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BOMA Takes Over Capitol Hill

Plus: The PM/AM Team Crafting Successful Service Agreements Repurposing Healthcare Real Estate

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Corporate Office • 71 Elm Street, Suite 3 • 3Foxboro, MA MA 02035 Corporate Office • 71 Elm Street, Suite • Foxboro, 02035 Tel. 508-543-9199 • Email: Tel.800-371-8221 800-371-8221• •Fax Fax 508-543-9199 • Email:

Regional Offices located in: Albany 845-249-7841 • Houston 713-956-7521 • Phoenix 623-209-2971

Regional located in: Albany•845-249-7841 • Houston 713-956-7521 • Newark 800-370-0087 Regional Offices located in: Offices Albany 845-249-7841 Houston 713-956-7521 • Newark 800-370-0087 • Phoenix 480-246-3256 Regional Offices located in: Albany 845-249-7841 • Houston 713-956-7521 • Newark 800-370-0087 • Washington D.C. 703-971-3373 Washington, 703-971-3373 Lake City 800-371-8221 • Las Vegas 623-209-2971 Washington,D.C. D.C. 703-971-3373•Salt • •Salt Lake City 617-839-0962 • Las Vegas 623-209-2971 Washington D.C. 703-971-3373 Opening soon in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas soon in 800-370-0087 Salt Lake City•and Las Vegas MidOpening Atlantic Region Chicago 312-498-6613 Chicago 312-498-6613 • Phoenix 623-209-2971

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Guide Customers Well Using Effective Directional Signage Have you ever circled a hospital while looking for the correct entrance? Have you ever circled a shopping mall looking for a certain store? Most of us have been lost or confused while searching for a particular destination at a business or location. Do your customers run the risk of getting lost at your place of business? What you may not realize is that potential customers may get too frustrated with the search and leave before you even get a chance to talk to them!

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indoor directional signage. Outdoor signs can grab a person’s attention, show them where to park, guide them to your door, and even safely guide them to the exit. Indoor signs can tell them where to find a particular office or store, where to find the bathrooms or the cashier, and even show them on a map where they’re located. SIGNARAMA has a large variety of signs perfect for use as outdoor directional signage, including post and panel, pylon, monument and sidewalk signs. Indoor options include digital signs, changeable directories, engraved signs, window and door decals, and floor mats. Not only can well-designed directional signage help customers find their way around your facility or complex, it can add to the decor of the facility, serve to reinforce brand awareness and establish brand identity, and enhance your bottom-line by boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. At SIGNARAMA we work closely with you to understand and meet your needs. Your business and your customers are unique, that’s why custom signs are so important.

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March/April 2012 Volume 8, No. 2




BOMA Members Take Over Capitol Hill

Crafting Successful Service Agreements

Liz Hazleton and Laura Horsley BOMA takes its issues directly to legislators and builds a blueprint for the coming year.

Michelle F. Kantor, Esq. What you need to know—from identifying risks to fine-tuning contract terms.

For advertising rates and information, contact Paul Hagen at Stamats Business Media 866-965-4205.


Message from the Chair

BOMA Weather.


Legislative Update

BOMA’s Board of Governors passes two new policy positions; tax extenders still in limbo; BOMA/USGBC launch report on sustainability policy options.








State & Local Update





9 10 11 12

17 19 13 15 16 18 14

On the Cover Top Left: 1) Carlton Diehl, BOMA/Metropolitan Washington; 2) Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.); 3) Shaun Pharr, BOMA/Metropolitan Washington. Top Right: 4) Boyd Zoccola, BOMA International; 5) Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-Ind.); 6) Staff, Rep. Bucshon. Middle Left: 7) Kenneth Petruska, BOMA/Indianapolis; 8) Boyd Zoccola, BOMA International. Middle Right: 9) Lisa Prats, BOMA International; 10) Tim McNulty, BOMA/Tulsa; 11) Yolanda Wright, BOMA/Tulsa; 12) Alynchia Reynolds, BOMA/Tulsa. Bottom Left: 13) Linda Beauchamp, BOMA Georgia; 14) Steve Harrison, BOMA Georgia; 15) Jan Harrison; 16) Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.); 17) Joe Burns, BOMA Georgia; 18) Gabriel Eckert, BOMA Georgia; 19) Judi Sponsel, BOMA Georgia.

The “Govies” are announced— see who won.

BOMA meets with ASHRAE and ICC leadership, making the case for cost/benefit analysis in codes and standards development; this state may skip 2012 ICC Codes.


Leading the Way

Don Henry—asset management expert, academic enthusiast.

20 around the industry

Proposed Lease Accounting Standards to cost 190,000 American jobs; results of the Real Estate Hiring Trends Survey; and more.

The PM/AM Team Stephanie J. Oppenheimer, APR Leveraging asset value through collaboration.

32 Trends Tracker

Brian Barmmer Energy management—analytics to action.


Leah Grout Garris Heifer International building case study—from non-descript to sustainability stand-out.

35 Research Corner Construction starts outlook.


Neil Carolan Repurposing healthcare real estate.

38 Trade Tools

Daniel DeCriscio Transform your facility’s supply budget into a tenant-pleasing wellness program.



Check out who’s exhibiting in the Green Pavilion and ENERGY STAR® Showcase at the 2012 Every Building Conference & Expo.

Volume 8, No. 2 The BOMA Magazine March/April 2012, (ISSN 1532-4346), Copyright 2012. The BOMA Magazine is published bimonthly in January/February; March/April; May/June; July/August; September/October; and November/December by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, 1101 15th St., NW, Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20005; Telephone 202-326-6300; Fax 202-326-6377; Periodicals Postage paid at Washington, D.C. and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: The BOMA Magazine, Attn: List Department, 1101 15th St., NW, Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20005. Undeliverable U.S. copies should be sent to: The BOMA Magazine, Attn: List Department, 1101 15th St., NW, Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20005. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: PO Box 875, STN A, Windsor, ON N9A 6P2.

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

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Message from the Chair

BOMA Weather When BOMA members gathered in D.C. for the National Issues Conference (NIC) two years ago, we were armed with earmuffs, scarves and a lot of passion for commercial real estate as we met with legislators on Capitol Hill just a day before the “Snowmaggedon” winter storm that famously blasted the East Coast. This past February, we gathered again—this time armed with SPF, shades and just as much passion on an unseasonably warm and sunny day on The Hill. The takeaway here is passion. We’ll take our share of cold, snow and rain and we’ll enjoy the sunshine and warmth when we get it, but, in the end, it’s all BOMA Weather. Whether we’re meeting with legislators on Capitol Hill or in our home towns, BOMA members always turn out. In February, I was privileged to join many of you during NIC as we explained to lawmakers why issues on leasehold depreciation, carried interest, energy regulations and the ADA have a tremendous effect on our industry and our nation’s economy and impact the way we do business every day. Thank you all for participating in NIC and don’t forget that the work you do in your state offices and city halls is just as vital— and it’s why BOMA has the strongest grassroots advocacy network in the industry. You can read a full recap of these NIC initiatives in “Legislative Update” on pages 10-13. Another example of BOMA at its best can be experienced each year at our Medical Office Buildings (MOB) & Healthcare Facilities Conference. There’s a reason it

continues to break attendance records year after year; it’s because it is the event of its kind in the marketplace and is attended by the top executives, owners, developers and managers of healthcare real estate. Atlanta will play host to this year’s MOB Conference, May 2-4, where attendees will hear from a wide range of experts on issues, such as uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform; capital demands and sources for healthcare systems; accountable care and alternative delivery models; and changing dynamics in physician practice economics. Another topic on the MOB agenda will be the recent trend of repurposing healthcare real estate. Neil Carolan, vice chair of BOMA’s MOB Committee, has authored an interesting article in “Eye on Education,” pages 36-37, that looks at the market conditions that have powered this trend and how healthcare real estate professionals can leverage this changing healthcare landscape. Let’s hope that our warm winter is foreshadowing of a “thaw” in the “frozen” recovery so many of us have experienced. For certain we are seeing green sprouts, but let’s not take anything for granted. Instead, let’s harness that BOMA passion, get to work and seize the opportunities before us. Thank you for supporting our great industry!

Boyd R. Zoccola Chair and Chief Elected Officer


Publisher: Lisa M. Prats, CAE Editor: Laura Horsley Contributing Editors: Karen W. Penafiel, CAE; Ronald Burton; James Cox; Lorie Damon, Ph.D.; Liz Hazleton; Jessica Spitkovsky; Lindsay Tiffany Designers: Elisa Geneser, Art Director; Gwen Dyrland, Graphic Artist Published by: Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International BOMA International Officers Chair and Chief Elected Officer Boyd R. Zoccola Hokanson Companies, Inc. Indianapolis, Ind. Chair-Elect Joseph W. Markling CBRE Los Angeles, Calif. Vice Chair Richard W. Greninger, CPM Carr Properties Washington, D.C. Secretary/Treasurer Rebecca B. Hanner, CPM, RPA Cassidy Turley Raleigh, N.C. President and Chief Operating Officer Henry H. Chamberlain, APR, FASAE, CAE BOMA International Washington, D.C. Call for Nominations: Vice Chair and Executive Committee Members

BOMA International’s Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the position of vice chair and for five principal members and one associate member of the Executive Committee to the Board of Governors. For further information, contact Ann Coslett at

The cost for The BOMA Magazine is $75 a year for subscribers and $50 a year for BOMA International members. Publication of advertising should not be deemed as endorsement by BOMA International. The publisher reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to reject any advertisement at any time submitted by any party. Material contained herein does not necessarily reflect the opinion of BOMA International, its members or its staff.

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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legislative UPDATE

BOMA Georgia meets with Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) during NIC.

BOMA Advocacy Kicks off 2012 with New Policy Positions and Capitol Hill Takeover BOMA International’s annual Winter Business Meeting and National Issues Conference jump-started the New Year with several advocacy initiatives and actions, including the approval of new policy positions, PAC fundraisers and BOMA’s legislative fly-in. On Feb. 1, 2012, BOMA’s Board of Governors approved a new policy position on notice and compliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and a revision to its existing policy on preserving a democratic workplace. The two positions were previously approved by BOMA’s Government Affairs Committee. The new ADA policy is in response to recently introduced legislation (H.R. 3356) that would protect the commercial real estate industry from “drive by” lawsuits by imposing notice and a compliance opportunity before commencement of a private civil action under the ADA. BOMA believes that this will encourage building owners to correct any noncompliance issues and make their buildings accessible to all Americans, while protecting building

owners from onerous lawsuits motivated by financial compensation. The second position is a revision to our policy on preserving a democratic workplace to align it with the policies currently under debate within Congress and the Obama Administration. BOMA International supports the ability of employees to have the right to choose whether to be represented by a labor organization by way of secret ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. BOMA International supports a reasonable timeline and process for a secret ballot election that ensures a choice free of coercion, intimidation, irregularity or illegality. BOMA International opposes policies that could lead to unreasonably small bargaining units that would fragment the workplace, as well as burdensome and unnecessary mandates placed on employers geared towards assisting unions in this process. Earlier in the day, more than 300 BOMA members went to Capitol

Hill to ask their lawmakers to support commercial real estate’s concerns on tax issues, including leasehold depreciation and carried interest, ADA and energy efficiency. National Issues Conference (NIC) attendees met with legislators and staff from nearly 200 congressional offices following a “How to Lobby” workshop and some words of inspiration and advice from Tucker Carlson and Congressman David Schweikert (R-Ariz.). From the feedback that continues to pour in from Hill offices, BOMA’s message has been well received. Thank you to our NIC participants— whether you were a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, we hope you are inspired to continue these conversations and build deeper relationships with your representatives back in your home districts. Let your elected officials know the impact that BOMA members and the commercial real estate industry have on the economy. The conference also included a Continued on page 12


The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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3/5/12 11:19 AM



12:48 PM

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Multi-tasking in multiple buildings without ever leaving your desk.

Keyscan’s innovative software allows you to manage access control across all of your facilities by creating your own central host. Using the internet as a data transfer medium and securing it with the same encryption that protects Top Secret US files, you can manage building access, run reports and monitor alarms from your desk. Keyscan systems can also control access to elevators enforced with floor permissions, provide lobby entry control with integrated telephone entry systems, and offer integration with burglar alarms creating a complete security package for all of your facilities. Contact us to discover the many advantages of Keyscan!

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Untitled-1 31

2/28/12 2:24 PM

legislative UPDATE BOMAPAC drive. BOMA fleeces, colorful luggage tags and politically insensitive cookies (who wouldn’t want to bite off the head of Obama, Romney and/or Newt??) helped raise more than $6,000 for BOMAPAC! This is an exciting way to kick off a new year of fundraising. BOMAPAC is an important element in BOMA’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill; supporting members of Congress who support our industry is fundamental.

