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Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting Machine breakdown & preventative maintenance | Application development | Powder analysis | Alloy development | Metal powders | Powder management & scrap recycling


LPW offer the full range of services that an industrial user of Additive Manufacturing would need.

Our team provide a one-stop solution to industrial users – powders, process development, machine breakdown, alloy development and scrap powder recycling. Every step is undertaken by experienced professionals at a very competitive price. Our ability to provide this high quality, all-encompassing service has proved hugely popular with companies looking for fast, effective, stress free solutions.

LPW is proud to have worked with leading companies operating within the Additive Manufacturing sector including TRUMPF, Stanley Black & Decker, Renishaw, Lufthansa Technik and Avio.

Laser Metal Deposition is a novel and exciting process that has the potential to be of significant importance to TRUMPF. LPW Technology has been at the centre of the industry in the UK since it was established in 2007 and has positioned itself as a key potential supplier in any future supply chains. TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting


Machine breakdown & preventative maintenance With our unrivalled wealth of knowledge LPW understand machines inside and out. We repair and maintain a full range of Laser Metal Deposition machines, including those manufactured by Huffman. We support all aspects of the machine tool including the kinematics, laser and optics, powder hopper, nozzles and chiller. All work is undertaken by experienced service technicians. We will arrange for the delivery of OEM spare parts to your facility. All equipment used to measure laser power or gas flows is calibrated annually by the equipment manufacturer. From undertaking laser mode-burns and tuning through to nozzle alignment, we will guarantee your machine runs smoothly. At LPW we prioritise customer requirements. To ensure production is optimised we will work to your production schedule to minimise production impact and machine down time.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting



Application development

Our background is Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) process development. With over 20 years of combined experience, we understand exactly what it takes to make an application work in industry. LPW have developed and delivered applications for companies ranging from aerospace component repair through to high-volume low cost consumer products.


LPW helped develop the metal powders and process parameters for the Laser Metal Deposition process where Tungsten Carbide is deposited on the edge of the Stanley Carbide Blade. Several machines run continuously, 24 hours a day to form a deposit that is less than 0,3mm in height. The application has permitted Stanley Black & Decker to develop a premium product for industrial users of utilities knives. Stanley Black & Decker, Inc

All work is undertaken in strict confidence.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting


Powder analysis The control of powder quality is absolutely key to LPW's success. To ensure our products are of the highest quality we have developed the capability to characterise powders fully. This allows LPW to provide powders optimised for Additive Manufacturing. It also means we can offer this unique capability and knowledge as a service to companies looking to fully understand the powders they use in their deposition machines. This ability can enhance consistency, quality and significantly reduce costs. At LPW’s Runcorn, UK, facility we have the following equipment: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Angle of Repose Apparent Density Chemical Analysis Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Hall Flow Laser Size Diffraction Moisture Analysis Optical Microscopy Powder Rheometry Scanning Electron Microscopy Shape Analysis Shear Cell Analysis Sieve Analysis Tap Density True Density

This equipment, together with our knowledge of powders and Additive Manufacturing processes, can be applied to help you understand your powder. This will result in more intelligent powder specification leading to a more stable production process. All work is undertaken to applicable ASTM specifications.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting


Alloy development

LPW believe that to fully exploit Additive Manufacture the alloys used on the machines must be optimised. Why use a casting or forging alloy developed 50 years ago? It makes sense to LPW to use alloys developed for high solidification rate Additive Manufacture. Amongst the benefits could be stronger alloys, less distortion and lower levels of entrapped porosity.

We have applied our knowledge to our extensive range of LPW powders. The alloys we have developed for customers include novel Ni-based superalloys and Co-based wear resistant alloys. LPW are committed to developing our understanding of what makes a good Additive Manufacturing alloy and to continually fund a number of research projects.

Hayden Laser Services is a laser cladding shop that specializes in ‘difficult’ and high tolerance applications. We take pride in both the dimensional accuracy and appearance of our product. Switching to LPW powder improved both the appearance of our parts and also the ease of use due to fewer stoppages and nozzle cleanings. We appreciate the support we get from the technical expertise LPW is known for. We consider them a valuable resource in a challenging market.

Hayden Laser Services, LLC

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting


Metal powders LPW has developed a range of metal powders specifically for Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM). These powders have been optimised to deliver a dependable and quality product, at an affordable price. We offer a complete range of Aluminium, Cobalt, Nickel, Steel, Titanium and Tungsten Carbide alloy powders. Standard powders are supplied from stock, adding value through excellent service and quality products that offer our customers fast delivery and cost effective solutions. Our objective is to help the industrial user control their materials costs, increase the range of alloys available and ensure quality and traceability meet the requirements of aerospace and medical component manufacturers. All powder is supplied with complete conformance certificates. For users of higher volumes who need greater cost stability we can offer consignment stocking, stock management, Kanban services and long term pricing agreements in a range of currencies. For the research user we offer custom atomisation services of novel chemistries and size distributions. We also have the capability to package powder under a high quality Argon atmosphere.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting


Powder management & scrap recycling Additive Manufacturing is perceived as an environmentally friendly solution with a 100% material utilisation. In practice, this can be far from true. LPW believes in developing favourable waste management solutions that will help users minimise their environmental footprint whilst maximising the value of their scrap raw material. A well-functioning industry must endeavour to minimise waste and generate wealth. Through use, recovery and recycle LPW provide a complete life-cycle management for your powders offering a complete materials waste managed service. From Aluminium and Titanium, to Nickel and Cobalt alloys, LPW will buy your scrap powder and convert it into new powder, ready for you to make it into new components again. LPW POWDERSOLVE™ secure online software has been developed to provide an unparalleled level of multi-powder information for tracking the life-cycle of your Additive Manufacturing powders. By starting with LPW’s product certificate, additional chemical, size and flowability information collected after each use, the quality and contamination levels of the powder can be analysed and predicted. With full traceability of the powder, from production through repeated use, including after blending, LPW POWDERSOLVE™ offers the most comprehensive database for powder and trend analysis data; maximising your powder value. It enables material users to analyse physical properties, technical characteristics and chemical composition through a user-defined and innovative reporting tool.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Selective Laser Melting, Laser Metal Deposition & Electron Beam Melting


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