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A story book by 1st Kessariani GEL A΄ class students (vol. I)

Something to look forward to‌ I had always wanted to have a sleepover at my friend’s home. Just before my fifteenth birthday, my little sister let the cat out of the bag. My parents were going to let me have a sleepover. My sister told me to clam up about it, but I went straight to my mum, all bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

My mum looked at me, bugged. Then I got butterflies in my stomach. I was feeling very anxious because I was thinking that they wouldn’t let me sleepover.

Then she told me: “You are going to have a sleepover as long as you promise me there won’t be any business and that you will stop the noise by 11 o’clock”.

I felt very happy and I told her: “Maria’s parents won’t hear a peep out of us”. When we finished talking, I immediately called Maria to arrange all the details!

The wrong choice I used to have a female classmate, named Melissa, who was way ahead of the pack in our classroom, but when sitting for a test, she was as awkward as a cow on roller-skates.

(Picture from Sketched Out: Drawing on My Perpspective)

So, she eventually got as gruff as a bear at school and, from what a little bird once told me, she sometimes returned home as drunk as a skunk.

So, one day I managed to talk to her. I told her that despite the fact she as bright as a button, she was ruining her whole life. She told me to mind my own business; she was as stubborn as a mule.

It’s been two years since then and I have lost contact with her. I have heard, though, that behaving the way she did, she has become the black sheep of the family.

A very busy day When I woke up this morning I was as hungry as a bear. Then I went to school and I was busy as a bee.

When I finished school I attended some extra afternoon classes because I had to prepare for the school tests. I really had to bear down! As I was so very active the whole day, my mum thought of getting me a gift. (NB: bear down has nothing to do with a bear. It is an interesting idiom, though).

When she told me that, I was as happy as a box of birds. After such a hard day I was very tired and I slept like a baby.

I will never forget‌ (by Mikri Lulu)

I will never forget what happened to my friend and me last summer. My friend Eleni and I went to my village in the middle of August. The weather was gloomy and it rained cats and dogs almost every day. When the weather was better, we went swimming at the beach but that day we didn’t.

That day we were sunbathing when suddenly we smelt something strange carried in the air. When we stood up to see what exactly that was, we saw a dense cloud of smoke.

We did not worry about it at first. We thought it might be just a cloud in the sky. Later that day, when we were returning home in the afternoon we witnessed a funny fight. One of the two guys was as angry as a bull. We continued our journey.

When we went to bed, suddenly we heard strange noises from outside. There was panic in the air. The locals were trying to gather their sheep and to save their land from the fire. Then we asked how big the fire was. Someone said it was raging.

My heart sank. Eleni kept asking me what we should do but I couldn’t hear her because I had burst into tears. Just then I saw a little child, weak as a kitten, asking for our help. Eventually, a big car reached us and took us away from there. A month later we went back to see the village. We were blind as bats because of the smoke. Everything was black, the trees, the houses. We felt so different from all the other times we had been there. We felt sad and depressed.

A Story Book  
A Story Book  

Students write stories using animal idioms