Future of Tax ‘Extenders’ Uncertain On Jan. 31, 2012, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing titled, “Extenders and Tax Reform: Seeking Long-Term Solutions,” which focused on the large number of tax “extenders” that Congress continues to pass on a short-term basis. Included in the package of extenders is the 15-year leasehold depreciation

core drilling & trenching?

cut it out!

provision, which, along with the rest of the tax policies included in this group, expired at the end of 2011 and has yet to be addressed in 2012. The majority of the members of the committee were apprehensive about not extending these provisions while in an economic recovery, but indicated a need to study the merits of each one moving forward. Building owners must now return to the 39-year schedule unless Congress passes legislation to apply the reduced timeline to 2012 and beyond. It’s conceivable that Congress could wait until after the November election to address these tax provisions, as they did in 2010. Prior to leaving Washington in 2011, Congress was able to approve a twomonth payroll tax-cut extension just eight days before its scheduled expiration. Typically, this 12.4 percent tax is split evenly between employees and employers. President Obama, however, signed into law in 2010 a bill that reduced the employees’ portion in 2011 to 4.2 percent, while employers continued to pay 6.2 percent. Extension of the payroll tax-cut became the primary issue of concern in the waning days and weeks of the first half of the 112th Congress. Unfortunately for BOMA International, this meant less focus on addressing the expiring package of tax “extenders,” which includes the 15-year timeline for leasehold improvements. The Depreciation Fairness Coalition, of which BOMA International is a member, filed comments encouraging extension of the 15-year depreciation provision and reinforced the view that it should be made a permanent part of the tax code.

BOMA/USGBC Launch New Report on Sustainability Policy Options Core drilling and trenching are extremely messy and expensive, not to mention destructive. Connectrac provides a solution that’s easily installed without the mess or expense, while maintaining the integrity of the structure. These floor-mounted ultra-low-profile cabling access systems provide a wireway for power, voice and data cables.

Connectivity with flexibility Toll Free 877 - 480 - 5637


BOMA International was among 15 partner organizations that joined the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) on January 18 to announce the release of a report that recommends nearly three dozen executive actions across 23 agency programs where the Obama Administration can drive the economic and environmental

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

BO_0304_2012_Legislative_Updates.indd 2

3/1/12 9:47 AM

2013. Once upgraded, Portfolio Manager will help users create accounts, enter a portfolio of buildings and start benchmarking those buildings—all without requiring that the user know anything about the process beforehand. The new tool will ask guided questions to help

the user sail through the benchmarking process. BOMA International has integrated benchmarking through Portfolio Manager into many of its programs, including the 7-Point Challenge, the BOMA 360 Performance Program®, BOMA STARS and the TOBY® Awards. To learn more about the upgrades to Portfolio Manager, or register for an upcoming webinar, visit www.ener BOMA

benefits of green building without new legislation. The report, Better Buildings though Executive Action: Leveraging Existing Authorities to Promote Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Multifamily and Commercial Buildings, builds on a 2010 report that identified nearly 100 legal authority opportunities across 30 existing federal programs worth more than $72 billion to improve energy efficiency in U.S. building stock. To download the full report, visit ExecutiveAction.

Belco Pipe Restoration Renovates Valuable New York City Projects

NLRB ‘Quickie Election’ Rule Goes Final, Business Community Files Suit In late December 2011, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued its final rule on its “quickie election” proposal. Set to take effect on April 30, 2012,

the rule enables union elections to take place as soon as 10 days after a petition is filed. The current median for elections is 38 days after filing, with 95 percent of all elections taking place within 56 days. This reduced timeline makes it far more difficult for employers to make their case and deprives employees the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding unionization. In response, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Coalition for a Democratic Workforce, of which BOMA International is a member, filed suit in federal court to block its implementation. In addition, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3094, the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act, which would, among other things, reverse this final rule; however, the democratically controlled Senate is not likely to take up the bill.

Belco has been in constant development of its lining technology in New York City with over four million dollars invested in research and developbefore ment. The mission is to bring together the most capable technologies and the financial resources to buy and employ the best in the industry. Belco has managed to establish itself in an industry marred by inadequate contractors. The relentless pursuit of perfection coupled with an ongoing backlog of halmark properties has New York City and regional property owners taking notice. Belco’s General Manager stated “The competitive landscape is marginal, solutions are used based on the companies capabilities. Other companies have one technology and force feed the solution. Clearly the field of pipe restoration consists of a great wealth of technology that has been misapplied.”. Belco’s answer has been to cherry pick the strongest technologies and address issues that arises by applying the wealth of technologies at their disposal. Belco has worked among the most valuable properties in the United States lining pipe at a high rise on Park Avenue in New York City. Belco was able to line 700 feet of dual temperature condenser risers in one weekend with cascading sizes of 1¼ to 4 inch pipe in a noninvasive process and a fraction of the cost of replacement. Belco has tested the coatings since the application with help of national structural engineering firms confirming the capabilities of their proprietary coating process.



Investments having paid off-- since completing the requisitioned 2100 ft of pipe of 8400 ft to be scheduled at a hallmark high rise property on Park Avenue, business has been steadily coming to Belco. The company has managed to draw references at Sak’s 5th Avenue where the building avoided closing major areas of premium retail space by lining 500 ft of 5 inch roof drain with Belco’s state of the art robotic technology. Carnegie Hall was able to avoid the excavation of the main lobby by employing a robotic spray lining for a 120ft roof drain. The New York Stock Exchange faced similar issues where decommissioning any area of the floor for any length of time was impossible. Belco averted closure by the employ of robotic lining. Pier 66 on the Chelsea Piers was able to reinstate 100 ft of waste water lines riddled with holes ranging up to 3 inches in diameter with the use of our cured in place pipes lining system which allowed tenants to use their restrooms and scrap the use of portable restroom. The innovation of robotic spray systems with cured in place pipe and blow through epoxy lends itself to attacking any pipe matrix in a building or industrial/ municipal facility. The references demonstrate the wherewithal of the applicator and the strength of the contractor’s capability to stand behind their work.

Direct questions to:

Learn More About ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Upgrade EPA ENERGY STAR is launching a complete upgrade to its Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool in the spring of

BELCO PIPE RESTORATION 40 Austin Blvd 2nd Floor Commack, NY 11725 (631)462-2952

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine  Belco_Ad.indd 1 BO_0304_2012_Legislative_Updates.indd 3

13 2/23/12 2:33 PM 3/1/12 9:48 AM

state & LOCAL Update

BOMA Local Associations Honored for Advocacy Excellence DURING THE WINTER BUSINESS MEETING IN EARLY FEBRUARY, BOMA International recognized three BOMA local and state associations for their excellence in grassroots and issues advocacy through the Government Affairs Awards of Recognition Program, affectionately known as the “Govies.” BOMA/Chicago was recognized in the Outstanding Government Affairs Committee Category for its Emergency Preparedness Committee and Security Subcommittee, which have been held up as national models. These committees serve under the association’s advocacy divisions and have positioned BOMA/Chicago as a leader in commercial real estate infrastructure among federal, state and local emergency agencies and planners.

The committee focuses on the strategic planning associated with implementing citywide or region-wide emergency preparedness and business continuity efforts focused on the commercial real estate industry. It also facilitates policylevel discussions between the public sector and the BOMA/Chicago community. Many of the goals and objectives of the Emergency Preparedness Committee are executed by its tactical arm, the Security Subcommittee. The subcommittee meets monthly and includes members of both the public and private sectors. It conducts programs for stakeholders on critical life safety issues and maintains working operational-level relationships with emergency management agencies. In the Single Government Affairs

BOMA Florida accepts its “Govie” for the defeat of Amendment 4.

Program or Seminar Category, BOMA Georgia was honored for its annual legislative day at the Capitol. Since its inception, the association’s annual “BOMA Day at the Capitol” has manifested into a more efficient and appealing event for its members, helping to promote the importance of advocacy at the grassroots level. In 2010, BOMA Georgia retooled the event’s format, ushering in a more effective way to host its legislative day events. In previous years, attendees would camp out in the South Wing of the

Next GeNeratioN GreeN restroom DesiGN

NEW AIA CEU COURSE The USGBC, SLOAN and Excel Dryer join forces to offer a new CEU Course, Next Generation Green Restroom Design (NGGRD). NGGRD shows architects and designers how to specify the most cost effective, hygienic and green restrooms with today’s newest technologies.


Water Up to 50% • Costs By 90% • CarBon Footprint over 70%

take the CoUrse noW at or

14 (search “eXCeL dryer” or “sLoan”)



The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

BO_0304_2012_State&Local.indd 14

3/5/12 11:07 AM

coordinated with the statewide campaign and served as a distribution hub for campaign materials. Each BOMA local association in the state appointed a point person to serve on the subcommittee and also serve as the liaison to their respective associations. To raise awareness of the initiative’s negative impacts, BOMA Florida convened “No on Amendment 4” events throughout the state. Members

also reached out to their tenants through one-on-one discussions, newsletters and “Vote No” message cards. The campaign also incorporated new media, such as Facebook and YouTube, to get the message out. While BOMA Florida’s efforts were part of a much larger campaign, its “boots on the ground” philosophy helped ensure real estate’s victory. BOMA

Capitol Building and try to catch legislators as they passed by on their way to their offices or to the legislative chambers. Working with its lobbyist, BOMA Georgia arranged for legislators and state officials to visit members in a room in the Capitol rather than in the previous location. This new format allowed the officials to speak candidly to the 30 attendees about their top priorities for the legislative session. It also provided BOMA members with an opportunity to address commercial real estate’s concerns in an intimate setting. The new format was so successful that the association plans on including it in its future events. BOMA Florida was recognized in the Single Government Affairs Issue Category for its work in securing a defeat of Florida Amendment 4. If passed, Amendment 4 would have required voters to approve all local comprehensive land use plan changes, rather than having those changes approved or rejected by city or county commissions. Had the amendment passed, it is estimated that the average voter would be expected to decide about 200 to 300 intricate landuse planning amendments each year. Local governments would be forced to use taxpayer dollars to fund additional elections or would have to wait until the next election to list out all of the changes proposed to a comprehensive land use plan. It also had the potential to set a national precedent. BOMA Florida leveraged BOMA International’s Industry Defense Fund to join other real estate organizations in Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy, a coalition of more than 200 organizations that opposed the initiative, to protect commercial real estate’s interests. Other members of the coalition include NAIOP-the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the American Resort Development Association, NAIOP of Florida, the Florida Apartment Association and other business groups. The state coalition mounted a regionally focused, member-driven grassroots campaign designed to raise awareness about the issue. To lead the effort, an Amendment 4 Subcommittee was established under BOMA Florida’s Government Affairs Committee. The subcommittee

Say hello to the future of cleaning.

Introducing the Orbio® 5000-Sc. Replace many conventional daily-use

cleaning chemicals with one simple, sustainable solution. Create an environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaner from water, salt and electricity. On site. On demand. Welcome to the future of cleaning. Find out more at

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March/April 2012   The BOMA Magazine 

BO_0304_2012_State&Local.indd 15


3/5/12 11:07 AM

Codes & Standards Update

BOMA Leaders Attend ASHRAE Meeting BOMA CHAIR BOYD ZOCCOLA AND PRESIDENT/COO HENRY CHAMBERLAIN attended ASHRAE’s Winter Meeting in Chicago in January. As guests of ASHRAE President Ron Jarnagin, they met with the ASHRAE Board of Directors and held discussions with Jarnagin, President-Elect Tom Watson, Treasurer Bill Bahnfleth and CEO Jeff Littleton on areas of mutual concern. Particular focus was paid to the development of ASHRAE standards on energy efficiency, IAQ and green building, as well as on BOMA’s continuing role as a member of numerous standards development committees. Also discussed was ASHRAE’s continued participation on the BOMA 360 Performance Program® Council, new efforts to highlight effective building performance

techniques and the need for increased grassroots collaboration between BOMA affiliates and ASHRAE local chapters.

BOMA/ICC Leadership Teams Meet at Winter Business Meeting International Code Council (ICC) President Bill Dupler and CEO Rick Weiland were guests of BOMA Chair Boyd Zoccola and the BOMA Executive Committee during BOMA’s Winter Business Meeting in January. This continues the long-standing leadership liaison between BOMA and ICC as part of BOMA’s role as an ICC founding strategic partner. Dupler and Weiland met with BOMA’s Executive Committee to discuss issues related to the development of ICC model codes, with a particular focus on the new International

Green Construction Code™ (IgCC) scheduled for release in March. Zoccola, ChairElect Joe Markling, Vice Chair Rich Greninger and President/COO Henry Chamberlain also met with Dupler and Weiland to discuss potential major issues impacting BOMA members in the ICC 2012 code development cycle, such as expected proposals for retroactive sprinkler installation and fire service air recharging stations in existing buildings. BOMA’s role, as part of ICC’s ad hoc committee looking at the issues involved in implementing remote participation for code officials in the code development process, was also discussed at the meeting.

