtion Gene & Randy Hill phone: 218-847-5947 email: gARy heitkAMp ConStRuCtion Gary Heitkamp phone: 218-847-8441 email: heRitAge hoMeS, llC Tyrone Leslie phone: 701-281-7184 email:

heMMelgARn BuildeRS, inC. James Hemmelgarn phone: 218-346-2377 fax 218-346-3242 email: JBS BuildeRS, llC Jayson Storo phone: 218-232-0472 & 218-495-2005 email: web: keith FRAnCiS & Son’S ConStRuCtion, llC phone: 218-556-9711 email: jfrancis@mahnomen. klinton BARthel ConStRuCtion, inC. phone: 218-841-2087 fax: 218-844-5461 email: nodSle ConStRuCtion Perry Nodsle phone: 218-847-7603 email: pAul dAviS ReStoRAtion & ReModeling Jeff Boehm phone: 218-847-1800 email: web: MARk Stone ConStRuCtion Co. Mark Stone 414 Bryant Ave. SW Wadena, MN 56482 phone:218-639-5059 email: mark-camille ModeRn living ConCeptS Bryan Schoenberger phone: 218-841-2006 email: web: SCott BuChholz ConStRuCtion Scott Buchholz phone: 218-864-9947 fax: 218-864-5046 email: scottbuchholzconst web: www.scottbuchholz woytASSek CuStoM hoMeS Warren Woytassek phone: 218-844-4661

AssOCiATe members

AMeRigAS pRopAne Tom Kirby phone: 218-847-1133 email: web:

Andy FRAnCiS lAndSCAping ConStRuCtion Andy Francis 12352 Shorewood Beach Rd phone : 218-439-3320 email: Apex eleCtRiC & lighting Marty Ekren phone: 218-847-5244 email: ARvig SeCuRity SeRviCe Jill Mack phone 218-844-8518

email: At eASe doCk & liFt John Drewes phone: 218-849-5212 email: B & M eleCtRiC, inC. Mike Eidenschink phone: 218-847-1946 email: web: Bell StAte BAnk & tRuSt Julia Okeson phone: 218-844-3000 email: jokeson@ web: Budget BlindS Melody Kruckenberg phone: 218-844-7052 email: web: ClASSiC ConCRete ContRACtoRS Dan Baker phone: 218-849-4744 CoRMoRAnt ReAlty Jim Kaiser phone: 218-530-0023 email: web: CRAne JohnSon luMBeR Greg Neisen phone: 218-346-5555 email: CullenS hoMe CenteR Dan Zierden phone: 218-998-5070 CuStoM windowS Joe Honrud phone: 218-758-3888 email: dl oveRheAd dooR SeRviCeS Tim Lamb phone: 218-847-2129 email: web: detroitlakes elSneR well dRilling Kelly Elsner phone: 218-844-8400 email: web: eSSeR pluMBing & htg. AiRe SeRv Kelly Fingalson phone: 218-841-8849 email: web: g-FoAM Michael Griffin phone: 218-841-3999 email: kinetiCothe wAteR doCtoRS Local Contact - Scott Danielson phone: 218-844-7873 email: web: Foltz dRywAll, inC. Nate Foltz phone: 218-844-8837 email: geMStone MASonRy

Todd Rodeman phone: 218-334-3274 email: web: geo diReCt Supply, inC Kevin Olson phone: 218-367-5196 email: web: www.geodirectsupply.comgoodin CoMpAny Jonna Esser phone: 218-847-9211 Web: gReenS pluMBing & heAting Mark Green/Nick Green phone: 218-847-7542 email: web: greensplumbing hough inC. Mike Hough phone: 218-847-7391 email: i’ll tile & Stone Troy Fingalson phone: 218-847-0335 email: web: Jutz exCAvAting Ed Jutz phone: 218-334-5692 kAhle pluMBing & heAting Dave Kahle phone: 218-847-1008 lAneyS, inC. Chad Harstad phone: 218-847-1309 lAvelle CoMpAny Tim Roble phone: 218-849-7876 MAlStRoM eleCtRiC Brad Malstrom phone: 218-847-3132 email: info@malstrom web: MenARdS Steve Novak phone: 218-846-9885 MidweSt BAnk Stephen Daggett & Denise Fredrickson phone: 218-847-4771 Email: denise.fredrickson web: MidweSt MinneSotA CoMMunity developMent John King phone: 218-847-3191 email: web: ModeRn heAting & pluMBing Rick Michaelson phone: 218-847-7459 email: web: modernheating

