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Logo for my freelance graphic design service

Client: PODD Corp. Logo for a BPO company in Cebu City, Philippines

Client: Head & Shoulders Icons for a special edition h&s shampoo label

Client: Head & Shoulders Icon for H&S classic with added moisturizers

Client: Logo for a job portal site focused on Australia & New Zealand

Client: Expand International Logo for an intl. food distributor located in Switzerland

Client: Roda JC, Dutch Eredivisie A charity event logo for the children of Limburg, Holland

Client: Buechbuehls Logo for a Swiss miniature horse breeding farm

Client: Logo for a miniature horse book website co-designed with Ryan Anin

Client: Logo for a miniature horse breeding farm in Switzerland

Client: Value Hunter AG Logo for an equity firm in Germany

Client: Westermann Blechnerei GmbH Logo for a business specializing in sheet metals in Germany

Client: Tribeca Tables Redesigned logo for an online gaming company in the U.S.

Client: Tier Weltshop 24 Logo for a 24hr pet store/vet pharmacy in Germany

Client: Collen McFarland Logo for a management consultant in the U.S. www.colleenmcfarlandconsulting. info

Client: FF Cruz via Studio 7 Designs Logo for a major recreation/I.T. park in Mandaue, Cebu Ph

Client: MMM Agency Logo for a special event

Client: Out of the Box Theatre Co. Logo for an educational children’s event

Old logo of my freelance graphic design service

Client: Manila Doctors College Logo for MDC Alumni Association

Client: Charmaine & Alexandra Logo for fashion boutique in Cebu City, Ph

A personal mark I use for artworks. It’s my name written vertically and mirrored.

Client: micFreak Logo for a DJ in the U.S.

Client: Zarah Smith Logo for an alternative rock band in Cebu City, Ph

Client: PODD Corp. Logo for an art exhibit sponsored by PODD Corp. - Panagtagbo means convergence

Client: PODD Corp. Identity & Icon for an art contest sponsored by PODD Corp.

Client: PODD Corp. Identity for PODD’s 1st anniversary

Client: PODD Corp. Identity for PODD’s 2nd anniversary

Client: Tribeca Tables Logo for a new online card game

Client: Burger Boy Logo for a burger resto in Cebu City, Ph

Client: Cpays Logo for an online gaming website

Client: Logo for an event portal website in Cebu City, Ph

Proposed logo for a dental clinic

Proposed logo for a hardware store

Proposed logo for a website

Proposed logo for an animal welfare organization

Proposed logo for a dog training school

Proposed logo for male dating consultancy website

Proposed logo for a comic store

Proposed logo for a gourmet resto

Proposed logo for a pet hospital in Colorado, USA

Proposed logo for an eco-friendly industrial company

Proposed logo for a wine distributor

Proposed logo for atype setting company

LPG Logo  

LPG logo work

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