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2/29/12 8:10 AM

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code Review and Advisory Council has recommended against adoption of the 2012 ICC model codes, with the exception of portions of those codes dealing with accessibility (ADA and Fair Housing) issues. This includes ICC’s new International Green Construction Code™ (IgCC). This move would leave the 2009 family of ICC codes as the basis of the state’s uniform construction code and also means that any other standards updated in the 2012 codes would not be included. The council cited the costs of adopting new code versions on local jurisdictions, as well as the impacts of specific provisions included in the 2012 editions (such as mandatory sprinkler system installation in single-family homes and much more stringent energy provisions for all buildings).

fire protection and egress requirements sparked by the 9/11 disasters. BOMA has argued for effective tools to aid in the consideration of costs (both first costs and lifecycle costs) for many years, and recently worked to add real-world economic considerations in the analysis tool used in the ASHRAE standards development process. As a result of BOMA’s efforts, this analysis tool, or “economic scalar,” now BOMA_ads 1/19/12 8:26 AM Page 1

includes more realistic loan interest and discount rates, and the life-cycle periods for the whole building and its individual systems have been reduced. BOMA will continue its work to establish realistic economic analysis tools in the development of national model codes and standards. For more information, contact BOMA’s Code Consultant Ron Burton at ronburton@ BOMA

Pennsylvania May Skip 2012 ICC Codes

Cost/Benefit Analysis Critical in Development of Codes and Standards As reported during the recent meeting of BOMA’s Building Codes and Voluntary Standards Committee, the economic impact of adopting the latest editions of model codes and standards is receiving heightened scrutiny by state and local governments, as well as agencies responsible for federal building regulations. It is clear that major fears about potential pressure on the fragile economic recovery resulting from additional regulatory costs are fueling these concerns. This can be partly attributable to the budget crisis faced by most local and state governments, but is also driven by concerns for new code provisions that can greatly increase the cost of construction but provide little, if any, additional safety benefits for building occupants. Recent changes to the model codes and standards that can significantly increase the cost of constructing and operating commercial buildings include greatly expanded efficiency levels in energy codes; unnecessarily redundant passive and active fire suppression measures; retroactive installation of expensive photoluminescent markings with suspect durability qualities in exit stairways; and imposition of questionable structural,

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2/29/12 8:10 AM

leading the way

Don Henry, CFA Asset Management Expert, Academic Enthusiast

What is the role of BOMA’s Asset Management Council and what do you hope to accomplish over the next year? We want to expose the discipline of asset management to the BOMA membership. We recognize that BOMA is comprised largely of property managers and operations folks, but their understanding of what an asset manager (AM) actually does is sometimes a bit like a black box. Some folks understand asset management better than others; what we want to do is try to create a level-set. We’re not trying to convert property managers into asset managers, but we certainly want to provide clarity by removing any shroud of mystery about what asset managers do.

What kind of education/ programming is the Asset Management Council working on? We envision a series of two-day courses that will cover three principal areas. The


first area is the introductory course and it will be the day in the life of an asset manager, which will be contrasted with what a property manager does. We will also have a series of courses that talk about the tools that an asset manager uses and needs in order to be successful. Here, we’ll provide a deep dive into the various financial tools of an AM, as well as valuation and appraisal tools. The challenge here is to make the materials as lively and as interactive as possible. The third area will cover the major job functions of an asset manager. This will cover the aspects of the leasing process, starting with the initial contact with respective tenants all the way through to lease execution and move in.

What do you get most out of your BOMA membership?

What are the challenges the industry still has to tackle before we can expect to see recovery really take off?

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

The number one thing that we need, of course, is job creation. There is a pentup demand within the business sector to create jobs, but I also think that there is a lot of anxiety that is causing businesses to be very cautious and very tentative in terms of creating new jobs. And that, of course, has an impact on the demand side of the equation for office buildings. We may need some clarity on the political front before businesses have a better understanding of what they’ll be dealing with over the next few years.

In a word: energized. At Wells, we have a number of people who are BOMA members, but I’m a new member and my involvement began with my work on the Asset Management Council. I have been very impressed with the breadth of the organization, as well as its strength. It has very strong leadership, membership, programming and a very strong commitment to education. Now I’m asking myself why I didn’t get involved before, but I’m certainly enjoying my role as a new BOMA member.

I’ve had an enjoyable 29-year career in business, but my degree is in psychology. Throughout college and for my first few years in business, I always envisioned that I would get my Ph.D. and become a clinical psychologist and be a university professor with a small practice on the side. But I just enjoyed the business side of things so much that I never looked back. I have enjoyed teaching opportunities throughout my career. I started teaching courses in Atlanta at my first job with Deloitte and it has continued up until now. I once had an opportunity to be a guest lecturer for a law class on real estate at the University of Georgia School of Law. That was one of the best days. I love the classroom. m BOMA

DON HENRY, CFA, IS THE CHIEF REAL ESTATE OFFICER for Wells Real Estate, where he oversees the acquisitions, finance, dispositions, asset management, leasing and property management functions for Wells’ Real Estate Group. He is the chair of BOMA International’s Asset Management Council and is helping develop a new curriculum of asset management education for BOMA that covers everything from leasing analysis to negotiation strategies to macroeconomic trends.

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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2/29/12 8:17 AM


BLEED: 8.125" X 11.125"

TRIM: 7.875" X 10.875"

LIVE AREA: 7" X 10"


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2/29/12 10:13 AM


Proposed Lease Accounting Standards to Cost 190,000 American Jobs on Leases, specifically looks at how the proposed standard would negatively impact job creation, the health of the U.S. real estate sector and liabilities of U.S. publicly traded companies. The report analyzes the current proposal and, under a best-case scenario, estimated its economic impacts as: • Increasing liabilities for U.S. public companies by $1.5 trillion; • Increasing costs to U.S. public companies by $10.2 billion annually; • Potentially leading to job losses of over 190,000; • Reducing U.S. household earnings by $7.8 billion annually; and • Lowering U.S. GDP by $27.5 billion each year annually. Learn more and read a copy of the report at

A coalition of several leading non-profit and commercial organizations, including BOMA International and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, released a report that examines

the economic impact of the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB’s) and Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB’s) proposed lease accounting standard. The study, The Economic Impact of the Current IASB and FASB Exposure Draft

AlliedBarton Nabs Two Honors AlliedBarton Security Services was recently named to the 2011 Leadership 500 by Leadership Excellence magazine. The Leadership 500 is considered by Leadership Excellence magazine as the organizations with the best leadership development programs. AlliedBarton was also recognized for the seventh consecutive year by Training magazine as one of the “Training Top 125 Companies” for excellence in employersponsored training and development programs. AlliedBarton was the first security company to be ranked on this prestigious list in 2006.

Boma Salsbury Industries

Runs in: Mar/Apr, July/Aug, Nov/Dec


The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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1/2 Page Horizontal

7” W x 4.875” H


Boma-half_pg (Indesign doc.)

3/5/12 9:14 AM

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded BOMA International a 2012 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award in recognition of its continued leadership in protecting the environment through energy efficiency. BOMA, first recognized with the Partner of the Year Award in 2007, is the only real estate association to receive this honor five times. BOMA is being honored for its long-term commitment to energy efficiency for a number of innovations and

Real Estate Hiring Trends Survey Results: High Hopes for 2012 SelectLeaders recently surveyed more than 900 professionals and employers, principals, top-line managers and HR executives on their views and expectations for hiring trends in 2012. Survey results show that industry professionals are positive about the potential for growth in their personal careers and businesses in 2012, with only 21 percent believing hiring will decrease in 2012. Although 2010 and 2011 exhibited a decrease in compensation trends, nearly 60 percent expect salaries will increase in 2012. Additionally, 79 percent predict hiring will either increase or stay the same in 2012. Sixtyfour percent of respondents also noticed a significant trend in senior-level hiring in 2011. One trend of note in 2011: Companies often had their employees do the work that two or even three people would have normally done before 2008. To read the entire Hiring Trends Report and to see what employers and real estate candidates are saying about the job market and its prospects, visit BOMA’s Career Center at

implementations, including the expansion of the 7-Point Challenge, which calls on members to reduce the use of natural

resources, non-renewable resources and waste production; and the launch of the BOMA STARS initiative to promote the importance of benchmarking energy consumption in commercial buildings through EPA’s Portfolio Manager and sharing the data with BOMA’s Master Account. BOMA

a s

BOMA Earns Fifth ENERGY STAR® Award

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3/5/12 9:14 AM

BOMA Members Take Over Capitol Hill By Liz Hazleton and Laura Horsley More than 300 BOMA members throughout the United States gathered in Washington, D.C. in early February during the Winter Business Meeting (WBM) and National Issues Conference (NIC) to ask lawmakers to support commercial real estate’s issues on taxes, energy efficiency and ADA compliance and to build a business blueprint for 2012 and beyond. Here are a few highlights …

Congress, the administration of Barack Obama, the 2012 Republican candidates and the division within the Republican Party. “Think through how elections work … it should be intuitive. The most qualified guy should win, but that’s not how we choose presidents. The candiBOMA Metropolitan Washington President Carlton Diehl (left) and AOBA’s Senior VP Shaun Pharr (right) meet with Rep. Gerry Connolly date has to have the product that meets (D-Va.). the perceived need and none of them are selling what Republicans want to buy,” Carlson stated. “This is the year that Republicans are really worTucker Carlson ried. They are eager to hear the truth and are looking for boldness.” Talks 2012 BOMA 360 Performance Program® designees from last June Election to present were also recognized during the Opening Luncheon. Predictions To date, more than 350 buildings in more than 50 markets have earned the BOMA 360 designation. BOMA 360 Council Chair Dan The WBM Opening Chancey reported on the program growth, highlighting the more Luncheon, sponsored than 70 management companies with multiple designated buildby AlliedBarton Security ings—showing that BOMA 360 is staking a place in the market for Services, featured Keybuildings measured to the highest standard. note speaker Tucker Carlson, a contributor to FOX News, the editor-inchief of The Daily Caller news site and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. Carlson discussed politics in America, including his take on the divided Tucker Carlson gives an insightful and humorous look at the 2012 presidential race.


Town Hall Discussions Focus on Revenue and Membership Growth During the WBM Town Hall Meeting, BOMA members discussed how their business models allow them to maximize revenue and find new membership niches. Participants broke into small groups to discuss strategies to increase non-dues revenue. Ideas included creating tiered partnership programs, teaming up on events and promotions with competing organizations and being ready with needed educational offerings once education budgets come back. Participants also discussed strategies for increasing membership,

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

BO_0304_2012_WBM.indd 22

3/1/12 9:40 AM

such as scheduling one-on-one meetings with current and prospective members; adding new commercial building types, such as hospitals, condos and casinos; hosting more lunch-and-learn sessions; adding an “in-between jobs” membership category; and working with universities to gain exposure to the next generation of real estate professionals.

BOMA’s Grassroots Strikes Again! NIC attendees met with nearly 200 congressional offices during the National Issues Conference. Read all about it in “Legislative Update,” pages 10-13.

Board of Governors Highlights

take part in business meetings with organizations, such as BOMA Canada, IFMA, ASHRAE and the Real Estate Roundtable. Zoccola stressed that, as BOMA taps into a mobile audience and leverages technology, it will be important for seasoned industry veterans to team up with younger professionals with new ideas. BOMA Chair-Elect Joe Markling and BOMA Vice Chair Rich Greninger presented the Year in Review during the Board of Governors. The presentation looked back on the accomplishments of the past year in advocacy, education, research, codes, standards, information and networking, with a focus on how BOMA is building the national brand and creating members for life. “BOMA’s vision was, and is, to promote a vibrant business environment and to be a partner in the success of our members,” noted Markling. “Our programs are focused on leveraging that business environment and developing the tools to claim success.” Greninger presented BOMA’s return on investment (ROI) statistics, which included an ROI for BOMA’s codes efforts that equals $70,000 annually per building. He went on to explain that, for his company (Carr Properties), that ROI will add up to $280,000 in 2012 for four new developments.

Jorge Hagg with BOMA/Mexico (left) and BOMA Chair Boyd Zoccola.

The Board of Governors approved two BOMA local association name changes. BOMA/Atlanta is now BOMA Georgia and BOMA/ Portland is now BOMA Oregon. These changes will allow for more comprehensive and inclusive representation for BOMA members in these states and regions. The Board of Governors also approved new international affiliate BOMA/Mexico, formerly affiliated as IMEI. Jorge L. Hagg, CEM, president, BOMA/Mexico, was on hand to sign the new affiliation agreement. During the Chair’s Report, BOMA Chair Boyd Zoccola thanked BOMA members and the many BOMA local associations he has visited over the past several months for helping BOMA achieve high performance through innovation. Zoccola’s BOMA travels have included trips to Peoria, Ill., New York, Dallas, Nevada, St. Louis and Phoenix, as well as travel to BOMA Chair Boyd Zoccola delivers the Message from the Chair.

BOMA Chair-Elect Joe Markling (left) and BOMA Vice Chair Richard Greninger deliver the Year in Review.

During his BOMA Pulse presentation, BOMA President Henry Chamberlain presented a snapshot of how current market conditions affect BOMA locals and members, and a look at opportunities and challenges ahead. The “Pulse of the Industry” survey found that BOMA’s local associations are generally feeling good about growing membership in the coming year, with 54 percent of responders expecting membership to grow. The most pressing long-term challenges include attracting future leadership, attracting the next generation to BOMA and generating non-dues revenue. The most pressing issues facing BOMA members include concerns about vacancy rates, work/life balance demands, asset value and job security. On the hiring front, 2012 is projected to look very much like 2011, with 70 percent of respondents predicting the status quo; 20 percent seeing a bit of hiring on the horizon; and 10 percent expecting reductions in staff for the year. Board of Governors guest speaker Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association and author of The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the America Dream, stressed the importance of being part of the innovation movement if the United States wants to continue to hold its global leadership position. “People who believe in innovation will grow the country,” said Shapiro. continued on page 24

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

BO_0304_2012_WBM.indd 23


3/1/12 9:40 AM

More Board of Governors News ... Learn about the new policy positions passed in “Legislative Update” (pages 10-13), and which BOMA local associations took home a “Govie” award in “State & Local Update” (pages 14-15).

BOMA Chair Zoccola (left) with EER Participation Winner Alex Grella (BOMA/ Philadelphia).

From left: Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) with Andrew Romerdahl (BOMA/Anchorage).