olSon pool & SpAS Steve Olson phone: 218-483-3541 email: steve@olsonpools web: pAinteRS pluS oF dl Shane Heille phone: 218-847-5295 email: pellA windowS & dooRS Wayne Reichling phone: 701-281-1390 email: web: pRo Build Curtis Thom phone: 218-847-2688 email: web: pRo SySteMS CoRp Mike Brodsho phone: 218-847-9277 web: SChilleR inSuRAnCe Ross Gailfus phone: 218-847-5696 email: rgailfus@warner web: SteneRSon luMBeR oF detRoit lAkeS Joel Nelson phone: 218-847-2188 SteneRSon luMBeR oF FeRguS FAllS Mike Diekman phone: 218-739-4481 email: mdiekman@ web: twin City gARAge dooR Jeff Swenson phone: 701-281-4759 email: web: tweeton ReFRigeRAtion & heAting Dan Tweeton/Scott McKenzie phone 218-847-7537 email: weSteRn pRoduCtS, inC. Katy Krehlik/Designer phone: 701-280-5994 email: katyk@ web: wAteR FuRnACe inteRnAtionAl Jeff Petersen phone: 877-533-0026 email: jeff.petersen@ web: zAyiC ConCRete John Brehm phone: 218-844-2200 email: web:

noRth CountRy kitChenS Ed Lillis phone: 218-847-1022 email: web:

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home, gArden And sport show is sCheduled For mArCh 23rd And 24th: Get your booth booked as spots are going fast. Don’t miss out - put your name in front of thousands of consumers by being a sponsor of the show. Contact Sharon or Brenda at 847-0699 to find out about levels of sponsorship.



If the prize is not won, they money rolls over to the next month.

JACKPOT WINNER! Our winner for December of $80.00 was Perry Nodsle – Nodsle Construction. The drawing in January will be for $40.00. — JACKPOT DRAWING SPONSORS —


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lAke region builders oFFers Continuing eduCAtion Courses AgAin in 2013. An Electrical EXPO will be held on January 18th at the Holiday Inn and the Builders EXPO will be held on February 15th at the Detroit Lakes Community College. Information on upcoming classes will be mailed in December.


VP/Mortgage Lending 218-844-2967


builders perFormAnCe guidelines Are reQuired in minnesotA. Minnesota builders must, by law, include a set of performance guidelines with their current contract for customers. Guidelines are available to LRBA members through the Builders Association of Minnesota. BAM members spent many hours to creating and refining this documentto provide the best possible product for builders. To see the statute mandating the inclusion of Building Performance Guidelines, visit www.revisor.


Denise Fredrickson

Banking your way.

builder dAy on the hill is sCheduled For JAnuAry 30th, 2013. Be a part of this important day to visit with our State legislators and let them know about our issues. So far Rick Michaelson and Bryan Schoenberger have committed to going with two other “maybes”. Our Association is slated to have a minimum of 5 people. BAM and the task force are working out the details for the day. This is your industry so let’s represent it.


218-847-7542 PROMPT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FOR ALL yOuR PLuMbINg NEEdS Locally Owned & Operated License #002739PM 1 Mile North on Hwy 59

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

at a glance

CAlendAr oF events JAnuAry 10th AnnuAl meeting - ChristmAs pArty dinner legion - Followed by “dueling piAnos” At the holmes theAter






NAHB members can get a $5001 private offer toward the purchase or lease of most new GM vehicles. Learn more at

JAnuAry 18th eleCtriCAl eXpo FebruAry 14th sAm ruFer - pemberton lAw Firm FebruAry 15th builders eXpo mArCh 14th meeting At the detroit lAkes/Forum newspAper oFFiCe mArCh 23rd & 24th home, gArden & sport show April 18th mn dept. oF heAlthtom stAndke speAking on rAdon mAy piCniC with trAp shoot - dAte tbd

Offer valid toward the purchase or lease of new 2011, 2012 and 2013 model year GM passenger cars and light duty trucks, excluding the Chevrolet Volt, Spark, and ZL1 Camaro. Not available with some other offers. Not valid on prior purchases. Program subject to change without notice. See dealer for details. Take delivery by 1/2/13. ©2012 General Motors


Are yOu dOinG business WiTH members?

In the tough economy that we are in, it is more important than ever, to use the services of our members. Our associates help keep the association going, with their membership, their volunteering on our projects, the Home Show and other events. Likewise for the associates, if they need the use of a contractor or can recommend a contractor, it is important for them to use one of our fellow members. If you are using services from non-members, encourage them to become a member of our association. This benefits everyone!!!

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

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member Corner new members – we welCome you Anderson Brothers Construction – Scott Mudgett

getting involved

is key!!

Seland’s Floor Center – Rich Seland – Fergus Falls The only way we will grow is if you ask someone to be a part of our Association. Tell them about our meetings, the networking, monetary benefits and why you are a member.

