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April• 2013

Volume 30 • Issue 4

Louisiana Photographic Society (LPS) • P.O. Box 83834 • Baton Rouge, LA 70884 • Website:

Louisiana Photographic Society meets on the third Thursday of each month at the

Baton Rouge Garden Center 7950 Independence Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA Across from Louisiana State Police Headquarters

Visitors are always welcome! Membership dues are $25/year Each additional family member $5/year

President's Message

How serious are you about photography?

APRIL EVENTS April 18, 2013 7:00 pm Monthly Meeting Monthly Competition Medium: Print Theme: Open Date: Thursday 04/18/13 April 1, 2013 5:00 – 6:30 PM Drop of prints at 4518 Hyacinth Ave., corner of Lee Dr. & Hyacinth for Coates exhibit. April 7, 2013 3:00 – 6:00 PM Opening Reception for Coates exhibit April 11, 2013 5:00 – 7:00 PM Art After Hours Reception for Coates Exhibit April 19 or Sat., April 20 2:00 - 4:00 PM Pick up from Coates exhibit FUTURE EDUCATION EVENTS May 18th Photoshop Elements by Jay Patel July 20th November 9th

The mission statement of LPS is to “advance and promote the art of photography.” Each of our members has to balance their interest in photography against all of the other activities and events in their lives. To some, photography is their main focus and they will spend a lot of time and money in the pursuit of the “perfect image.” To others, photography may be a secondary hobby that they enjoy but, to which they are not willing or able to devote as much time and resources. Our workshop in March was Camera Basics. Jay Patel has been presenting this workshop for several years and feedback from participants has always been very positive. This workshop is a good example of our club reaching out to those who may be just starting out in photography or haven’t decided how much time they want to devote to their hobby. We have members who spend a large portion of their time in some aspect of photography and we have other members who just want to attend our meetings to observe other photographers’ work and enjoy our competitions and programs. We have a place for all and should make sure that we make everyone feel welcome. When I first started out in photography, I realized that I was not willing to spend “big bucks” on equipment and outings. I do not take vacations with the primary goal to take photographs, but I will always have my equipment with me and usually come home with some good images. If you have been on field trips with me, you know that I can carry all of my equipment in a LowePro Off Trail 1 holster bag. I have been reading about how good the cameras in the new smart phones are. My point is that you don’t need expensive equipment to get award winning photos. I am a firm believer that the photographer is more important than equipment in capturing a good image. -Gene Bachman

S peaker’s C orner LPS Focus · Page 2 · March 2013

Elizabeth Mangham will be our speaker for the April 18th meeting. As a young girl, I loved taking snapshots. Later in life I tried my hand at painting. My interest in photography grew because I thought it would give me some good reference materials for paintings. However I found photography to be so challenging that after a dozen years of trying, I am still in the learning stage. About 12 or 13 years ago I attended an LPS meeting. Little did I know that those few minutes would influence me so. I loved looking at all the photos in the competition, attending the field trips, and getting to know the people. Shortly after I joined, they began begging for someone to take an office Suddenly, I heard someone agree to an office and was shocked to realize that that someone was me. Getting involved is one of the best things I have done. Everything I know about photography, I have learned through LPS. Much of what I learned came through mentoring by various members and through attending field trips. I have been secretary, field trip coordinator, program coordinator, vice president, president, refreshment co-coordinator, and general flunky. I wrote the club sponsored Picture Perfect article for Town Favorites for 10 years or more. Every activity has been a learning experience. People ask me about my "specialty" or what I like to photograph most. That has been difficult for me to pin down. Recently I realized that what I want to do is capture things and moments that make me say, "WOW! That is beautiful." I love the photos that make me say "Wow" every time I look at them. Granted, I capture that feeling rarely, but I certainly have fun looking for those moments and I love photo hunting with fellow LPS members.

LPS Focus 路 Page 3 路 March 2013


rom the

y h ap r og oks e ot o al h P B S r Fo





These prices are either lower than or an average of prices on eBay for these volumes. There are over 50 more books call for a viewing of addition books. I can arrange for buyers to view the collection. Call for information (225) 270-1610 or email Set of The Koak Library of Creative Photography $25.00 Life Library of Photography set $75 John Hedgecoe's Photography Basics $5.00 35mm books available ranging from $2 to $5

For those who missed the December "Wanderings" exhibit or would like to view it again, check out the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, 427 Laurel Street, March 15-April 19.