BOMA Chair-Elect Joe Markling announced the 2011 Experience Exchange Report® (EER) Participation Award winners during the Board of Governors meeting. Overall Winners: 1st Prize Winner—BOMA/Philadelphia; 2nd Prize Winner—BOMA/Inland Empire. 300-Plus Members: BOMA/Dallas; BOMA Georgia; BOMA/ Suburban Chicago. 150-300 Members: BOMA/Fort Lauderdale; BOMA/Orange County; BOMA/Silicon Valley. Less than 150 Members: BOMA Wisconsin; BOMA/Sacramento; BOMA Virginia.

Time For a Little Fun


Winter Business Meeting and National Issues Conference attendees had a chance to network and catch up with friends and peers during the Opening Reception on January 30, sponsored by Naylor. Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) stopped by to wish attendees luck during their Capitol Hill appointments and to ensure them that his office supports many of the tax and energy issues important to BOMA and commercial real estate. After a busy day meeting with lawmakers on February 1, attendees traded Capitol Hill stories and successes during the Networking Reception, sponsored by ThyssenKrupp Elevator. 

BOMA California members with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) at center.


The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

BO_0304_2012_WBM.indd 24

3/1/12 11:18 AM

Building Build Build on on your your experience experience to to maximize maximize your your facility’s facility’s performance. performance. BOMI and BOMIInternational International offers offers designation designation and certificate certificateprograms, programs, as as well well as as individual individual courses coursesthat thatcan can help help elevate elevate your career in facility facilitymanagement, management, property property administration or or systems systems maintenance. More Morethan than 26,000 26,000 building building professionals currently hold hold one one or more BOMI currently

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International designation designation and and over 84,000 International students have have completed completed our premier students education and training. education

Untitled-1 1 Untitled-1 31

1/30/12 10:18 AM 2/28/12 2:27 PM

Crafting Successful Service Agreements Legal and Practical Issues to Consider By Michelle F. Kantor, Esq.

Selecting the right provider is important, but the next step of drafting and negotiating the service contract is just as crucial. A well-crafted contract sets forth each party’s responsibilities and expectations and each party’s rights if those expectations are not met.

Identifying Risks Before drafting your contract, identify the risks and ask yourself: What is the worst scenario if something goes wrong? Some service providers can mean third-party employees may have access to your premises and information. Temporary staff and consultants working on your premises can get injured and expose your company to claims. Allowing someone access to your data and computers means exposing your company to theft of trade secrets and other confidential information, and/or deleting or corrupting data. Unfortunately, the worst scenarios can and do happen: An outsourced technology provider gains access to trade secrets and provides them to a competitor. The service provider has financial difficulties and cannot complete the project despite the fact that you have a deadline and have already paid for most, if not all, of the work. Service providers can cause damage to your property and can injure others. These types of risk exposure should be addressed in the contract. Failure to make a risk assessment can be a recipe for a poorly executed project. Service providers will frequently offer you their own form contract. Generally, that contract will attempt to limit the service provider’s obligations and risks. Whether you are drafting the contract or faced with modifying the service provider’s contract, it is important to make sure that your expectations of the service provider are properly contained in the contract and you are protected from unnecessary liability exposure.

Addressing Key Issues, Terms The following are just some of the crucial issues that should be addressed in order to both protect your company and help insure a successful project …


Scope of Work It is crucial to include a Statement of Work (SOW) in every service contract. You and your service professional might have a different understanding regarding the scope and the quality of workmanship that is expected. The rule of thumb in drafting the SOW: Identify everything you expect from your service provider. Be clear and explicit about all details of the expected work. General descriptions just won’t cut it. Scope omissions open the door for unplanned change order requests and disputes. Further, the SOW should contain objective measures for determining the quality of work to be performed. Common problems to be avoided in drafting the SOW include lack of sufficient detail, unclear expectations of service levels, no clear completion dates and requirements changing without modifying the scope of work before the contract is signed. Be very clear with your expectations. Additionally, use language such as “must” or “shall” when it is mandatory that the service provider perform certain tasks. It’s also a good idea to develop an SOW checklist for use in all your projects.

Project Schedule and Contract Duration Service contracts are normally performed either on a project basis or ongoing term of support. In a per-project-basis situation, the contract should contain an expected start and completion date. Both parties should plan, discuss and agree upon the schedule prior to signing the contract. Project delays are the subject of countless lawsuits, plus it can cost you lost profits, lost customers or lost time in completing your work. If you delay the project, the service provider may intend to look to you for compensation for such items as overtime, additional travel expenses and other costs associated with delays. Without a clearly written schedule, your right to expect a specific completion date can be seriously weakened. Alternatively, if the services are contemplated to take place over a period of time, it is important to include measurable performance standards for such services. For instance, if you contract

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

BO_0304_2012_ServiceAgree.indd 26

3/1/12 11:13 AM

Contractor’s Work Performance It is crucial to identify the terms and conditions under which you expect your contractor to perform. The following are some key terms and conditions to address and incorporate into your service contract …

Price The price and payment terms should be not susceptible to misunderstanding. There are various pricing methods used for service contracts, including cost plus fixed fee, time and material and lump sum, among others. Conditions for payment must also be identified. For instance, the provider should tender a detailed invoice with back-up documentation of work performed. If the service provider estimates the time required to perform the work, be sure to negotiate a “not to exceed” price. Ascertain the exact rates you will be charged for each employee. In addition, the contract should contain all conditions and documents required for payment, as this is a frequent subject of disputes. Depending on the service type, conditions for payment can include time sheets, material costs, bills of lading, lien waivers, required reports, proof of insurance and invoices.

Confidentiality/Data Ownership Because your initial conversations with potential providers may have contained confidential information, be certain that the confidentiality clause addresses all conversations and documents shared prior to the commencement date of the work. Your company should reserve its ownership rights in all documents and data provided to the service provider, and all such information should be returned to you upon the project completion. Also, your contract should contain language that grants you rights to copyrightable material created by your service providers under the scope of their work. This protection is known as “Works For Hire” under federal copyright laws.

Acceptance Acceptance of the work varies, depending on the type of project. For instance, in construction projects, final acceptance can occur after a punch list is completed and after you have obtained a certificate of occupancy from the applicable building department. Acceptance criteria are important to address in the SOW, whether for a product or a service. Acceptance is especially critical in technology agreements. Service providers normally strive to include a short acceptance period in their contracts. Give yourself ample opportunity to test the software or system in order to discover whether it is, in fact, free from defects.

Warranties Every contract may contain express and/or implied warranties regarding workmanship and quality of services. An express warranty can include a statement that you are relying upon the skill, experience and expertise of the provider, and that the provider shall be responsible for the professional and technical accuracy of the work. Likewise, your contract can include an express statement regarding the quality of the workmanship. In addition, warranty periods should be clear.

Insurance/Indemnification The service provider should also agree to indemnify your company for any injury to persons or to your property caused by them. Service providers working on your premises should have insurance that covers their employees, such as worker’s compensation, and insurance that covers damage to your property and personal injury to others. Request that the service provider add your company as an “additional” insured and that they provide a copy of their certificate of insurance prior to their commencing the work.

Damages/Liability Many service providers may attempt to exclude consequential, punitive and/or liquidated damages. If the project schedule is crucial, liquidated damage clauses should be considered to help insure timely project completion. A properly written liquidated damage clause can entitle you to a specified amount of compensation for every day the project runs over schedule.

Other Considerations Make sure the service provider has the appropriate licenses and credentials to perform the work, including the service provider’s subcontractors. Your contract should also explicitly state that the service provider will observe all applicable federal, state and local law with respect to employment, taxation and withholding of wages, building codes, employee privacy and any other laws applicable to the work. Termination normally occurs under two categories: for cause and convenience. It is recommended that you include both termination provisions in your contract. While it may not be cost effective to have your attorney review smaller-size contracts, it is recommended that you consult with your attorney and insurance provider when entering into larger contracts, projects that contain multiple risks and contracts with long durations. BOMA

for landscape services for a period of two years, the scope of work should contain criteria for which you can measure whether the service provider is meeting your expectations for aesthetics, water usage, green initiatives and other energy mandates and quantity and quality of foliage. In addition, the contract should not contain an automatic renewal provision. It should be your decision as the customer to extend the contract term.

About the Author: Michelle Kantor is a member of McDonald Hopkins LLC and has more than 26 years of experience practicing in contract law, procurement, local and federal small business certifications, construction law and litigation. She can be reached at © Michelle F. Kantor, Esq. McDonald Hopkins, LLC 2012 Caveat: The article discussion does not constitute legal advice, and in no event will the author or publisher be liable for any damages that result from the use of information contained in this article. This article has also been published, in part, in the “NAPM Chicago Purchaser Magazine.”

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

BO_0304_2012_ServiceAgree.indd 27


3/1/12 11:13 AM


PM/AM Team

Leveraging Asset Value Through Collaboration

By Stephanie J. Oppenheimer, APR

Quick—would you rather be a Jack of all trades, master of none or an indispensable expert in your chosen field? Let’s propose another option: an indispensible expert in your field, with solid insights into the responsibilities of the equally indispensable experts on your team? Chances are good the third option would be your preference, with the key component of success being a team’s ability to work together rather than letting experts work in silos. In the commercial real estate industry, one such critical relationship is that between an asset manager (AM) and a property manager (PM). When they’re at odds, or at the very least not sold on the importance of collaboration and mutual respect, everyone comes up short: The building’s financial performance and appearance suffers, taking tenant satisfaction down with it. But when AMs and PMs work well together, the result is a building that is performing at the top of its class, shows well and is full of satisfied tenants. Additionally, everyone associated with the building, be it a tenant, third-party vendor or owner, will come away with a strong sense the building’s management team is coordinated, efficient and smart. To get to that point, one of the first steps is for each “side” to understand the functions of the other.

Understanding the AM’s Role At its most basic, property management is what most non-real estate people think of when they think of real estate management: a building-centric, tenant-facing role, in which the PM focuses on making sure the building is well maintained, operates efficiently and that tenant needs are being met. AMs, on the other hand, look


at a building as a financial instrument, with the expectation that, if the investment is managed appropriately, its value will grow. Don Henry, CFA, chief real estate officer for Wells Real Estate Funds, recognizes that some PMs really don’t understand the role or function of AMs and, without that knowledge, they cannot perform at their best. “PMs need to understand the duties and responsibilities of AMs,” Henry says, “and the first thing that comes to mind is understanding the financial tools that AMs use in order to manage and monitor the financial investment. Being well grounded in return on investment (ROI) concepts, payback periods, net present value, internal rates of return … all the basic financial calculations. They themselves might not be doing the calculations, but they need to understand them and recognize that’s how AMs look at capital decisions. PMs have a long list of things they’re responsible for, but

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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3/1/12 10:24 AM

ale. s d and an M e A s r rcha his/he u p e of ee n g w t ate Funds a can eal Est be gu m ells R n e W a a , c r l e a irecto ng D he t t sp eak the t a nagi r h a t e M r, Olive fit in bett n sp ohn a e J … c h s ­— t PM “ PM .” es, a v p i i r t e h c t et obje ners r w The b e o h his/ ls of o a t o e t g rela the h s i l mp acco if they spend time thinking about buildings, tenants and leases as investments, they will better connect with AMs.” John Oliver, managing director at Wells, agrees, pointing out that the day has long passed whereby a PM can simply be a great operations person. Although having a clear understanding of the building’s operations—and an innate ability to maximize its potential—are vital, the best PMs also excel in understanding how their building(s) fit into an overall investment plan for their owner, as well as understand that net operating income (NOI) is as important a line item as expenses. “Start with the concept that not all real estate investments are the same,” Oliver advises. “A building leased to a credit tenant for a long period of time (core) is dramatically different than a vacant building in an emerging market (opportunistic). Of course, buildings fit all

along the spectrum, and the goals for owning them vary by owner.” Next, understand that AMs fit in the space of time between purchase and sale. “Their job,” Oliver explains, “is to deliver on the financial pro forma that was set at acquisition. The best AMs are more ‘global’ in their viewpoint of the buildings that make up their portfolio. They understand that a pro forma was a snapshot of the investment at a point in time … a prediction of how the investment will perform. Things change, but they must remain focused on delivering results for the investor. PMs also fit in that space between purchase and sale. The better a PM can speak the language of his/her AM and relate to his/her objectives, the better the team can accomplish the goals of ownership.” continued on page 30

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

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3/1/12 10:24 AM

Conversely, AMs are equally accountable when it comes to spending time understanding the role of PMs, and the old-school approach, whereby AMs considered it a one-way relationship (with themselves higher in the pecking order), is over. “AMs can easily fall victim to not spending enough time listening to PMs,” Henry says. “They need to ask open-ended questions and listen to the answers—they can’t just blow into a PM’s office with a list of their top 10 priorities. If you take a collegial, collaborative approach, you’ll learn a lot. “There’s also great hesitancy on all sides,” Henry adds,” to show ‘weakness’ by admitting that you don’t know something. Plenty of AMs don’t have a PM background, and that applies to me, too. I have an accounting background and didn’t come up through the PM ranks, so there was a lot I needed to learn. It’s really important to check your ego at the door and let a PM know that there’s a lot about buildings that you don’t know. Additionally, you have to be willing to admit that you can learn from them. When you find that comfort zone, you’ve found the perfect situation. Recognize that no one has all the answers, and you’re best served to collaborate.” Once you’ve made the commitment to learn all you can about asset and property management, where do you start?

