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The Ocean. The bercer of life. The harbinger of death. The largest producer of oxygen. The carbon sink. Seafood. Medicine. Adventure. Sport. Relaxation. Livelihood. Luxury. Canada. The ocean is a powerful contradictory force that makes up 70% of the world we live in.Even with all the majesty and art it inspires, even with the diverse and multifaceted ways in which it affects our lives, we still know very little about it. We have not discovered all the species that live in the waters, we have not fully understood all the processes that implicate the land intimately; however, we, as human beings, are affecting it in ways yet unforeseen. With the build up of microplastics, the acidification of the waters, and the melting of the polar ice caps, we are having a very real effect on the ocean; the consequences of which are not yet fully encapsulated in our sciences, but the ramifications of which are being felt all around the world and in our backyard. Canada is unique in that it is the only country in the world whose unified landmass touches three oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Arctic. With an economy heavily based on ocean trade, ocean materials and ocean tourism, Canadians are as close to being oceanfolk as a non-island nation can be. Yet, in a cruel twist of irony, we are largely disconnected to the ocean on an emotional level. There tends to be one narrative when looking at ocean literacy and health, and we wanted to tell another story. Promenades sur l’eau is a fashion show dedicated to the oceans. Whether it is the clothes we buy, the brands we support, or the materials we wear, we wear our values on our shoulders. The fashion industry is a reflection of society and a portal into the future, with creators and designers being inspired by the temporality of the present whilst constantly looking to the future. We found six incredible designers from Canada who love the ocean, and it is reflected in the work that they do. They are inspired by the ocean, they source their fabrics locally, and they produce their clothes sustainably, creating ethical garments that make a statement of love to our environment. We are honoured, proud and excited to present to you Evan Clayton, whose work speaks to his love of the Pacific northwest and the goddess of the sea; Local Laundry, that seeks to constantly build and reinforce community through their made in Canada wear; Giovanna Ricci, whose love of nature is woven into the very fabric of her clothes; NLA Designs that shares a collection handmade in Vancouver with ocean ethics in mind; Vestige Story, who promotes mindfulness, creativity and a sustainable lifestyle; and, Alex S. Yu, a man who takes us back to a childhood filled with colours, fantasy and wonderlust. Thank you for coming, we are excited that you have chosen to #WalkonWater with us. Nous vous remercions d’être venu(e)(s), nous avons hâte de mettre nos #Piedsurleau avec vous.

Chúk Odenigbo

Jay Matsushiba

Victoria Lui

“Beauty of expression is so akin to the voice of the sea.” - George Matthew Adams

Meet the team behind Promenades sur l’eau! Voici un petit aperçu à l’équipe derrière « Promenades sur l’eau » CHÚK ODENIGBO Chúk has travelled and seen the world, from Shanghai to Salzburg. Along his journeys, he has realised the importance of a flourishing natural world. He co-founded La Poison et La Pomme/The Poison and The Apple, a collaborative and revolutionary entity to bring a cultural shift within Canadians and their relationship with the environment. Through his organisation, he helped to develop The Nature Playbook - Canada’s official submission to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and recognised as the global best practice for engaging the new generation with nature. In addition to his social entrepreneurial work, he is pursuing a PhD in Medical Geography, focusing his work on the role that nature can play in improving human health outcomes. Promenades sur l’eau is the child of his passion in fashion and nature, with the goal of engaging Canadians in their relationship with nature in unique and profound ways. VICTORIA LUI Victoria has been involved in Vancouver’s fashion industry for nearly four years, working with many local designers and companies such as Sappho, an environmentally conscious makeup brand. Her knowledge of the industry has been pivotal to the success of Promenades sur l’eau, and this event is a culmination of her love for fashion, Earth, and science. Victoria is currently studying the powerful tools that biotechnology can offer in caring for our environment. Recently, she was involved in a project aiming to develop a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis infection in cows, reduce unnecessary loss of livestock, and reduce the environmental impact of the industry. Through organising Promenades sur l’eau, Victoria hopes to shine a spotlight onto marine pollution issues worldwide. JAY MATSUSHIBA Jay is a passionate advocate for the oceans, dedicating his work in education at the Vancouver Aquarium, Richmond Nature Park and Metro Vancouver. He has spoken on the topic of environmental education at TEDx events, the Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference, and the Richmond Earth Day Youth Summit. He brings his passion to his own education, as he currently studies Ecology, Evolution and Conservation at Simon Fraser University. Jay can be found exploring the natural world every chance that he gets. Recently, Jay completed the East Beach trail hike on Haida Gwaii, covering 90 km by foot solo over the course of five days. As a strong proponent of storytelling, Jay believes that Promenades sur l’eau will tell the story about our oceans and our connections to the natural world through fashion.