Bryan Schoenberger introducing our new members Rick Saar – commercial and Scott Mudgett – residential of Anderson Brothers Construction – an asphalt company. We welcome them to our association.

members renewed • • • •

Painters Plus of DL – Shane Heille Bell State Bank & Trust – Julia Okeson At Ease Dock & Lift – John Drewes Jutz Excavating – Ed Jutz

• Twin City Garage Door – Jeff Swenson • Cormorant Realty – Jim Kaiser

up For renewAl

• Goodin Company – Jonna Esser • Kinetico – Frank Betin • Esser Plumbing & Heating – Kelly Fingalson • Pro Systems – Bill D. • Western Products – Ross Amundson • Crowell Construction – Tom Crowell

member news Is there something happening in your business? With your family? Let us know, we would like to acknowledge it.

you will get out of your membership what you put in! * Join An event Committee * Attend monthly meetings * Attend All of our events

reCiPe frOm ben berGmAn We ATe THis AT THeir sPOnsOr niGHT "ben's Famous ConQueso Dip" Ingredients: * 2 Block Velveeta Cheese * 1 Can Rotel Tomatoes * 1/2 Container of Mexican Village Hot Salsa (or other Salsa) * 1/2 Cup Chopped Fresh Cilantro * 2 TBSP Onion Powder * 3/4LB Ground Burger Spices for Burger: * 1 TBSP Onion Powder * 1 1/2 TBSP Cumin

Over 50 Years in the Lakes Area



New Construction & Remodeling

• Residential • Commercial • Cottages • Cabinets

Perry Nodsle


1473 Legion Road • Detroit Lakes Res. 218-847-8347 • Lic. #1834

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* 1 1/2 TBSP Chili Powder * 1/2 TBSP Garlic Powder * 2 TBSP Oregano * 1/2 TBSP Salt "The longer it simmers, the better it tastes" Directions: Brown hamburger with above spices & simmer Combine browned burger with above ingredients into a crock pot. Let the crock pot do the heating ENJOY!

mOdern HeATinG And PlumbinG was awarded “Excellence in Sales for 2012” by Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating. Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating is the innovative leader in ductless split systems.

Building a New Home?

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

Lock In Todays Low Rates on

Permanent Home Financing 12 Months from Application Date

Call Today!

phone 218-844-3000 920 Lake Avenue Detroit Lakes

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

Code oF ethiCs Members of the Home

Builders association subscribe to the following Code of ethics n Members shall constantly seek to provide better values for the customers they serve. n Members shall at times share their knowledge with fellow members in the public in the best interest of those they serve. n Members shall not obtain any business by means of fraudulet statements or by use of implications unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability. n Members shall comply, both in spirit and letter, with rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for health, safety and progress of the community. n Members shall not perform a cause to be performed at any act which would tend to reflect on or bring into disrepute any party of the industry served by this association.

“to promote professionalism and to educate members and consumers on legislative issues, while fostering cooperative relationships for all stakeholders”



218-439-6043 • Cell: 218-841-3238

Email: 12568 E. Pearl Lake Road • Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

bAm mOnTHly COlumn

December 2012

2012 bAM Award Winners Announced, 2013 President Installed On Wednesday December 10th members from around the state gathered for the annual Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) board meeting and the Awards Dinner and Farewell Party for Pam Perri. Thank to all who attended, sponsored and help make the day a success. During the board meeting, a budget for 2013 was approved and the board discussed several important issues including the fight against mandatory fire sprinklers, the Legal Action Fund, the new draft energy code, and preparation for the Minnesota 2013 legislative session. The evening’s events began with a cocktail reception followed by dinner and presentation of the 2012 BAM Awards hosted by Keith Kylmala. A big congratulations goes out to the 2012 award winners. Rising Star Award – Sam Horn, Brainerd Savings and Loan Associate of the Year – Gerry Traut, Xcel Energy Remodeler of the Year – Todd Bjerstedt, McDonald Remodeling Builder of the Year – KC Chermak, Pillar Homes Following the awards ceremony, 2013 BAM President Chad Kompelien of Mike Kompelien Custom Homes was sworn in by his father Mike Kompelien. Chad’s wife, daughter, son and mother were also present to witness the installation. Chad gave a gave a powerful speech after being sworn in stating, “The Builders Association of Minnesota is not just the watch dog for its builder and associate members, we also look out for all current and future homeowners... Together we will make this industry the best in Minnesota.” He introduced some of his priorities for the year including taking fire sprinklers through the administrative law judge hearing process, educating new lawmakers at the State Capitol, and helping BAM’s new executive vice president transition in and get out to each local association. Rounding out the evening was a presentation made by Kathe Ostrom, with the help of nine past BAM presidents, to thank Pam Perri for 11 years of service to the associaiton and industry as BAM’s executive vice president. The past presidents in at-

