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Libby Patterson Organics Luxurious Rare Hand Blended Botanicals & Couture Parfums

Quantum Alchemy

Sling Shot...

To Fortify You for the After After Party...and on....Into The Morning After Spruce, Neroli Egyptian, Honeysuckle, Benzoin Sandalwood, Vanilla Warm, inviting, embracing.......buoys you after the bewitching hour, when you SHOULD have been in bed for your beauty sleep....(1am is the time the organs begin repair) This parfum gives you strength when you most need to find that third wind, for the after~after you ring in the new is grounding in a very uplifted way, and an evolved and spiritual way. My joy, sweetness and higher innocence get peaked when i allow myself to let this scent journey into my soul. Bless~~~~tis best late at night before the dawn, and on into the morning after... works into the psyche of any hearts desire....

As a dissolving paradigm parfum, it cleans and releases your neurological pathways for you... best used during a waning moon cycle between full and new. As an arising paradigm parfum, use during a waxing moon cycle to create anew........ As an abiding paradigm parfum, use during that cycle of the Full Moon.....which generally lasts about three days, very strongly.......for that manifesting time period. The secret of the nectar contained within the molecular structure of this aphrodisiac is the correlative between mineral and vegetable, when heated by your body releases the spiritual aspects that are already laying actively within the memory component of your cellular being.

created 26 Decembre...Boxing Day, 2010, and has a deep sienna colour, amberish... which must be vortex swirled before applying on your pulse points....enjoy~ Much love, Libby



To Fortify You for the After After Party...and on....Into The Morning After Luxurious Rare Hand Blended Botanicals & Couture Parfums As...

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