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Aquariu 2014


for children 3-years-old or above night light that act as torch and bedside lamp ideation | prototyping | arduino | apps | printing

Jacqueline KO | LI Kai Wai | LO Kin Pan | LAU Pui Hing


First started with some random ideas on the application of interactive sensor.

After some random brainstorming, decided to develop towards the relationship between light and balancing.


Some thinking on how light change with different axis.

/Senior study

After leaving the baby stage, as they grown up, children need to sleep alone. It is scary for children to wake up while sleep. This might because they had a bad dream, or they need to go to washroom. As parents are sleeping, they need to get off the bed and walk a bit. It is dark at night. It is hard for children to access to the night and they might get hurt when moving in darkness.


/Beside lamp for children that sleep alone /Can be used as a torch while tilted


Modify the form and try to relate the action of changing light with the movement of flowing water.


change mode by tilting the device demonstrating the movement of water

/Bedside Mode

/Torch Mode

color change moderately to give warm feeling, light turns dim in time

provide strong directional light to give children clear vision

parents can modify the settings and review sleep record through the apps on their phone.

charge with USB port



optical lens 50


LED arduino nano


40 50

transparent PVE

Average hand size of 3to4-year-old children

unit / mm

Aquarius apps for parents supervise children’ sleep.

structure PVE with the optical lens, Aquarius can work as a torch to hold and round smooth form

optical lens sensor

a handful of galaxy for your child

LED arduino nano


transparent PVE

Sweet Bedside Lamp Light Flow between two ends Gently Simulating the Movement of Water Switch Mode with Simple Tilting of Aquarius

Aquarius is an interactive mood light, can be use as both bedside lamp and the torch. It simulates the relationship between the movement of human and water with the dripping light. With Color-Changing LED lights, Aquarius lights up and changes color gently. During the night journey, Aquarius will light up according to child’s movement, and pouring the light onto the floor, guiding to the desire destination.

a handful of galaxy for your child

easy to hold and round smooth form years old

gentle lighting

light effect change smoothly

easy operation with only simple tilting

bedside lamp


user friendly

sweet bed side lamp but also a focused function

Leaflet design for Aquarius Introduction.


Photos of prototype

Clips of arduino coding