tendance to toast - and roast - Perri included Tom Walsky, Curt Swanson, Jeff Schoenwetter, Jim Gander, Kathe Ostrom, Monte Mraz, Mike Gohman, Todd Bjerstedt, and 2012 BAM President Keith Kylmala. Each spoke of their experience working with Perri celebrating her dedication, determination, and political acumen and, of course, a few stories were shared as well. It was a celebratory night for BAM. Thank you again to Perri for her leadership. We look forward to Chad’s presidency in 2013 and congratulate the 2012 BAM Award winners. HOME, GARDEN AND SPORT SHOW IS SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 23RD AND 24TH. Get your booth booked as spots are going fast. Don’t miss out - put your name in front of thousands of consumers by being a sponsor of the show. Contact Sharon or Brenda at 847-0699 to find out about levels of sponsorship. BUILDER DAY ON THE HILL IS SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 30TH, 2013. Be a part of this important day to visit with our State legislators and let them know about our issues. So far Rick Michaelson and Bryan Schoenberger have committed to going with two other “maybes”. Our Association is slated to have a minimum of 5 people. BAM and the task force are working out the details for the day. This is your industry so let’s represent it. BUILDERS PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES ARE REQUIRED IN MINNESOTA. Minnesota builders must, by law, include a set of performance guidelines with their current contract for customers. Guidelines are available to LRBA members through the Builders Association of Minnesota. BAM members spent many hours to creating and refining this documentto provide the best possible product for builders. To see the statute mandating the inclusion of Building Performance Guidelines, visit LAKE REGION BUILDERS OFFERS CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES AGAIN IN 2013. An Electrical EXPO will be held on January 18th at the Holiday Inn and the Builders EXPO will be held on February 15th at the Detroit Lakes Community College. Information on up-coming classes will be mailed in December.

This week at bAM... It is with deep regret that the BAM Executive Committee accepted the resignation of Karen Linner, BAM’s Director of Codes and Research, earlier this year. Karen’s last day on staff is December 14th. While we are sad to see her leave the staff, we’re pleased to announce Karen will be contracting with BAM on specific code adoption issues including the fire sprinkler administrative law judge hearing. Karen has been with the association for 12 years serving as the Director of

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

Codes and Research. She worked tirelessly for the association and has become a leading expert in the area of residential codes in Minnesota. She represented the industry with integrity and determination and worked to create the best codes possible. Karen successfully won the administrative law judge hearing on the 2007 state code, authored several code guides and alternate code methods, designed and ran a federal stimulus rebate program Project ReEnergize, wrote and supervised many successful grants, and taught numerous

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

classes around the state. At the BAM Board of Directors meeting December 5th, 2012 President Keith Kylmala thanked Linner for her hard work, dedication, and passion for the industry. We will miss Karen’s strong leadership and can-do attitude, her wit, and her laugh. We wish her every success in her new endeavors. If you have a code question or concern please contact Katherine Nielsen at or call 651-6467959.

a style for every point of view Melody Kruckenberg, Owner 218-844-7052 1326 Loring Ave • Detroit Lakes

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lrbA leAdership president bryan schoenberger, Pike Creek Builders/Modern Living Concepts seCretAry/treAsurer Jason Coley, Don Tietz Construction pAst president tim roble viCe president nick green, Green's Plumbing and Heating eXeCutive oFFiCer sharon westerholm

boArd oF direCtors

lake region builders Association

tim roble, Lavelle Company mike hough, Hough, Inc. greg neisen, Crane Johnson Lumber, Perham nick green, Green's Plumbing and Heating marty ekern, Apex Electric shaun engelsrud, Kinetico scott buchholz, Scott Buchholz Construction

— visit each week for updates — 525 Park Street, Suite 150 • St. Paul, MN 55103 p. 1.800.654.7783 or 651.646.7959 f. 651.646.2860 1201 15th Street, NW • Washington, DC 20005 p. 800.368.5242 or 202.266.8200x0 f. 202.266.8400




Heat Pumps • Earthloop Materials Radiant Floor Heat Materials • Electric Boilers Heat Recovery Ventilators • Fan Coils

Kevin OlsOn 218-367-5196 •

Over 20 years of Geo-Thermal Experience

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mn lic# Bc-20460621 nd lic# 32002 Detroit Lakes, MN Home (218) 846-0079 Cell (218) 849-4489

Homes of Distinction General ContraCtor new Homes remodelinG residential

“Committed to Quality & Service” • Post Frame Buildings • Residential • New Construction • Remodeling • Garages

• Doors & Windows • Decks • Siding • Light Commercial

CommerCial Call us today to start planning your perfect home.


emAil: phone: 218.847.0699 visit our website

DON TIETZ CONSTRUCTION, INC. “The name built on quality” 439-6271 Thirty years of excellence

THIS SPACE AvAILAbLE! Contact Sharon at 847-0699 for details!

A Cut Above - January 2013  
A Cut Above - January 2013  

The monthly publication of the Lake Region Builders Association.