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January 5, 2011 IFD10Chat Recap Topic: The Future of IFD10Chat Participants: Vicky @CygnetUpdates Lynn @RedStepChild Barbara @nightwriter Tiffany @tiffsilverberg Rock @toptomato Lauren @lpmccullough

George @GeorgeButters Daphne @DaphneDrescher Phyl @Shiny_Ideas Carole Jane @CJtreggett Larisa @LarisaRedins Kate @KCsez

Logo: Lynn @RedStepChild I was going to design a logo for our group - did we ever decide on a name? Resources: Issuu - Calameo - Name Ideas: Freelancer Advisory Board (FAB) IFD Freelancers Freelancers Roundtable IFD Chatters Freelanceville Freelance Co-Op Freelance Planet

Names Discussion: Barb @nightwriter - Question is... do we want to maintain connection w/ IFD or go our own Rock @toptomato - I think we need to keep this on a separate track from IFD. Don't want to step on toes! Tiffany @tiffsilverberg - I agree, Rock Lynn @RedStepChild -I agree, Rock - keep it separate. Daphne @DaphneDrescher- I think the only way we're really associated with IFD anymore is the #IFD10chat hashtag, no? Vicky @CygnetUpdates- We really do need to strike out on our own Barbara @nightwriter- true, plus they might set up a chat group later & it'll be confusing

Vicky @CygnetUpdates - Oh, I like that - FAB Phyl @Shiny_Ideas - I like Freelancers Roundtable! Though I think Freelancers Advisory Board is really good too. Decisions! Tiffany @TiffSilverberg- Oooh! I like Roundtable Lynn @RedStepChild – Oh, I do like FAB a lot! Rock @Toptomato - I like Roundtable, too. Carole @CJTreggett – FAB works =) Vicky @CygnetUpdates – I like roundtable too – love the concept

Phyl @Shiny_Ideas - I like FAB Roundtable very much.

George @GeorgeButters- Freelanceville - it's not a place, but it is a state of mind Barbara @nightwriter - just expired and pending renewal/deletion - we might be able to get it | .org, .biz & .net are available. Phyl @Shiny_Ideas- Oooh! I like the idea of reserving the domain name, pending what we might try to do with this. Tiffany @tiffsilverberg - Freelanceville - where we milk the freelance lifestyle Rock @toptomato - My hand is raised high for FLVille Tiffany @tiffsilverberg - . Im starting to like Freelanceville too Vicky @CygnetUpdates - Just a thought - will we ever have a need for this to be "out there" as part of our professional personas? Tiffany @tiffsilverberg - I think i love the connotations of ville. Cozy, warm, safe, welcoming, domestic, productive. Larisa @LarisaRedins - Sound a bit awkward to me right now though Lauren @lpmccullough- I'm undecided. I think I just need to know what our overall goals are. For a website collab. the name is catchy, for a prof. grp not sure Phyl @Shiny_Ideas - It also depends how you define "professional." Does that mean more staid, or can you be fun and Prof'l at the same time

Larisa @LarisaRedins - I think that if you are targeting hardcore business people, the "freelanceville" name is not ideal ... for me personally at least. :) Lynn @RedHeadStepchild - "Do you think you can be fun and professional at the same time?" George @GeorgeButters - Freelanceville to me says 'a community of freelancers' who can define 'community' differently Lauren @lpmccullough - I think Freelanceville is catchy, if we are going to move towards building a collaboration website. Is that something we want to do? Tiffany @tiffsilverberg - I guess the reason I first got on board was realizing we are a relaxed group that chats and organizes and brainstorms. Phyl @Shiny_Ideas - We could have a more low-key public name/domain name, and then do all our creative stuff on the pages with the more interesting names. Larisa @LarisaRedins - I think something more generic would be suitable - and then we can tailor our specific marketing message as individuals Carole @cjtreggett - I think we should keep Freelance as a part of it since that's how we all metCarole Daphne @DaphneDrescher - I'm thinking Freelance needs to be a focus - it's the only thing we all have in common isn't it? Vicky @CygnetUpdates - Freelance is an interesting word - it's what I do but none of my clients would consider me a freelancer.

Kate @KCsez - is there another word that makes one think freelance without saying the word? Solo Independent Independent solopreneur Flying solo, in a flock. | Flocking together as we fly solo GlobalPreneurs International Solopreneurs International Solopreneur Collaborative (ISC) Vicky @CygnetUpdates - Soloprenuers have an international assocation - who'd of thunk | I think it's a better word for us than freelancer - let's keep thinking WAY outside the box Tiffany @Tiffsilverberg - I do like the idea of bring entrepreneur in bc i think we all have the common bond of going past just freelancing YAY or NAY or Undecided for FREELANCEVILLE YAYJane @CJtreggett Tiffany @tiffsilverberg Rock @toptomato Lynn @RedStepChild Daphne @DaphneDrescher

NAYLarisa @LarisaRedins UndecidedKate @KCsez Lauren @lpmccullough Vicky @CygnetUpdates

January 5, 2011 - IFD10Chat Recap  

January 5 IFD10Chat recap