Take Action Not surprisingly, there are plenty of formal training programs and professional designations out there, all of which can teach you everything you ever needed to know about the varied roles within the commercial real estate industry. But Asset Management once the basics are learned, it’s the Education Coming intangibles that will mean the differYour Way ence between failure and success. For PMs, that means you need to: BOMA International’s Asset Man• Get out of your building! Go meet agement Council is developing new other PMs in the buildings within curriculum on asset management. Topics include: your market. Ask questions, take • “ A day in the life of an AM” notes. Become friends. Network. • Leasing analysis, valuation and • Meet leasing brokers that work approval the buildings in your area. Get • Negotiation strategies their perspective on the market and how they think various build• Value-creation strategies at the property level ings compete. •  Understand your marketplace. • Measuring financial returns What buildings make up the • Macroeconomic analysis and area around your building? Do a trends SWOT analysis on your building. • Portfolio management and the It doesn’t have to be formal; just capital markets understand how your building Look for a preview during BOMA’s stacks up to the competition. 2012 Every Building Conference & Expo in Seattle, June 24-26. • What about your own firm? Do you have capital market


(investment acquisition/sales) people? They can be one of your best sources, so ask them for help. But don’t limit yourself to investment sales people—talk to their analysts, too. You might be surprised what you can learn within your own shop. • Recognize your blind spots. If a PM has been at a building for five years or more, he/she will stop seeing certain deficiencies, so invite another PM over for a secret shopper audit. For AMs, that means:  et out in the market and visit your buildings at least once a • G quarter. • Don’t bring with you a list of demands; instead, bring patience, questions and the willingness to learn. Remember that for the other 89 days in the quarter you’re not in that building, you won’t have the advantage you have on the day you are there. So capitalize on it by recognizing that your PM knows what you need to know. Are you patient and receptive enough to listen? • Remember that annual budgets and annual capital plans can, at times, have competing objectives. Be prepared to work with PMs to make decisions that are right for the building but that also make financial sense. PMs are an irreplaceable source of information and insight for AMs, and savvy AMs remember that. BOMA International is also working to address many of these challenges and opportunities through its Asset Management Council, which seeks to help PMs better understand not only what AMs’ responsibilities are, but also what makes them tick. By better understanding their mindset, the council hopes the mystique of the unknown can be removed, freeing everyone to do a better job. But whether you decide to take a course, vow to ask more questions or bone up on financial theory, the most important thing is to avoid pinning responsibility on anyone other than yourself for taking an active interest in the other’s role. “Don’t settle for meeting in the middle,” Oliver says. “If each of you only gives 50 percent, you’re going to come up woefully short. Being indispensable doesn’t mean giving half of what you’ve got. But if both of you give 100 percent? That’s when you’ll get somewhere.” Oliver adds, “Don’t waste time wondering whether it’s the PM’s job to learn the AM’s job, or vice versa. It’s a chicken-and-egg question and, in the end, it doesn’t really matter. The more important question is how do you get respect, and the answer is by proving yourself every day. Help someone get something accomplished so that everyone’s job is easier. When you look at it that way, it shouldn’t matter where you are on the organizational chart, because you’re on the same team.”  BOMA

Understanding the PM’s Role

About the Author: Stephanie J. Oppenheimer, APR, formerly the assistant vice president of communications for BOMA International, is principal of Skylite Communications, a freelance writing and editing company based in Falls Church,Va.

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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3/1/12 10:25 AM


Lisa Brousseau

Sc.D, MS, Assoc. Professor at Univ. of Minnesota’s School of Public Health, Div. of Environmental Services

Kathy Cash

RN, CHPD, Retired Lieutenant Colonel

Jim Mann

Executive Director & Chief Science Officer, Handwashing for Life Institute

Richard Purtell

RPA, Portfolio Manager at Daymark Realty Advisors, Inc.



It’s what every tenant wants - and what you can deliver with The Healthy Workplace Project*. This innovative approach to hand and surface hygiene gets employees actively involved in helping reduce the spread of cold and flu germs in their workplace.

Tell us about YOUR healthy workplace… …and you could win up to $30,000 in prizes! The Healthy Workplace Project* Award recognizes and celebrates companies that implement hand hygiene initiatives, employee engagement and education. You don’t have to be a KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* customer to win. All entries are reviewed by a distinguished panel of 3rd party judges and the winners will be announced at the 2012 BOMA Every Building Conference & Expo.

or entry is April 30, so enter now at Deadline f

David Shadovitz

Editor of Human Resource Executive

Untitled-1 31

This Contest is open only to Building Facility Managers, Property Managers, Office Managers and Employees who have developed hand hygiene and/or wellness initiatives in their workplaces who are legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia or Canada (VOID IN QUEBEC), age 21 or older. Contest begins at 12:00:01 a.m. ET on June 28, 2011. Entries must be received by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on April 30, 2012, For complete official rules, please go to VOID IN PUERTO RICO, QUEBEC AND WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. ®/* Trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. or its affiliates. Marques déposées de Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. ou de ses filiales. © 2011 KCWW. K02615 K0000-12-01 02/12

2/28/12 2:26 PM


Energy Management—Analytics to Action By Brian Barmmer IMPLEMENTING EFFICIENT ENERGY MEASURES for commercial buildings is a process, not a project. The underlying goal should be better alignment between building operations and occupant needs. Effective alignment generally takes place at building commissioning, but then deteriorates as operations evolve, new systems are added but not fully integrated or equipment goes out of adjustment. More often than not, the people making the business decisions are separate from the operators who set the building schedule. As a result, buildings, even buildings with Building Automation Systems (BAS), are not properly adjusted because managers tend to make the settings broad, which is inefficient.

Basic Energy Auditing The process of understanding and adjusting systems does not have to be complex. The worst performers in a portfolio of buildings can be audited to quickly gain insights into how to achieve the highest returns, while providing guidance on what to look for in other buildings that have similar systems or occupancy profiles. There are tools to benchmark your building(s) against other similar structures. Two resources: The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) (see, while the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers the Portfolio Manager Overview

tool based on the CBECS at www.ener formance.bus_portfoliomanager. These tools enable building managers to rank their buildings and develop some basic performance objectives.

Initial Steps There are also metering analytics ranging from the simple to real-time, but it makes sense to start with basic analytics that monitor, analyze and report energy usage. At the most basic level, examining and comparing utility invoices provides managers with building performance



The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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3/1/12 9:49 AM

Information to Action The payback comes from turning data into actionable information. Once the data is collected, it should be

consolidated into a single portal that supports data and graphical energy and financial information, work orders and operational reports. An Executive Dashboard can also be built on the same data that places energy consumption with other building performance and maintenance measures. In this way, the energy data becomes part of the matrix to facilitate both management and operational decision-making. By integrating the energy analytics into a maintenance management program, an energy manager can evaluate the findings, determine ROI and develop work orders that are integrated into the maintenance routine to incorporate energy improvements into the regular maintenance process. The manager identifies capital expenditures and their payback periods. Short ROIs, within a budget forecasting period, are the most likely to be funded and can help jump-start an energy management program.

Strategic Approach Adopting a Strategic Energy Master Plan (SEMP) will help provide a more comprehensive roadmap for the future. Built on the analytics, a SEMP provides the basis for a comprehensive GAP analysis that encompasses all aspects of energy usage, including analysis of supply-side services, demand reduction and sustainability services. A SEMP ensures energy programs are fully aligned with corporate goals, industry trends, capabilities and cultures. The plan sets goals and includes supply strategy, capital planning, program design and structure and data management, as well as key performance indicators, program roadmaps and milestones.. In any case, moving to the next level of energy management delivers cost and environmental benefits. BOMA

benchmarks and historical trends. It also offers building operators ways to reduce costs by verifying invoice data for consumption and rate accuracy. In deregulated states, additional utility-based information sources are available. Utilities provide more sophisticated 15-minute interval data monitoring that closely approximates on-site real-time meters. These findings are more comprehensive and provide an excellent look into building performance. Both invoice and interval data analytics can be used to compare a building to other buildings in a portfolio and to CBECS profiles. These side-by-side comparisons clearly show the need for improvements at a building (or meter) level, but they do not show what must be done to deliver the highest returns.

About the Author: Brian Barmmer is director of energy solutions for UGL Services:, e-mail or call (888) 751-9100.

You don’t want to miss the only East Coast Trade Show for Cleaning Supplies. Etess Arena in the Taj Mahal Atlantic City, NJ • May 2–3, 2012 Supply Line 2012 is the most efficient and effective way for you to reach distributors and cleaning professionals from Maine to Florida and every state in between. Over 2,000 owners, managers, and decision-makers attended the 2010 event. You will save time and money with Supply Line 2012 and hotel accommodations all under one roof. Incredible rate for exhibitors and attendees to stay in the new Taj Chairman’s Tower… • $119 for a Taj Chairman’s Tower Room • $99 for a Taj Standard Room “The NJSSA show has performed above our expectations again. It is a nice mix between the U.S. ISSA show and the ISSA Interclean show for us as suppliers to the jan/san market.” —Scott Jarden, The Bullen Companies

For additional information on exhibiting or attending Supply Line 2012, call the NJSSA office at

973-283-1400 or visit C368NJSSA-SL_BOMA_3.375x4.875_1pr.indd 1

2/13/12 10:02 AM

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3/1/12 8:07 AM

green scene

By Leah Grout Garris Consolidating from four leased locations and a non-descript brick building into one sustainable headquarters facility was just what Little Rock, Ark.based Heifer International needed to take its mission statement to the next level. Because Heifer works with communities to end hunger and poverty, the organization decided it was time for its facilities to “walk the walk,” in terms of sustainable practices. “In one of our old locations, the infrastructure was outdated and HVAC work was always being done,” says Erik Swindle, Heifer’s director of facilities management. “It was a money pit.” Little Rock, Ark.-based Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects decided the headquarters building needed to set a global example of sustainability in action. As a result, it incorporated visible sustainable elements as part of the building’s architecture to encourage people to ask questions like, “Why is the building shaped that way?” or “Why is there a water tower in that stairwell?” A design that invokes questions gives Heifer the opportunity to tell its story. Many common sustainable elements were used, including energy-efficient plate glass windows, recyclable carpet tiles, bamboo and cork flooring and recycled cotton insulation, but several unique concepts were also put into practice. And because Heifer relies on donations, systems with payback longer than seven years weren’t an option. Using simple, low-tech concepts,


Reese Rowland, principal at Polk Stanley Wilcox, says the goal was to use normal systems, like corrugated metal panels or storefront glass, in uncommon ways. Exterior sun screens don’t have louvers, but instead have shelves wrapped in solid aluminum material. With glass above and below the shelf, they act like mirrors and reflect the light deeper into the facility, bouncing it off the ceiling. No matter where you are, you have access to daylight. To control en­ergy costs, the facility is kept at 75 degrees when air-conditioned (70 degrees when heated), and the plenum-rated floor is pressurized so air isn’t pushed down from the ceiling. “If we supplied 75-degree air in our old space, which had a dropped ceiling, we had to supply 55-degree air and force it down to get it to 75 degrees. In our new building, we supply 68-degree air underneath the floor, and Mother Nature does the rest,” says Swindle. To keep temperatures constant, the thermostats don’t control temperature; they control airflow by moving diffusers in the floor. The raised floor system is also plug-and-play, so Swindle’s team can repair it without an electrician. Scheduled for a seven-year payback, the system paid for itself in 26 months.


Follow the (Sustainability) Leader

Water collection is another low-tech example on Heifer’s site. The organization can store 2.5 million gallons of storm water on-site, and the system is managed from an app on Swindle’s phone. Condensate water is collected from equipment (154,000 gallons in the first year alone), which is used to heat and cool. Water is also collected from the roof and parking lot. “About 75 percent of the water from the roof goes into the cooling tower,” says Rowland. “The other 25 percent flushes toilets. The only water provided by the city is drinking and sink water.” The tower that collects roof runoff, which is on the north side of the building, has a fire stair wrapped around it to encourage questions (another way for Heifer to tell its story). The collection system was on a seven-year payback, but it paid for itself in 14 months. Around 80 percent of the construction material was fabricated within a three-block radius; 97 percent of the material found on the building’s site (a long-abandoned railroad yard) was recycled or reused, including old masonry that was turned into fill material. “That saved around $200,000 in fill material,” says Rowland. The LEED Platinum building stays close to a 50 percent reduction in energy costs when compared to a traditional office building. At $189 per square foot, construction for the sustainable facility was at a 15 percent premium when it was completed in early 2006, but the building is on track to pay for itself in seven years. “This building is a living, breathing machine,” says Swindle. “The outdoors directly impacts how we operate this facility; it really knows how to adapt to the environment.”  About the Author: Leah Grout Garris is a freelance writer based in Cedar Rapids, Ia. She has spent 10 years writing for the commercial buildings industry. She can be contacted at or

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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2/29/12 1:16 PM