Members attending the April meeting will be asked to approve the purchase of a new laptop computer for the club. A new laptop is needed in order to utilize the full capabilities of our new projector. Our current laptop was purchase in about 2006 and is on its last legs. We expect the cost to be around $900. A specific laptop will be recommended and the vote from the membership will be yes or no for the purchase. Please try to attend the April meeting so you can participate in this important decision.

Monthly Competition Schedule Month





Open Theme


Digital Projection

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall



Open Theme


Digital Projection

Open Theme



Patterns in Nature


Digital Projection

Open Theme



Photos from LPS Field Trips


Digital Projection

Past Presidents Choice


No Competition

Christmas Party

Our membership roster has been updated. To continue to be eligible for fieldtrips and competitions and receive the newsletter, you must be current on your dues.

LPS Focus · Page 4 · March 2013

One of the best photography tips shared with me was... ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed Relationships Although this may not be the “Best” photography tip I ever received, it is certainly one of the least understood. “At a very fundamental level, you can think of “ISO” as affecting noise levels, “Aperture” as affecting depth of field, and “Shutter Speed” as affecting the degree to which action is stopped”. This may be an over-simplification, but it provides a basic framework for all photography.— Tommy Graner Best time to take pictures is early in the morning or late in the evening or on overcast days. You get your best colors at this time of the day. - Linda M Medine Each month we will publish “One of the best photography tips shared with me was…” You may submit your tips for consideration to

LPS Focus 路 Page 5 路 March 2013

Co rn

Louisiana Photographic Society May 18, 2013 Workshop



u d

t a c

n o i

Photoshop Element 11 By: Jay Patel Louisiana Photographic Society (LPS) will conduct Photoshop Element 11 Workshop at the Jones Creek Library from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM on May 18, 2013. If you plan to attend the workshop please send an email to our Education Coordinator at and receive the conformation as the seating is limited. The workshop is free and open to the LPS members as well as general public. During the morning session we will explore processing digital images using Photoshop Element 11. This is entry level software and offers many image processing tools which can significantly enhance the quality of images. We will learn how to adjust image color, contrast, saturation and sharpness using layers tool. In addition, we will explore other tools such as cloning, lasso, magic wand, crop, text and panorama. Older versions of Photoshop Element may not offer some of these tools. We will also explore how to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. If time permitted we will also look into creating photo videos with background music using ProShow software. Select images will be provided for hands on practice so you may want to arrive early to download these images in your laptop and have it plugged into power supply before the workshop starts. You may download free trial version of Photoshop Element 11 from Adobe website, Photomatix Pro HDR software from Photomatix website and ProShow software from Photodex website. The workshop will be projected on a screen so it is not necessary to have a laptop if you just want to watch the demonstration on the screen. Check in Photoshop Element 11 Lunch Break Photoshop Element 11 HDR Photography

May 18th Photoshop Elements by Jay Patel July 20th TBD

November 9th TBD

9:00 AM to 9:30 AM 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM 11:30 PM to 12:30 PM 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM



LPS Focus · Page 6 · March 2013

Gulf States Camera Club Council 2013 Convention Jackson, MS | April 25 - 28 2013

The Gulf States Camera Club Council's 2013 convention is being held on April 25-28 in Jackson, Mississippi. Join us for great photography and the unrivaled hospitality that the historic city of Jackson offers. In addition to participating in a variety of photo tours in Jackson and its surrounding areas, our line-up of speakers, workshops, and sponsors will bring you the latest in photographic training, technique, and gear. Plan to join us for a weekend filled with photography and good times. Speakers include: Ed Heaton who is a published and award-winning professional photographer and educator residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania who specializes in landscape, nature and travel photography. Ken Hubbard who is the Field Services Manager for Tamron. He is responsible for the company’s events, including Tamron’s popular consumer workshop series. Hazel Meredith is involved with the photographic community on local, regional and national levels. Her photos have won many awards and competitions in the past few years in both local club competitions and international salons.


Robert O'Toole, an award winning professional photographer, as a BBC/Shell Wildlife "Photographer of the Year" competition award winner and the American Bald Eagle Foundation "Photographer of the Year" for 2008. Ken Sklute, of Tempe, AZ., has been working with his passions of photographing people and drag racing for 32 years. Ken has succeeded in his photography career by being named Photographer of the Year a total of 25 times between Arizona, New York, and California. Hal Wallar is an award winning photographer who has had a lifelong interest in photography and art. His photographic pursuits have ranged from fine art to technical photography and he has served as an author, presenter, and judge in regards to photographic topics.

