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A story by Tinkerbell

One day, there was a young girl walking at a snail’s pace along the river. She was like a cat on hot bricks because she had to perform the next day.

She was a pianist. Actually, she was a great pianist and everyone was having a whale of a time during her performances.

However, this time she had to walk into the lion’s den because there would be some judges watching her while playing the piano.

The problem for her was not only the judges. It was the selection of a musical composition to play too. She couldn’t choose! She wanted neither fish nor fowl.

All these worrying thoughts were unexpectedly interrupted by a boy’s voice. “Hello”, he said gently. “Hi”, she replied colourlessly. “My name is Sam. You looked thoughtful before. What is the matter? And your name?” he asked her.

She smiled. “I am Alyson. The reason for being like a bear with a sore head is my performance tomorrow. It’s of paramount importance to me.”

(To be a bear with a sore head = to complain a lot and be unhappy about something)

Then Sam started talking the hind leg off a donkey. He said that in life there were more important things to worry about and he went on saying more things like this to calm her down. (Talk the hind leg off a donkey

= to talk a lot)

“I think you are an odd fish! You know…all this kind of philosophy and stuff!”, she told him when he had finished. “Haha! Actually, I am a lone wolf”, he said.

“Really? I didn’t expect that. Anyway, you made me feel better and I think I am completely ready for the performance!” “Hold your horses, Alyson. I bet you haven’t practised yet. And you need to, don’t you?”

“Yes, you are right. Okay. I came up with an idea! While practising, I can teach you how to play the piano. It’s a way of thanking you!” “No, thanks.” “Oh…Many people say that you can take a to but you can’t make it drink . But I’ll force you to do this, to learn playing the piano!”

“Ah… I think I have other fish to fry.” “Liar! You’ll come with me!!!” she told him, grabbed his hand and started running. In the end, Alyson taught Sam how to play the piano. And the next day Alyson’s performance was breathtaking. Soon, Sam and Alyson became friends. And a month later they became lovebirds!!!

A Srory by Tinkerbell  
A Srory by Tinkerbell  

Students write stories using animal idioms