New Report Predicts Modest Uptick in Construction Starts in 2012 By Lindsay Tiffany good news is that most of the cuts in office employment have already taken place and office vacancy rates are now retreating. There is also less overbuilding than in past cycles, meaning once office demand picks up construction will pick up as well. Several large office projects broke ground in 2011, including the $1.1 billion Utah data center for the National Security Agency. The Liberty Mutual Office Building in Boston, valued at $251.7 million, ranked as the second largest office start in 2011. The ExxonMobil Houston Campus, valued at $160 million, was the third largest in 2011. Retail construction peaked in 2007, then proceeded to decline 75 percent over the next four years. Construction starts for retail were flat in 2011 and are expected to grow by just two percent in 2012. Retail sales have fluctuated, but consumer confidence has weakened. The report notes that

extreme discounters, such as Family Dollar, continue to expand. Conversely, healthcare facilities construction starts, having avoided the dramatic decreases that other sectors saw over the past few years, will see a decrease of one percent in 2012. Hospital chains were hard hit in 2009 by tight credit conditions, while debate over healthcare reform created near-term uncertainty. Healthcare facility construction starts are happening primarily in Texas and California. The Kaiser San Leandro Hospital in San Leandro, Calif., valued at $575 million, was the largest healthcare project started in 2011.  BOMA

Commercial building construction starts in the United States are expected to increase by a modest eight percent in 2012, according to the 2012 Dodge Construction Outlook, a report recently released by McGraw-Hill Construction. While the news is positive, the improvement is fairly insignificant considering that commercial construction starts plunged 42 percent in 2009 and decreased by an additional 12 percent in 2010, followed by only a six percent gain last year. The findings of the report were presented by Robert Murray, vice president of economic affairs, at the Outlook 2012 Executive Conference, held in October 2011 in Washington, D.C. Murray noted that there is a pervasive sense of uncertainty about the economy, which is preventing companies from moving forward on new projects, despite strong corporate earnings. “Commercial building construction will not make significant gains toward recovery until we have improved job growth, [and there is] less uncertainty and more financing available,” said Murray. A lack of confidence in Congress and looming elections, coupled with concern about the European sovereign debt crisis, are further hampering recovery. Murray explained that projects that rely on government funding will likely not happen; in years past, spending related to the 2009 stimulus bill helped prop up commercial construction start numbers. Speculative development and corporate facilities construction will have to pick up the slack, though how strong the numbers will be remains to be seen. The report predicts that office building construction starts will increase by four percent in 2012, following declines of two percent in 2011, 24 percent in 2010, 54 percent in 2009 and 27 percent in 2008. Murray pointed out that there are a few signs that speculative development is slowly coming to life, though much of the recent activity is attributed to government buildings, data centers and corporate buildings. The

The Prognosis for Healthcare Construction During the session “Emerging Trends in Healthcare Construction” at Ober Kaler’s 2011 Women in Construction conference, held in November 2011 in Washington, D.C., four experts gave their predictions for the near-term future of healthcare construction.

“High-quality care is the number one emerging trend in healthcare. Building elements will affect the patient experience and how facilities are scored on healthcare reform assessments.” —Sarah Swank, Principal, Ober Kaler

“The days of stand-alone hospitals are largely over. Hospital systems are rapidly consolidating, and that means that we will see more consistency in construction and design across healthcare systems.” —Neal McKelvey, Former Senior Vice President, Holy Cross Hospital

“We have to examine how the design of a facility impacts healthcare outcomes. In healthcare facilities, we have to bring in daylight and have the proper acoustics, which helps depression symptoms.” —Tama Duffy Fay, Principal, Perkins + Will

“We’re seeing that IT is more important to owners. By the time you build a hospital, the IT has changed. We need to be flexible and give owners IT choices at the last possible moment.” —Barbara Wagner, Senior Vice President, Clark Construction

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

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2/29/12 1:17 PM


Repurposing Healthcare Real Estate By Neil Carolan For most healthcare systems in the United States, the current operating environment is one of continuing uncertainty about healthcare reform and the new Accountable Care Organization (ACO) models. Plus, there are continued challenges of access to capital and meeting the clinical priorities facing healthcare systems today. Amid this environment, healthcare systems and real estate owners have begun to examine options for repurposing existing assets to improve utilization and meet the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Regardless of what happens with the healthcare reform legislation, most healthcare executives believe that healthcare delivery will change: Hospitalization rates will decrease, with far more emphasis on ambulatory care delivery closer to the patient’s home and on prevention/ early intervention. Look for expansion of both primary care and other ambulatory services, including more extensive sameday surgery, more complex imaging and minimally invasive/robotic surgeries. Strategies for repurposing healthcare real estate assets have become an integral part

of both clinical and real estate strategies. Repurposing takes several forms, as follows.

Conversion of Retail to Healthcare There are already several national examples of these conversions—from smaller 1,500- to 2,000-square-foot (sf) strip mall locations becoming urgent care sites, primary care physician offices or walk-in clinics sponsored by a healthcare system to large mall developers/owners utilizing large 100,000-plus-sf former retail shopping centers for destination ambulatory healthcare locations housing primary care and specialty physician offices, complex diagnostic centers and/or ambulatory surgery centers. Retail settings provide key convenience and access benefits for healthcare tenancies to meet their ambulatory care goals. A major challenge for retail conversion is meeting all regulatory and healthcare code requirements, especially as the level of intensity increases to the ambulatory surgery center placement.

Retrofitting Existing Space Some systems are focused on combining operational process improvement by

With the continued advancement of technology, electronic medical records and other clinical processes, hospitals have found it 50 to 70 percent less expensive to modernize through retrofit than invest in new “bricks and mortar” and still have existing empty facilities on the balance sheet.


modernizing facilities to improve nursing process and offer better patient flow. With the continued advancement of technology, electronic medical records and other clinical processes, hospitals have found it 50 to 70 percent less expensive to modernize through retrofit than invest in new “bricks and mortar” and still have existing empty facilities on the balance sheet. Combined with this strategy is the growing trend of partnering with physicians and other providers for quality improvement and cost savings. Both vertical and horizontal clinical integration of a wider spectrum of healthcare providers will lower health systems’ real estate costs—especially if managed by healthcare real estate professionals with a knowledge and understanding of the need for improved clinical outcomes. Challenges to this strategy include aging infrastructure that cannot support new technology, the risks of new financial partnerships and constrained access to capital (albeit less intensive) for the retrofit process.

New Uses for Vacant ‘In-Hospital’ Space Some healthcare futurists estimate that the average 400-bed urban/suburban tertiary care hospital today will become a 150- to 200-bed hospital within the next three to five years. What then becomes of the 200-plus empty beds within the physical confines of the hospital? The

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

BO_0304_2012_Eye_on_Education.indd 36

3/5/12 11:16 AM

response may follow one of two scenarios. First scenario: The entire facility is vacated (as in the case of Millard Fillmore Hospital-Gates Circle in Buffalo, N.Y.). Second scenario: A portion of the hospital is no longer utilized for direct patient care or support services and simply sits empty but must be maintained, with no direct or indirect revenue generation from the vacant square footage. Many healthcare systems are beginning to repurpose these kinds of spaces in creative, profitable ways. The potential for this space is limitless, but key decision factors include: • Does the new utilization need to be directly related to the core business of the hospital or can the space be “decertified” and utilized for a companion service, such as senior care or nursing home or conversion to condo-style assisted living units? • Can the repurposing be conversion to a medical office building within the overall hospital plant? • Can the space be “sold” to an outside developer or group of physicians with a set of restrictive covenants and converted to a true ambulatory surgery center with immediate access to an acute care facility? • Does this space become the “retail healthcare center” or the destination ambulatory center, as healthcare moves away from hospital-centric provision of care? • Or, is the space totally repurposed to non-healthcare utilization, such as senior housing, hotel type usage or seasonal living arrangements?

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We’ll examine strategies for re­purposing healthcare real estate in-depth at the upcoming BOMA International Medical Office Building & Healthcare Facilities Conference to be held in Atlanta on May 2-4, 2012. For more information, visit www.


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About the Author: Neil Carolan is vice chair of BOMA International’s Medical Office Buildings and Healthcare Facilities Committee, and former chief physician recruitment officer and network real estate director with Carondolet Health Network. He can be reached at ncarolan1@gmail. com.

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March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

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2/29/12 11:24 AM

response may follow one of two scenarios. First scenario: The entire facility is vacated (as in the case of Millard Fillmore Hospital-Gates Circle in Buffalo, N.Y.). Second scenario: A portion of the hospital is no longer utilized for direct patient care or support services and simply sits empty but must be maintained, with no direct or indirect revenue generation from the vacant square footage. Many healthcare systems are beginning to repurpose these kinds of spaces in creative, profitable ways. The potential for this space is limitless, but key decision factors include: • Does the new utilization need to be directly related to the core business of the hospital or can the space be “decertified” and utilized for a companion service, such as senior care or nursing home or conversion to condo-style assisted living units? • Can the repurposing be conversion to a medical office building within the overall hospital plant? • Can the space be “sold” to an outside developer or group of physicians with a set of restrictive covenants and converted to a true ambulatory surgery center with immediate access to an acute care facility? • Does this space become the “retail healthcare center” or the destination ambulatory center, as healthcare moves away from hospital-centric provision of care? • Or, is the space totally repurposed to non-healthcare utilization, such as senior housing, hotel type usage or seasonal living arrangements?

We’re Bartlett Tree Experts and we’ve been exceeding our customers’ expectations for over 100 years. No matter the size or scope of your tree and shrub needs, our experts bring a rare mix of local service, global resources and innovative tree care practices that makes landscapes thrive. Trees add value to your property. And Bartlett adds value to your trees.



Onsite Wellness Programs & Fitness Center Management to Keep Your Tenants Healthy and Happy To Learn more about our comprehensive programs and services, contact Ken at or 703-204-13555 x30


We’ll examine strategies for re­purposing healthcare real estate in-depth at the upcoming BOMA International Medical Office Building & Healthcare Facilities Conference to be held in Atlanta on May 2-4, 2012. For more information, visit www.


WHEN DISASTER STRIKES Coit Cleaning & Restoration Services can respond within one hour to reduce further property damage. We Provide: • Emergency water removal & flood damage restoration • Fire/Smoke damage restoration & odor control • Structural & contents cleaning & drying. Restoration of carpet, upholstery, draperies, blinds, area rugs & HVAC systems • Mold Remediation

About the Author: Neil Carolan is vice chair of BOMA International’s Medical Office Buildings and Healthcare Facilities Committee, and former chief physician recruitment officer and network real estate director with Carondolet Health Network. He can be reached at ncarolan1@gmail. com.

• Asbestos & lead abatement

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March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

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3/5/12 11:16 AM


By Daniel DeCriscio MAINTAINING YOUR BUILDING’S REVENUE starts with tenant satisfaction and retention. According to Kingsley Associates Annual Satisfaction Assessments, satisfied tenants are three-and-a-half times more likely to renew their lease. And, the Kingsley Index shows that management service, as well as building upkeep and amenities, are among the top 10 factors tenants consider when deciding to renew their lease. Employee health affects the health of companies. No wonder tenants are concerned about keeping their employees happy, healthy and productive. Companies lose an estimated $1,685 per employee each year due to absenteeism and presenteeism (coming to work sick). With the increasing cost of healthcare

and downsized workforces, tenants have a real problem that you can potentially help them solve. But with weak space demand and declining rents, you can’t invest more in services. Put existing funds to better use. Start leveraging your supply budget to improve tenant communication, provide employee education, add amenities and differentiate your building vs. the competition. Exceptional Workplaces, driven by The Healthy Workplace Project* and Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow*, make it all possible. The Healthy Workplace Project* is an innovative hand and surface hygiene program that turns the money you spend on towels, tissues and skincare into a true wellness program. It includes everything from fun kick-off events to high-impact educational materials for employees. Plus, its controlled touchless product solutions can reduce cross contamination while

reducing consumption and spending. Savings can be sent to the bottom line. Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow* is the Kimberly-Clark Professional* approach to environmental responsibility, with product solutions that balance hygiene with sustainability benefits. Solutions include Forest Stewardship Councilcertified, Ecologo®-certified and Green Seal™-certified products, as well as those that meet EPA standards for minimum post-consumer waste content. BOMA’s 360 Performance Program® encourages sustainability and improving tenant relations. These programs are designed to make that happen. You can be rewarded for your healthy initiatives by entering (and winning) The Healthy Workplace Project* Award. Of course, the biggest economic rewards come from satisfied tenants that stay happy, productive and in your building year after year. To learn more, visit www.healthywork BOMA

Transform Your Facility’s Supply Budget Into a Tenant-Pleasing Wellness Program

About the Author: Daniel DeCriscio is North America target market leader-office buildings at Kimberly-Clark Professional* (

Las Vegas

Where education and fun come together

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March 19-21

Facilities Planning and Project Management

April 30-May 2

Design, Operation and Maintenance of Building Systems Part 2

June 11-13

Leasing and Marketing for Property Managers

August 6-8

Real Estate Investment and Finance

Sep 17-19

Budgeting and Accounting

October 15-17

Technologies for Facilities Management

Nov. 5-7

Law and Risk Management

Dec. 3-5

Design, Operation and Maintenance of Building Systems Part 1

For Information and Registration call BOMA Nevada’s office at

702-938-2662 38 

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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3/5/12 8:12 AM

INSPIRAT ON to Create Optimal Results What do you need to know right now to ensure your properties are maximizing net operating income? Find out at the Every Building Conference & Expo — the go-to event for commercial real estate. More than 40 expert-led sessions offer key information and tactical strategies to help you drive asset values, engage and retain tenants, embed sustainability practices for maximum efficiency, cultivate new talent and so much more.

