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Transforming safety and risk in Marine and Offshore. Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator Accelerating the adoption of digital technology for safety and risk.

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Safety: a digital future Digital innovation is rapidly transforming the world in which we live and work, bringing huge opportunities, but also great challenges. Some of these challenges, the toughest and most complex, call for new collaborations, fresh perspectives and ground-breaking approaches. That’s why the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator, a joint initiative between Lloyd’s Register and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, run in partnership with Plug and Play, is

bringing together digital technology startups and industry to work together and test digital solutions to critical safety and risk challenges. We aim to make the world a safer place, by encouraging the growth of the safetytech industry and accelerating the adoption of digital technology for safety.

The opportunity: get involved with this innovative programme What we do The Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator is a challengebased accelerator programme which solves some of safety and risk’s toughest challenges by creating, facilitating and guiding collaboration between innovative digital startups and industry.

How we do it Each quarter, the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator calls for applications from startups to help solve critical safety challenges set in conjunction with leading industry corporations. Successful startups receive trial funding from the Safety Accelerator to pilot their solution with the industry challenge partner and receive access to domain expertise, mentoring and entrepreneurial support, to help bring their solutions to market.


Three reasons to get involved: For industry partners: 1. Opportunity to focus digital innovation on key safety and risk challenges 2. Support for trialling new solutions in a de-risked environment with early adoption opportunities 3. Access to innovative new technologies and start ups For startups: 1. The ability to trial solutions in the real world with a leading industry player 2. Funding towards the costs of the trial 3. Industry specific specialist support from LR and its clients, as well as entrepreneurial support from Plug and Play

Marine and Offshore safety and risk challenges We’ve collaborated with corporate challenge partners across a range of industries, including Energy, Marine, Infrastructure, Food and Supply Chains to tackle tough safety and risk challenges faced by these sectors. Find out more about some of our previous Marine and Offshore challenges and successful startups now piloting their technologies with our Challenge Partners:

Determining master’s and crew’s psychological and emotional health Marine jobs are some of the most stressful in the world and the psychological and emotional factors not only affect the safety and health of the concerned seafarer, but also the immediate safety of others onboard, the safety of the vessel and the marine environment. Currently, there is a lack of feasible means to determine the psychological and emotional status of a seafarer before he or she is assigned to an important task or scheduled watches, which would likely lead to injury,

The successful start-up Senseye is building a direct link between humans and computers and working to enable you to use the human brain tomorrow, the way a mouse and keyboard are used today. Senseye’s moonshot, Human-Computer Symbiosis, will revolutionise the way humans communicate with technology, using a unique sensory interface technology, they are developing a direct link from the brain to a computer, via the eye.

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death or damage to property or environment, if the seafarer is not psychologically sound. The challenge, set in partnership with Pacific International Lines (PIL), sought innovative methods to assess the psychological and emotional wellbeing of individual crew members in real-time, whilst they are onboard and before they are about to go on duty, whilst protecting user privacy.

The finalists Emotion Research Lab Emotion Research Lab allows machines to understand human emotions through affective computing (emotional AI). Emotion Research Lab’s work provides a global vision, both quantitative and qualitative, of emotions. It reveals the direction and typology over facial expressions video analysis. There are different applications, according to the sector, which you would apply. Aveling Aveling uses bio-markers and wearable tech to understand people’s emotional and psychological state. Stroma Stroma is developing a vision-based driver and worker state monitoring device. Stroma is an intelligent driver-facing technology for the automotive industry. Cars equipped with Advanced Driver State Monitoring System understand driver behaviour, allowing drivers to make better decisions and improve comfort and safety. Sophisticated image processing algorithms learn to track driver attention, fatigue and emotions utilising physiological models. Realtime biometrical readings can detect drunken driving, to drastically improve road safety.


