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this lender. Under Beacham’s management the lender has financed, or has in process loans closing in 30 U.S. states. Not too shabby for a startup in a highly competitive industry, though billions in capital and an in-demand mortgage product has certainly helped. From application to funding the financial firm is routinely seeing closings happen in 30 to 45 days, with one recent notable deal funded in just 20 calendar days. This is virtually unheard of when it comes to financing multiple income properties simultaneously. Exclusive Breaking News During the exclusive interview, Beacham granted Private Money411 readers the treat of being among the first to be introduced to a brand new buy to rent loan product being rolled out by B2R Finance.

Previous funding had been focused almost exclusively on assisting single family rental portfolio owners to access their pent up equity via refinancing. The newest addition to the lineup of options now provides real estate entrepreneurs and serious investors with credit facilities beginning at $10M to expand with new acquisitions, rehab properties as needed and get them performing. In addition to funds to buy, and renovate, B2R Finance also aids clients in establishing a capital expenditures reserve account for negating any future maintenance surprises. This clearly opens up many new doors for investors seeking to fully capitalize on the current opportunities at hand, and should empower them to navigate the market swiftly, profitably, and with confidence. v


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Realty Capital Lending Group Private/Hard Money for Flips & Commercial As one of the premier real estate investment resources in California, Realty Capital Lending Group, Inc. (RCLG) endeavors to provide investors with the tools and information needed to succeed in an ever-changing real estate marketplace. We specialize in providing Private Hard Money Loans to entities and individuals who cannot obtain conventional financing from traditional lending institutions. We collaborate with Money Individuals and Brokers worldwide. We work directly with Borrowers interested in real estate investing and provide quick and efficient closings. For Trust Deed Investing count on us for immediate solutions and earnings

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Our team members are geared toward optimizing your success, and assisting you in achieving your financial objectives. Whether you are a Fix and Flip Investor, Trust Deed Purchaser or a Wholesaler, the right combination of success and resources are here for you. To find out more about RCLG and what we can do for you, Contact Us at

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(310) 308-7425.

Quick and Efficient Closings Qualifying is Easy Financing Available Up To 90% of Purchase Price Rates From 9.99% 12-Month Terms Discount Points From 2% Wholesale Opportunities Commercial structure loans $1 - $100 million 3-year fixed on rentals starting at 7.5% stated income

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