REGISTER TODAY. For complete information about the 2012 Conference, “Achieving High Performance through Innovation,” visit:

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1/26/12 12:49 PM 2/29/12 10:24 AM

SUPPLIER Showcase OF PRODUCTS & Services Special Advertising Section

American Services Group Omeganomics.Com: a code avoidance technology (CAT) so simple, you will never write another line of software code. “Private Labeled” so you can re-engineer the product with your own name. Use it or sell it. Application data for Preventive Maintenance; Equipment Descriptions; Categories; Modeling for most of the building, facilities, services, properties and disciplines for all trades that include thousands of procedures and tables. Code Free development with over 500 fields of data, over 200 data tables and programs for work orders, equipment, schedules, contracts, billing, parts/material, purchase orders and more. Over 40 years of development and application deployments.;;; 800-333-1157.

Ameristar Fence Products provides property protection that’s affordable. Ameristar’s Montage Plus® welded ornamental fence offers Durability, Maintenance-Free, Aesthetically Appealing and Strength. Call us today or visit our website. Phone: 866-702-3192;; e-mail:

Aquatherm, Inc.

Polypropylene to the Rescue! Tired of rusting, leaking, corroded pipes, and copper theft? Aquatherm’s green, rust-free, highly engineered polypropylene solves these problems in plumbing, HVAC and industrial applications. Aquatherm—Changes What’s Possible!; Charlie Clark, Inside Sales Manager,, 801-805-6657.

Find out why thousands of customers just like you rely on us to be their trusted source for asphalt equipment and supplies. Experience, unbeatable quality, service and prices—and shipping is always free. We can save you time and money by helping you maintain it yourself before it’s too late. Let us earn your asphalt maintenance business. Contact:;; 1-866-399-5562.

Baltimore Aircoil Company

Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

BAC is pleased to release the 2012 Parts & Maintenance Guide. Filled with information about available BAC parts, product spotlights and maintenance reference material, the 2012 Parts & Maintenance Guide is important for every maintenance professional. Contact your local BAC Rep for a copy! For more information, visit or Phone: 410-799-6200.

BITZER U.S., Inc. BITZER CSW Screw Compressors are optimized for low-condensing temperature applications, making these models ideal when replacing old, inefficient Screw or Recip models in water-cooled chillers or air-cooled systems operating under moderate climate conditions.With market-leading energy efficiency, particularly under part-load operation, CSWs provide equivalent EERs to complex oil-less, centrifugal models but at a much more competitive price. Approved for R134a, R22 or R407C. For more information, phone: 770-503-9226; e-mail:,,


Ameristar Fence Products, Inc.

Low Profile Bird Deterrent: Bird Jolt Flat Track™ is a humane, patented electrical track system that produces a mild shock when birds land on its surface. The shock will not harm birds, but will condition them to avoid the area. Ideal where aesthetics are a concern, the track glues down to most surfaces. Visit or call 1-800-392-6915.

Cleaning Services Group, Inc. Cleaner, healthier environments with Cleaning Services Group! As a national leader in the industry with over 25 years of experience, CSG will provide your business with customized programs to fit your janitorial needs AND help you maintain a cleaner, healthier environment for your customers and employees. More information on Cleaning Services Group, Inc. at Phone: 800-683-6572; Fax: 800-789-5440.

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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3/1/12 8:27 AM

SUPPLIER Showcase OF PRODUCTS & Services Special Advertising Section

Continental Control Systems, LLC

Directory Solutions, Inc.

Accu-CT™ High-accuracy, revenue-grade current transformers. Designed specifically for tenant submetering and billing, the Accu-CT, with its unique split core design, complies with the accuracy requirements of ANSI C57.13 class 1.2 or ANSI C57.13 class 0.6. For use with the WattNode® energy meters or any other meter requiring 333mVac or 1Vac input. For more information on energy meters, associated current transformers and accessories, call 1-800-928-8663 or visit

TouchSource, by Directory Solutions is the 25-year leader in electronic and touch screen building directories. Unlimited listings that can be updated in seconds from your office. Wide variety of features and directory styles. Visit or call 800-704-3458.

Garlock Safety Systems

Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc.

AFFORDABLE and PRACTICAL SKYLIGHT FALL PROTECTION. Sky-Dome™ is a freestanding, 1-piece system that provides temporary or permanent skylight protection. To use, simply set in place and walk away—no mechanical attachment to the skylight or roof is required.When installing multiple skylights, you can easily reposition as work progresses. Design complies with OSHA 1910.23(e)(8). Sizes from 2- by 2-foot to 6- by 12-foot. All steel construction, stackable, powder-coated safety yellow finish. Custom colors and galvanized are available. Call 763-694-2614 or visit

Asphalt Preservation is about taking care of your good pavements while they are still good. We’ll show you how to preserve your asphalt pavements for a fraction of the cost to replace them. Serving clients Nationwide; for more information, contact us at 800-747-8567 or log on to

General Elevator Parts Inc.

Grailey Materials, LLC

Single Source Supplier: 1-800-848-3329 or 773-491-1927; Fax: 1-800-578-6349 or 773-463-2827. Otis, Westinghouse, Dover, Imperial, etc. Surplus Motors and Generators: Rotors—IMO Pumps; Armatures—Door Motors; Machine Parts—Controls; üObsolete’s Largest Supply. Networking your inventory is like fishing. Just send over your list and we will hook you up! Otis turtleback longneck and shortneck hoist motors size 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, 5 1/2, etc. Otis wound rotors type 1ac, 2ac, 3ac, 5ac, 7 1/2ac, etc. Otis 63g, and all other dc hoist motors leg mount and flange mount. Westinghouse dc flange mount 63a, 93 and 93.5 frame. See the website at

GoGrailey ROOF LEAK DIVERTERS deliver dependable protection from any size leak. Fast and easy to install with our easy hang kits; manufactured out of heavy-duty reinforced, puncture- and tear-resistant PVC. GoGrailey Leak Diverters can be installed to protect person, equipment and inventory in an emergency. They are also commonly used as a preventative measure over highly sensitive areas to protect interior contents. When water leaks from above need to be controlled, call on GoGrailey. To order, call 800-617-5936 or visit:

The Green Alliance Group

Hamilton Blake Safety

LED Lighting Retrofit Solutions—The Green Alliance Group can retrofit your indoor and outdoor lighting with energy-saving LEDs. Reduce your energy and maintenance by 50% or more. All products are certified and qualify for Energy rebates. Zero down financing available. Contact The Green Alliance Group at 631-421-2669 or

Unique Solutions for Rigging, Safety, and Training … we offer handson training for window cleaners and specialized technology, such as the 121 Ft. Omme Lift for rent or purchase. Call Us Today—702-307-4477; or visit www. hamiltonblake

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

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3/1/12 8:27 AM

SUPPLIER Showcase OF PRODUCTS & Services Special Advertising Section

Huguenot Laboratories Huguenot Laboratories offers comprehensive MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion) Laboratory analysis testing services for Fire Protection Systems (FPS).Water Testing includes Anaerobic and Aerobic MIC bacterium studies, and 23 complete mineral comparison studies to determine if mineral deposition is a contributing factor in causing corrosion and under deposit corrosion in fire sprinkler systems. Call 800-228-3793.

Centrally Managed Access Control: Keyscan’s centrally managed access control allows end-users to maintain their access control through a Web service (SaaS). Customers will save on computers, servers and administrative costs. Visit to learn more. Phone: 1-888-KEYSCAN (539-7226); Website:

Lampein Laboratories

Lighting Control Service and Sales

Lampein Laboratories® proudly introduces the LL Series Retrofit for T8 and T12 Fluorescent Fixtures. This retrofit Luminaire is UL listed and patent pending. Made in the Heart of America, we have finally got one up on our overseas competition! This innovative and simple design directs the light to the areas you really need it. No more lighting your ceiling grid. By creating real useable light, the end result is an efficient and crisp light. Contact: 571-436-4076, Barbara Spyridakis,

We offer the following services for your lighting control needs: • Training on existing systems • Repairs • Upgrades on existing systems • Reprogramming to meet current needs • Design build of new systems • Energy Audits Please visit; or contact or call 205-902-5428.

Magnetek, Inc.

NIXALITE of America, Inc.

Magnetek’s Quattro® Elevator Drives are the green solution for buildings worldwide. Quattro drives can improve energy efficiency and may help your projects qualify for utility rebates. Available in AC or DC, Quattro drives provide lower installation costs and superior ride quality. Visit or call 800-236-1705.


Keyscan Inc.

STOP PEST BIRDS! Keep your buildings and facilities clean and free of pest birds. Since 1950, NIXALITE of America has manufactured and supplied effective and humane pest bird and animal control products. To request your free catalog, please call 800-624-1189 or visit

Radiant Electric Duluth


Infrared Radiant Heating from Radiant Electric Duluth: • Reduce heating costs 30-60% • ROI 2-3 years • Clean Room use • Zero emissions • Low operating temps • Reduced fire risk • Zoned individually or with building maintenance systems • 10-year no-maintenance guarantee • Allergy-free/sinus friendly • Portable, baseboard, wall, cove, suspended ceiling units Manufactured by Radiant Electric Heat. Call: Radiant Electric Duluth 218-525-5002.

RoofConnect 24/7/365 Nationwide Service for All Your Roofing Needs: RoofConnect specializes in complete roof management services. Call us for your SPRING ROOF MAINTENANCE, emergency leak response, coordinated disaster planning and disaster response, snow load management and removal, re-roof/roof restoration and green energy solutions. One call offers peace of mind for your reactive roofing emergencies and proactive roof asset planning. Nationwide 24/7/365. Call 877-942-5613 or visit

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

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3/1/12 8:28 AM

SUPPLIER Showcase OF PRODUCTS & Services Special Advertising Section

Security Door Controls

Special Pathogens Laboratory

QUIET DUO™ LR100 Latch Retraction Kit Retrofits Major Brand Exit Devices: • UL Classified for field installation in Fire and NonFire rated devices • Simultaneous Electric Latch Retraction and Dogging • 450mA Inrush/180mA Continuous, 24VDC • Quiet Motorized Mechanical and Electric Operation • 1A supply powers 2 devices For more info, contact: SDC Security Door Controls,

Get Ready for Proposed ASHRAE Legionella Standard 188. Keep the water in your building safe with Special Pathogens Laboratory, The Legionella Experts. Laboratory services, risk assessment and outbreak consultation and the latest on detection, control and remediation of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. A2LA and NELAP accredited; CDC-Elite certified. 877-775-7284 or

T2 Site Amenities

Total Door Systems

Upscale Recycling Bins, Benches & Planters...Finally. Great looking recycling bins for lobbies, meeting spaces and offices. Extraordinary benches and planters. Huge array of styles, colors and materials. T2 Site Amenities. Call 847-579-9003.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems

Total Door Systems®: Not Just Another Pretty Door. Total Door Systems delivers: • Lower upfront costs • Durability 10 times greater than conventional doors • Lower maintenance costs • Unmatched security • Fast delivery • Free comprehensive maintenance and installation training • Quick installation—no assembly required • New, retrofit and custom • Manufactured in the United States Visit; or contact or 800-852-6660.

Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.

Wausau is an industry leader in building facades for commercial buildings. Products include energy-efficient aluminum windows, custom curtainwall systems, sun shades and light shelves. WWW.WAUSAUWINDOW.COM; Phone 877-678-2983; Fax 715-843-4350.

The Z1000 variable speed drive is designed for building automation applications through 500 HP. The Z1000 provides protection against drive and motor faults to maintain uptime, making it perfect for building automation applications that require reliable motor control. Phone 1-800-YASKAWA; Website

ADVERTISING INDEX Company Page No. AAON.......................................................................... Back Cover American Anchor.............................................................Cover 2 American Services Group.........................................................40 Ameristar Fence Products, Inc.................................................40 Aquatherm, Inc.-HQ...................................................................40 Archer Manufacturing Inc..........................................................32 Baltimore Aircoil Co. Inc............................................................40 Bartlett Tree Experts..................................................................37 Belco Pipe Restoration..............................................................13 Bird-B-Gone, Inc..........................................................................40 BITZER U.S., Inc...........................................................................40 BOMA Atlanta..............................................................................46 BOMA International..................................................39, Cover 3 BOMA Nevada............................................................................38 BOMI Institute.............................................................................25 Cleaning Services Group, Inc....................................................40 COIT Carpet Cleaning & Restoration..................................37 Connectrac...................................................................................12 Continental Control Systems, LLC.........................................41

Company Page No. Directory Solutions, Inc.-TouchSource..................................41 Disaster Kleenup International (DKI)....................................32 Duro-Last Roofing......................................................................17 Excel Dryer Inc............................................................................14 Garlock Equipment Co..............................................................41 Gee Asphalt Systems, Inc...........................................................41 General Elevator Parts, Inc........................................................41 Grailey Materials, LLC................................................................41 The Green Alliance Group.......................................................41 Hamilton Blake Safety................................................................41 Huguenot Laboratories.............................................................42 Kaba Ilco ......................................................................................... 3 Keyscan Access Control Systems.................................... 11, 42 Kimberly-Clark Professional*...................................................31 L & T Health & Fitness...............................................................37 Lampein Laboratories................................................................42 Lighting Control Service and Sales.........................................42 Magnetek, Inc................................................................................42 New Jersey Sanitary Supply Association...............................33 NIXALITE of America, Inc.........................................................42

Company Page No. PureChem Separation Inc.........................................................33 Radiant Electric Duluth-Black Goose Chimney & Duct...42 RoofConnect................................................................................42 RoofPoint......................................................................................... 9 Salsbury Industries......................................................................20 SCIenergy Inc.................................................................................. 6 Security Door Controls............................................................43 SERVPRO Industries Inc.............................................................19 Shortridge Instruments Inc.......................................................46 SIGNARAMA.............................................................................4, 5 Special Pathogens Laboratory..................................................43 T2 Site Amenities........................................................................43 Tennant Co. ..................................................................................15 Total Door Systems....................................................................43 VPS Vacant Property Specialists...............................................16 Watco Manufacturing Co..........................................................21 Wausau Window and Wall Systems......................................43 Yaskawa Electric America, Inc...................................................43 Zeag Canada Ltd..........................................................................38

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

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3/5/12 9:54 AM

to Create Optimal Results What do you need to know right now to ensure your properties

conference connection are maximizing net operating income? Find out at the Every

Building Conference & Expo — the go-to event for commercial real estate. More than 40 expert-led sessions offer key information and tactical strategies to help you drive asset values, engage and retain tenants, embed sustainability practices for maximum efficiency, cultivate new talent and so much more.