de_vinchee Music Producer

About Devin “de_vinchee” formally known as Devin, is a 22 year old creative Vancouver based music producer for events and entertainment. Inspired by Chicago based producer “Monte Booker”, Devin has managed to create his own unique take on the hip-hop and the electronic music genre. Incorporating various synth sounds, vocals, warped frequency timbres and various foley noises, he is able to create music that is warm gritty, lighthearted and aesthetic. Devin recently received his Diploma in Jazz Studies from Capilano University. To further pursue his love and passion for music, Devin is working towards obtaining his degree in the Music Therapy program at Capilano University. de_vinchee

VENUS The venus retrospective is a look through the evan clayton archives. evan often finds inspiration in the stunning natural world of the pacific northwest.

EVAN CLAYTON is an exciting Vancouver based brand that is ideal for the fashion-conscious, professional woman who desires clothing with international appeal because of its high quality, theatrical flair, and integrity. A fashion company that marries art and fashion in such a way as to create political, personal and artistic expression, we create an experience surrounding our clothing.

Honing in on a stark colour palette of black, nude, and ivory, the collection harkens to a time when goddesses rose from the sea and beauty reigned supreme. Soft ruffles float along the floor like seafoam brushing along the shoreline. tailored suiting hugs venus’s curves, and sheer lingerie emphasises the beauty of her form.

Established in 2012, Evan Clayton was the inaugural recipient of the prestigious nancy mak award. He has since gone on to show locally in vancouver, as well as internationally in new york, vienna, and tokyo.

The venus retrospective is a celebration of the sea, and all that she inspires in the artist.



ILLA BORGHESE is a return to la dolce vita. My collection is inspired by the florals, water, and dark greenery of the garden. The sheer look as seen through the use of tulle and guipure lace evokes ocean netting. Having lived by the ocean for my entire life, it has been a constant source of inspiration. Through timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship my pieces are meant to last forever. By avoiding fast fashion, the environment and the oceans remain protected. giovannariccidesigns

All of my designs are individually handmade Statement Pieces for the modern woman. Designer, Joanne Ricci

Giovanna Ricci Designs

Vancouver Ocean Literacy Week

LOCAL LAUNDRY Apparel That Builds Community

Buy Better, Buy Less

BECOMING A SUSTAINABLE BRAND Local Laundry is a clothing company that aims to be Canada's Best Company at Building Community through our Five Pillars of Community: Representing where you come from, Sharing Stories from the Community, Collaborating with other people, and by Giving Back to our Community through Local Charities. Our latest pillar is making the transition and commitment to only produce Made in Canada clothing to support Canadian manufacturing, Canadian jobs, a diversified Canadian economy as well as protecting the environment.

We want to be the thought leaders for small clothing companies that you can have a big impact by making the decision to make the necessary changes to become a more sustainable brand. Our first step was ceasing all overseas production, next it is sourcing more ethical raw materials like organic cotton and bamboo. From there our aim is to drastically reduce our waste and carbon footprint throughout our supply chain.


