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FLORICULTURE CLUSTER IN PUNE, INDIA By Laura Dos Santos Sarah Gay Saki Hanzawa & Louise Penin

Accompanying guide


In order to convince you to go for a walk with us, we would like you to approve the following description of the work we’re going to do together.

The accompanying guide is a document that will help you to walk through the process that Inside Out is proposing to improve your sustainability.

If you agree with us about our goals and if you want us to escort you to the walk we offer, you will have to register your interest to our method.

You have to see this like a path where you are going to live some experiences that will bring you to success. It means that


like in a walk you probably going to face some mishaps, so some difficulties maybe that are going to slow you down. But it also means that you are going to meet some people or you will be asked to, and that’s a chance because we believe that

As you can see in the presentation of our group our first mission is to help you understand nderstand better the local market with a global approach.

encounters and exchanges are precious to your business. India is waking up, with a fast growing market the country is Talking about what is precious to your business, the first thing we would like to know is that we agree about what Inside Out approach can do for you.

developing rapidly. This growth means that globalisation is more and more important. It represents a lot of opportunities for any y company in the world which understand the new rules of this market. Thanks to its experience and the background of its counsellors, Inside Out will help you to deal with your weaknesses and to develop your strengths in order to find your place in this new w world. We expect to increase the value of your know-how how by bringing our knowledge of occidental market especially the European one.

Our second mission is to escort leaders towards a smart and

Now that we agree about our mission and our values, let’s

sustainable growth.

explain the Inside Out approach.

As we evolve in a competitive world, we believe in the role of leaders. India and the world is facing a lot of changes and we need agent of change. These agents will lead their employees, their company and maybe their region into a necessary evolution or adaptation to the new world market. The leader has the big responsibility to impulse the change. Studying the market for a long time now, Inside Out is convinced that this evolution and adaptation involves thinking about the sustainability of the growth. But the sustainability is different from a company to another, that’s why we offer to escort leaders through an adapted process to reach his own sustainability. Finally, if you engage yourself in a sustainability process it will give you a precious competitive advantage in your sector, that’s why our last mission is humbly helping you to become models to follow. Respect, innovation, optimism and awareness are our values and it reflects the way we see the customer relationship.

OUR WALK The walk we propose you to go with us is based on 4 stages.

analysis that we have done about


The barometer

your company or your cluster after

The first involve an evaluation of your knowledge about sustainability related aspects. It’s called the barometer barometer. You

your decision to continue the walk.

may first not see what is the point of the question questions but don’t worry, this is totally normal. This tool will allow you to see your position with regard to a sustainable approach. The results may






know everything


sustainability but that you’re interested in knowing more or

The auto evaluation covers 4 fields: the economic aspects of your business, the social aspect, the environmental question and the governance. For each field you will find 3 questions about things you do or not.

even that you are convinced by the benefits of thi this approach. In that case don’t hesitate to contact us for more detail and continue your walk with us!


The auto-evaluation evaluation of best practices


The set up or improvement

The third stage may be the one which is the biggest part of the process. It consists to set up or improve the best practices

The second stage consists in an auto-evalua evaluation of your best practices.. These are actions based on the analysis of y your company that we have made, using the SWOT and the PESTEL

that you identified earlier as partially or not set up at all. The best practices are presented in order of difficulty and feasibility (3 levels from 1 to 3).. You have to set up the best

practices in the order but it is your choice to do the all social


part first and then the economic etc. However we suggest you to do the firsts best practices all together and then the second because this is a systemic approach and you may not be able to reach the third level without having set up the

Working with us you engage yourself

previous levels.



The reporting guide

Complete the Perception Barometer

The he last stage will be the easier after what you’ve been through! It consists to gather all the information you have

Evaluate your company through the

about your best practices and the sustainability in your

Self Assessment tool

company in a sustainable development report that you will

Set up new Best Practices in your

be able to communicate to your stakeholders. Inside out is


helping you by giving you a reporting guide..

Create your Sustainable Now if you’re convinced, you’re invited to fulfil the following

Development report

engagement form and to register egister your interest to our method.





of the best practices For any further information you will find our contact at the end of the document. We hope to hear from you soon!




click here.







Laura Dos Santos In France:

+33 36 10 97 28 88

In Pune:

+91 20 66 83 3336

Accompanying guide  

To escort you through the sustainable path

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