Video analytics for safe operation of critical equipment on commercial ships The shipping industry is governed by regulations set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and other authorities, designed to ensure a safe working environment for crew, operational efficiency and protection of the environment. Violations of these regulations put lives at risk and cause damage to the asset and the environment, as well as incur heavy fines. This challenge, set in conjunction with international ship operator Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), a maritime solutions company, sought innovative video analytics applications to detect and alert for unsafe actions onboard commercial ships. In conjunction with

The successful start-up Invision AI is on a mission to transform the Internet of Things into the Internet of Intelligent Things. Their AI software runs directly on edge devices, enabling them to create valuable situational insight, without expensive hardware or cloud uploads.

The finalists Deepomatic Deepomatic empowers businesses by delivering tailor-made computer vision AI, to ensure that they get the most out of their images. They have created a platform that allows customers to tackle their image-related problems, by building and deploying custom AIs. They work with companies in a variety of industries such as automotive, healthcare, security, fashion or construction. Heptasense Heptasense is a software for surveillance cameras, capable of recognising the behaviours of people and objects to improve security and safety, without jeopardising privacy. It works by connecting the current camera infrastructure to Heptasense’s platform, allowing each camera to have its own intelligence. IronYun IronYun is a US-based software company that produces leading AI video analytics, including People and Object Detection, Face Search and Recognition, Intrusion Detection, License Plate Recognition, and People/Vehicle Counting. Their high-accuracy, GDPR-friendly solution helps to save time in security operations by 98%, increasing efficiency and proactivity, while protecting lives and privacy information.


Understanding decisionmaking on a ship through sensing. Digital technology is transforming the marine industry and already optimising how a ship is run, but the industry has struggled to reduce accidents and incidents due to human error. Digital innovation offers a huge but widely unrealised potential, to monitor a ship’s environment in real time and identify unsafe situations, which could lead to accidents and near misses before they occur, as well as provide rich data to analyse the root causes of the incident. This challenge, set in conjunction with bulk and tanker ship manager Scorpio, sought innovative proposals for data capturing and analysing technologies - including video analytics, wearables, real time voice analytics and other sensing devices, coupled with AI, which can drive understanding of human decision making on a commercial ship, to improve safety and reduce risk.

The successful start-up Sensing Feeling makes advanced human emotion sensing IoT products, powered by computer vision and machine learning, and is designed to be used to sense how users are feeling, just by observing their behaviour, in real time, and in unconstrained (“in the wild”) real-world conditions.

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The finalists Bleenco Bleenco develops artificial intelligence software designed to help automotive companies to connect vehicle software with IoT and understand driver behaviour. The company’s product CarJS offers a holistic toolkit for building cross platform IoT applications and Pitts offers a framework for real time predictive analysis on IoT devices, enabling car manufacturers to enhance in-vehicle experience and prevent crashes. Heptasense Heptasense is a software for surveillance cameras, capable of recognising the behaviours of people and objects to improve security and safety, without jeopardising privacy. It works by connecting the current camera infrastructure to Heptasense’s platform, allowing each camera to have its own intelligence.


Pre-fire Heat Change Detection Onboard Ships. Fire remains one of the biggest risks to safety and assets on board a cargo ship. Despite fire safety and detection best practice on board, increases in thermal levels of cargo vehicles remains a challenge to detect. Wallenius Wilhelmsen (WW) are one of the world’s largest global vehicle carrier operators, they sought innovative solutions which could deliver real-time, early detection of such thermal level increases of transported vehicles. These temperature increases can potentially result in a fire, so early detection can be key to saving lives. WW sought sensor-led solutions capable of detecting these small increases in thermal levels, in very large and specific locations onboard, in real-time.

The successful start-up MonoLets provides a real-time data stream using a wireless mesh network with low cost disposable wireless sensors. The standards compatible (BLE/15.4) wireless mesh network improves the coverage, reliability and robustness of the wireless network, which is a prime concern for safetycritical applications. The wireless modules have a built-in temperature sensor and other sensors (eg; MEMS based sensor) can be attached as appropriate.