We create essential goods for a mindful and creative lifestyle.







T E L L .

We only use natural or plant-base fabrics in our designs, many of which are organic and biodegradable. Each season, and we manufacture locally in very small batches. This limits the wasteful over-stocking that often results from the attempt to lower production costs. What began as decisions to elevate our branding became something we are truly grateful for. We enjoy being able to see, chat and interact with seamstresses who are paid a fair wage. Fashion is known to be a notoriously wasteful industry, but we hope that by not cutting environmental corners, we can help reduce its consequential cost.

w w w. v e s t i g e s t o r y. c o m

Created by designer Aileen Lee, our designs are inspired by stories of various artists, and the lessons we learn from their experiences. The Storyteller Collection consists of seasonless slow-fashion pieces for daily wear — be it for hands-on studio work or critical coffee shop meetings.

Ocean Bridge

Ocean Bridge connects Canadian youth from coast to coast to coast empowering them to make a difference towards ocean conservation. Each year a national team of 40 youth (ages 18-30) engage in co-creating and delivering service projects addressing Ocean Health and Ocean Literacy. Ocean Bridge is comprised of 3 key elements to support youth as they adopt a culture of service for our oceans: Community & Capacity Building | Regular video conference sessions and an interactive online environment connect youth as a national team and with the broader community of ocean conservation. As individuals, youth build capacity as ocean leaders through weekly mentorship and coaching sessions. Ocean Health Extended Service | In spring, youth participate in a 10-day immersive wilderness expedition delivering a marine conservation service project of their design. The national team spends the months leading up to this extended service co-creating their project with the local community and each other. By living, working and reflecting as a team in an iconic natural setting, youth develop social capital, respect for diversity and a heightened sense of responsibility and pride. Ocean Literacy Extended Service | This immersive element brings the national team together in the fall at a leading nature connection institution in one of Canada’s most populous urban centers. During this 5-day urban expedition, youth deliver education outreach activities created by them to engage their peers in ocean conservation. Youth will share their skills and stories in their words and in ways that are meaningful to them.



Portail Océan

Portail Océan rapproche les jeunes canadiens d’un océan à l’autre pour les mobiliser à avoir un impact positif sur nos océans. Chaque année, 40 jeunes (de 18 à 30 ans) formeront une équipe nationale qui réalisera des projets de service dans leurs communautés et participeront à deux expéditions immersives axées sur la santé et la connaissance des océans. Portail Océan comprend 3 éléments clés pour encourager les jeunes au service de nos océans: Développement des communautés et des compétences | Des rencontres régulières par vidéoconférence et une plateforme interactive en ligne permettront aux jeunes de se connecter à la communauté de conservation des océans. Chaque jeune développera sa capacité comme champion des océans avec des séances hebdomadaire de mentorat et de formation. Service prolongé en santé des océans | Au printemps, les jeunes feront une expédition d’immersion en nature de 10 jours. L’équipe nationale préparera le projet de service en conservation avec la communauté locale avant l’expédition. En vivant, travaillant et réfléchissant en tant qu’équipe dans un milieu naturel emblématique, les jeunes développeront un capital social, un respect pour la diversité et un sens accru de responsabilité et de fierté. Service prolongé sur la connaissance des océans | En automne, l’équipe nationale se réunira au cœur d’un centre urbain canadien. Durant cette expédition urbaine de 5 jours, les jeunes mèneront les activités de sensibilisation pour encourager d’autres jeunes à s’engager en conservation des océans. Ils auront ainsi l’occasion de parler de leurs aptitudes et leurs expériences dans leurs propres mots et d’une manière signifiante pour eux.


We would like to thank the following organisations for their involvement, their sponsorship and their funding. None of this would have been possible without you: Nous aimerions remercier les organisations suivantes pour leur implication, leur financement et leur soutien. Ce projet n’aurait jamais été réalisé sans votre votre apport inestimable:

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