Close-Up on Green Pavilion Exhibitors

REGISTER TODAY. For complete information about the 2012 Conference, “Achieving High Performance through Innovation,” By Jessica Spitkovsky visit:

Savvy property professionals know that sustainable and energy-efficient practices often give them an edge in a competitive market. The exhibitors at the Green Pavilion and ENERGY STAR® Showcase at the Every Building Conference & Expo this June in Seattle offer the solutions and products to help you gain that edge and save money. AIM117_BOMA12_ED_AD_P2.indd Check out the companies that1 will be exhibiting in the Green Pavilion …

AirAdvice, Inc. AirAdvice blends technology with a simple, common-sense approach to identifying and eliminating energy waste. Its national network of service providers enables thousands of AirAdvice customers to reduce operating costs by $0.20 to $0.40 per square foot, making their buildings more competitive and increasing asset value.Visit

ATS Automation ATS Automation is an energy management control system and facilities systems contractor. ATS Automation’s customengineered and installed automation systems optimize control schemes for buildings’ mechanical and electrical systems, allowing owners to reduce energy consumption and maximize their facilities personnel.Visit

The Bid Shop The Bid Shop is your gateway to better business. Bid counselors design work flows that automate tasks, like insurance certificate review, vendor credentialing, RFP management, document scanning or even the creation of a document management system, without you investing in hardware, software or adding employees. Visit

The Cadmus Group, Inc. The Cadmus Group, Inc. recently acquired Constructive Technologies Group (CTG), forming a national leader in sustainability and energy consulting that specializes in solving complex environmental, energy and health problems that require innovative, comprehensive solutions. Cadmus has expertise in fundamental disciplines, such as energy modeling, commissioning and environmental design. Visit



CAN2GO/SCL Elements

SCL Elements Inc. provides CAN2GO building automation solutions for comfort and energy efficiency in commercial buildings, including integrated wired and wireless solutions for HVAC, lighting and metering applications. CAN2GO controllers, gateways and webbased building energy management systems provide maximum interoperability and control for more energy savings. Visit

CleanScapes CleanScapes offers excellent customer service and reliable co-mingled recycling, compost and construction debris collection. Its free waste audits have helped customers reduce their overall disposal costs by decreasing their garbage volume. CleanScapes partners with property managers to ensure their buildings are clean and ready for business with their daily StreetScapes Maintenance Service. Visit

Corporate Care Corporate Care is a service provider of restoration and maintenance solutions. The focus is to restore and maintain finishes and surfaces in order to avoid replacement. Corporate Care delivers results year after year through a network of Corporate Care locations that prolong the life of carpets, upholstered furniture, panel systems, ceramic tile, grout, etc., as well as offer water damage restoration services. Visit

CSI International, Inc. CSI provides responsive and reliable janitorial, building operations and maintenance and facilities management services to corporate, commercial and educational facilities. CSI is committed to personalized service, social responsibility to the environment and the appreciation of the people who do the work. Visit

Dome-Tech, Inc. 1/26/12 12:49 PM

Dome-Tech, Inc., a United Technologies company, consists of five service lines that offer energy and engineering consulting services to optimize building performance, reduce energy expenses and improve building sustainability.Visit

Excel Dryer Inc. XLERATOR® hand dryer completely dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds and uses 80 percent less energy than traditional hand dryers. XLERATOR delivers 95 percent cost savings vs. paper towels, helps eliminate maintenance and creates a more hygienic restroom environment.Visit

GAF Materials Corporation GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. Products include a comprehensive portfolio of steep-slope and commercial roofing systems supported by an extensive national network of factory-certified contractors. GAF developed Advanced Protection shingle technology to help commercial property owners and designers reduce energy consumption. Visit

GCA Services Group GCA Services Group, Inc. is a leading national provider of quality facility services, including janitorial/ custodial services, contamination control for cleanroom manufacturing, facilities operations and maintenance, grounds management, in-sourced production staffing and labor management, diversified staffing and more. GCA serves a variety of sectors, including corporate office buildings. Visit

Georgia-Pacific Professional Georgia-Pacific Professional is a provider of hygienic dispensing systems, towels, tissues, soaps, air fresheners, wipers, cups, plates, cutlery and napkins. Well-known Georgia-Pacific brands and products include enMotion®, Compact®, Dixie®, EasyNap®, SmartStock®, PerfecTouch® and Brawny Industrial™. Visit

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

BO_0304_2012_ConfConn.indd 44

3/6/12 3:44 PM

Mechanical Service Contractors of America

GOJO Industries, Inc. GOJO Industries, Inc. is a leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for office buildings and other professional and consumer audiences. This family-owned company offers a broad portfolio of hand cleaning, hand washing, hand sanitizing and skin care products under such trusted brand names as GOJO® and PURELL®. Visit

Green Building Services, Inc. Green Building Services, Inc. (GBS) is a professional consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our communities and the environment. GBS is comprised of architects, engineers, interior designers and green building consultants who share a passion for sustainability. Visit

ICONICS, Inc. ICONICS is a leading supplier of building automation and energy management software solutions used to improve comfort, efficiency and sustainability. ICONICS’ building automation solutions integrate all systems and provide dynamic visualization and control of all parameters within a centralized user interface. Visit

JELD-WEN Windows & Doors JELD-WEN Windows & Doors, an ENERGY STAR® Partner since 1998 and two-time ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, has the largest offering of qualified windows and doors in the NFRC database. JELD-WEN serves on the Green Building Initiative board, and is a national member of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, as well as the U.S. Green Building Council. Visit


Leonardo Academy Inc.

Leonardo Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability and putting the competitive market to work on improving the environment. Leonardo Academy develops new methods, metrics and standards for environmental improvement and helps businesses, organizations and individuals implement sustainability measures in a practical way. Visit

The Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) is the leading national trade association for HVACR contractors. MSCA’s 1,400 member companies perform service, maintenance, replacement, retrofit and repair work on all types of mechanical systems, resulting in enhanced reliability, tenant satisfaction and efficiency. Visit

Nalco Company Nalco, an Ecolab Company, provides innovative solutions for water, air, energy management and facility maintenance. Its programs and services are focused on providing maximum return on investment (ROI) by reducing total energy costs, protecting building assets, minimizing risk and increasing tenant satisfaction. Visit Northwest Edison Energy




Northwest Edison

Northwest Edison is a licensed commercial and industrial electrical contractor specializing in interior, exterior, emergency, parking garage, sign and outdoor lighting. It conducts energy audits, specifies and installs lighting products, designs control systems and provides professional installation with one of the largest and most experienced teams throughout the Northwest.Visit

OpConnect OpConnect is a wholly owned subsidiary of aerospace company Optimization Technologies. The OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System® represents an end-to-end solution, including a secure wireless network, data management, billing solutions, mobile phone applications and touchscreen charging stations—all built around aerospace-grade software. Visit

Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company Group The Orbio® 5000-Sc generates effective, sustainable cleaning solutions on-site, so you don’t have to ship, store and prepare conventional cleaning chemical concentrates. The 5000-Sc solution cleans as well or better than many allpurpose, glass and stainless steel cleaners and replaces a variety of chemicals in automated machines. Visit

SCA Tissue North America SCA Tissue takes a holistic approach to sustainability, with a wide range of Tork® third-party-certified, 100 percent recycled sanitary paper products and innovative dispenser systems that control consumption and deliver savings. Segment-driven solutions include napkins, toweling, bath and facial tissue, specialty wipers, dispensers and soap systems. Visit

SemaConnect, Inc. SemaConnect is a leading developer and producer of smart networked electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and sophisticated electric vehicle software for station owners and EV drivers. SemaConnect has announced the largest commercial order of electric vehicle charging stations in the industry with the deployment of 1,500 charging stations across the United States. Visit

Soladigm Soladigm manufactures Dynamic Glass, which switches from clear to tinted on demand using electrochromic technology, allowing unprecedented control over the amount of light and heat that enters a building. This dynamic control results in a 25 percent reduction in HVAC energy consumption and 30 percent reduction in peak load. Visit

SolutiaPerformance Films Division Solutia’s Performance Films Division is the world’s leading producer of high-quality, aftermarket window films and a leading supplier of high-value, precision-coated film and film components sold to a variety of businesses. Its films are designed to meet worldwide standards, carry a factorybacked warranty and are professionally installed.Visit and

Southern California Edison SCE, an Edison International company, is dedicated to developing a reliable and environmentally responsible energy future. Through the continued use and pioneering development of innovative efficiency solutions, lowemission energy sources, electric transportation and advanced meters, SCE helps customers manage their electricity use effectively to save energy, money and the environment.Visit

Continued on page 46

March/April 2012  The BOMA Magazine 

BO_0304_2012_ConfConn.indd 45


3/5/12 11:54 AM

conference connection

Spartan Chemical helps property professionals maintain healthy, sustainable buildings with its environmentally preferable green cleaning products, BioBased and bioaugmentation products. Spartan Chemical is an international manufacturer of quality branded cleaning products, including industrial cleaners, disinfectants, skin care, laundry care, warewash and floor care. Visit

Viconics Technologies Inc. Viconics Technologies Inc. provides easy and profitable building control retrofit solutions. Its simplified automation solutions are targeted primarily at the small building and retrofit markets and offer many of the benefits associated with more complex automation systems at a lower total installed cost. Visit

Wausau Window and Wall Systems Wausau is an industry leader in commercial window and curtainwall systems for commercial buildings, including blast hazard mitigation and hurricane impact-resistant applications. Products include energyefficient and durable AAMA AW Class aluminum fixed, projected, casement, hung and rolling windows; custom curtainwall systems; and sun shades and light shelves. Visit BOMA

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

U.S. Green Building Council The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for the nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. With 79 local affiliates, nearly 15,000 member organizations and more than 176,000 LEED Professional Credential holders, USGBC is a driving force of the global green movement.Visit

Registration is now open for the Every Building Conference & Expo. Mark your calendar for June 24-26, and make plans to attend. Learn more and register at

Learn. Grow. Succeed. Enroll in a class today!

Advance your career through BOMA-Atlanta education. Study for a professional designation or enroll in a one-time course and expand your knowledge of the industry. BOMA-Atlanta offers a variety of courses designed specifically for property managers, facility managers and building engineers. The opportunities are endless. BOMA courses empower property professionals to increase their operational efficiency and return more profit to building owners. Learn. Grow. Succeed. Enroll in an upcoming course today.


Design, Operation & Maintenance Part I

Mar 21, 2012

Law & Risk Management - Accelerated

Apr 18, 2012

Budgeting & Accounting

May 2, 2012

Design, Operation & Maintenance II

May 16, 2012

Asset Management

Aug 22, 2012

Real Estate Investment & Finance

Sep 19, 2012

Fundamentals Of Facilities Management

Oct 17, 2012

Environmental Health & Safety Issues

Oct 31, 2012

Fundamentals of Real Property Administration

To enroll, call 404-475-9980

or visit 46 

The BOMA Magazine  March/April 2012

Compliance Deadline Coming in March After March 15, 2012, new construction and alterations are required to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards. Don’t be taken by surprise. Act now to ensure you’re ADA compliant.


The ADA Standards have Changed… Is Your Building Compliant?

BOMA’s new Guide to the 2010 ADA Standards specifically addresses the next generation of accessibility rules and regulations. A follow-up to BOMA’s groundbreaking ADA Compliance Checklist, the 2011 Guidebook helps property professionals understand and implement the revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) design standards implementing Title III of the ADA, adopted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2010. The Guide to the 2010 ADA Standards includes updated requirements for accessible routes and a variety of building elements, including employee work spaces, restrooms, reach ranches, sales and service counters, stairways, telephones, special rooms and spaces, recreation facilities and much more.

Order Online Today at


39_BOMA_ADA_ad_.indd 1 ADA ad_fullpg_8.12.indd 1

2/29/12 10:27 AM 8/12/11 10:59 AM

We asked our engineering department to design a commercial 2-6 ton HVAC unit that has:

❧❧ A❧high❧efficiency,❧long❧life,❧belt-free❧fan ❧❧ A❧durable,❧variable❧capacity❧compressor Complete❧hinged❧door❧access❧with❧double-wall,❧R-13❧ ❧❧ ❧❧ insulated❧cabinet❧that❧can❧last❧40❧years❧or❧more ❧❧ ❧The❧ability❧to❧obsolete❧all❧constant❧volume❧units❧by❧ operating❧as❧a❧single❧zone❧VAV❧unit.

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R Defining Quality. Building Comfort.

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