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Twist Lin_ 2016


fence link prohibited and authorized zone by a simple twist of border line connective space not only for isolation, also increased space usability scenario study | ideation | 3D molding | prototyping

LAU Pui Hing

/Scenario Study

Inspired by seeing how elderly use fence as a facility of exercise and relaxing, noticed fence is to identify prohibited zone and authorized zone, protecting the two regions, not only a line of isolation.

Extend the usability of connective space can allow people “take part in� and enjoy the prohibited region, also reduced conflict by reducing the collapsed area of different activities in the authorized region.


keep people staying inside authorized region stop people going inside prohibited region

medium for people to enjoy both regions


prohibited zoom

authorized zoom


prohibited zoom


authorized zoom

resting area

people stay

people moving


ideas on merging the relaxing space into the prohibited zoom without damaging the protected area

The final direction is to redesign existing fence as for flexible installation.


aim to create a smooth twist

look at how to fit the sitting posture


1:20 paper mock-up to test the form

Communicate with CityPlus, public furniture company, production team, modify the design details to create an 1:1 prototype

Prototype produced by CityPlus Production Team Exhibited as winner of CityPlus Furniture Design Award 2016 Silver during PolyU Design Annual Show 2016





unit / mm material / steel



fit to standard design

one seat takes one fence flexible for installation

weight is balance shared


higher density of frame to give better support for the sitting area

fix strong structure fits outdoor environment

smooth graduation

constructed by bending & welding

the element can apply to various designs

from a LINE to a LINK is all about a TWIST

city plus furniture design award Silver exhibited on PolyU Annual Show 2016

Twist Lin_