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The finalists CartaSense CartaSense focuses on the Internet of REAL things, offering end-toend monitoring and alerting capabilities, as well as services for ColdChain, environmental and agricultural applications. CartaSense’s exclusive real-time environmental information, with modern machine learning and AI tools, derives unleashed value in the supply chain. The efficient real-time business decisions reduce logistics expenses and increases customer profits. Cratus Cratus provides monitoring solutions which includes connected sensors with edge computing, mobile applications, gateway solutions and a cloud platform to ingest and distribute data and valuable information for your shipments. They provide an AI platform to bridge the gap between business intelligence and the physical world, making it extremely easy to access real-time sensor data and analytics for enterprise software. OneEvent Tech OneEvent Tech was born from the idea that a single event can change a life forever. OneEvent Technologies deliver patented technologies that produce property protecting and lifesaving predictive analytics data for the property and casualty insurance industries, commercial, industrial and residential markets, as well as the fire, safety, and security sectors. OneEvent is shifting the industry paradigm from reaction to prevention.


The startup journey: what’s involved? Startups applying to solve a challenge will enter the Plug and Play selection process, as follows: 1. Application: Startups will submit their application via the Plug and Play website. 2. Top selection list: A list of the top selected startups are chosen from the overall application pool for consideration, by the judging committee of Plug and Play, the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator and the challenge partner. From here, we will select the final startups who will participate at the Innovation Day. 3. Review call: If you are chosen from the top selection list, at this stage we will schedule a call to clarify any remaining questions and to ensure technology fit/ suitability for the challenge.

Day, at which finalists are invited to a live pitch and Q&A with a panel of judges. We brief startups on the challenge and the corporate challenge partner, and provide guidance for the presentation. Startups will pitch to the broader group and then break off into a deep dive session for the particular challenge. Successful startups will receive trial funding from the Safety Accelerator to pilot their solution with the corporate challenge partner and receive access to domain expertise, as well as mentoring and entrepreneurial support, to help bring their solutions to market.

4. Innovation day participation: The top three startups for the challenge will be selected to participate in an Innovation

The industry partner journey: what’s involved? How an industry corporate can collaborate with the programme: The Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator seeks leading industry partners who are keen to test and push boundaries within their business through digital innovation, to solve significant safety and risk challenges.

• You participate in selecting the pitching startup with the best solution.

The Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator aims to de-risk innovation and enable you to collaboratively trial new digital solutions to your safety and risk challenges. As a partner of the Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator, you have the opportunity to help define and set a safety and risk innovation challenge and work with the winning technology company, to trial their proposed solution.

• The Safety Accelerator programme funds the startup, to run the pilot with you.

Benefits: • Test and push boundaries within your business through digital innovation, collaboratively trialling new digital solutions.

• As the successful technology company receives trial funding through the Safety Accelerator, your only costs are time and effort to run the trial.

• Together we explore your Safety and Risk innovation challenges and help define a challenge to solve, that will benefit you and your industry. • We then engage the global digital technology community, to solve the defined challenge.

• Together with the successful technology company, we create a detailed pilot plan.

• You collaborate with and support the pilot (access to data, assets, trial environment, management time). • Programme will introduce you to smaller innovative companies, that may not be in your ‘everyday’ supply chain.

• You have the opportunity to solve a safety and risk challenge, that preoccupies you and your industry. • Together we create a business case for operationalising the solution.


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Become a challenge partner The Lloyd’s Register Safety Accelerator seeks leading industry partners who are keen to test and push boundaries within their business through digital innovation, to solve significant safety and risk challenges. Become a digital innovator Programme is welcoming applications from innovative startups with ground-breaking solutions, capable of solving critical safety and risk Challenges in harsh environments. Get in touch For more information about the programme, including previous and ongoing safety and risk challenges, please visit:

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Transforming safety and risk in Marine and Offshore.  

Transforming safety and risk in Marine and Offshore.

Transforming safety and risk in Marine and Offshore.  

Transforming safety and risk in Marine and Offshore.

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