Monthly Competition

The competition categories for the new GSCCC year have not yet been posted. However, please bring prints which have won monthly competitions here at LPS as well as any others, regardless of category to the meeting this month. Theresa Low will collect your prints and enter them at the appropriate time. Please email your digital submissions to Gene Bachman. Refer to the GSCCC website for more specific information.

The mission of LPS is to advance and promote the art of photography in the River Parishes of South Louisiana.

LPS Focus 路 Page 7 路 March 2013

Congratulations ! LPS was well represented in the February competition. Cathy Smart won 1st Place for Taking Flight in the Nature Projected category; 2nd Place for Rainbow Ignites in Color Prints and 2nd Place for Squirrel Captures Rainbow in Nature Prints. In addition, Earl Arboneaux received 1st HM and Kathy Reeves a 2nd HM in the Nature Prints category. Kathy Reeves also received a 2nd HM in the Nature Projected category. Way to go LPS!

Rainbow Ignites Taking Flight

Squirrel Captures Rainbow

LPS Focus · Page 8 · March 2013

And to David Howell for Dat Home on the Bayou, the March winner in Country Roads Magazine’s Reflections of the Region contest

THE ART OF SEEING CREATIVELY — an interactive photography workshop

“The Tripod” Dede Lusk, Beverly Coates, and Toni Goss will facilitate. 

Develop your photographic vision

Stretch your creative boundaries

Break the rut of boring photographs

Saturday, April 27, 2013 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Burden Conference Center 4560 Essen Lane • Baton Rouge $55 Admission includes lunch

Print registration form at For more information call 225-763-3990

W inners

LPS Focus · Page 9 · March 2013

Digital Projection Category A

1st Place

Harris’s Hawk by Kathy Reeves

Level A

LPS Focus 路 Page 10 路 March 2013

2nd Place

Bonfire on the Levee by Cathy Smart

Level A

LPS Focus 路 Page 11 路 March 2013

3rd Place

The Good Ole Days on the Bayou by Linda Medine

Level A

LPS Focus 路 Page 12 路 March 2013

1st HM

Feed Me by Willie Morris

Level A

LPS Focus 路 Page 13 路 March 2013


Ripples by Paul Cavanaugh

Level A

LPS Focus · Page 14 · March 2013

3rd HM

Monkey’s Cool Drink by Kathy Reeves

Level A

W inners

LPS Focus 路 Page 15 路 March 2013

Digital Projection Category B

1st Place

Streetcar on Canal Street by Patrick Potter

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 16 路 March 2013

2nd Place

French Quarter at Night by Patrick Potter

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 17 路 March 2013

3rd Place

Shadows Guard the Door by G Pennison

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 18 路 March 2013

1st HM

Mama Brought a Fish; Dad Brings a Stick by G Pennison

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 19 路 March 2013


Branches by Judi Bagwell

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 20 路 March 2013

3rd HM

Bumble Bee by Mark Canatella

Level B

LPS Focus 路 Page 21 路 March 2013

Show Your Work! Plan now to have some of your favorite pieces matted and framed to be hung on display at the following locations. This is an excellent means of publicity for you and the club. Details will be announced at the meetings, in the newsletter and on the web. June 2013 August 2013 October 2013

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge Greenwell Springs Regional Library Jones Creek Regional Library

First Annual Plaquemine Pow-Wow April 6 at the Iberville Museum in Plaquemine, LA American Indian dancers, demonstrations, competitions. Several others are in the planning stages. Be sure to watch your email and check the website for updates.

Pat Beard, Ken Wilson, Stephanie Ross and Scott Beard and Suzanne Straham on the recent field trip to the Port Hudson Civil War reenactment.

LPS Focus 路 Page 22 路 March 2013

Member Submissions A Rip Van Winkle Point and Shoot Day By Ray Totty April is a great time to head down past New Iberia to Jefferson Island and Lake Peigneur to visit the Rip Van Winkle Gardens and House. Plan to be gone a full day and arrive at the Gardens well before lunch. The photo opportunities are fantastic! Suggest exiting I10 at Butte La Rose, heading on to New Iberia on the back roads.

Retreat home built on a salt dome by stage actor Joseph Jefferson in 1870 at Lake Peigneur

From the front porch Maybe you will get a good shot of the 500 year old oak tree to the left and out of this picture

LPS Focus 路 Page 23 路 March 2013

Enjoy delicious lunch at the small caf茅 with misty view of home across the lake

Remains on the lakefront after a drilling rig drained the lake

Treed Peacock, perhaps you know the mating call that causes the tail to fan out

LPS Focus 路 Page 24 路 March 2013

Want MY Picture?

Jean Lafitte buried treasure here

Water supply

LPS Focus 路 Page 25 路 March 2013

Azaleas in the Garden

And Wisteria

Frog Statue

LPS Focus 路 Page 26 路 March 2013

After leaving the gardens and jumping a ditch to the island, found clover and blue-eyed grass

And wild strawberries

Lots of Roseate Spoonbills on the Island

LPS Focus · Page 27 · March 2013

Flying Spoonbills

Spoonbills in Trees

Woodpecker Here First? Late afternoon when you have exhausted your batteries and filled your camera’s memory cards a stop in Breaux Bridge for supper, before hitting I10 to head home will round out a wonderful day of photography.

LPS Focus · Page 28 · March 2013

Photographs by Theresa Low These photos were taken at the Eagle Expo on a boat trip out of Gibson, Louisiana. I used the Canon 300mm 2.8 lens handheld.

LPS Members are encouraged to submit photographs and articles for inclusion in FOCUS, the Louisiana Photographic Society Newsletter. Items received up to 3 days before the end of the month will be included in the following month’s newsletter. Send your submissions to: newslettereditor@laphotosoci Please be sure to read the sizing guidelines before submitting.

LPS Focus 路 Page 29 路 March 2013


Gene Bachman

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David Arbour

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Stephanie Ross

Field Trips: Louisiana Photographic Society is a member of the Gulf States Camera Club Council. The GSCCC Newsletter is available at: newsletters.html

Ken Wilson

Greeter/Name Tags:

Stephanie Ross

Tommy Graner

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Linda Medine


Mark Claesgens & Barry Spears

Refreshment: Position Open


David Arbour

Competition Review Chair: Gene Bachman

GSCCC Representatives:

Theresa Low & Gene Bachman


Helen Haw Find us on Facebook

The LPS website has a new, quick checklist for preparation of images for digital projection competitions. The new checklist can be found on the Monthly Competition page of the website, or by using this link: userfiles/Checklist%20for%20Entering% 20Digital%20Competition.pdf

Membership Drive While we are always eager to welcome new members our Membership drive continues. Please remember to pay your dues and to invite your friends and colleagues to our meeting and encourage them to join us this year. Our membership roster has been updated. To continue to be eligible for fieldtrips and competitions and receive the newsletter, you must be current on your dues. The membership form is at the end of the newsletter.

LPS Focus · Page 30 · March 2013

Membership Form Mail completed form and dues to:


WELCOME TO LOUISIANA PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY LPS communicates to members through website, e-mail, and monthly meetings. All members are encouraged to visit the LPS website at for the latest on club news and events. The monthly newsletter “FOCUS” is available on the website on the first day of each month. Please provide an e-mail address below to receive club updates. If you do not receive e-mail communications after 30 days, notify LPS at Select one: [ ] Membership Renewal [ ] New Member – If you are a New Member, how did you learn about LPS: [ ] Current Member [ ] LPS Website [ ] Newspaper/Magazine [ ] Social Network [ ] Other______________ Select one: [

] Individual Membership $25.00/year [

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SPECIFY AREA OF INTEREST IN CLUB PARTICIPATION: [ ] Competition (set up, tally votes, present ribbons) [ ] Education (plan/teach, set up workshops and seminars) [ ] Equipment (store, transport, set up for LPS functions) [ ] Exhibits (explore locations, set up/take down exhibits) [ ] Field Trips (plan and arrange to photograph at various sites) [ ] Gulf States Camera Club Council (GSCCC liaison, collect and submit entries for GSCCC competition) [ ] Library (display and maintain materials, check-in/out)

[ ] Programs (plan speakers, make arrangements for speakers at monthly meetings) [ ] Projection (set up and operate equipment for digital projection competition) [ ] Publicity (publicize programs, meetings, events) [ ] Refreshments (plan and set up refreshments)


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